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Electrically Assisted Steering (EAS) by TRW is an innovative range of power-assisted steering products that eliminate the connection between steering system and engine. One sub-set of the EAS product range is the Column Drive Electric Power Steering (EPS) System. In many instances, the optimal way of integrating an EPS drive into the vehicle is by placing it next to the steering column in the vehicle interior. In this architectural variant, the additional torque to assist the driver is provided by the electric motor and is transferred to the steering shaft via a worm gear. This approach is particularly useful in smaller vehicles with a limited amount of space in the engine compartment. In relation to the environmental conditions in the engine compartment, the requirements regarding the temperature range and the sealing of the servo drive for the vehicle interior are considerably less, which has a beneficial effect on the cost of the system. The electronic control unit (ECU) is integrated into the drive assembly and contains the control algorithms for creating the dynamic steering response, something which cannot be achieved using hydraulic steering systems. Like all Electrically Powered Steering systems, the Column Drive EPS System continually monitors the driver activity on the steering wheel and only consumes power to support the driver when steering assist is really needed. This reduction in the amount of energy required by the steering system can make a significant contribution to lowering fuel consumption and CO2 tailpipe emissions. The system is commonly manufactured as a steering column module with a crash energy absorber integrated into the steering column tube. The steering column module can be optionally equipped with horizontal and vertical steering wheel adjustments. TRWs Column Drive EPS systems have been in series production for approximately 8 years, sold around 10 million units, and are continually under development for enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness. Features: EPS steering column module with in-built packaging flexibility, crash and adjustment options Scaleable system sizes from 40-100Nm maximum torque output PMAC motor with low rotational inertia Low-noise worm gear Non-contacting driver torque sensor with optional steering angle measurement Powerful ASIL D compliant ECU for incorporating advanced steering functions including inputs for supporting Driver Assist Functions Lower fuel consumption / CO2 emission reduction Tunable steering assistance characteristics 'End of Line' calibration plus built in diagnostics Simplified vehicle logistics Simplified supplier chain logistics
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