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The Sydney Morning Herald march 21, 2007 radar 5


Jane Lyons discovers that giving
the brush-off is not always easy.

SKY BLUES I had only seen him a handful

of times, but I was impressed.
He took his time and seemed to
know what he was doing, so I sat
back and let him take control. But
salon, it changes its mind and
changes its mind and ...
So when a new hairdresser
entered my life I thought things
might be different; finally,
them to see various parts of the by the third time, he just wasn’t someone who would understand.
night sky. For the final trick, a cutting it. But did he listen? Noooooooo.
more modern digital telescope Sure, he was still good with his What to do? Was it time to give
was set in position focusing on the hands. There was brilliance in the him the big brush-off? Or was I
moon and a selection of planets. flash of his Edward Scissorhands giving up too soon? Did we just
The couple finished the evening moves and you couldn’t fault him need to communicate better?
with a coffee at Circular Quay. on his artistry. But something was And if it was time to start looking
After walking Jacqueline to her missing: he didn’t understand my around for someone else, why
car, Peter said goodnight. needs. He just didn’t get my hair. did I feel so guilty? After all,
The following afternoon, Cupid Those of you who live in the how serious were we after only
was eager to hear how it all went. purgatory of hair limbo may a few cuts?
Peter was the first to spill the be familiar with this follicular Perhaps we needed a trial
Photo: Fiona Morris
beans. “We talked all night,” he dialogue: “I’m curly. No, I’m separation. In the meantime
said, adding that they “definitely straight. No, curly ...” I would be free to see other
have a lot in common”. This looked Personality parallels aside, the hairdressers. I told myself it
promising. “She’s a lovely girl and indecisiveness of my hair borders wouldn’t mean anything; I just
I really enjoyed the time with her.” on schizophrenic. It only takes wanted to see what else was out
Would he be seeing Jacqueline one wrong cut and my hair splits there. Besides, he’d never know.
again? “Again and again and in two: a nice little ’fro on top that I asked around and a friend
Astronomic potential … Peter Moss, 32, and Jacqueline Chachaty, 29. hopefully again after that,” he spends most of its time giving the recommended a swanky new
said. “Sooner rather than later.” finger to the limp lengths sitting salon around Oxford Street. It was
Jacqueline, on the other hand, on my shoulders. $40 more than I had previously
After a date at Fortunately the concern was
unwarranted and the couple soon
was not so sure. “Peter’s a lovely
guy, well-mannered and polite,”
Sydney Observatory, sat down for dinner. she said. “I’m generally pretty
did this week’s A leisurely stroll to the
observatory followed and the pair
fussy with the people I end up
going out with.”
couple see stars in joined a group of 10 or so celestial Would “well-mannered and
each other’s eyes? sightseers. Donning 3D glasses,
they got into the swing of things
polite” be enough? “I’m not sure
we’d be suited as a couple.”
By Brooke Hemphill. by watching a short film. With a little prodding,
Moving to another Jacqueline remembered a key
room, each visitor took conversation theme during their
hat could be more turns looking through date: “We chatted a lot about

W romantic than an evening

of stargazing? With this
Australia’s oldest
telescope. The roof
movies.” Not a film buff herself,
she noted Peter’s passion for

Illustration: Robert Parkinson

in mind, the ever-optimistic Cupid rotated to allow cinema captured all aspects of the
sent our latest couple to Sydney art form – “It might be a bit too
Observatory for a night tour. technical for me.”
After meeting at the Minus HOW IT WORKS After Peter’s enthusiasm,
5 ice bar a week earlier, film Table for Eight is Radar’s Jacqueline’s ambivalence was
producer Peter Moss and IT analyst relationships game. Four guys and disappointing – but there was a
programmer Jacqueline Chachaty four girls break the ice at Minus 5 glimmer of hope. “I would be keen
surprised many by selecting each in Circular Quay. Afterwards, each to see him again,” Jacqueline said,
other for a follow-up date from the ranks members of the opposite “but [I’m] not sure what would
line-up of unusual suspects. As Ash sex and the “matches” are sent develop. Maybe it’s just early days
Donaldson and Kerry Langstaff on a date including dinner at ... it takes time for love to develop.”
looked like the hot couple on the Wagamama. Runners-up score Ultimately we can’t be Braver men have tried to tame paid but that only served to
night, Peter and Jacqueline’s mutual tickets to Single in the City compatible with everyone, but this shrew. Smug in their Ksubi heighten the thrill of my guilty
attraction went largely undetected. (after-work drinks for under 35s) when pragmatism meets old- jeans and gelled, spiky hair, they little secret.
On Saturday evening our on April 19 at Mint, courtesy of fashioned romance, the best steamroll my hair into an air- That is, until I stepped through
anxious suitor arrived early for www.fastimpressions.com.au. approach is to give the pairing blown and brushed version of its the salon door and the hairs on
dinner at Wagamama. Jacqueline a chance, which is exactly what former self. the back of my neck stood up,
appeared soon after but not so Email Cupid at our couple is doing. Perhaps the For a short while, my hair gives waving at a familiar face.
soon that Peter didn’t wonder for brooke.jennine planets are not aligned in their in. “I’m straight, I’m straight, I’m There he was, the new
a moment whether she would @gmail.com favour, but only time will tell. straight,” it drones. But once man in my life: my recently
turn up at all. He shared his fears to volunteer. Next week we join Ash and past the pearly gates of sleek-gal relocated hairdresser.
with Cupid via text message. Kerry for their adventure.

RAD 005

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