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Registration “Oh, that my words were now written!

Oh that they were printed in a book!”

Name _______________________________
- Job 19:23

City ________________ State ____ Zip ____

Phone _____________(day) ____________(night)

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Limited to 70 participants.
Saturday, September 5, 2009
Last day to register is August 24, 2009
9:00AM to 3:00PM
$20.00 before August 1 At Mountain Christian Church
$25.00 after August 1
Price includes coffee breaks, lunch and seminar materials

Make checks payable to: Driving Directions:

Mountain Christian Church From Interstate 95, take exit 74 North. Travel
2 miles on Rt. 152. Church is on the left, just
Send form and check to: past Jerusalem Road. On campus, come to
Mountain Christian Church Timothy Hall in the large stone structure.
Attn: Mary Bach
1824 Mountain Rd., Joppa MD 21085 From Route 1, turn south onto Rt. 152
(Mountain Road). Travel 2 miles. The church
Online registration (via credit card) available is on the right. On campus, come to Timothy
at www.mountainchristian.org - select Specialty Hall in the large stone structure.
Groups from the Ministry drop down menu and then
click on the Writers’ Group button or type in ‘writers’ in
(Look for special event signs.) Presented by:
the Search box.
Chris Yavelow of YAV Publishing
For more information about the seminar, contact Special topic by:
Mary Bach at 410-877-1824, ext. 131 or Jonita Shoaff of TriCord Enterprises

Published authors:
1824 Mountain Road, Joppa, MD 21085
Please contact Dawn Sexton (410-688-5402) if you want to
bring book copies to sell. (410) 877-1824 Saturday, September 5, 2009
info@mountainchristian.org 9:00AM to 3:00PM
“Oh, that my words were now written!
Seminar Schedule Speaker Biographies
Oh that they were printed in a book!” 8:15 Fellowship Chris Yavelow,
Coffee and Bagels, Book Tables Open
- Job 19:23. an award-winning author,
9:00 Opening has worked in every aspect
Introduction, worship, prayer and meditation of the book business as
Does God speak to you through this Scripture?
editor, agent, publisher,
Do you have a yearning to write? 9:15 Workshop 1
software developer,
The Rhythm of Writing – Keeping it S.A.C.R.E.D.
Do you want to help others know God? (Yavelow) typesetter, designer and
Do you want to write well? Words, sentences, and paragraphs create rhythms layout worker. Dedicated to helping others write
just like notes, phrases and sections of musical well, he co-leads a critique group based at Trinity
Do you understand a reader’s needs? compositions. Bestsellers exhibit rhythms that Assembly of God in Baltimore and works with three
are rarely discussed. Learn how to identify these
Do you want to learn about publishing? other groups in the Maryland/DC area. From 2000
and use them to enhance your writing.
to 2005 he designed and programmed
10:30 Break - Fellowship, Book Tables Open FictionFixer.com, software enabling authors to
There’s no time to waste in developing
your abilities to “Go and teach the nations” 11:00 Workshop 2 compare hitherto untracked features of bestsellers
Rewriting and Self–Editing – When and How with corresponding elements in their own
through writing. Whether you are published
to “Rethrow the Pot” (Yavelow) manuscripts. He received graduate degrees from
or not, come to this seminar to strengthen Knowing and practicing the nuts and bolts Boston University and Harvard. He also spent three
your commitment and improve your skills of self-editing can save you money while
years studying at Tyndale Seminary. Currently
increasing the marketability of your work.
in non-fiction, fiction, poetry, memoirs or teaching long distance education courses for
drama. Grow in confidence and have fun 12:15 Lunch - Fellowship, Book Tables Open the University of Maryland, Chris has taught at
while answering God’s call to write, meeting 1:00 Workshop 3 the University of Texas, Harvard, and Claremont
others with the same desire and learning to The Complete Package: Writing That Speaks Graduate University.
to Readers (Shoaff) Visit www.chrisYavelow.com for more information.
serve Him more fully. Discover how He can
Writers and readers have three things in
do far more than you dare to ask and way common – head, heart, and will. A writer who
more than you expect. uses all three touches the head, heart, and will Jonita Shoaff
of his/her readers. is founder and director of
1:25 Break - Fellowship, Book Tables Open TriCord Enterprises. As a teacher,
mentor, retreat speaker and
1:30 Workshop 4 workshop presenter, Jonita
Everything you Need to Know About P.O.D. uses her GPS (Gifts, Passions,
Knowing the facts about Print on Demand and Strengths). Her passion is to use the power of
(P.O.D.) gives you a solid basis to choose to work words to help people and organizations grow. As a
with traditional publishers or P.O.D. publishers. consultant and mentor, Jonita’s vision helps writers
The seminar will refer to Yavelow’s own unearth the power of their individual skills and
company, YAV Publications.
reach higher levels of excellence in their work.
3:00 Closing Comments

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