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IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 1

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Comrade Irabot

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2 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM

We begged for rice and in return received bayonet
wounds and wounds from the gun-butts. For one
handful of rice we paid two handfuls of blood... Be
determinedit is not right to be afraid of the jail
walls. Rise up, be united, the womens work is finished
and now has come the time for the men...
14 January 1940.

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ToClo, liQjeL mANnro, nupisiQgi TOdAQ
loIKre adunA hOjiCti nupAsiQgi TOdAQ lObgi
mtM aoIrCle . . .
jAnuwAri 14, 1940
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IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 3
kMred IrAbx
amsuQ kepitAlijM

Comrade Irabot

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Editorial Team

Dr Malem Ningthouja
Kshetrimayum Dayabati
Leishangthem Sushila
Manishwar Nongmaithem
Sashikanta Meitei Khoinaijam

Published by

* Irabot Research and Commemoration Committee, Head
Office Marxism Learning Centre, RIMS ROAD- Imphal.
* Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur), New Delhi

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4 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM

IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 5


Acknowledgment, Editorial Team ................................
Capitalism, Hijam Irabot ..............................................
Comrade Irabot and Capitalism,
Dr Malem Ningthouja .......................................

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6 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM

IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 7


Comrade Irabot (30 September 1896- 26 September 1951), who had a
humble origin as a destitute orphan, was a leading figure of the social
reform movement and political agitations in Manipur in the period 1934-
1947. He was not lured by the prospect of royal prerogatives and official
facilities including the prestigious post of membership to the Sadar
Panchayat Court that were being offered to him for having married
princess Khomdonsana. He resigned from the government job and fought
against the various forms of oppression under feudalism and British
colonial rule. He endeavoured towards the promotion of cultural identity,
sports, literature and journalism. He was instrumental in the formation of
reform organizations, students federation, peasant union, womens
organization and progressive party. By 1943 he was a confirmed
communist and during his six years political exile till late 1946 he was
politically active in parts of Assam. He was elected to the Manipur
Assembly in 1948. Because of the political ideology and mass support he
was a threat to the ruling class who subsequently declared him a terrorist
on 21 September 1948. He could not attend the inauguration of the
Assembly. He subsequently formed Manipur Communist Party, went
underground, carried out protracted armed resistance against the Indian
State and died in the jungle in 1951. The legacy of comrade Irabot has
been continuously survived with the State declaring holiday on 30
September to commemorate his birthday. He has been honoured with
different titles such as Lamyaanba (Pioneer), Jana-Neta (Leader of the
people) by the Cacharis, Simanta Prahari (Sentinel of the Frontier) by
Hemango Biswas, Afoji (elder comrade in Burmese or, comrade Ahal to
the armed Manipuri red guards) by the then Burmese Communist Party.

We are happy that the Irabot Research and Commemoration Committee
(IRCC) and the Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur) had taken
up the joint initiatives to publish the present edition entitled Comrade
Irabot and Capitalism to honour the contribution of Comrade Irabot in the
democratic movements. It contains the original work of Comrade Irabot
entitled Capitalism and a foreword that briefly reviews it and raises certain
interrelated questions in the present context of Manipur. We expect that
this small publication contributes in making the tradition of constructive
debate continuously alive.

Editorial Team
2 September 2013

8 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM


Hijam Irabot

What is capitalism?
We use various goods such as rice, oil, salt, sugar, tea,
cigarette, matches, etc for daily consumption; dhoti, shirt, vest, watch,
shoes, umbrella, etc for comfort; lantern, utensils, mirror, comb, etc in the
family; book, paper, ink, pen, etc. for education. We purchase all these
goods from shops. The shop owners purchase it from factories, mines and
farmers. Owners of the factories, mines and farmers employ workers to
produce all these goods. The factories, machines, farm lands, mines that
produce these goods can be known as means / instruments of production.
All the useful goods that we use are produced in this way. And since these
consumption goods are available in the market they are known as
In most countries instruments of productions such as mines,
factories / industries, farms and everything are privately owned. The
machines and factories belong to private owners and government cannot
interfere. For instance, if a man owns a mill it is his discretion to operate it
or not. He owns the goods produced by operating the mill. It meant goods
produced by the mill belong to the mill owner, those produced by factory
belong to the factory owner, and those produced from mine belong to the
mine owner. Therefore, private ownership of the instruments of
production is the factor for the growth of capitalism.
Owners of the factories, mines and farms never keep their
machines free, but intensely use it for production. Why are they doing it?
They get profit by selling the products in the market. For profit factory
owners manufacture goods in their factories. The goods are purchased
according to our needs; at times there can be distress to the extent of
sensing difficulty to survive when essential goods are not available.
However, since factory owners are concerned only with profit they
produce goods as long as the goods fetch profit. They stop production
when profits decline and they do not have to bother about if it would
affect people. Therefore capitalist produce goods for profit; profit is the
root of capitalism. They do not consider that certain goods are important
and those are needed for economic welfare of people. Having said, we
have to thoroughly understand a term that explains a highly rich section
and their modus operandi. Technically, those who privately own
machineries and produce goods for profit are called capitalists. And those
machines are known as Capital. It meant Capital for the owner of a factory
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 9
is his factory; for landlords it is his land and landed properties, for usurer
it is his credit money and for mine owner it is his mine.

Result of Capitalism
In order to survive the poor and indigents in the society are
in search of work at factories, mines and farms. Since they have no money
and land all that they had is their labour. Therefore in order to survive they
sell the labour, which is their only wealth. They become workers and are
also known as the have not and proletariat. Capitalists purchase the
labour to produce goods that are sold in market. Out of the money derived
from selling goods certain amount is paid as wage to the workers, and
after deducting input costs and other expenditures the rest is the profit of
the capitalists.
The capitalist spares certain amount of profit for his
children and family, and invests the rest in his business. In this way his
factory becomes bigger, richer and he increases profit. The profit becomes
constant capital, and from the constant capital profit increases. An
increase in the constant capital created more investment opportunities.
However, there are many capitalists in the market. They compete with one
another in selling goods. The goods of the capitalists who could sell at
cheaper price are higher in demand. The capitalists in order to sell or
produce goods at cheaper price try to reduce input costs. In this attempt
they rely on science and technologies to create new goods producing
industries and tools. The objective is to depend on these scientific tools
and machines to reduce time cost and capital inputs in the production.
Cheaper cost input enables to reduce selling price and cheaper selling
price increases market demand. Consumers look forward to purchase
cheaper goods. It is natural that the more the goods are sold the higher the
profit is. Therefore the capitalists attempt to increase their constant capital
since the higher the investment is the higher the profit is. In this way small
scale factories suddenly becomes big and additional machineries are
installed; number of employed workers increases from 100 to several
thousands. New knowledge on production is invented.
When capitalist increases accumulation of wealth in the
society the number of poor and impoverished also increases. Those
financially weaker and marginal could not compete with the rich
capitalists; they become bankrupt and are gradually reduced into workers.
In this way the number of working people increases. On the other hand as
vast scale mechanisation takes place machines do most of the production
works; works can be done without workers. Relatively the number of job
seekers increases and the opportunity of job decreases. In this scenario
workers are compelled to work with whatever available job for meagre
monthly wage. Capitalists notice it and try to further decrease the wage.
Because lowering of the wage and input cost in production increases their
10 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
profit. As a result only a few in the society are rich and the rest is
gradually impoverished. In this manner capitalism enriches few and
impoverishes the majority. This is the first result of capitalism.
Capitalism not only impoverishes workers by reducing their
wages, at times they reduce thousands of peoples into beggar by complete
cutting off of their income sources. We have seen that capitalists
accumulate profit by selling goods in the market. Who purchase the
goods? The capitalists purchase some of these; but most of these are
purchased by the workers, peasants and middle class. However, when their
incomes are reduced they could not purchase all the goods. In this way
recession occurs and unsold goods are piled up in shops and factories.
During recession capitalists loses profit. During recession capitalists had
to put on halt their factories. Because, there is no purpose of production
when goods are unsold and piled up in the market. Factories are closed
down one after another, bankruptcy set in and thousands of workers are
jobless. Such crisis of capitalism can be known as business slump. During
business slump the workers also faces crisis. Their children and family
members live by single meal or at times they are starved. In the current
century atleast three business slumps had occurred. The latest slump was
in the year 1930. In those days in the United States of America alone 1
crore and 30 lakhs workers could not find job. Account of how they had
survived has not been published. Their children loitered around shops and
warehouses. When varieties of foods in the warehouse at docks were
rotten and were thrown away the children scrapped and vied for it and ate.
On the one hand large amount of food got rotten and were thrown out on
the other hand thousands died due to starvation; on the one hand unsold
clothes were piled up in the warehouses on the other hand hundreds
thousands were shivering in the cold for want of clothes. Several big
buildings remained empty. Many homeless were loitering on the streets
and spending in open spaces. In addition to this the capitalists instead of
either selling at cheaper rate for fear of loss in business or distributing it
freely, dumped the goods in the sea or burnt them. As a blessing of
capitalism the contradiction between over production and under
consumption got widened. In this way business slump and joblessness
constitutes the second result of capitalism. In order to recover from such
business slump the capitalists destroyed surplus products. They
dismantled some of the goods manufacturing machines and began to take
back some workers at the lowest wages but by exacting maximum
workloads on them. In due course of time some amount of profit is
regained. However, after short recovery business slump set in again. Such
continuation of short recovery and onset of business slump is the character
of capitalism.
The third result of capitalism is over-usage above
production capacity. The rich factory owners without restraint produce the
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 11
goods that could fetch them maximum profit. As mentioned, goods are
sold in the market for profit. Factory owners are never to produce goods
that had no market demand. Factory owners will never produce any goods,
even if it is highly important to the extent that without it people may die,
unless it is demanded in the market and profit is ensured. On the one hand
under the policy of the capitalists working peoples, peasants and lower
middle class are impoverishing. They could not afford to purchase
essential goods. On the other hand the rich had could afford to purchase
essential goods and in addition they demanded luxurious and cosmetic
goods. Therefore, the capitalists, instead of producing sufficient amount of
the essential goods for survival such as eatables, clothes, etc. invest in
producing motor cars, gramophone, radio and other luxurious goods
demanded by the rich. The reason is that these goods can be sold to the
rich at higher price. These are more profitable than producing crude
clothes and eatables. The modus operandi of capitalist production is
production of luxurious goods to satisfy the demand of the rich instead of
producing the basic essential goods of the people. As a result several
thousand millions of people do not have food and cloths whereas there is
heavy concentration on production of luxurious goods. To cite an
example: during the Great Depression of 1931-33 several thousand
millions of people across the globe did not have jobs. During this period
Austin Motor Car company of Britain showed the most profited account.
It happened because all the money at that time was possessed by the rich.
Since commerce in other goods was not profiting they could not use the
money. Therefore they purchased cars and other luxurious goods to utilise
the money. Hence Austin Company produced lots of cars.
The fourth result of capitalism is war. Why wars are fought
is being discussed separately.

What we notice is capitalists thrust to speed up personal
income growth. As their money increases they create new goods
manufacturing machines and manufacture commodities. However the
economy of the workers, peasants and lower middle class do not improve
at par with the capitalists. It led to business slump. Gluts of unsold goods
in the market are piled up in the warehouses. Unless goods are sold
capitalists could not extract profit. The capitalists search for markets in the
foreign countries when goods are unsold in their home market. In this
search they do not look for countries like their own where goods cannot be
sold due to overproduction and piling up of gluts of unsold goods. Instead
they try to export to and sell goods in those countries that had not
developed capitalist factories. In this way the capitalists from different
developed countries meet together in search of market, they compete in
selling and conflict arises. In that circumstance they try to usurped the
12 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
power of the concerned foreign government. Once the government power
is controlled they can enjoy free hand in serving their commercial interest;
they can use the power of the government in playing off the commercial
interest of the capitalists of other countries. In this manner capitalists
conquer weak countries where capitalists have not been developed. They
established colonies there. Such subjected countries become colonies of
the capitalist countries.
When there is inability to sell goods in the capitalist country
markets due to Capital increase the search for colony becomes inevitable.
The first importance of colony is to perpetuate it into a market of the
capitalist country.
There are other significances as well. Firstly, it provides
cheap raw materials for the factories of the capitalist countries. If cheap
raw materials are available the input cost is reduced and if input cost is
reduced goods can be sold at cheaper price in the market. The higher the
sell is the higher the profit. Secondly, colonies provide cheap foods for the
consumption of the workers in the capitalist countries. As a result wage of
labour can be reduced. The reason being that when prices of essential
goods are higher wage rate must also be higher, otherwise there is
starvation. When food price is lowered the wage of the workers can be
lowered. Thirdly, if Capital increases in the home country opportunity of
further investment becomes limited. New factories cannot earn much
profit. If Capital share predominates over purchasing power the profit
share decreases. To overcome the situation the capitalists search for new
places. In the colonies they control they find suitable places of
unrestrained investment of with the surplus Capital. There the army of the
subjected government with their wealth and properties. Such advantages
may not be found in the colonies of other nations. A colony is being
created to use it as a place for the investment of the surplus Capital.
Fourthly, if there are colonies the problem of joblessness in the capitalist
countries is reduced to certain extent. The jobless in their countries could
migrate to the colonies and earn money from diverse sources. Fifthly,
having colonies could enable them to keep the workers of their countries
under control. The reason for this is that earn lots of profit by selling
goods in the colonies. A portion of the profit can be distributed to keep the
workers under control. Therefore in their country distress and unrest by
the workers are reduced and controlled. For all these reasons capitalist
countries need to have colonies. If not they cant sell the surplus goods.
When goods are not sold factories had to stop functioning. When factories
stopped functioning the workers ceased to work. When work is ceased
starvation infuriated the workers and they can rise up to usurp the power
of the government that is under the control of the capitalists, form their
own government and destroy the capitalists. Therefore capitalism cannot
survive for long without colony.
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 13
From all these account we can make out a rough character
of imperialism. When a capitalist country attempt to sell surplus goods, to
use surplus capital, to purchase cheap raw material and foods, they
colonise non-capitalist weak countries. In that situation the colonising
country is called an imperialist country and the country it colonises is
called its colony.
The first task of the imperialist is to convert colonies into
market of goods manufactured in their country. Therefore, imperialist
government does not want the colonies to manufacture the goods
manufactured in its country, and they prevented. As a result there is no
headway in the colonies towards growth of standard modern large scale
factories to manufacture goods. They are encouraged merely to produce
foods and raw materials; and allowed establishment of some marginal
scale factories. As a result of it and due to population growth the people of
the colonised country suffers from acute economic crisis. They become
more and more impoverishing. Britain is an imperialist country and India
is a colony. Whether this understanding is correct or not can be testified
by analysing the Indian context.
However capitalists of an imperialist country cannot remain
recklessly sucking from the colonised peoples. Capitalists without
colonies dream for colony; being coveted to possess they conspire to siege
colonies from the hands of other capitalists. When their preparation is
ready they prey on other imperialist countries. War is fought between the
imperialist country that possesses colonies and the imperialist country that
does not possess colony. Capitalists of both the countries use scientific
means and manufacture weapons and plan to kill people. Hundreds and
thousands including children and women are killed. They attempt to fulfil
respective goals by over-flooding the world with the blood of the
War does not end after once. The colonies of the defeated
capitalists are taken over by those who win. It has been mentioned earlier
that capitalism cannot survive without colony. Even after defeated in war
the importance of colony has not ceased for the defeated countries.
Therefore they try to possess colony and wage war again. In this way wars
are carried out and colonies are distributed.
The principle of capitalism is manufacturing of goods for
profit. Since goods are manufactured for profit only the general people
become impoverishing. The rich increases their Capital. As a result lots of
goods are manufactured, however all these are not sold. Goods over-
flooded market. Business slump and joblessness become rampant. In that
situation capitalists searched for market. Once they created colonies
imperialism is borne. As a result of imperialism, war set in. Therefore the
main causes of war are privatisation of the instruments of production and
14 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
production for profit. Once these two are gone there will no longer be war.
Until then war will continue with temporary intervals.

Before this big war there was a big war from 1914-1918.
The war was basically between Britain and France that had colonies and
Germany that had no colony. Presuming the victory of Britain and France,
Russia and Italy joined them and Turkey stood on the side of Germany.
Towards the end of the war America also stood on the side of Britain and
France. Germany lost the war. The colonies of Germany were distributed
among Britain and France. Italy did not get much. In Russia people
revolted and the workers destroyed the capitalist superstructure. Ipso facto
Italy and Germany existed as countries without colony.
After the war there was crisis all over the capitalist
countries. They began to decline after the war. Thousands and thousands
of workers were jobless. Despite decline countries with colonies tried to
recover from the situation. However countries without colonies reached
the climax of the crisis. In Italy infuriated workers revolted and they took
over the factories by driving out the owners. The capitalists were puzzled
with the workers strike. They tried repression on the workers in order to
protect their properties. For this work they discovered a suitable man
whose name was Mussolini. Mussolini was at first a leader of the workers.
When the war began he took side with the capitalists and insisted the
workers to join the war. For that reason he was expelled from the workers
party. After his return from the war he was thinking about what to do. At
that point of time the responsibility of defending the capitalists from the
workers movement was entrusted to him. To suppress the workers he
formed a party called fascist. The rich people of the country helped the
party. As a result in few days time the fascist party became very strong.
The workers, however, could not come up with an appropriate plan to
subvert the activities of the fascist party. The leaders did not constitute an
anti-fascist front of the workers to keep their leaders intact. Their strength
was weakened due to several small factions. Therefore the fascist defeated
the workers. Workers were expelled from factories, workers organisations
were disbanded, their trade unions were destroyed, the leaders were killed,
some were jailed and some were forced exiled. The rich were happy as the
workers movement was brutally suppressed, and the rich entrusted the
government in their hands to defend their properties. Mussolini along with
fascist leaders constituted a council known as Fascist Grand Council
and became the absolute ruler to govern the country.
To ensure that the workers movement does not rise and
also not to hurt peasants the factory owners and landlords jointly formed a
party rechristened as Corporation. By forming the Corporation
planning was done to handle any popular assertion against the
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 15
government. The preparation to subdue workers assertion is the first and
foremost task of fascism. The second task of the fascism in the countries
without colony is to create colony. It has been discussed that capitalism
cannot survive without colony. Commercial activities become difficult if
colonies are not available; hundreds and thousands of workers could not
find job and workers movement become stronger. At last workers could
become infuriated and may take control of the government and
manufacturing machines. Therefore if there is no colony capitalism cannot
last long. Even if fascists had suppressed workers movement the root
cause of agitation had not been rooted out. The root cause was capitalism.
And the purpose of forming fascist groups was to defend capitalism from
the workers. Capitalism could not root out the decline of business due to
the impoverishment of the workers and peasants and joblessness of
hundreds and thousands of workers. In those situations capitalists looked
out for colony. It has been discussed above that if there were colonies
there could be temporary solutions. However, are colonies be easily
available on the earth? Since countries suitable to be converted into colony
were already occupied by Britain and France, there was no other option
than waging war. Therefore prepare for war was the slogan of the
fascists. Heading the country towards war was their second task.
With this objective war propaganda began. In fact after the
1914-1918 war many were antipathetic to war. Fascists reconcile with it
and spread message to condemn those who do not support war. They
began to teach even small children in the schools with such propaganda,
war makes people civilised; peace make man inhuman, there is nothing
prestigious than dying in the war for colony, etc. In all places youths were
taught to fight war. In the factories bullets and medicines, and other war
materials were excessively manufactured.
In the manner fascism was formed in Italy in Germany too
fascism was formed. The only slight difference being that it was not called
fascism but called Nazism. However, there was no substantial difference
between fascism and Nazism. Nazism was somewhat more hardliner and
merciless than fascism.
After the 1918 war the German workers could not bear war
burden and they rose up. However power did not come in the hands of the
workers. Instead power had remained with the capitalists as some leaders
of the workers secretly took side with the capitalists and there was heavy
repression by the capitalists. Since the capitalists retained the power there
was an increase in impoverishment of the general mass, business slump,
gluts of unsold goods piling up in shops, growth of jobless, etc. In addition
to it the economic burden was increased due to extraction of annual war
compensation by Britain and France. The crisis could not be resolved even
to a little extent since Germany did not have colony. Suffering of the
people kept on increasing. Rubbing salt to the wound the burden on
16 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
Germany was increased due to economic slump in 1931. Workers
demanded an end to capitalism in order to recover from the distress; and
the capitalist demanded expansion of colony and suppression of workers
movement. The conflict between the workers and the rich got heightened.
Hitler who was defeated in the war formed a party known as Nazi and
National Socialist. Until 1931 there was no trace of his name in
Germany. However, by 1931 capitalists had realised that the workers were
uniting and that unless the movement was suppressed there was no hope
of their survival. Thereafter they began to help Hitlers party. There was
information about British and French capitalists taking money to Hitler
and helped him in order to ensure that workers did not take control of
power. With all these support Hitlers Nazi party became stronger.
Workers could not foresee the emerging threat. At that point of time the
Germany workers had two parties; one was Social Democratic party and
the other was Communist party. The Social Democratic party did not
want to completely destroy capitalism at one go, but had wanted to work
within it and to establish workers power steps by steps. But the
Communist party had wanted to destroy capitalism completely and build
workers rule. For these reasons the two parties were in conflict. The
worst result was that the workers were kept divided. On the other hand the
capitalists were merging with the Nazi party. Even when thousands were
united how big could the capitalists be? They are few. Therefore unless
they form alliance with others and unless they play divisive role among
the workers they were bound to doom. Therefore, in order to win support
Hitler inserted in his party programme certain demands of all the sections.
For an example, to please the peasants some demands of the peasants were
inserted, to please the workers it inserted that capitalism must be
destroyed, etc. In addition, every Germans were humiliated with the
Treaty of Versailles (being defeated in the previous war of 1914-1918 the
treaty was signed with Britain and France) Hitler began to launch anti
Treaty of Versailles agitation. And since the ancient Europeans had treated
the Jews indifferently he incorporated that sentiment into his programme.
He came to the conclusion that sufferings and economic distress of the
country was due to the Treaty of Versailles, the Jews and the communists.
In all the federal elections of Germany after 1919 Hitlers Nazi party and
the communists were gaining numbers whereas other parties were
declining. In this context the conflict between the rich and workers was
increasing and the every Germans was affiliated to either of the rich or the
workers. When the division among people was heightened the Germany
capitalists entrusted the responsibility of ruling the country in the hands of
The moment power came in his hands the first task of Hitler
was suppression of workers movement. Worker leaders were arrested and
sent to a peculiar jail called concentration camp without trial. Many were
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 17
killed secretly. Not only the workers leaders were arrested anyone who
expressed slight indifference to Nazi were not spared. Nazi goons
ransacked other parties and entered into the families and carried out
indiscriminate tortures. Such torture was highest among the Jews. The
famous Jew scientist Albert Einstein escaped secretly and was saved from
the Nazi. Those who escaped in this way were saved but those who did not
were arrested, tortured and killed. In this manner of torture Hitler
destroyed all the parties that were against him and expanded the Nazi
party and his rule. The first task of fascism to defend uncontested rule of
capitalism by suppressing workers movement was carried out in such
merciless manner.
After accomplishing the first task the Nazis made
preparation for the second task of scrambling for colony. To scramble for
colony war must be waged. Therefore extensive war preparation was taken
up. On the other had there had began manufacturing of war equipments,
gun powder, bullets and on the other hand there instigations were
underway to make the entire people infuriated. Like the fascists of Italy
the Nazi was not only articulating war but also spreading misconceptions.
Misconceptions were disseminated to all the Germans that, the German
nation was the biggest nation on earth. The German nation was created to
rule over all other nations. Therefore everyone on whose veins the
German blood flows must sacrifice life for the victory of the German
nation. In simple word, sacrifice life in waging war and expand colonies
for the German capitalists was the spiritual thrust of the Nazi education.
In this manner the entire Germany was prepared for war; the unseen and
sensitised nationalism were the features of their spiritual satisfaction. The
middle class youth rose up for territorial expansionism by this blind
nationalism and became the toy of the rich. What they had failed to notice
was that the meaning of nationalism was not colonisation by suppressing
the nationalism of others. True nationalists cannot be the toy of the
imperialists. True nationalism is sovereignty; the sovereignty of a nation
cannot be destruction of the sovereignty of another nation. The one who
expand the territory of his country by forced reducing the territorial limit
of others, destroying the sovereignty of other nation and unnecessarily
oppressing the people of different nation hardly respect sovereignty. It
also meant that the sovereignty of his country was merely a rhetoric but
practically impossible. However, the German youth had never critically
analysed all these. Stimulated by the misconceptions of the unseen
nationalism they jumped into the war. As a result they could not achieve
sovereignty. The zeal for sovereignty was strangulated to utter destruction.
The hypocrisy of imperialism was miscalled sovereignty, and by
deceiving in the name of nation all the youths were sacrificed.
In Japan too fascism was formed. The three countries that
did not have colonies were closely allied. They agreed to help one another
18 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
in colonial expansion. After preparations they began war. The recent war
began in the same way.
So far we have seen that fascism was formed
simultaneously for similar goal in Italy, Germany and Japan. Depending
on specific conditions there were some modifications but they were one.
When the contradiction between the rich and the poor was heightened the
rich openly took the form of fascists and tried to suppress workers
movement. If the workers were divided the capitalists could easily
suppress them and continue with their rule. Therefore there were two
factors of fascism. Firstly there was increasing tendency of sectarianism
among the workers. Secondly there was lack of unity among the workers
parties. The objectives of fascism are two. The first is suppression of
workers movement to defend the capitalists from popular unrest. The
second is to create colony by waging war. Therefore, it will be difficult to
consider fascism as different from capitalism. Capitalism merely
incarnates in a new look by taking the form of fascism. Fascism is not
anti-capitalism but it is formed to defend capitalism. We can conclude that
when capitalism had to take a new form, to suppress workers movement
when workers became certain to revolt and in order to create colonies, it
can be called as fascism.
What is the fallout of fascism? If one understands in detail
the origin of fascism then the answer will not be difficult. When the
capitalist could not make successful planning to overcome the crisis they
have created (constraints of business, job cut, etc) they began to adopt
fascism. Can fascism completely overcome the crisis? No. Since they
could not completely overcome the crisis they began to look for colony.
They presumed that everything could be resolved once colonies have been
created. In the attempt there were threats from all directions. Firstly, when
defeated in war they could not resolve the crisis. On the contrary there was
near rooting out of fascism when the workers revolted. War had increased
the burden on people beyond limit. As long as the war was continued the
people had borne the burden of war on the presumption that it was for the
country and everything will be resolved by creating colony. Once
defeated in war it seemed that all presumptions were proven irrational.
Those who perceived colonial expansionism as the highest patriotism were
falling-off. When the dream was crumbled they could not think to bear
with the existing burdens. Taking advantage of the situation the worker
parties revolted to take control of the government. Secondly, if in case the
fascists win war they could not establish smooth rule for long time and did
not had the time to subjugate and exploit the colonies. On the one hand the
liberation movement by the peoples in colonies became stronger, and on
the other hand in colonial markets the goods of fascist country were piling
up. The crisis of capitalist system such as business slump and inability to
provide jobs to all began to set in. Since the crisis could not be resolved
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 19
there began unrest both in the colonies and the fascist countries. Such
unrests rendered the survival of fascist rule into difficulties. Therefore
fascist rule cannot last long in the society. Although stimulated by its
inherent poison it was active for a short period and raised some
propaganda the same poison destroyed it very soon.

Socialism and communism
The world is never static. Capitalism that exists in most
parts of the world today did not exist before. In the beginning there was no
knowledge about what a machine is, who are the owners and the technique
to manufacture goods for private profit. In the ancient days people lived in
groups. Parents, children and clans and relatives formed a circle and lived
in group. These groups are known as clan or tribe. The tools and
technologies of the tribes were bows and arrows and spears and swords.
Anyone can posses and use bows and arrows and spears and swords.
Therefore there were group hunting and the hunt was equally distributed
to all. They survived in this way. There was no private property in such
economic relation. This kind of economic livelihood is known as primitive
The primitive communism could not last long. New tools
and technologies were invented to make living more comfortable. Many
began to practice domestication of animals and fowls, agriculture and
plantation. The ancient forms of hunting and gathering of food was
abandoned. All demands began to be fulfilled in a settled place. Everyone
selected suitable place and settled. Villages are formed.

20 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM


Dr Malem Ningthouja

Comrade Irabot has left with us a booklet entitled
Capitalism. It is not known accurately as to when it was written and to
what extent it was circulated to the people. However, it is likely that
the booklet was written without much delay after he had adopted
communist ideology while he was at the Sylhet Jail (1940-1943) and
after Manipur had experienced disastrous impacts of the Second World
War (1939-1945). It is believed that the booklet was used for
ideological propaganda among the people when movement was
launched after the formation of the Manipur Communist Party in 1948.
In order to discuss the historical juncture of Manipur that the book was
based on and the agenda of the book it is crucial to analyse ten years
time period (1940-1950).

The ten years period may be discussed as follows:
(1) It was a period when Manipur had faced disastrous
impacts of capitalism. On the one hand there was colonial oppression
till the last moment of 14 August 1947 and on the other hand there
were burdens of killings and destructions caused by the Second World
War that was fought among the imperialist forces. It was also a period
when peoples movement to establish responsible government was
carried out till 1947 against the feudal regime that had been protected
by the colonial rule.
(2) It was a period when the Indian rulers were exerting
strong pressures to establish rule over the peoples in the Northeast
including Manipur. There were attempts to form new political entities
such as NEFA and Purbanchal by merging Manipur with other entities
with the alleged intension to wipe off the pre-existing status quo of
Manipur. There was also large scale immigration of monopoly traders
from India to control the market and Mayang war refugees from
(3) Despite formal declaration of political independence
from British rule in 1947, adoption of Manipur Constitution in 1947
and formation of a responsible government in 1948 the political power
was controlled the Imphal Valley rich landlords headed by the king
who had supported capitalism. There was also a section that was
hatching plots in support of the Indian policy with the intension to fill
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 21
personal coffer by selling off Manipur. Indian black laws were
adopted and there were unrestraint suppressive actions against
democratic movements of the Hmar and Mao peoples, and peasants
and others.
(4) It was a period when communist movement was
sweeping across the globe. In India communist movement was carried
out under the guidance of the Soviet Russia. Communist parties were
also rising in Burma. All these had catalytic impact on Irabot. Many
who supported this goal were also carrying out movement to ensure
growth and to protect democratic rights of the peasants. The State
indulged in repressive actions to suppress them.
The present booklet shall not deal in length with the
history of the peasants and their democratic movements. It is sufficed
to say that at the end there was open confrontation between Irabot and
those who had supported capitalism. He tried best to sow the seed of
revolutionary movement through circulation of literatures. His booklet
Capitalism is a general outline to explain capitalism, colonialism and
fascism. For all these reasons it remains crucial to discuss Irabots

The central issues raised in Capitalism are:
(1) Capitalism is a political economy characterised by the
capitalists who live by extraction of surplus value from the workers
and resources of the peasants establishing themselves firmly and
enjoying supreme control over the political power. Because of the
exploitative policy of the profit hungry capitalists there developed
class contradiction between the rich and the poor and it led to class
confrontation. Wastages, destructions and unrests are developed due to
the profit motivated over-production and competition among the
(2) Capitalism and colonialism went side by side.
Fascism is the most brutal form of the capitalist colonial expansion.
Due to capitalists propaganda many innocents are misled by blind
nationalism and their lives are sacrificed in unjust wars. Unless
capitalism is destroyed, despite a country might have overthrown
colonial rule there cannot establish a society where equality, collective
growth and peace would prevail.
(3) A new social order where equality, collective growth
and peace prevail can be possible only by revolutionary overthrow of
the capitalist political economy. The new social order cannot be
achieved by cosmetic reforms within the capitalist system. The
revolution can be successful only by the movement under the
22 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
leadership of the workers and peasants guided by the principle of
classless society. However the capitalists continuously attempt to keep
the workers and peasant parties weak by promoting sectarianism
among them through cosmetic reforms and bribing the leaders. In other
to overcome these challenges there is in need of a party that adopt
correct ideology, farsighted strategy and committed tactics.

Perception on India
Irabot had challenged capitalism and the colonial rule
associated with it. On the other hand he drew on a comparison among
the capitalists depending on time and situation, and had termed
Japanese fascism as more dangerous than British colonial rule. It is
said that he had considered the Indian National Army as an enemy for
its Japanese fascist connexion despite the fact that it had espoused
Indian freedom. A pamphlet circulated on 12 December 1950
condemned the Nehruvian government as a fascist State. It meant that
Nehrus rule was adopting capitalism and extending colonial rule
under the cloak of blind nationalism. Irabot had wanted an
Independent Manipur in an Indian federation under a socialist system
in the same manner of the Russian voluntary federation. It would not
be an exaggeration to argue that Irabot had supported the proposed
federation model since the then Communist Party of India (till 1951
incorporated the right to secession) had supported voluntary
federation. He was not inclined towards keeping Manipur under a
capitalist colonial system.
Irabot was not alone in opposing Nehrus policy.
Internationally, in 1931 Nehru was expelled from the League against
Imperialism and for National Independence on the charge of deceiving
the revolutionary youth and the working masses and a traitor to the
cause of independence and an agent of imperialism. The Constituent
Assembly of India debates and the correspondence letter between
Nehru and Patel in 1950 would expose their capitalist and expansionist
motives. The manner Manipur was forcibly annexed is being
mentioned in the eye witness accounts of Nari Rustomji entitled the
Enchanted Frontier and Anandmohan entitled Shillong 1949. Nehrus
ambition to create a super-national state stretching from the Middle
East to South-East Asia and to exercise an important influence in the
Pacific region is discussed in Suniti Kumar Ghoshs book entitled the
Indian Nationality Problem and Ruling Classes. Neville Maxwells
Indias China War provides with descriptions about Nehrus territorial
ambition that was largely responsible for the war in 1962.
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 23
In fact India as we know today is a post-1947 invention.
In 1947 the political power of British India was transferred to the
monopolistic capitalist groups of Tata, Birla, Dalmia, Singhania, Bhatt,
and comprador section of the Bombay bourgeoisie, capitalists from
among Gujaratis and Parsis, Marwari moneylenders, Tamil usurers,
etc., who were intimately linked to the princes, landlords and British
capital. They adopted a capitalist socio-economic system where social
relations were based on commodities for exchange, in particular
private ownership of the means of production and on the exploitation
of wage labour and resources. The system has been perpetuated
through means of suppression, subjective psychological propaganda,
and other sectarian and counter-progressive tactics that keep many
divided and caught up in a vicious cycle of self-inflicting conflicts
along communal and territorial interests.
The capitalist path had necessitated territorial expansion.
In other words, capital, which is both a pre-condition and outcome of
capitalism, requires a territorial base to thrive on. Although territorial
expansionism can be obstructed due to competition, rivalry, and
protectionism among the capitalists of different countries, the Indian
bourgeoisie took the advantage of imperial interregnum in South Asia
in the post Second World War period to expand its territorial base
wherever possible. While they selectively used blackmail or bribery or
intimidation or military tactics to annex territory, they coined integrity
jargons and carried nationhood propaganda to cover up forced
annexation and military occupation. Till date the Indian constitution
approves territorial annexation but no provisions on the right to
The Northeast, inhabited by economically backward
tribal and peasant communities, apart from strategic calculation was
important for; (a) labour, resources (water, uranium, oil, coal, precious
stones, minerals, plantation, flora and fauna, tourism, carbon credits,
and forest products), and market, (b) a buffer vis--vis presumed
China, and (c) a military stockpile and commodity stocked for
commercial expansion in South and South East Asia. They annexed
the Northeast, forcibly integrated it into inter-territorial division of
labour and subjected it to the restructured economic order as the
primary supplier of labour, raw material, market, and military
stockpile for Indian capitalist expansionism. Interestingly, whether a
territory should be annexed to the extent of using military force as
were the cases of Hyderabad, Kashmir, Manipur, etc. or should be kept
as a subordinated neighbour as were the cases of Sikkim (now
annexed), Bhutan and Nepal or should be shown favourable treatment
24 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
as was the case of Burma (at the cost of the controversial Kabow
Valley claimed by Manipur) was a meticulously worked-out capitalist

Capitalism from the current perspectives
Irabot and the Manipur Communist Party under his
leadership had stood against the policy of Nehru. However the rulers of
our homeland had treated him as an enemy. In other words those who
supported Nehrus capitalism and expansionism became puppets and they
launched repressive actions to root out the communist party and peasant
movements. To defend the party and the movement Irabot took up arms.
In this context the idea of no internecine bloodshed was discarded.
Because, the internal traitors were several times more dangerous than the
external enemy. It was necessary to fight and oust them. On the other
hand, for the larger goal of revolutionary internationalism Irabot went to
Burma and formed alliance with likeminded parties. However, his life
ended as a guerrilla solider in the jungle on 26 September 1951.
The question that may be raised is if Irabots perception on
capitalism and the movement for an independent and classless society still
relevant in the present context of Manipur. The question is being
addressed as follows:
(1) The first two decades of the 21
century was remarkable
in terms of increasing collaboration of the Indian big bourgeoisie with the
imperialist cartels and financial institutions. They were increasingly
penetrating into the Southeast Asian underdeveloped countries for markets
and resources. They played direct or indirect roles in the US-led
imperialist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere and in extractive
investments. Their role in the imperialist international division of labour
was visible in the collaborative cum competitive engagement with the
Chinese social-imperialists, investments in post-LTTE Sri Lanka,
Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. They were investing in the
commercial networks spreading across the extensive Mekong- Ganga
Riverbed stretches. In the Northeast, apart from other multinational
companies and Indian banks, the ADB finance intrusion was gaining
momentum. In tune with militarisation and war pre-emption the US army
was permitted to conduct a series of military exercises in the jungles of
Mizoram to adapt to guerrilla warfare. US FBI operations in Meghalaya
are suspected. Protected Area Permit was lifted from the Northeast in
2011 probably under the pressure of the European Union, largely to
promote foreigner strategic analysts in the guise of tourists.
(2) On the other hand the Indian big bourgeoisie had
withheld heavy industrialisation in India. India became a warehouse and
market for foreign capitalist technologies and commodities, and exporter
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 25
of assembled commodities. INDIA SHINING was dominantly visible in
the tertiary construction sub-sectors and in other secondary manufacturing
sectors such as assembling of automobiles, expansion of telecom
networks, etc. To maximise extraction of capital millions of tribal and
peasants were being forcibly displaced at gunpoint to pave the way for the
installation of imperialist assembling units. At the same time a vast
number of peasants were deprived of investment and impoverished due to
forced extraction in order to fulfil the imperialist quota for food grains and
other agrarian products.
(3) In Manipurs context the Indian big bourgeoisie had
been closely working in cahoots with the subordinate ruling class
composed of landlords, usurers, contractors, commission agents, corrupt
officials, petty merchants, etc., who had been dependent on the Indian
bourgeoisie for political and economic power. The latter did not directly
create capital through investment in constant and variable capitals. They
collectively indulged in accumulation of wealth through misappropriation
of rent (in the form of central grants) received in return for exploitation of
Manipur by the Indian bourgeoisie. They played crucial role in
constituting puppet regimes in respectively carved out revenue blocs under
the political command of the Indian State who also provided them with
military back-up.
(4) Increasing penetration by the State, market forces,
immigration and job opportunities could not phase off the structural crisis
leading to inequality and unrest. The State invested in cosmetic reformism
to divert attention and militarization leading to suppression, repression and
insecurity. The situation had a catalytic impact on generating frustration
and disillusionment about livelihood. Material conditions of peasant
rebellion and labours democratic assertions have been looming.
(5) Concurrent to the penetration by State and market
forces, parallel community formations, the sense of loss of freedom and
national identity, there has been armed insurgent groups. However, the
insurgents had not been able to propagate the ideology of an independent
and classless society to create a collective revolutionary movement across
communities. Their politics could not advance much as they concentrated
more on creating nationalism markers based on culture and community
histories. In this scenario the local ruling class indulged in two way
strategies to retain their political and economic power. On the one hand
they carried out sectarian and communal propaganda to cover up their
exploitative regime. On the one hand they played a leadership role in
carving out exclusive revenue blocs for unrestrained control over land,
labour, funds and resources. All these were being interwoven into one
through communal interpretation of economic grievances and misrule.
Most peasants and wage labours were therefore communally organised.
They remained sectarian and disunited.
26 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM

Questions now
Freedom / sovereignty and revolution are universal truth. If
on the earth there had been no culture of reconstruction to overcome social
regression and economic decline the word revolution would have been
non-existent. If the microscopic few that control the State is indifferent to
freedom and revolution then it exposes that they do not see beyond self
interest and they are the destroyers of democracy. They cannot forever
rely on black laws, cosmetic reforms and divisive propaganda to
permanently cover up the questions of freedom and revolution that had
emerged due to the constraints of their political economy. Their tactics
may delay awakening of the mass. However, there is no reason that the
poison inherent in their folly administration will not lead to self
destruction of the army and divisive propaganda that they rely on to retain
their rule.
The polemics that Manipur is an inseparable organic part of
India is based on the statute framed by the Indian capitalists. It is within
the framework of their law that there had developed the exigency to
suppress at gun point the freedom question, self-determination movement
by communities and movements against destructive projects. On the other
hand it is their inherent tendency to impoverish their country and kill,
thereby, violating constitutional fundamental rights that are their own
making. It does not bring development. But people want peace and
development. How to reconcile this contradiction? How long will they
defend the country with the paid soldiers? Will the highhanded and
hooligan police, army and their relatives remain immune from the unrest
and burden of the overall destructions and havocs brought about by the
structural crisis? It is highly needed that they change for good the
direction of their gun and contribute to the revolutionary cause. Otherwise
they will also be drowned along with the people as a whole. History is the
testimony; the capitalist must have to change the path ways from the self
vested profit agenda and exploitative culture in order that the question of
rebellion or insurgency is resolved.
The responsibility of a revolutionary party is to act as the
vanguard in leading the people towards revolution. Unless the people as a
whole participate a party alone cannot bring revolution. Peoples are
awakened by the directions of the partys revolutionary political and
economic programmes. The questions, pertaining to freedom for what and
whose freedoms, are automatically responded by the political and
economic programmes. The party should be able to explain clearly to the
people who the enemies of revolution are and who the revolutionaries are.
All these are constructed on the basis of revolutionary ideology. However,
in my homeland despite an increase in the number of parties formed in the
name of freedom, it seems distinctive strategy and tactics to be based on
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 27
revolutionary ideology are still confusing. There is widespread rumour
about the insurgents are working in cahoots with the State. The number of
those who want to know the differences and commonalities among the
insurgent parties has been increasing. Many are today curious to make
sharp distinction between those parties that merely use the cloak of
freedom under the instigation of the capitalists to misguide people and
those parties that genuinely stand for the revolutionary cause. Those
parties that could propagate a matured revolutionary ideology, exhibit
farsighted revolutionary strategy and carry out committed revolutionary
tactics will enjoy long lasting comradeship with the people.

Today in Manipur Irabot Day has been widespreadly
organised by the State and several other organisations and individuals.
They have converted Irabot into a festival / ritual. They have also
converted Irabots photograph and other related publications into
commodities. Most does not discuss Irabots Capitalism and other
revolutionary voices and they have distanced away from the revolutionary
path. It is common sight that leaders are at the forefront in offering floral
tribute to Irabots statue; bourgeoisie intellectuals hurriedly arrived and
returned hurriedly after delivering public lectures using difficult technical
jargons that are difficult to be grasped by the laypersons. Most of them do
not bother to play roles in the revolutionary movement. The merit is some
hotels and shops near the programme venue could increase their sell and
benefitted. Every year Irabot Day is organised. When elections came after
every five years interval most people took money from candidates and the
rich were always elected. Is this patriotism, is this civilisation, and is this
28 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM

IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 29

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kMred IrAbx (seFteMbr 30, 1896 tgi seFteMbr
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lAIrbA acMbA puNsiroLdA hOjrCKibA miaoI asi
mnipurgi IQ 1938-1947 puwAri tAQkCtA KuNnAIgi
riPorM_ amsuQ politikeL KoQjQsiQgi sCnAIrbA
luciQbA amA aoIKi ,, niQTO mcAnupi KoMdANsAnA
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lYqAC loIsQgi mreC mhAUsiQ KudM aoInA
leMjniqAI aoIrbA sAdr pNcAyex korx_gi meMbr
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aoIbdgi toCToCtunA lOyAM cAbgi lYqAC amsuQ
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mAIyoCtA leFKi ,, mhACnA nAxki sCtm, sp_oxs_,
literecr amsuQ jrnelijM cAUKxnbA hoxnKi ,,
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cAUKxlicxnA lmjiQbA pArtinciQbsiQ seMgxpdA
mhACnA mru aoIbA TOdAQ lOKi ,, 1943 ddi mhAC
kMmunisx_ aoIre hAIbsi tseQKi, adugA 1946 ki
aTeQbA mtM PAUbA mhACpu chi truCloM mnipur
wAQmdA tANToCpiKibA mtM adudA mhAC mtMdugi
asAMgi mPMsiQdA TbC kyA pAIKxKi ,, 1948 tA
mhAC mnipur aoseMbl_igi mireF aoInA Box kAKi ,,
adubu mhACki politikeL wAKLl_oN amsuQ miyAMnA
sOgxpA adu lYqACpsiQ adunA mKoIdA KudoQ Tigni
hAInA pAKxpnA mrM aoIdunA mhACpu terorisx_ amni
hAInA seFteMbr 21, 1948 tA lAUToCKi ,, mhAC
aseMbl_i hOdoCpgi TbC yAUbA PQKide ,,
mKAtArCpdA mhACnA mnipur kMmunisx_ pArti seMKi,
mirox aoIKi, INdiyA lYqACki mAyoCtA KuxlAI
pAIbgi luMPu lAN cQsiNKi, adugA 1951 dA UmQdA
puNsi loMKi ,, IrAbxpu sCnA soNnbA muxnAIdbgA
loInnA lYqACnA seFteMbr 30 asi mhACki mpoC
kuMaoL TOrM pAQToCpA numix hAInA suti lAUToCli ,,
mhACpu mKL mKLgi miQToLsiQnA IkAI KuMnbA
30 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
Uxpiri : lMyANbA, ksArisiQnA jAnA netA, hemQgo
bisw_AsnA simANtA pr_hri, brmij kMMunisx_ pArtinA
aPoji, asinciQbA ,,

kMred IrAbxnA demokr_etiC KoQjQsiQdA lOrMbA
TOdAQbu IkAI KuMnbA aoInA kMred IrAbx amsuQ
kepitAlijM hAIbA lAIriC asi puToCnbgidmC
IrAbx risArs_ aeNd_ kMmemoresN kMmiti amsuQ
keMpeN Por pic aeNd_ demokr_esi (mnipur)
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buClex amsuQ PorwAd yAUri ,, PorwAd asidA kMred
IrAbxki kepitAlijMbu tell_FnA nYnbgA IroInnA
hOjiC mtMgi mnipurgA mri lYnbA wAPMsiQ
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amA aoIgni KNjY ,,

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2 sePFteMbr 2013
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 31
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tMnbgida laIriQ| ce| kali| klM AsinciHba poY kyakya
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jNt_ra| lO IHKoL| KninciHba Asibu poY ToQnba lMbi| Amadi UpaI
kOba yaI | mrMdi AEKoIna sijiNnriba kaNnba puMnmQ AsuMna
sarQIb TorQIbni | Aduga AEKoIna sijiNnriba poY cEsiH Asi
mETeLda fHI haIbgidmQ kETeL poY kOI |
AyaMba lEpaQtdi haIK_riba poY ToQnba jNt_rsiH Asi
haIbdi Kni| kL karKana| lOIHKoL puMnmQ Asi mi mi Adugi mrNnaI
lE | haIbdi jNtra| kL karKanasiH Asi mpu Adugi mrNnaIni mduda
lEpaQna KuY TiHjiNba ZMde | p_ramaL Amda nupa Amgi miL Ama
lEre| miL Adugi TbQ tOba tOdba magi mniHni | Aduga TbQ tOrga miL
Adudgi ToQpa poY Adu magini | haIbdi miLdgi ToQpa poY Aduna
miL mpudugi| kL karKnadgi ToQpa poY Aduna kL karKna mpudugi|
KoH (Kni) dgi ToQpa poY Aduna KoH mpudugi AoI | Aduna
kepitalijM TorQpdi poYcE ToQIba jNt_ra mi Amgi mrNnaI
AoIbdgini |
kLkarKana| KoH| lO IHKoLgi mpusiHna mKoIgi
jNt_rasiH Adu leMna KQ TMde; poYcE ToQnba kNna hoYnE | krigi
hoYnribno ? ToQIba poYsiH Adu mKoIna kETeLda yoLlga seNdoH
fHI | seNdoH AsigidmQt mpusiHna mKoIgi kLnciHbda poYcE
sabni | poYsiH Asi AEkoIgi kaNnba mtuH Inna lEduna sijiNnE|
fHd_rbdi yaMna KudoH cade hiHba faUba wana ToQpa yaUI | tOIguMbsuH
32 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
kL mpusiHgidi mru AoIna SseNdoHgidmQta KNbnina mKoIgi poYna
cYliba seNdoHna fHlibmKE TbQ tOgni fHdbga lePkni | AsoMda
min wagni waroI haIbgidi KNbigdba nYte | Aduna seNjaU paIba
(kepitalis_Y) kaHbuna seNdoHgidmQta poY puMnmQ saI; seNdoHna
kepitalijMgi mruAoIbni| poYsiH Adu mina niHTi nuZaIna paNbda
cHdba yadbni Aduna mru AoIbni haIna lOde | caUraQna AEKoIna seNjaU
paIba kaHbugi mmiH AmsuH TOdO Amdi caUraQna KHle | haIK_riba
jNtrasiH Asi lnaI AoIna lErba AmsuH mduda seNdoHgidmQta
poYcE sariba Adubu seNjaU paIb a(kepitalis_Y) kaHbu ; AduguMba
jNt_rsiH Adubu seNjaU (kepitaL) kOba yaI | haIbdi karKana mpugi
seNjaUn magi karKana| jmiNdargi seNjaUna magi lM lOIHKoL| seNdoI
caba mhajNgi seNjaUna magi lupani Aduga KoH mpugi seNjaUna magi
KoHni |

kepitalijMgi fL : kepitalijMgi fL : kepitalijMgi fL : kepitalijMgi fL :
samajgi mnuHda laIrba AnHbsiH Adudi caba TuHnaba
karKanada | KoHda AmsuH lOIHKoL sunba koITi Ti | mrMdi mKoIgi
mKuYta lupa pEsa lEte | lMtu lEte | mKoIgi haIbbu mKoIgi mpaHgL
Adutni | Aduna mKoI Adudi mKoIgi mrl AoIba mpaHgL Adu
sijiNnduna hiHIi | mKoI Asini TbQsuba kaHbu (mjdur) Aduna
mKoIsibu puMkoQ koQpa Amadi noMduna caba (Proletariat) kOI |
kepitalis_YsiHna mKoIgi mpaHgL Adu lEduna TbQ sijiNnraga poY
cE saduna kETelda yoLli | poY yoLlga fHba lupa Adudgi mjdursiHda
magi seNfH AoIna lupa Kra Kra pi Aduga poYcE lEbda cHba AmsuH
AtE AcHba seN kaIrga leHhOba Adu kepitalis_Ygi seNdoHni |
kepitalis_YsiHna seNdoHgi lupadgi mca msugi AmsuH
ImuH mnuHgidmQ lupa Kra kaIrga AreMbna karbarda haPciLli |
AsuMna magi karKana caUrQI | seN yamQI | Adugi mtiQ seNdoHsu
heNgYlQI | AsuMna seNdoH Aduna SseleP | seleP Adudgi AmuQ
seNdoH heLlQI | heLlQIba seleP Adu sijiNnfM AmsuH KudoHcabsu
yaMna laQI | kETeNda seNjaU paIba mahajN (kepitalis_Y) yaMna lE |
poY yoNbda mpoY siYnba mKoI mseN k_rQ k_rQ yeHnrQI | poY
hoHna yoNba ZMba mahajN Adugi mpoYna yaMna siYli | Aduna
kepitalis_YsiHna maKoIgi mpoY hoHna yoNba ZMnba poY sabda |
ToQnba tObda seN KjiQta cHnba hoYnE | Adugi yeHnrQpda
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 33
big_yaNgi mpaN taHduna AyaMba AnO AnOba kL AmsuH Kuju KuYlaI
sahNduna poYsiH Adu ToQnba hoYnE | Adu tOrubgi mrMdi KujuKuYlaI
jNt_ra myaM Adugi mpaNna yaMna Tuna mtM KrdHda TbQ yaMna surga
yaMna hoHna poY saba | hoHna poY sarbdi hoHna yoNba ZMI AmsuH
hoHna yoLlbdi poY siYpsu heLli | minasu AhoHba yeHduna poY lE |
poY yaHna yoLlbdi seNdoHsu yaMba mhOsani | mrM Asina
kepitalis_YsiHna mtM cuPpda mKoIgi seN hengYnba hoYnE mrMdi
seNna caUrga seNdoH yamI | AsuMna IKH KHhOdna pisQW piQna
lErMba karKanadu karKana AcOba AoIrQI | AnO AnOba kLnciHba
haPciLlQI | mi 100 tH TbQ surmba Aduda mi lisiH lisiH TbQ
surQI | poY cE sanabgi lOsiH AnOAnOba puTorQI |
AsoMda kepitalis_Y (mahajN) siHgi mrN mTuM
heNgYlQpa AmroMda smajda laIrba AnHbgi msiHsu heNgYlQI |
seN yaMna paIdbasiHna seNjaU paIba mahajNsiHga k_rQ k_rQ yeYnba
ZMde | seN maHle Adudgidi mKoI Adu TbQ suba (mjdur) gi dLda
cHlQI | AsuMna TbQ subgi dL heNgYlQI | AmuQ AmroMdna kL
yaMna hOdorQpa puTorQpna TbQ puMnmQ kLna loIna tOK_re; TbQ
suba mi yaUd_rbsu yare | Adun myeQna TbQ suba migi msiH
heNgtlQpgi mtiQ mKoIgi TbQsu hNTrQI | mrM Asina
TbQsubasiHna Tada KrdH fHba tlP Aduda TbQ tOba taI |
kepitalis_YsiHsu mdu Uduna tlb yaMdnba hoYnE | mrMdi tlb
hNTariba AduQki mtiQ mKoIgi poY sabgi Krc hNTgni AmsuH
seNdoH AduQ heNgni | mrM Asina smajda msiH yaMdba mi KrdHna
InaQKuLlga AreMba mi AyaMbgi sruQna AsuM AsuM laIrTrQI |
AsuMna kepitalijMna mi KrdHbu InaQ KuLhLli mi AyaMbbu laIrhLli
| kepitalijMgi AhaNba fL Asini |
seNjaU paIbagi niti (kepitalijM) na TbQ subsiHgi
seNfH hNThLlga laIrhLli haIbada nYte | kri kriguMbda mKoIgi
seN fHnba lMbi puMTiH TiHlga mi lisiH lisiHbu caQniba AoIhLli
| AEKoIna Uribdi | poYcE kETeLda yoLlgda kepitalis_Yna seNdoH
fHI | poYsiH Adudi knana lEbge ? poY Krdi kepitalis_YsiHna
lE; AyaMbdi TbQsuba (s_ramiQ) | lOUba AmsuH mciNjaQ AoKaQ caba
(mD_ybiY_ta) kaHbuna lE | tOIguMbsuH mKoIgi seNfHna hNTrba Aduddi
AtE poY puMnmQ lEba ZMde | Adudgi poYsiH AyaMba siYtduna
dukaNda karKanada pEduna lE | poY siYt_rbdi kepitalis_YsiHna
34 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
toHbgi mhuYta maHI | mtM Aduda kepitalis_YsiHna tZaI fdna magi
karKana lephLli | mrMdi | kETeLda poY siYtduna pEduna lErbda
poYcE saruduna kanaba krino ? karKana Amagi mThda karKana Ama
lePpi | beH_k feL AoI | TbQsuba mi lisiH lisiHgi TbQ lEte |
kepitalijMgi AsiguMba dsa Asibu lloNbgi dsa kOba yaI | lloNbgi
dsa taba mtMda TbQsuba kaHbugisu dsa AoI | mca msu AmsuH ImuH
mnuH puMnmQ cara naMma caduna kri kriguMba mtMda cara heNduna leLli
| stabdi Asida lloNbgi dsa taba AhuMlQ suK_re | AkoNbagi dsa
tabdu saL 1930 dni | mtM Aduda suPngi Amerikagi yuQtrast_rtda
TbQ suba mi koti 1 laK 30 TbQ suniZaI lEKide | mKoIna krMna
hiHKib Adugi hisab faUba fHKide | mKoIgi AZaHsiH Adu dukaN
AmsuH gudaMgi nakNda koIcY cYtuna lEKi | doQki gudaMda mKL mKa
AyaMb Aca ATQ fYlQtduna puMlQpda huNdoQI | MtM Aduda
AZaHsiH Aduna huIdOna ApuMba poYsiH Adu muNnduna caI | AsoMda
Aca ATQ msiH naIdna puMduna huNdoQI AmroMdna cara heNduna mi
lisiH si; AsoMda gudaMda seYna INnba firoL TNna pEduna lEri
AmroMdna fi seYniZaI lEtduna mi lKa lKana niHTM KaHduna lE | caUr
caUrba yuMna IhaH haHduna lE | mina lEfM lEtdun lMjaUda koIcY cYtuna
lMhaHda lE | Asidgi AmuQ kepitalis_YsiHna kETeL Tabdi lloNba
maHgni haIbgidmQta poYsiH Adu mmL tana yoNba leMna yeNToQpa
tOdna loIna smud_rda hEdoQI nt_rga mE TadoQI | AmroMda heNba
AmsuH waYpa kepitalijMgi k_ripadgi nakN nakN ToQI | AsuMna
lloNbgi dsa taba AmsuH mina TbQ suniZaI lEtba Asi kepitalijMgi
Anisuba fLni | kepitalis_YsiHna AsiguMba lloNbgi dsa Asi kNnba
AheNba poY cE maHhLli | poYcE ToQnba jNt_ra Krdi maHhLli
AmsuH TbQsuba AyaMbgi tlP KjiQt piduna TbQ yaMna sijiNnnba
hoYNE | Aduna mtM KrdHgi mnuHda AmuQ seNdoH Kra laQI |
tOIguMbsuH KrdH AmuQ fgYkdba mYMda lloNbgi dsa AmuQ hOI |
AsuMna numiY Kra KrdH kaNnna mrQ mrQta lloNbgi dsa taba Asi
kepitalijMgi ritini |
kepitalijMgi AhuMsuba fLna poY ToQpa ZMba Adudgi
heNdoQna sijiNnba | seNjaU paIba kL mpusiHna seL yaMna toHba
poY Adu AduQki mtiQ sagni | tOIguMbsuH seNdoH fHnba hoYnba
tarbdi ToQIba poYsiH Adu kEtLda yoNba taI | kETeNda cYtba poY
Adu kL mpusiHna krimYta saroI | yaMna kanaba poY | mdu fHd_rbdi
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 35
mi sib taba Adu AoIrbsu kEteNdbu cYt_rba AmsuH seN toHd_rbdi
seNjaU paIbsiHna kriguMbdsu saroI | AsoMda seNjaU paIbgi
TOraHna TbQ suba kaHbu | lOUba AmsuH mciNjaQ kabQ cabasiH AsuM
AsuM laIrsiLlQI | Aduna mKoIgi kanagdba poY faUba mmL piduna
lEba ZMlQte | AmroMda InaQKuNbsiHgi mKuYta pEsa lEbnina mKoIgi
kanagdba poY lEba ZMI | Adugi mTQta ke mObgi poYcE taLlQI |
Aduna cana TQnba finaciHba hiHbda cHdba yadba poY puMnmQ AoQnba
ToQnba hoYndduna | seNjaU paIbsiHna motorgari | g_ramafoN |
rediyonciHba poYcE ke mObgi poY cE saI | mrMdi poYsiHsi
InaQKuNbasiHda mmL kana yoNgni | fi ApOba AmsuH canaTQnba
sabadgidi Aduna henna seN toHba ZMI | seNjaU paIba mahajNsiHna
poYcE ToQnba krMna hoYnbge haIbbu miyoIbgi cHba poY puMnmQ
sadduna InaQKuNbsiHgi ke mObgi poYcE mniH TuHnnba poY cE saI
| Adugi fLna mi koti kotina caniHZaI lEtba | seYniHZaI lEtba
AmroMdna ke mObgi TOraHda ATeHbi yOba | mdugi KudM Ama : 1931
1933 saLd lloNbgi dsa KMTeHba yOKi | mduda p_ribida mi koti
koti TbQ suniHZaI lEtduna lEKi | mtM Asida bilaYta As_tiN motor
kar kMpnina K_waIdgi henba seNdoHgi hisab UYKi | mrMdi mtM
Adu lupa mKE InaQKuNbgita AoIKi | AtE krbarda seNdoH lEtbna
InaQKuNbsiHna lupadu sijiNnba ZMKide | Aduna motor gari lEduna
AmsuH kemObagi lMbi AtEda lupadu sijiNnKi | Aduda As_tiN
kMpnisu motorgari yaMna saKi |
kepitalijMgi mrisuba fLna laNni | krigi laN soQnbno
haIba mtaH Amda IrQli |

IMpepriyelijm (sam_raj_yabad) IMpepriyelijm (sam_raj_yabad) IMpepriyelijm (sam_raj_yabad) IMpepriyelijm (sam_raj_yabad)
AEkoIna Uribdi seNjaU paIbgi hOnasa haIbbu
KuYpaIseN Tuna yamkpni | seN yaMmQpna AnO AnOba poY sanaba
kL jNt_ra hOdoQI kETeN poY sarQI | tOIguMbsuH
kepitalis_Ysigi seN karQIba Adugi caHda TbQsuba | lOUba AmsuH
kabQ caba TuHba kaHbugidi heNgYte | Adudgi laloNbgi dsa AoIrQI
| kETeNda siYtba poY myaM dukaN dukaNda gudaM gudaMda pEduna lE |
poYsiH Asi siYt_rbdi kepitalis_Ysigi seNdoH taNba ZMde |
mrEpaQki kETeNda poYcEsiH siYt_rbda kepitalis_YsiHna
tZaIfdna mirEpaQta mKoIgi poY yoNfM TirQI | mKoIna krMba
36 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
lEpaQ TirQpge haIbbu mKoIgi lEbaQkuMba poYcE yaMna saba
siYtduna pE pEduna lEba AduguMba mfMddi poY siYloIdbnina AduguMba
mfM Tide | kepitalis_Ygi kL karKana lEt_riba AduguMba lEpaQta
laQtuna poYcEsiH Adu purQtuna yoNnba hoYnE | AduguMba caUKYpa
lEbaQ Adugi kepitalis_YsiH magi magi mpoY yoNfM TirQpadgi
peLlE | poY yoNba taNnrQI Adudgi nuZaIndba poQlQI | mtM
Aduddi lEpaQ Adugi govr_nmen_Y Adu lOsiNnba hoYnrQI | mrMdi
kepitalis_YsiHgi mKuYta govr_nmen_Y Adu lErbdi jaY Adugi lloN
ItiQ yaMna KudoH caI | govr_nmen_Y Adugi K_yMta sijiNnduna AtE
lEpaQki kepitalis_YsiHbu nMb ZMI | AsuMna soNTduna lEba
kepitalis_Y lEtba lM lEpaQ Adu laN tOduna kepitalis_YsiHna lOI |
mfM Aduda mKoIna KuNdaI | AsiguMba lEpaQ Adu kepitalisY
lEpaQki koloni Amdi KuNdafM AoIKi |
Kepitalis_Y lEbaQ haIba AdumKEdi seLleP (kepitaL)
heNgYlQpna kETeLda mKoIgi poY yoNba yarQt_rba mtMddi tZaIfdn
koloni TirQI | kolonina AhaNba kaNnribdi kepitalis_Y dessiHgi
kETeN AoIna TMbni | Asi nYtba kanaba Kra Amsu lEri : AhaNbda |
kepitalis_Y desgi kL karKana AdugidmQ hoHna poY fHI | poY
hoHn fHlbdi kETeL poY sabgi Krcasu yaMde | AmsuH poY sabgi
Krc hNTrbdi kETeN poYki mmLsu tana yoNba ZMI | poY yaMna
cYlbdi yoLlbdi seNdoHsu niHTina toHI | Anisubda | kepitalis_Y
desgi TbQsubasiHgidmQ canaTQnba poY kolonidgi hoHna fHba
ZMI | Aduna TbQ subssiHgi toloP KjiQta piba yaI | mrMdi
poYcEgi mmL taHlbdi TbQsuba siHgi tlbsu heNgdbni Adu
nYt_rbdi cara heLli | cana TQnba poY hoHbduna TbQ subgi tlbsu
yaMna hNTna piba yaI | AhuMsubda | mrEbaQta kepitaL yaMna
heNgYlQlbdi AnOba kepitaL sijiNnnaba KudoHcaba lEte | AnOba
karKana liHKYlbsu mduna seN yaMn toHde | kepitaLgi sruQn
heLlbdi seNdoHgi sruQsu hNTrQI | mtM Aduda kepitalis_Yna lM
Tiba ToQI | mKoIgi mKada lEba kolonisiH Aduda mKoIgi AheNba
kepitaL sijiNnnba K_waIdgi heNna bera lEtba AmsuH Afba mfM fHI
| mrMdi mfM Asida mKoIgi govr_Nmen_Ygi sipaI laNmina mKoIgi
mrL mTuM ZaQkni | AtE AtoPpa jatigi kolonida AduguMba KudoHcaba
fHdbsu yaI | heNgYlQpa AreMba kepitaL sijiNnnba mfM AoIna
koloni sijiNnbni | mrisubda | koloni lErbdi kepitalis_Y
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 37
lEbaQsiHgi TbQ suniHZaI lEtbgi Awaba KrdH koQI | mKoIgi
lEpaQki TbQ suniHZaI lEtba misiHna kolonida cYtuna hirM AyaMbda
mtiQ cana seN taNba ZMI | mZasubda | koloni lErbdi mrEpaQki
TbQ subsiHbusu mKuYta TMba ZMI | mrMdi kolonida poYcE yoLlga
seN niHTina toHI | seNdoH Asigi sruQ Amna TbQsubsiHbu KuYta
TMba ZMI | Aduna TbQsubsiH saUduna desda laHde Amdi hOde | mrM
puMnmQ Asidgi kepitalis_Y lEbaQsiHgi koloni lEgdbni | koloni
lEt_rbdi AheNba poY yoNde | poY yond_rbdi kL karKana loIna lePI
| kL karKana lePlbdi TbQsubsiH TbQ lePI | TbQ lePlbdi TbQ
subsiH caniHZaI lEtduna saUrQtuna hOurga kepitalis_YsiHgi KuYta
lEba govr_Nmen_Y muLlga mKoIgi govr_Nmen_Y seMlga kepitalis_YsiH
muYhNba yaI | Aduna koloni fHd_rbdi kepitalijM leHdna (lEba) ZMde
Adu AoIrbdi IMpepriyelijmgi caUraQpa sHG_ya
Amadi AEKoIna piba ZMI | kepitalis_Y lEbaQ Amana AheNba poY
yoNnnba | AheNba kepitaL sijiNnnba | hoHna kaNcamaL AmsuH Aca
ATQ lEnnba | soTduna lEba kepitalis_Y nYtba lEbaQ lOI | mtM Aduda
lEpaQ lOriba des Adubu sam_raj_yabad des; Aduga mana lOriba lEbaQ
Adubu magi koloni kOI |
sam_raj_yabadki AhaNba TbQti kolonida magi lEpaQta
maLpt_ra yoNnba kETeL AoIna sijiNnba | Aduna sam_raj_yabadi
govr_Nmen_Yna magi lEpaQtsu saba poYcE Adu kolonida mtiQcana yaMna
sahNniHda | sahNde | mrM Asina kolonida yaMna niHTina jug Asigi
kL karKana AcOAcOba TMduna poYcE sannba TOraH tOde | mKoIgi
cana TQnba poYcE AmsuH kacamaL seMnbta TOgYli; AmsuH kL
karKana mca msu Kra liHhLli | Mdugi fL AmsuH misiH
heNgYlQpgi fLna lEpaQtugi migi durdsagi ATeHbi yOI | mKoIgi
laIrbdu AsuM AsuM heLlQI | b_riteN sam_raj_yabadi desni Aduga
varYna magi koloni Amni | haIriba wa Asi cuMb_ra cuMdb_ra haIba
varYbrs_y yeHlga KHgni |
tOIguMbsuH sam_raj_yibadi desgi kepitalis_YsiHna
niHZaIdna fMduna koloni misiHdgi cuPnba AhaHba fHde | koloni
lEtba kepitalis_YsiHna kolonigidmQ KLli; AmsuH
IMpriyelis_YsiHgi mKada lEba koloniHda yeHsiLlQI |
kepitalis_YsiHgi mKuYtgi kolonisiH Adu muNnnba mnuHda srO
38 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
siLli | mKoIgi srOsiNba Aduna loIrbda tNja yeHduna IMpriyelis_Y
lEbaQsiH Adugi mTQta coHsiLlQI | koloni lEba IMpriyelis_Y
deska lEtba IMpriyelis_Y deska laN tOnE | lEpaQ Anigi
kepitalis_YsiHna big_yaNgi pMbEna mi haYnba KujuKuYlaI AmsuH
lOsiH AyaMba puToQI | Aduna mi laKa laKa nupi AZaH faUba haYli |
mKoIgi mraL lEt_rba Ina AseHba p_riTibu ZaHhLlga ma mana niHba
TuHnba hoYnE |

laN AmuQtH tOrga heQ loIde | maITiba kepitalis_YsiHgi
kolonisiH Adu jy AoIba kaHbuba lOKi | koloni nYt_rbdi kepitalijM
hiHba ZMde haIbsi mmaHda haIK_re | laN maITirbsu maITiriba
lEbaQsiH Adugi kolonigi kaNnba Adudi koQte | Aduna Kra lErga
koloni fHnnba hOrQI laN AmuQ soQnE | AsuMna laN soQnE AmsuH
koloni yeNnE |

seNdoHgidmQ poYcE sabna kepitalijMgi muLsut_rni |
seNdoHgidmQta poY saba AoIbna lEpaQ (jNsaDrN) n alaIrTrQI |
InaQKuNbgi seHgaU coLlQI || Asigi fLna poYcE yaMna saI |
tOIguMbsuH yoNde | poYna kETeN paToQI; lloNbgi KudoHTiba AmsuH
TbQ suniHZaI lEtbgi mAoH AoIrQI | mtM Aduda
kepitalis_YsiHna koloni Tiba TorQI | koloni Tiba fHbda
sam_raj_yabad poQI | sam_raj_yabadki fLdgi laN laQI | Aduna laNgi
mruAoIba mrMbu poY ToQnba jNt_rda mi Amgi mrNnaI AmsuH
seNdoHgidmQ poYcE ToQhNba | poY Ani Asi maHKiba mtMda
laNsu lErroI | Adu nYt_rbdi numiY Kra Kra kaNna kaNnna laN ToQpa
soIdbni |

fesijM fesijM fesijM fesijM
hNdQki laNjaU Asigi mmaHda saL 1914 dgi 1918
faUba laNjaU Ama ToQKi | laN Asi ToQKiba Mru AoIbdi koloni lEba
IHraj AmsuH farajiga lEtba jrmnigni | IHraj AmsuH faraisina jy
AoIgni niHduna rus AmsuH Itlisu mKoIroMda yaUI | tr__Q_sna
jrmanida yaUKi | laN loIrMdaIda Amerikasu IHraj AmsuH farasigi
maIkEda yaUKi | laN Asi jrmanina maITiKi | magi koloni ApuMba
IHraj AmsuH farasisiHna yeNnKi | Italigi sruQti ToIna TuHKide |
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 39
rus lEpaQtna lEpaQ hOrQtuna kepitalis_YsiHgi K_yamta Adu
TbQsuba kaHbugi mKuYta cYKi | AsuMna Itali AmsuH jrmani Anisi
koloni lEtba lEpaQ AoIna lEKi |
laNgi mtuHda kepitalis_Y lEpaQ puMnmQta AkaIba
Ama TorQI | laNgi mtuHda mKoIgi mraI caITba hOI | TbQ suba mi
lisiH lisiH TbQ suniHZaI lEtba (beQkar) AoI | koloni lEba lEpaQ
mKEdi fYt_rbsu AoKaQ mKoIgi AbsT hNjiNnba hoYnE | tOIguMbsuH
koloni lEtba lEpaQsiHdi wabagi KM TeHI | Italida s_rmiQsiHna
saUrQtuna kL maliQsiH taNToQtuna kL karKana ApuMba mKuY cLli |
s_rmiQsiHgi ANdolN Asi Ubda kepitalis_YsiH mkoQ ZaUI |
mKoIn mtM Aduna TbQ subsiHbu nMTduna mKoIgi sMpti mNnnba
laQnrQI | TbQ AsigidmQ mKoIna mtiQ caba nupa Ama fHI | magi
mamiH musolini kOI | musolini Asi AhaNbddi TbQsubsiHgi luciHba
Ama AoIrMI | laN hOrQpgi Aduda kepitalis_YsiHgi micH
AoIKiduna laN yaUI TbQsubasiHbusu laN yaU haIna haI | Adudgi mabu
TbQsuba kaHbuddi (mabu) taNToQI | mana laNdgi hLlQlga kri tOsige
haIna KLlmI | mtM Asida TbQsubasiHna hOrQIba Adudgi
kepitalis_YsiHbu kNnnba TbQ MZoNda tare | mana TbQsubsiHbu
nMTnba dL Ama semI | dL Adugi miH fesis_Y kOI | desgi
InaQKUNba mKEna dL Asibu mteH paHI | mdugi fLna numiY KrdHgi
mnuHda fesis_Y dL Asi mpaHgL kNKYlQAe | tOIguMbsuH
TbQsubsiHna fesis_Y dL Asibu nMhYnba mtiY caba TOraH tOba
ZMd_re | mKoIgi netasiHna mKoIna luciHdbdu leHdn TMnba
TbQsubsiHbu puNsiLlga fesis_YsiHgi biruDda dL seMde | mKoIgi
mnuHda dL mca mca ToQtuna mKoIgi sQti myeH tahLli | Aduna
fesis_YsiHna TbQsubsiHbu maITiba pire | feQtridgi TbQsubsiH
taNToQle | TbQsubgi dLsiH Adu nMduna TUgaIre | mKoIgi s_ramiQ
sHGa tr_ed yuniyN ApuMba TugaIre | netasiH haYtoQle | Krana jeLda
TMjiLle Kra Ambuna destgi taNToQK_re | AsuMna saTina nEduna s_rmiQ
ANdolN TiHbduda InaQKuNbsiHna haraUre | InaQKuNbsiHgi mrL mTuM
ZaQnba AoIna InaQKuNbsiHna mKoIgi mKuYta govr_Nmen_Y pire |
musolinina fesis_Y netasiHga fesisY g_raNd kaUNsiL kOba
kaUNsiL Ama seMmga lEpaQ ZaQnba mpu AoIK_re |
TbQsubsiHgi ANdolN mraI haIgYpa ZMdnba
Aduga lOubsiHsu nuZaItba tOdnba kLmaliQ AmsuH jmiNdar puLlga
40 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
sHG Ama seMle mmiH korporesN ToLle | korporesN Asi
seMmga desda lEpaQna hOrQkdba ApuMba koQnnba TOraH tOre |
TbQsuba kaHbuna hOrQpdgi kNnnba TbQna fesijMfi AhaNba TbQni |
koloni lEtba lEbaQsiHda fesijMgi Anisuba TbQna koloni fHnaba tOba |
mmaHda haIK_re koloni lEt_rbdi kepitalijM hiHba ZMde | koloni
fHd_rbdi lloNbgi Awaba AoIrQI TbQ suba mi lisiH lisiH TbQ
suniZaI lErQte | s_ramiQ ANdolN mpaHgL kLlQI | mmEddi
TbQsuba (s_ramiQ) siH saUrQtuna kepitalis_YsiHgi mKuYtgi
govr_Nmen_Y muLlga poY cE ToQnba jNt_ra ApuMba (mKoIgi AoI) |
mrM Asina koloni nt_rbdi kepitalijM kuIna hiHba ZMde |
fesis_YsiHna TbQsubasiHgi ANdolN nMduna TugaIrbsu ANdolN
TorQIba mruAoIba moQhNba ZMde | mrMdi | mru AoIba mrM Adidi
kepitalijMni | fesis_Y kaHbu seMKibna TbQsubsiHgi mKuYtgi
kepitalijMbu kNnbgidmQtni | Aduna TbQsuba lOUbsiHna
laIrTrQpna lloNbgi mraI caITrQpa | TbQsuba mi lisiH lisiH
TbQ lEtba kepitalijMgi AsiguMba TOdoQ ApuMba koQpa ZMde |
mtM Aduda kepitalis_YsiHna koloni Tiba TorQI | mTQta haIK_re
koloni lErbdi TorQIba puMnmQ numiY Krdi meNsiN KoYciNba yaI |
tOIguMbsuH p_riTibida AnOba des Tirga heQtmQ fHgd_ra ? kolonigi
mtiQcaba des mKEdi IHrej AmsuH farasina haNnna lOsiNKrbni Aduna
laN tOba nYtna AtE gti lEte | mrM Aduna laNgidmQ TOraH tO
Asina fesis_YsiHgi muLmNt_rani | lEpaQpu laNgidmQ seMbna
mKoIgi Anisuba TbQni |
Asina mrM AoIduna laNgi wa ZaHba hOI | 19141918
sLgi laN Uba tabda migi puQniHda laN haIbsi tuQkcbguM ToQKi |
fesis_YsiHna tuQkcbadu koQhLlda laN tOdba mibu saUhNba paU
ceNba hOI | piQK_rba AZaH faUbda s_kuL laIriQ tMbibda laNna
miAoIbbu sv_ya AoIhLli saNtina mibu mi AoIhNde| lEpaQki
(kolonigi) gidmQ laNfMda TwaI Tabdgi henna leMniHZaI AtE AtE|
AsinciHba tMbiba hOI | mfM puMnmQta naharoLbu kaN tMbi |
karKanada noHmEguli AmsuH hidaQ | laNgi poYcEna heNna sagYli |
Italida fesijM seMK_riba AduguMna jrmanidsu fesijM seMKi | KiYtH
KeYnbdi fesijM kOdduna naYsijM kObtni | tOIguMbsuH fesijM
AmsuH naYsijMgi mnuHda kri ToIna KeNnba lEte | naYsibadna
fasibadtgi Kra kNsiLli AmsuH nuHsi hEte |
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 41
1918 saLgi mtuHda jrmanigi TbQsubasiHna laNgi
KaHZMd_rba WAwaba KaHba ZMdbduna hOrQI | tOIguMbsuH
TbQsubsiHgi neta Kradi kepitalis_YsiHgi micHda loNna cHKiduna
lEpaQpu haYlMba Aduga kepitalis_YsiHna cPsiLlQpna TbQsuba
kaHbugi KuYta K_yamta laQtduna kepitalis_YsiHgi KuYta AduM lEKi |
kepitalijM lEKibna lEpaQ miyaMgi laIrba heNgYlQpa | lloNbgi
Awaba KudoHTiba | siYtba poYna dukaN TN TNna lEba | TbQ fHdba
TbQsubsiHgi misiH heNgYpnaciHba TorQI | Asigi mTQta IHraj
AmsuH farasisiHna laNgi KetipuroN AoIna chi KudiHgi lupa
lOKYpna lEpaQki Awaba AmuQ heNgYli | jrmanigi koloni lEtbna
TorQIba TOdoQ Asi KrdHsu koQpa ZMde | lEpaQna nuZaItba AsuM
heNgYlQI | msigi mTQta Asiba mida yEbguMna 1931 saLda lloNbgi
KudoHTiba laQtuna jrmanigi Awaba KudoHTiba AmuQsu heNgYli |
TbQsubsiHna Awaba Asidgi kNnnba kepitalijM maHhNnba dabi tOI;
Aduga kepitalis_YsiHna koloni AmsuH TbQsubgi ANdolN muYnba
dabi tOI | TbQsubga InaQKuNbga Anigi laN Asi kNsiLlQI | laNda
maITirbda hiYlrna naYsi Amdi nesneL sosiyelis_Y ToNduna dL
Ama semI | 1931 saL faUba jrmanida magi mamiH faUba lErMd_ri |
tOIguMbsuH 1931 saLdgi kepitalis_YsiHna TbQsuba s_ramiQ ANdolN
Asi puNsiLlQI haIba Ure | Asibu Tuna maHhNd_rdi hiHniHZaI
UpaI lEte haIba Ure | Adudgi mKoIna hiYlrgi dLgi mteH paHba
hOre | b_riteNgi AmsuH f_raN_ski kepitalis_YsiH faUbna hiYlrgi
lupa pEsa lOduna mteH paHI haIna taKi jrmanigi TbQsubsiH K_yamta
fHdnbgidmQta | AsuMna paHlQpna hiYlrgi naYsi dL kLKYlQKI
| s_ramiQsiHna mKoIgi KudoHTiba laQlIba Asi Ude | MtM Aduda
jrmanida TbQ suba (s_ramiQ) kaHbugi dL Ani lErMI Amna sosiyeL
demok_retiQ dL Amna kMmunisY dLni | sosiyeL demok_retiQ
dLna kepitalijM puMmaH maHhNd_rga mKoIga yanaduna lErga
s_ramiQsiHgi K_yamta KjiQ KjiQ heNgYnba hoYnbni | Aduga
kMmunis_YsiHgina kepitalis_YsiH maHhLlga s_ramiQ govr_Nmen_Y
seMbroMda lErMI | AsigidmQta dL Anisi mnuHda KYnduna lErMI |
Adugi fL kya fYtge haIbbu s_ramiQki mnuHda KaIboQ tare | AsoMda
kepitalis_YsiHna naYsi dLga puNsiLlQli | lisiH Ama tiNndunasu
kepitalis_Ybu kya yaMbge ? mi Kratni | a AtE kaHbuga tiNnd_rbdi
AmsuH s_ramiQsiHgi mnuHda higaIwa TjiNd_rbdi kriMta tOba ZMde |
42 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
Aduna AtE kaHbunsu yaniHnba hiYlrna magi dLgi p_rog_raM mnuHda mi
kaHbu KudiHgi dabi Kra Kra haPciLle | p_rmaN Amda lOUbsiHgi
yaniHnba lOUbgi wa Kra | s_ramiQsiHna yaniHnba kepitalijMgi maHnba
hoYngdbni AsinciHba | SAsidsu nYtna jrmN KudiHmQ varsaIL_s
sNdi (hOKiba 19141918 gi laNd maITirbda IHraj AmsuH
farasiga...... tOnKiba sNdi) mrMda mnuHda kya nuHZaIte | Aduna
hiYlrna vrsaILs sNdigi biruDda ANdolN tOba hOre | TaIndgi
yuroPki misiHna yihudisiHbu hHgoIna tOI | vab Adusu magi TbQta
lOsiLle | lEbaQki Awa AnH lEriba KibiQki mrM vrsaIL_s sNdi |
yihudi AmsuH kMmunis_YsiHnni haIna p_rcar tOba hOre | 1919
saLgi mtuHdgi jrmN AaIN svagi mireP (nirbacN) KudiHda hiYlrgi
naYsi dL AmsuH kMmunisYgi voY msiH heNgYlQle dL AtEgina
tarQle | Asina Ubda InaQKuNbga TbQsubga nuZaIndba heNgYlQI
Aduga jrmanigi mi KudiHna InaQKuNbgida nYt_rga TbQsuba kaHbuda
yaUI | lEpaQta kaHbu kaHbu KYnbna kLlQnba mtM Aduddi jrmnigi
kepitalis_Y kaHbuna lEpaQ wayeNgi TbQki var hiYlargi mKuYta
siNnre |
hiYlarna KuYta wayeNgi var heQ fHbga AhaNba
TbQta TbQsuba (s_ramiQ) siHgi ANdolN maHhNnba hoYnre | s_ramiQ
netasiHbu farga bicar suQtO tOdna kNseNt_resN kaMp haIna
jeLKana jaY Ama seMduna mduda TMmI | loNna kya Ambu haYli | s_ramiQ
netasiH fabta nYtna naYsisiHgi mrMda yaniHdba KiYtHbu UYlurbdi
mKoI Adusu AdumZaI | naYsi guNdasiHna dL dL cYtuna mKoIgi ImuH
cHduna haIniHZaI lEtna AoYpa nEba hOre | AsuMna AoYpa nEbdu
yihudisiHsu mtiQ cana sruQ TuHI | AfaUba yihudi bEg_yaniQ
AaINs_taINna loNna ceNKiduna naYsisiHgi mKuYtgi hiHhOI | AsuMna
ceLhOba mKE hiHI ceLhOdba mKEdi faduna At_yacar tOI AmsuH haYli
| AsuMna At_yacar tOduna hiYlarna magi biruDda lEba dL mKE maHhLlga
naYsi dLna mhaQtna mpu AoIba sNdorQI | fesijMgi AhaNba TbQ
s_ramiQ ANdolN maHhLlga kepitalijMna niHZaIdna paNba Adu
AsiguMba nuHsihEtba tOba hOndba TbQ Asi paHle |
AhaNba TbQ loIrga naYsisiHna hNdQmuQti
fesijMga Anisuba TbQ haIbdi koloni muNnba hoYnbgi TOraH tOre |
koloni muNnba hoYnba tarabdi laN tOba taI | Aduna jrmaN jatIbu
laNgidmQ TOraH tOnba TbQta kNna hoYnrQle | AsoMdna Tuna laNgi
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 43
Kuju KuYlaI | noHmE hidaQ | guli semba hOre Aduga loInna mi
puMnmQpu saUhNnba hoYnrQle | Italigi fesis_YsiHguMna
naYsisiHna laNgi wa ZaHbta nYtna mYbad Amsu hOdoQle | mYbad
Asigi mtuH Inna mKoIna jrmaN KudiHda tMbiba hOre | jrmaN jati
Asi p_riTibigi mnuHda K_waIdgi caUba jaYni | AtE jaY puMnmQki
mTQta mpu AoInba jrmaN jati seMmQpni | mrM Asina siHlida
jrmaNgi I ceLliba mi KudiH jrmaN jaYki gOrPki msQ AoIba
TbQkidmQ TwaI pigdbni | AraIba wahEda TwaIna poNTa AoIduna
laN tOrga jrmaN kepitalis_YsiHgidmQ koloni lOsiLlu Asina naYsi
siQs_yagi muLmNt_rani | AsuMna mKoIna des puMnmQ laNgi TOraH
tOre | Udba AmsuH AfaUba des p_reMna mKoIgi mniH TuHnba mcaQ
AoIre | yaImrP paNba (md_yabiYt) naharoN kaHbubu AsiguMba mmiY
taHba des p_reMgi wa Asida hOgYlQle lEpaQ sNdoQpgi TbQta
InaQKuNbsiHgi saNnpoY AoIK_re | mKoIna Kaduna yeHKidbdi |
desp_reM haIbgi Ar_T AtoPpgi desp_reM maHhLlga lEpaQ lOba
nYte | AseHba desp_reMdi kriguMbda sam_raj_yabadki saNnapoY
AoIba yade desp_reM koHseHdi s_waDiNtani ; des Amgi s_waDiNta
maHhLlga des Amgi s_waDiNta AoIba kriguMbda AoIba yade | magi
desbuna caUhLlga lEpaQ Ambuna piQhba | jaY Amgi s_waDiNta
maHhNba AmsuH AtoPpa desgi mibu AreMbda AoYlga nErga mKoIna
kriguMbda s_waDiNtabu sNmaN tOde | mdugi Ar_Tdi magi deski
s_waDiNta Adu ciN_tada yaba TbQtdi yadbni | tOIguMbsuH jrmaN
naharoLna wa peMnmQsi Kaduna yeHKide | Udba desp_reMgi AoNnba
wafMda I karQtuna laNda coHsiNKibni | Adugi fL mKoIna s_waDiNta
fHd_re | s_waDiNtagi mKOjeH meYtuna maHhLle | sam_raj_yabadki
AseMbsiHda s_waDiNta kOsiNduna | deskidmQni haIjiNduna naharoL
puMnmQ bli kQpni |
jpaNdsu jrmni marka fesibad liQle | koloni
lEtba lEbaQ AhuM Asi mruP ceYna AoIre; koloni lObda mKoI Amga
Amga mteH paHba yanre | AsuMna TOraH loIrga mKoIn laN hOre |
hNdQki laN Adu AsuMna hOKibni |
Asidgi AEKoIna Ubdi fesijM Asi Itali | jrmani
AmsuH jpaNda TbQ TOrM AmYtda liHKYpni | AbsTagi mtuH
INna Kra seMdoQ seMjiNdi tOI haIbbu AseHbdi mKoI AmYtni |
InaQKuNbga TbQsuba kaHbuga KYnbna lM yOrbda InaQKuNbsiHna IfoH
44 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
foHna fesis_Yki muQti lOI AmsuH TbQsubsiHgi ANdolN maHhNnba
hoYnE | TbQsuba kaHbuna kriguMba naQpaQ tanaK_rba Adu AoIrbdi
kepitalis_YsiHna IlaI laIna TbQ subasiHbu ZMI AmsuH nMduna paLli
| mrM Aduna fesijMgi mrM Anini | AhaNbda: kaHbu kaHbu KYnba
heNgYlQpa | Anisubda: TbQsuba kaHbugi mnuHda liHjeL maNnba
waYpa | fesijMgi TbQna Anini | AhaNba TbQna: TbQsuba kaHbugi
ANdolN maHhLlga lEpaQ hObdgi kepitalis_YsiHbu kNba | AmsuH
Anisuba TbQna laN tOrga koloni lOnba hoYnbni | mrM Asina
fejibadpu kepitalijMgi AtoPpni haIna lOrbdi laNgni |
kepitalijMna mAoH Ama AoNToQlga fesibadki mAoH lOrQptni |
fesijMsi kepitalijMgi biruDdi nYte | kepitalijMbu kNnbgidmQta
seMbni | fesijMbu AEKoIna kri haIgni TbQsuba kaHbuna hOrQkni
haIba soId_rba Adubu maHhNnba AmsuH koloni lOnbgidmQ
kepitalijMgi AoLlQpa msQ Adubu fesijM kOba yaI |
fesijMgi mmEtaba krino ? fesijM hOrQpgi mrM
niHTina KHlbdi Asi KuMba luroI | seNjaU paIbna seMmQIba TOraH
(lloNba wahNba | TbQ kQpa | AsinaciHba) niHTina TOraH tOba
ZMlQtba mtMda seNjaU paIbna fesibadki TbQ tOrQI | f_yasibadnbu
TorQIba puMnmQ Asi koQhNba ZMb_ra ? ZMde | mrMdi fesibadna
puMnmQ Asi koQhNba ZMdbduna koloni Tiba hObni | mKoIna KNbna
koloni fHlga myaM Asi loIgni | AsuMna koQnba hoYnbdsu yeY
Aoidgi KudoN Tigdba yaMna lE | AhaNbda | laNda maITirbdi mKoIna
koQhNgni haIbdu ZMd_re haIba Ure Adugi mTQta seraNnna
TbQsubsiHna hOrQtuna fesibadki mru mra yaUna fuQtoQKiba yana lE |
laN haIbsida migi Awabasi haIniHZaI lEtna heNgYli | laN soQnriKE
mKEdi fesis_Y desgi mina desgidmQnidna | koloni fHlga Awaba
puMnmQ loIna koQkni Asi KNduna Awabadu KaHba ZMI | laN maITiba
heQ hOrQpga niHlMba puMba UY taKi haIbguM ToQlMI | migi lEpaQ
lObbu AToIba desp_reMni KLlMba mKoI siTrQI | mHda dolaN
sarMbdnau heQ kaIbda hOjiQ hOjiQki Awaba KaHge haIba KLlQte |
taN yeHlga TbQsuba kaHbu hOrQtuna sasNgi K_yamta mKuY cNnba
hoYnrQI | Anisubda | fesibidisiHna jy AoIrbsu kuIna nuHZaIna
paNba AmsuH kolonigi misiH Adubu nEduna paNnba taNja fHde |
AsoMda kolonigi misiHna s_waDiNta ANdolN kNsiLlQI | AmroMdna
kolonigi kETeNsu fesibadi lEpaQki poYna TNjiLlQI | Adudgi
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 45
TorQpn lloNbgi Awaba | mi puMnmQ TbQ fHdba | seNjaU paIbna
paNbgi ToQpa hOnba ApuMba TorQI | mdu koQnba hoYnba ZMdbdgi
kolonida AmsuH fesibadisiHdi mrEpaQtdsu hOrQI | AsuMna
hOrQpdgi cETeHna fesibadi p_rTa taUToQli | mrM Asina fesibadi
p_rTa Asi smajda kuIna KaHduna lEba ZMde | magi mnuHda hu Adugi
mEna numiY KrdH leH leH tOjE AmsuH wa Ama Anidi laUjE haIbbu hu
AdumQna Tuna mabu maHhLli |

sosiyelijM Amdi smajtNt_rbad sosiyelijM Amdi smajtNt_rbad sosiyelijM Amdi smajtNt_rbad sosiyelijM Amdi smajtNt_rbad
sosiyelijMna poQpa sosiyelijMna poQpa sosiyelijMna poQpa sosiyelijMna poQpa
p_riTibi Asi ArePpa krisu lEte | Zsi
p_riTibigi sruQ AyaMbda kepitalijM Uribsi mmaZEda lErMba nYte
| AhaNba hOrQpa mtMddi jNt_rana krino| mpuna kanano AmsuH
mrNnaI seNdoHgidmQ krMna poY puToQpa haIba krisu KHlMde |
TaIna mi puMnmQ Asi kaHluP AoIna lErMmi | mpa mca sagE ZaI
AoIba mKEna furuP Ama seMmga pulP lEmiNnrMmi | dLsiH Asibu
sagE Amdi t_raIb kOI | t_raIbki KuYlaI haIrbda liruH teNdoH
TaHtani | mi KudiH liruH teN| TaHta lE AmsuH sijiNnaba yaI Aduna
myaM puNna sataNba cYlga fHlQpdu myam yeNnduna camiNnE | AsuMna
mKoIna ca TQtuna hiHI | AsiguMba yuMbaN Asi kanaguMba Amgi
mrNnaI AoIba TbQ yaUde | mrM Asina miAoIbgi AsiguMba Abs_Ta
Asibu kMmunijMgi mEhOroL (Primitive Communism) kOI |
AduZEgi kMmunijM Adu kuIna lEba ZMdre |
miAoIbna paNbda nuZaInba jNt_ra kLnciHba hOdoQle | sa UceQ
yOQle| Uwa INsaHnapi TagYle| lOUba tMKYle | Aduna TaInguMna bNda
sa taNba UhE wahE Tiba cYt_re | mci Amda fMmga loIna fHle | mi
puMnmQ mfM Afba yeHduna yuM kE saduna lEnrQle | KuN mTH mTH
seMnrQle |

46 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM

kmr kmr kmr kmred IrAbx amsuQ kepitAlijM ed IrAbx amsuQ kepitAlijM ed IrAbx amsuQ kepitAlijM ed IrAbx amsuQ kepitAlijM

dA: mAleM niQTOjA dA: mAleM niQTOjA dA: mAleM niQTOjA dA: mAleM niQTOjA

kmred IrAbxn kepitAlijM hAIb lAIriC
mcA amA TMbirMm_i ,, krMbA chidA IKibno amdi
KuxnM aoIn myAMd kdAIPAU cAIToklMbge hAbgi
cF cAbA KzbA qMde ,, adubu lAIriC asi mhACn
siLhex jeLdA (1940-1943) kMmunisx_ wAKLl_oN
nYnrbA amsuQ mAleMgi anisubA lANjAU (1939-1945)
gi poxluMsiQ mnipurdA PzlbA mtuQ IkAN kANn_dnA
IbA aoIgni ,, lAIriC asi 1948dA kMmunisx_ pArti
aP mnipur seMdunA KoQjQ cQsiLl_CpA mtMdA
miyAMdA wAKLlo_N sNdoCpgi pAMb_Y amA aoIKi hAInA
niQjY ,, lAIriC asigi yuMPM aoIribA mnipurgi
puwAri tAQk_C amsuQ msigi pANdM nYnbdA chi
trAgi mtM (1940-1950) asi yAMnA mru aoI ,,

hAIribA chi trAgi mtM asi asuMnA nYnbA yAI : hAIribA chi trAgi mtM asi asuMnA nYnbA yAI : hAIribA chi trAgi mtM asi asuMnA nYnbA yAI : hAIribA chi trAgi mtM asi asuMnA nYnbA yAI :
(1) mtMdugi mnipur kepitAlijMgi tMTibA
sAPusiQ KM TeQnA mAyoCn_bA mtMni ,, amroMdnA
agst_ 14, 1947 aroIbA puQPM PAUbdA loIlM
lYqACnA aoxpgi awAbsiQ adugA amroMdnA
IMpriyelisx_siQgi mrCtA soCnKibA anisubA
mAleMgi lANjAUnA misi minA amAQ atA kyA nQKibA ,,
loIlM lYqACnA qAClO aoIdunA TMKibA PiyudelijMgi
mAyoCtA miyAM lYqACk_i KoQjQ 1947 PAUbdA kNn_
cQsiLlCpA mtMsu aoIKi ,,
(2) INdiyAgi lYqACloIsiQnA mnipur yAUnA
qsigi awAQ noQpoCk_i PuruFsiQbu loI cNbgi akNbA
sAPu pirCpA mtMni ,, mnipurbu atoFpA lMsiQgA
puNsiNdunA nePA amdi purbANcL seMdunA msAgi
hANn_gi sCtM mAQhNn_bA lALl_oQ kyA cQsiLl_CKi ,,
myAQ lLl_oNbsiQnA kYTeL suFpAI pAIsiNn_bA
cQsiLl_CpA amsuQ brMAroMdgi msiQ lACqMdr_bA
myAQsiQ lANjeNn_rCpgi sAPu cAUnA lYKi ,,
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 47
(3) br_itistgi 1947 dA niQ tMlbsu,
lYqAC liClM aMA 1948 dA cxnrbsu, miKL tOdunA
miyAM lYqAC amA 1948tA seMlbsu lYqAC cuFli adudi
IMPAl BeLl_idA niQTOnA mkoC aoIbA kepitAlijM
sOgxpA seNjAU pAIbA lOyAM cAbsiQgi mKuxtA adumC
lYrMm_i ,, INdiyAgi TOaoQ adubu sOgxpA mrYpAC
yoLl_gA msAgi PurixKAU coNn_bA hoxnbA miaoI Krnsu
KAbY KrA sAKi ,, INdiyAgi amubA aAINsiQ mnipurdsu
cxnhNdunA mAr, mAU, lOmisiQgi amdi atY
demokr_etiC KoQjQsiQ tMTinA nMTbA leFKide ,,
(4) mAleMgi aoInA kMmunijMgi KoQjQ
mpAQg_L kNbA mtMni ,, soBiyex rusiyAgi liciQ
mKAdA INdiyAdsu kMmunisx_ pArti aoP INdiyAgi
KoQjQ cQsiNKi ,, brmAdsu kMmunisx_ pArtisiQ IhO
tOKi ,, asi kyAsigi Inox IrAbxtA cAUnA tAKi ,,
lYqACnA mKoIbu nMTnbA tMTibA miaox minY kyA
cxTKi ,,

lOmisiQgi PiBM Pgxnbgi KoLl_AUsiQ
amsuQ demokr_etiC KoQjQgi puwAri adudi lAIriC
asidA nYnjroI ,, poloIddi IrAbx amsuQ
kepitAlijM sOgxpsiQgA PoQnA muCn_rCKi ,, mhACnA
cejAI kyA PoQdunA miyAMdA yAaoL KoQjQ mru huNnbA
hoxnKi ,, kepitAlijM hAIribA lAIriC asidA mhACnA
kepitAlijM, kOloniyelijM (loIlM sNdoCpA) amsuQ
PesijM hAIribA sAPusiQ asi krino hAIbsi cAUrACnA
PoQdoClMm_i ,, adunA IrAbxki kepitAlijM nYnbA mTO
tAri ,,

k kk kepitAlijMdA mpuQ aoInA PoQdoClibA wAPMsiQdi : epitAlijMdA mpuQ aoInA PoQdoClibA wAPMsiQdi : epitAlijMdA mpuQ aoInA PoQdoClibA wAPMsiQdi : epitAlijMdA mpuQ aoInA PoQdoClibA wAPMsiQdi :
(1) kepitAlijM hAIbA asi lOmi
siNmisiQgi humAQ mmL nMhxlgA sijiNndunA seNdoQ
tANbA seNjAU lLl_oNbA miaoI KujoC amnA KuxliQdunA
lYqAC cuFli suFpAI pAIdunA hAInA human pANbgi
siNlM lYqACloN amni ,, seNdoQ mikAbA seNjAU
lLl_oNbsiQnA seNnoQKCk_idmC mikAdunA poxToC
puToCpdA lMjeL tANnrCpA amsuQ seNdoQ
muNnrCpdA amAQ atA aMdi tMTibA TOdoC wAToC
kyA ToChLl_i ,,
48 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
(2) kepitAlijM amsuQ loIlM sNdoCpA
ani asi sAgoNn_Y ,, kepitAlisx_siQnA loIlM
sNdoCpdA lOribA Kw_AIdY tMTibA sCloNdi PesijMni
,, kepitAlijmgi nMTAC sArOdA cMjrbA miaoI kyAbu
mixtAQbA nesnelijMnA huMdunA arANbA lANPM kyAdA
TwAI TAhNli ,, adugA kepitAlijM muTxtr_ibA mKYdi
lYbAC amnA loIlM lYqAC muTxpA qMKibA tArbsu
niQtMle hAIribA miyAM adu kYdOqYdsu ToQ MANnbA,
puNnA cAUKxmiNnbA amsuQ IQ ciCnA pANmiNnbA
KuNnAI amA aoIbA qMde ,,
(3) ToQ mANnbA, puNnA cAUKxmiNnbA amsuQ
IQ ciCpA KuNnAI amA seMbA hAIbsi kepitAlijm
siNlM lYqACloN asi muTxpA KCtnA aoIToCkni ,,
msi kepitAlijMgi kuyoM mnuQdA tAxki riPorM_nA
kYdOqYdsu aoIToCloI ,, yAaoL asi lOmi siNmisiQNA
luciQbA mANnbA KuNnAI wAKLl_oNnA lMjiQbA KoQjQ
KCtnA purCpA qMgni ,, adubu seNjAU lLl_oNbsiQnA
riPorM_gi tAx tOdunA amdi luciQbsiZ lYdunA lOmi
siNmisiQbu luF kyA ToCnA nACpAC tANnhNdunA
mpAQgL soNT_hNnbA hoxNbA leFte ,, siQnbA asi
TeQnbA qMnbA wAKLloN myeC seQbA porM mrA cexpA
yAaoLluF mTO tAI ,,

INdiyAdA yeQKibA mixyeQ: INdiyAdA yeQKibA mixyeQ: INdiyAdA yeQKibA mixyeQ: INdiyAdA yeQKibA mixyeQ:
IrAbxNA kepitAlijM amdi msigA
sAgoNnbA loIlm lYqACloNbu siQnKi ,, amroMdnA
kepitAlisx_siQ KL aoNnrCpA mtMdA mPM mtMgi
mtuQ INnA br_itis loIlM lYqACxgi jApAnij
PesijMnA henna tMTibA aoInA KNKi ,, INdiyAgi
niQtMnbA lANjQ cQsiLlCKibni hAIribA INdiyAN
nesn_eL aArmi adusu PesijMgA KuxsMnKibA mrMnA
IrAbxNA yeCnbA aOInA UKibgi wAPM lY ,, diseMbr
12, 1950 gi cejAIdA jwAhrlAL nehrugi lYqACpu
Pesisx_ lYqACni hAInA cYKi ,, hAIbdi, nehrugi lYqAC
asi kepitAlijM sOgxpA amdi mixtAQbA
nesn_elijMgi PijQ mruMdA loIlM lYqAC sNdoCpni
hAIbni ,, sosiyelisx_ lYqAC amgi mruMdA, rusiyAgi
BluNtri PederesN maoQ adugA mANnA, niQtMbA
mnipur aoInA INdiyAgi PederesN amdA tiNbdi
mhAQnA pAMKi ,, mtMdugi kMmunisx_ pArti aoP
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 49
INdiyAnA (1951 PAUbA) BluNtri PederesN sOgxKibA
mrMnA (toqAN tAbgi hCsu PQhNbA mrMnA) IrAbxnA
sOgxKibni hAIbdA hAImNbA aoIroI ,, kepitelisx_
loIlM mKAdA mnipur lYbdi mhACnA yAniQKide ,,
nehrugi lALl_oQ asi yAKidbA IrAbox
mtoMtA nxt_e ,, mAleMgi aoIbA mixyeQdsu mhAC asi
br_itis INdiyAgi yAaoLl_oI siNmisiQ amsuQ
nhAroLsiQbu lANnA lMjiQdunA niQtM KoQjQbu nMTAC
tOI amdi IMperiyelisx_siQgi hQlAIni hAInA
1931 dA mAleMgi aoInA semKibA lig aegeNsx_
IMperiyelijM Por nesneL INdepeNdeNs_tgI
tANToCKi ,, kNst_ituyeNx_ aeseMbl_i aoP INdiyAgi
mrYsiQ amdi srdAr pAteL amsuQ nehrunA 1950 dA
TANn_bA ce kyAdu yeQlgA mKoIgi loIlM sNdoCniQbA
kepitAlisx_ ITiL adu UbA PQbigni ,, mnipurbu
kMdOnA nMPu hAPugi TOaoQdA KuduM cNKibge hAIbsi
TOaoQ adubu mixnA UhObA nAri rstuMjigi aeNcANted
Pr_NtiyAr amsuZanNd_mohNgi silQ 1949 hAIbA
lAIriCsiQ asidsu Iri ,, nehrunA midl IsxtginA
sAUT Isx_ aesiyA PAUnA pesiPiC rijNdsu sAPu pibA
qMbA kepitAlisx_ supr nesn_eL lYqAC seMdunA
pANbgi mQlAN sAgxpgi wAPM suniti kumAr Goski
INdiyAN nesn_eliti pr_obl_oM aeNd_ ruliQ kl_As
hAIbA lAIriC asidA myeQ seQnA Iri ,, neBAIL
meCs_weLgi INdiyAs cAInA wAr hAIbA lAIriC asidA
nehrugi lMlO lALL_QnA mrM aoIdunA 1962 dA lAN
ToCKibni hAInsu nYnri ,,
tseQbsu aYKoInA qsi KQlibA INdiyA asi
1947 mtuQgi KuxsemNi ,, 1947 dA br_itis INdiyAgi
lYqAC sCti adu tAtA, birlA, dALmiyA, siQhAniyA,
BAxnciQbA monopoli kAQbu, boMbegi seNjAU lloNbA
Kuxpu, gujArAti amdi pArsi kepitAlisx_, mrwAri
amdi tAmil send_oI SsANbA asinciQbAsiQgi mKux
cNKi ,, mKoIsiQ asi niQTOsiQ, lOyAM cAbsiQ amsuQ
br_tis kepitALgA sMnbA kAQbuni ,, mKoInA
kepitAlisx_ siNlM KuNnAI cxnroL amA seMKi ,,
hAIribA cxnroL asi seNdoQ tANbA kYTeL pox
yoNToC yoNsiNgi licxNA KuNnAI mri aoIKi ,, msi
poxToC puToCpgi pAMbYsiQbu lnAI mpu nAIhNdunA
amdi seNdoQgidmC miaoIbgi pAQgL amsuQ lN
50 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
TuMsiQbu nMhxtunA sijiNnbgi cxnbidA yuMPM aoIKi
,, msigi cxnbi asi miyAMbu mcex tAhNdunA TMlgA
mKoI mseL lMgi amdi PuruFki wAPMsiQdA
UQKxnhNdunA hAxnA sunhNdunA mpAQgL soNThNdunA
TMhNbA nMPugi pAMbYsiQ, wAKL TMmAIloN, amsuQ
cAUTlicxki lALloQsiQNA qAClO aoIdunA TMlCKi ,,
kepitAlijMgi KoQTAQ adudA lMKoF licx
tqAIPKide ,, amroMdA hAIrgA, kepitAL (seNdoQ)
hAIbA asinA kepitAliMgi hOrCPM amsuQ mhY
aoIribni ,, kepitAlijM hiQnbgidmC lM tqAI Pde
,, lMKoF licx hAIbA asi toqAN toqANbA lYbACsiQgi
mrCtA lMjeL tANnbA, muCnbA amsuQ yeQsiNnbnA
mrM aoIdunA aTiQbA KrA lYPM ToCpA tArbsu,
INdiyAgi seNjAU lloNbsiQnA KA aesiyAdA anisubA
lANjAU loIbgi IMperiyelijM crC sibA tANjA adugi
KudoQcAbA lOdunA aqMbA mPM mKY KoFciNhOnbA
hoxnKi ,, lMKoF porM adudA mKoInA nMTAC ntr_AgA
loNjA loNTuF ntr_gA kihNbA ntr_gA nMPudA lANmi
sijiNn_bgi mKl mTeLgi TOaoQsiQ sijiNnKi ,,
loIlM lMKoF TOaoQ amsuQ lANmi lYqAC cLl_AIribA
adu mpANToQdA kuFsiNdunA TMnbA INt_egr_iti amdi
nesN kObA mAIKuM wAhYsiQ pAC sNdoCKi ,,
qAsiPAUbdA INdiyAgi lYqAC pTAFnA lM KoFpgi
ayAbA piri, lM toqAN tAKibgi ayAbA pide ,,
mtMdugi awAQ noQpoC hAIribA lM adudi
siNlMcx soxTbA tr_AIbeL amsuQ lOmi kAQluFsiQnA
KuNdAdunA pANbA lMdM amni ,, lMdM adu INdiyAgi
lMmix lAloQgi mru aoIbA KCtA nxt_nA atY mru
aoIbA mrMsiQ lYKi ,, mruaoIbsiQ adudi : (1) KuLlQ
(lebr), lN TuM (IsiQ, yurAniyM, TAU, koIlA, mmL
tAQbA nuQ, minreL, pAMb_isiQ, sA qA amdi hYpAL
UpAL, lMkoI pNTuQPM, kArb_oN tr_ediQ, UmQgi
poxToCsiQ), amdi kYTeL, (2) cAInAgi mAyoCtA
lANbN amA aoInA TMbA, (3) KA amsuQ KA noQpoC
aesiyAgi lMsiQdA lloN ItiC sNdoCnbgi lANmi
amsuQ lloN poxki mkoN aMA seMgxpA, asinciQbni
,, mKoInA awAQ noQpoCpu lOsiNdunA, lMdM asibu
kepitAlisx_ siLyeN liciQ mKAdA nMPunA
tiNnhNdunA anObA siNlM licx adudA INdiyAgi
seNjAU pACToC cAUToChNnbgidmC TMbA mmL hoQbA
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 51
Kull_Q amsuQ INdstr_igi ahiQbA mcAC peCPM,
kYTeL amsuQ lANmi mkoN aoIhNKi ,, kMdOnA lMdM
ambu lANmi sijiNndunA lOsiNgdge (hAIdr_AbAd,
kAsmir, mnipurnciQbA) ntr_gA sOxTbA yuMloNnbA
aMA aoInA TMgdge (siCk_iM amdi ButAN: 1975 tA
siCk_M lOsiNKr_e) ntr_gA TeM nOdunA loIngdge
(brmA; mnipurgi kAbo Beli piToCl_gA) asinciQbA asi
yAMnA hY siQnA pAQToCKibA kepitAlisx_ TOrMsiQni ,,

qsigi mixyeQdA kepitAlijM qsigi mixyeQdA kepitAlijM qsigi mixyeQdA kepitAlijM qsigi mixyeQdA kepitAlijM
IrAbx amsuQ mhACki luciQ mKAdA mnipur
kMmunisx_ pArtinA nehrugi lALl_oQ adugi mAyoCtA
leFKi , adubu IrYpACki lYqACpsiQnA mhACpu
yeCnbni hAInA siQnKi ,, amroMdA nehrugi
kepitAlijM amsuQ lMKoF lALl_oQbu sOgxcbsiQnA
hQlAI aoIdunA kMmunisx_ pArtibu amsuQ lOmisiQgi
KoQjQbu mru PuCnA muTxnbA hoxnKi ,, pArti
kNnbgidmC amsuQ KoQjQ hiQhNnbgidmC IrAbx
KuxlAI pAIbgi lANhO cQsiNKi ,, msidA I mseL
KuxlAI TAroIdbni hAIbA wAKLl_oN adu lYKide ,,
mrMdi msAgi aoIjbA KC yeQdunA KurCk_i InA lAI
SsArCpA adunA yeCnbA mitoFtgi heNnA tMTiniqAI
aoIKi ,, mKoIbusu TeQndbA yAKide ,, adugA amroMdnA
mAleMgi yAaoLl_oIsiQgi apuNbA pAQgL sAgxpdA
yuMPM aoIdunA brMAdA cxtunA wAKLl_oN tiNnbA
pArtisiQgA mri seMgxKi ,, adubu mhACki puNsi
seFteMbr 26, 1951 dA gureLl_A lANmi amA aoInA
UmQdA loMKi ,,
hQbA yAbA wAhQdi IrAbxnA UrMbA
kepitAlijM amsuQ mhACnA sOgxlMbA niQtMbA
mANnbA KuNnAIgi KoQjQ adu qsigi mnipurdA
cuNn_ribr_A cuNn_dr_brA hAIbsini ,, wAhQ asi asuMnA
nYnbA yAI :
(1) 21 subA chi cAgi ahANbA chi 13 loM
asidi INd_iyAgi acObA seNjAU lloNbsiQnA
IMpriyelisx_ kArteLsiQ amdi seNjAU seMPu
(PAIneNsiyeL Inst_ituIsN) siQgA yAMnA nCsNnA
toxNA tiNnrCle ,, mKoIsiQ asinA kYTeLgi amsuQ
lN TuMgidmC KA noQpoC aesiyAgi cAUKxpA
TiNThNlbA lYbACsiQdA Kux TiQjiLlCle ,, mKoInA,
52 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
hCTeQnnA ntr_gA nAkoInnA, yu aesNA mAQjiN TAbA
aPgAnist_AN amsuQ IrAgki lANsiQdA sruC yAKi ,,
mAleMgi aoInA IMperriyelisx_ siNyeN lALl_oQdA
mKoInA cAInij sosiyeL IMperiyelisx_siQgA
kriguMbdnA muCnrF kriguMbdnA KuxsMn_nA lOribA
TOdAQ adu ael ti ti I nMTKr_bA sr_i lzkA, myANmAr,
bQgl_Ades, nepAL, ButAN asinciQbsiQdA tOribA
lNKoF licxsiQ adudA UbA PQI ,, mKoInA lloN
ItiCk_i mri kyA pAC cAUnA mekoQ gQgA tureL
KoQbANgi lYbACsiQdA sNdorCli ,, awAQ noQpoC
asidA, atY atoFpA mLt_inesn_eL kMpAni amsuQ
INdiyAgi beQC_siQ KCtA nxt_nA, aesiyAN
diBeloFmeNx_ beQC_ki seNKoF licx cQsiNlCpgi
sAPu heNgxlCli ,, IMperiyelijMgi puQloNgA cuNn_nA
amsuQ lANgi sem sAbgA IroInnA yu aeski lANmibu
luMPu lALl_oQdA cusNn_hNn_bA hAydunA military
sAjeN kyA mijorAMgi UmQsiQdA tOhNKi ,, meGAlAIdA
yu aeski aeP bi aAI mTO tOri hAIdunA ciQnbA lY ,,
lMkoI mAIKuM kuFpA aroL aTuF nYnbA mitoFsiQ
cQsiLl_CpA yAhNnbgidmC yuropiyN yuniyNgi
pr_sr mKAdA awAQ noQpoCtgi pr_oteCted aeriyA
pArmix 2011 dA lOToCKr_e ,,
(2) nAkL amroMdnA myAQ seNjAU
lLl_oNbsiQnA INdiyAdA heBi INdstr_ilAIjesN
NMhxtunA TMKr_e ,, INdiyA asi atoFpA kepitAlisx_
lYbACsiQgi kYTeL pox amsuQ Kuxsu KuxlAIsiQgi
kYTeL amsuQ pox cY cNKtunA mirYpACtA TAdoC TAjiN
tOPM gudAUN aoIhNlCl_e ,, INdiyA sAIniQ hAIdunA
lAU KoQlibA asigi sCloN asi mpuQ aoInA aoPis
hotel yuMsA kYsA, lMbi ToQ, dAM, amdi motorgAri,
telekoM nexwArC_, aeleCtr_oniCs_ pox cY cNKx
KoxkxpA asinA nMnA aoIre ,, mKoIgi lNKoF
lALl_oQdA IMperiyelisx_siQgi dukAN amsuQ kYTeL
pox cNKxPM seMnbA hoxnbdA tr_AIbeL amdi lOmi
siNmi miliyN kyAgi lOri yuMPM kAQ KoQ cAIhNbire
,, nAkL amdnA lOU siQUbdA seN TAdbidr_e adugA
nAkL amroMdnA IMperiyelisx_ lYbACsiQgi cACKAU
TLhNnbA hoxnbdA ciNjAC amsuQ lOU siQUgi
poxToCsiQ nMPudA muNbibdgi msiQ TiQMdnA lOmi
kyA lAIrhNbire ,,
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 53
(3) mnipurgi PiBMddi myAQ
kepitAlisx_siQgA KuxsMnribA lYpAC pANbA hQlAI
kAQluF asi knAno hAIrgdi lOyAM cAbA, seNdoI
sANbA, TikAdAr, seN KFpA pr_ojeCx_ lLl_oNbA, seNjAbA
aoPisAr, lLl_oNbsiQ asinciQbsiQnA seMbA Kuxpu
amni ,, mKoI asi INdiyAgi kepitAlisx_siQdA
politikeL amsuQ Ikonomi sCt_igidmC noNjrgA
hiQI ,, mKoInA kNst_eNx_ amsuQ BeriyebL
kepitAlgidmC seN TAddunA kepitAL cAUKxnbA
hoxnde ,, mKoIgi lN peCpgi lALl_oQ hAIbbu
INdiyAgi kepitAlisx_siQnA mnipur KuduM cNdunA
sijiNnniQbA mAaoQdA sijiNnbgidmC pirCpA lOsAL
/ BArA / reNx_/ gr_ANx_ adu mKoI pull_F hOnrgA sAyeN
qAyeNndunA mrNnAI PurixkidmC KFpni ,, mKoInA
reBiniyu bl_oCsiQdA INdiyA lYqACki ciNduQ mKAdA
militArigi mteQ lOdunA hQlAIgi lYqAC cLl_AIbni ,,
(4) lYqACki amdi kYTeLgi sAPusiQnA Kux
TiQjiNbA heNgxlCpA, mitoF cQsiNbA heNgxlCpA,
amdi TbC INKAQgI KudoQcAbA KrdQ PQhNbA asi
kyAsinA siNlM lYqACloN PiBM soCsiLhLl_Cpdgi
kNbA qMde ,, cACTuQ PiTuQdbgi amdi crAQnbsiQ
asi koChNbA qMde ,, myAMgi wAKL nAkL amroMdA
TCtoChNn_nbA lYqACnA lYteQ cACTAC amsuQ tAxki
riPorM_ KrA tOri ,, nAkL amroMdnA lANmi
pYsiNlCpA leFtr_i ,, asinA mrM aoIdunA nMTdunA
TMbgi cAQ amsuQ sekiyuriti mAQsiLl_kl_i ,, PiBM
asinA miaoIbsiQdA hiQbgi puNsiroLgi wAPMdA
niQhNnrCpA amsuQ cmMn_bA kyA aoIhNli ,, lOmi
siNmisiQNA KoQjQ cQsiNn_iQnbgi lAN hOniQnbgi
poxlMcx PiBM adumdi adumC leQdnA lYri ,,
(5) adubu amroMdnA, lYqACnA amdi kYTeLgi
sAPusiQnA Kux TiQjiLl_CpA heNlCpgi tANPMgA
cuNn_nA, PuruFsiQ seMgxnrCpA amdi mrYpAC sCtM
mAQsiLl_Cle hAInA mipAIbgi ITiL poCnrCpnA mrM
aoIdunA lANhOluF kyA TorCpA loFtr_i ,, lANhObsiQnA
niQtMbA mANnbA KuNnAIgI wAKLl_oN sNdoCtunA
PurFsiQgi pLl_oN lANnA apuNbA yAaoL KoQjQ
sAgxpgi mhux nAx cxNbi amsuQ PuruFki puwAridA
yuMPM aoIbA nesn_elijMgi mArkAsiQ seMgxtunA
lYKibnA mKoIgi politics_ mqM sANbA qMlCte ,,
54 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
PiBM asidA IrYpACki lYqACpA Kuxpu asinA mKoIgi
politikeL aMdi IkonomiC pwAr asi leQdnA lYnbA
hAIdunA porM aniKC myeC seQnA pAIKxlCli ,,
amroMdnA mKoInA mKoIgi nMPu hAPu hurAL loNnA
lNKoF TOaoQ adu kuFsiNbA yAnbA hAIdunA nACpACki
siQceF amsuQ PuruFki higAIwA pAC sNdoCtunA
lYrCli ,, nAkL amroMdnA mKoInA luciQdunA reBiniyu
bl_oC / aeleCtoreL kNst_ituyeNsi KoFciNdunA lM,
Kuxsu/ KuLl_Q, PNd_ amdi lN TuMsiQdA hAleQdnA
suFpAI pAIsiNvdunA mrL peCsiLl_i ,, siNlMcx
soCTbgi awAbsiQ amsuQ suFnM sAsNgi lYqACloN
asibu kMmuneL wAhNToC pidunA PuruF mseL
yeQTinhNdunA TMli ,, mrM asinA lOmi siNmisiQ
asi PuruFki wAhNToCsiQnA lAChxtunA kMmuneL Pors_
aoInA lANnA lMjiQdunA TMli ,, mKoI nACpAC tANn_re
amsuQ liQjeL mANnbA qMdre ,,

hOjiCki wAhQ: hOjiCki wAhQ: hOjiCki wAhQ: hOjiCki wAhQ:
niQtMbA/ swADiNtA amsuQ riBolusN hAIbA
asidA mAleMgi wAcuMni (yuniBrsiyeL pr_iNsipL) ,,
pxTA puMTrCpA amdi lYKA tArCpA KuNaIbu nOhOnA
seMgx sAgxpgi cxnbi asimC mAleM asidA
lYrMdr_bdi yAaoL/ riBolusN hAIbA wAhY asimCsu
lYrMloI ,, lYqAC cuFli pAIribA miaoI KujoC amnA
niQtMbA amsuQ riBolusNbu tATi tAaoIrbdi mKoI
adu mrNn_AIgitA KNbA demokr_esibu KoQgAUnbA
miaoIsiQni ,, mKoIgi siNlM lYqACloN mcu
tAdbvdgi TorClibA niQtMbA amsuQ riBolusNgi
wAPMsiQ asi amubA aAIN, tAxki riPorM_ amsuZ wAKL
TMmAIloNsiQnA mtM cuFpgi kuFsNdunA TMbA yAroI
,, mKoIgi lALl_oQnA miyAMbu mikF ToCpA TiNThNbA
qMKibdi yAI adubu mKoIgi asoIbA lYqACloNgA
sAgoNn_jbA hu adunA mKoIgi qAClO aoIribA lANmisiQ
amdi higAIwA adusu mroMdoM niQKAIrCloIdbgi
mrM lYte ,,
mnipur asi INdiyAgi kAIPdr_AbA sruC
amni hAIbsidi INdiyAgi kepitAlisx_siQnA seMbA
aAINgi wAPMni ,, niQtMbgi wAPM, PuruFsiQnA
mroMdoM leFcniQbgi KoQjQ amdi mAQ tAChNn_iqAI
aoIrbA pr_jeCsiQgi mAyoCtA cQsiNbA KoQjQsiQbu
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 55
noQmY ciNdoLdA nMTgni hAIbsu mKoIgi aAINgi
wAPMni ,, amroMdnA mKoInA seMjribA kNst_itusNgi
PNdAmeNteL rAIxs_ nMhxtunA mrYpACpu lAIrhNbA
amsuQ misi minA hAleQdnA ToChNdunA aAINbu
KoQgAUnbA hAIbsinA mKoIgi lMcxni ,, asinA
cAUKxpdi purCte ,, miyAMndi sANti amsuQ
cAUKxpA pAMjY ,, muCnbA asi kMdOnA tAIsNngdbno
? kyAM kuInA seN pidunA neCpA KuxneCki lANminA
lYpAC qACkdOribge ? lYpAC lYKA tArCpgi kAQ KoQ
cAIbA amsuQ KM TeQbA awAbsiQ hOjiC mKO poQnA
guNdA tOribA pulis, lANmi asinciQbsiQ amsuQ
mKoIgi mri mtAsiQ sruC TuQloIdbr_A ? mKoIgi
noQmY ciNdoL mAIaoN asi mAIkY aoNndunA lYribA
asi mAIkY cuMToCtunA mKoIsu yAaoL sOgxpA tqAI
Pde ,, nxtr_Abdi myAM IrACnbdA mKoIsu adumC
IrACngni ,, puwArinA KudMni, lANhObgi wAToC asi
loIsiNKinbgidmC kepitAlisx_siQnA mKoIgi
seNdoQgi pANdM amsuQ nMhxlicxsiQ asi
TAdoCtbA IyAmC yAroIdOri ,,
yAaoLluFki TOdAQdi mAQjiN TAnA miyAMbu
yAaoLgi mAIkYdA lMjiQbni ,, miyAM huFnA yAUdnA luF
mtoMtnA attAI aoInA yAaoL purCpA qMde ,, luFnA
pAIKxpA yAaoLgi politikeL amsuQ IkonomiQ
pr_ogr_AMsiQnA mAIkY tACtunA miyAMbu mikF
ToChLbni ,, krigi niQtMbno knAgi niQtMbno
hAIbA wAPMsiQ asi politikeL amsuQ IkonomiC
pr_ogr_AMsiQ adunA adumC pAUKum pibni ,, yAaoLgi
yeCnbA hAIbsinA knAno adugA yAaoLl_oI hAIbsinA
krino hAIbsi myeC seQnA miyAMdA UxpA qMPM
ToCpni ,, asi KudiQmC asi yAaoLgi wAKLl_oN amdA
yuMPM aoIrgA seMgxlCpni ,, adubu IrYpAC asiddi
niQtMbgi miQdA seMgxlCpA luF msiQ yAMlbsu
yAaoL wAKLl_oNgi aoIbA myeC seQbA liClM amsuQ
mAIkYsiQ cmMnribguM tOI ,, lALhObgA lYqACk_A
KuxsMnre lOtunre miyAMgidmC lAN hOdr_e hAIbgi
toCqA kyA pAC sNlCle ,, luFsiQ asigi mrCtA
mANnbnA krino KeNnbnA krino, krMbA luFnA
kepitAlisx_ki sArOdA niQtMbgi mAIKuM kuFlgA
miyAMbu lANnA lmjiQbno krMbA luFnA tseQnmC
miyAMgi pAMboM tiQdunA yAaoLgidmC leFpno
56 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
KQniQbA migi msiQ heNgxlCli ,, yAaoLgi wAKLl_oN
mpuQ PAna pAUjeNbA qMbA yAaoLgi mAIkY myeC
seQnA UxpA qMbA amsuQ yAaoLgi pr_ogr_AM mrA cexnA
pAIKxpA luFnA miyAMgi mruF aoIgni ,,

aroIbdA aroIbdA aroIbdA aroIbdA
qsigi mnipurdA lYqACtgi ciQnA mKL
kyAgi luF amdi lNnAI miaoIsiQnA IrAbx de
pAQToCnri ,, mKoInA IrAbx asi kuMm_Y amA aoInA
UhNbire adugA IrAbxki Poto amdi mri lYnbA cePoQ
kyA kYTeL pox aoNToCpire ,, ayAMbnA IrAbxki
kepitAlijM amsuQ amsuQ atY yAaoLgi KoLl_AUsiQdi
puToCtunsu nYnbidr_e adugA yAaoLgi liClMdgisu
lAFnA hiQnre ,, luciQbsiQnA mAQjiL TAduNA IrAbxki
murtidA lY kxkni, burjuwA INt_eleCcuyeLsiQnA hobe
hobe lAClgA aru arubA teCnikeL wAhYsiQ TexciNdunA
miyAMdA leCcr tOrMlgA hobe hobe hNKigni ,, mKoI
ayAMbnA yAaoL KoQjQdA TOdAQ lObgi wAPMdi lYroI ,,
kANn_bA Krdi lYri, TOrM mnAC nCpA mPMdA PMbA
hotel dukAN Krdi poxsix heNbnA kANnhOI ,, chi
KudiQ TOrM siNli ,, chi mqA mqA kANnrgA lACpA
aeleCsNdA myAM hOnrgA keNdidextgi seN lOI,
InACKuNbnA Box kAI ,, asirA lYbAC niQbA asirA
cAUKxpA asirA demokr_esi ?
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 57

=-<x| =-<x| =-<x| =-<x|

+x< :<<< (r< :, :t: <| r< ~, :::), -|-
+ +| +:-l<- x :<< x: ll<-
:|<<+l< x|<: l xl+<| : :::s - ::s- l< <
:| l<+x x: ll<+ c<l| + :<< l< x
<:l l-| x-| x--- : <- xc- |l<l<
-||+-| x-l xl- (c+ :| x<+ x:<l -x <:-
x<l-c: <:<< -< -< +|| x< <::-< l-l<l-
x|+:-- x:+ ~x:< < cxl- x:+ (cl +x:<
<:<-| <+- |x <| (c+ x: < |l| :x (cl
x +| x|<< x|(-l| x l x:+ -<l+ x,
|, l<<< x: <+l<x $<-< :<-l l<+x ,
x(:<: , |x| , -| x: <<l<- xl<<
l|-l<l x<- x:+ x< <:< |- |l ::s: -l-
x:+ +~xl- <:< :<l <l, - ::s l+ < x<x
+<< x:+ l: <<+x xl+< x- <+|l< x<x - -
x:+ x<x-| x| x+x|- <+ + :<l ::st < x:+
xl+< =x<|| x|< <:- << +l - < x:l ll<+
u- x: x|x |< - (c+l - - x- -
ll- :- <- x<x <:-- x:+ |<l<| xl- :- r<
~:, ::st < <+l x:+ =x<| :|-+| |<x <<
+l- x<<+- x:+ xl+< +~xl-| l| xl, x|<< <:l,
:l- (cl x <: <| ~+ - l-l, - :::
- $x- l xl :<<< + < x<-:-< :--
(c+ r< : l x:l x+ +x< |<x + -lx<
:- l| <+l x:+ x x| x|l- :+: x<
$<ll< : x-<, +l<l- <- -< (x|x| l<), :x
l<<- lx :l<, <l~x +~xl-| l|- +l< (:+< x<),

58 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
+x< :<<<- xl<+ c<l- |< |-< :+: x<
<:- +x< :<<< x: +l|l<x :< :l<+ l
+<|-x+ :<<< l< =- +~xx<- +l~xl| x: +~:-
+< l =- xl (xl-<) <x-- |l<< |- l- =
<- (< xl- +x< :<<<- :< +l|l<x :< <+<
x: +<- <l< +<- l- +x< :<<<l+ +l|l<
<u- (--< :<:-- :|l<+ x<x| xl+ < xl< (-< +xl
<l+ l+ :l<+ l +< (--<| <-l< x
x<-:-- (:-<- - x x <:l- (<

=l<l< ||x =l<l< ||x =l<l< ||x =l<l< ||x

~ r< ~::
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 59

+l|l<x +l|l<x +l|l<x +l|l<x
(l<<-) (l<<-) (l<<-) (l<<-)
l ll l:<x :<<< :<x :<<< :<x :<<< :<x :<<<

+l|l<x +l<- ; +l|l<x +l<- ; +l|l<x +l<- ; +l|l<x +l<- ;
=- l-l<| --+< < , <, x, ll-, ,
<, (x<, <- :-< (+<x, +l<<, x<+ l<<, l, $,
l<-, :x x--, |-, +lu+, lx-, x<<, :l<+<x<|-
:l<+, , +l, +x l-l< < + + ll<l< <
xx+ l =- -+-| ( -+-<l- x + +<-,
(l-) x: |$<l-| (<l<<l- +<-, | x x:
|$<l- <+:< x| (+l) x-- < xx+ l :- <:lu
< xx+l +< <|l<< + +<-, , |-:, l--l<
l< < +< |, xl- $ +|< : x<xl- =-
ll<l<< +< xx+ :x <+:< <+:<l- - =-
ll<l<< < (l l (+- +: :<|-x+ (+- < +|:
(l- :l< < + < l l :<l-
l-, + +<-, |-: xx+ l x| x| -| x<-: (
:<l- , + +<-l l x -| x<-:l- x- - (+ <
ll<-< cx- x- x- - x| lx x (<, lx -|
<+ <|< <|-< x| xl-l- - <+ <|< lx --| +
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+<--| + < -- + +<- x -|, (l-) -|
+ < -- x-| <: -- +l|l<x <+l-
<-( +:< x| x| x<-: <:<-|l-
+ +<-, , |-:| xl- x| l
- x + x-, <-( +-< + :<(- +l<| :<-l<<- ;
+:< <l - x- (+- u - +: -
l|-x xl- x| +-l<- <-( <l- <l l
=| +< x<: (-- ll<(, +a<l- x -- l:<
+<< - + <: <|:: + x l|l- x< <:-
-|-x -<l-- x| <- <l< -- +l< x(
<+ <|l- +-< +l- x- x|- l- <: :<|l-
60 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
-l<-< - -- < < (+l|ls) +<- -|-x
< xx+ :, -- +l|l<x| x< <:<l-, <l - x|-
l-l -c:- -<- -< -<l- -- x< <:<l- :- |-
<<+ =- < < +<| xlx x: |-| xl- <<+
:l< l l -: <:- (<< x: x- -
-|-x <-( l<< -< < < (+l|ls) +<,
- l -< < (+l|) +|< : :<l- +<-
x| <- x| +<-, <lx-<| <- x| x |-:,
-: < x:<-| <- x| l- - x| <-
x| l-

+l|l<x| + : +l|l<x| + : +l|l<x| + : +l|l<x| + :-
x<| x-- :<< -<l -l- < -< +<--,
- x: |-: :-< +:l l x<xl- x| x
( (<, x< (< x| :<< x| x -<l-
-- x -l- x| x< <:< x - ll<- - l::
x ll- <+:< +< (x<-<) -- xl< x++ ++
xl- -x-- < (Proletariat) +|: +l|lsl- x|
x - (-- <+ ll<< <-( -- (+- lu <
u +< --| x<-<l- x| -+ <:- < < l
- <-( (<- < x: (< < - +:< x:|<
- +l|ls| -l-
+l|lsl- -| -| x x:| x: :x
x-|-x+ < +:< <- +<<<- :llu :x x|
+<- <<+:, - ~x+:, -| xl<+ -: :<+:
:x - -- u, u --| x + - :u+:
:u+:< u - ll<+x x: - <: x +: (+-
< < x:<- (+l|ls) x ( < -<- x< l<-<
x x- +-+ -<+: < :- -< c x:<- -|
x<- x l<l -- +l|lsl- x| x< :- -<
cx< < <-, +< <|<- - l< -< :<(- -|
-<+- l<-| x- <-- -|--|< + x: <-
<: :-- <l - +< :<(- - <|<<| x<xl- <-
<: xx -| x x - x<x <-- <+ x :<
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 61
x :- < < :- < <<l- :- -< cx: x:
:- u<l- < l<: :lu x|-: :< -- < (
< x u<l- -: x:|l- x<x l- +l|lsl-
x<x - x| - :<-< :<(- x<xl- << -
x: :x : :|-- l+ l+ (< +<-- +<-
|< <:<+: -|--|< +-l< :lu+:, x| : < <+
:< -- x| ll ll <+ :<+: <( -<| |l -|-
-|< <+:
x- +l|ls (x:<-) l| x<- x x :<+
x<x- x<- :<< -<| xl: :<+: x
-<l- < < x:<-l + + <-< cx-, -
x --|l- x - <+ :< (x<-<) | -- +: :x
<+ :<| - :<+: x+ x<x-- + x :|-<+
<+- <+ xx+ +- :- <|, <+ :< x| <a<: <
-- x+ <+ :< x|| xl :<+| xl<+ x| <+:
:<+: x<x l- <+ :<l- - <- +< << -- <+
<|< <: +l|lsl: x- $-- << x--< :<(- x<xl-
<< :l<< -l xl<+ x| < <| < :l- x:
- -+ :-l- x<x l- x<- xl x-< x| <--
:-+u < x| | <+ :x :x :<<+: :x
+l|l<x x| <-< :-+ :lu x| < :<:lu
+l|l<x| :-< + ll-
< <| -|l< (+l|l<x) - <+ :<l|
-+ ::u :<:lu :<< -, +l< +l<- x| -
+-< | xl l x| ll ll< +l-< <::lu =-
$l<<l-, <-( (+- u- +l|ls- - +: <l
-l- +-- (< ; < <l- +l|lsl- (, l- <+:<
(lx+), |$< x: xl+ <+< (x<l<) +< - (
<|:: x| -+- :<< --l- (< < x x+ (<
cx- --| <l l-- -+- +<-- (-- (
< l<l- +l|lsl- <<| x x: x<x --
+l|lsl- <c: +-- x| +<- :lu x<xl-, (+-
< l-- (-- (<<- <-( <-- +< +l<- ; +<-
x| x- +<- x :, < + <:, <+:< x| ll
ll| <+ (< +l|l<x| l - l< -<| -
62 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
+|< : -<| - << x<x- <+:< +<|: - <: x
x: x: :x x- xx+ < -x -- +l< +l< x<x- <
:-- lu <~| l- -<| - << ~+ :
+-<| - <<- ::: -l- x<x - - :| xl<+|
<s<- <+:< x| +l| : : <+ :l-c: (l- x-
+<x l:l< -| l:< +<< +l- x| cl - -+-
x: -x| -+- +:< - (l +l+ -x- x x
+ +<-- ~+- -+: x<x -- cl
-- :-|- <l - x-- : x- + xl
-:-- x-- -+: x<x-- < :-- x| ll l, x-
-x- <- :< l+<- (-- (l< x<x-- l+ <l-c:
(<-- x| - l-x -- ( << <<< x ::
:-- ( x|- (+x (<-- x<<- +:< - x:- (
l-| x+ +l|lsl- (+ <l- -< xl- :<|-x
<l - xx <- -< xl- x + <|-- :-
xa- (:-+: - (x -+: x<x- :-< x: <
+l|l<x| +-| -+- -+- +: :x -<| - <<
x: x|- <+ :l-c: (<< l +l|l<x| l-:< +l-
+l|lsl- l -<| - l +-< :-< <(
x:lu <( +< <l- x:lu x: <+:< | <<
l< l-- <+ x ll<-< :<(- - - x<x <-| x--
x+ - < +: <|:: <- x + +<+-< x<x-
-<| - x+ :|: :x -lx< < <- +- x<+ x<
-<| - << l +l|l<x| <|l<l-
+l|l<x| x:< +- < + c - -|
:-+ ll<< < < + xl- - x << <
- -| xl<+ l- <|:: - +-< :<-< <<<l-
+:< <l - (+- -< <: (+- < < - +
xl- +l<x< <: x +< <, x- +a<l- x| l< <<
- <:<<: (+-< << x: - <a<l- < <l-
+l<-: <: x- < <| |<- <+:< +<,
|$< x: xl+ +<+ <l :x :x :<lu+: --
x| +-< < +<< xx l-- (< c~ x<x-
:-+-<l| x ( (<l-- x| +-< < (< cx:
-| x + x|<| <-( <u+: -- - + < l+-l<
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 63
l:<- -< -< < xx+ <+< + < :<----, <
<l- x|<|, x+-, <l-<-l< + x|<| <-( :
x<xl- <ll :-+-<l- xx +- -l- l+ |< x:
- +< <-|l- -- : - << cx: < <
x:<-l- <-( +< +<x :<-< :<< x|<:<| < <
xx+ --- :-+-<l| + x|<| xl- --< <-( :
-| +- x| +l| +l|- l-c: (<<, <l-c: (<<
x<x-- + x|<| |<- <| |< x-| -x x :-
::::-:: - -<| - x< |l x- - l<|- x| +l|
+l| <+ :l-c: (<-- (l x<x l- l<<< ls- x|<
+< +~-|- :-| :-< -| l:< $<l x<xl- x<x -
x( :-+ -<|< <:l (< +<<<- - (<<-
:-+-<l- - ll<< cxl- -- x|< | (-- x:
+ x|<| | (<- - ll<l - - ls- +~-|:
x|<| x l
+l|l<x| xl<:< +- -l- +l<| - + <-
:< x< x- :<+l

:~l<l<x (x<<-) :~l<l<x (x<<-) :~l<l<x (x<<-) :~l<l<x (x<<-)
=- $l<<l- < <| :|- :<< <:-
- ~x+l- - ~x+- -| -|< < -< +
:|-+: (+- < <+: <|:: +l|ls| - +<+:<
-| - <+:<, |$< x: +<+ < < +<|l- :<<
--| -<| - <:<+: (+- l< < xx - +-
-+- -x -x- (-- ( <l l l<<l- +l|ls|
- <-< cx- x(<| (+- < (l l<-
+l|lsl- <c:+-- x|(< x| < -+x l<+:
x- +< (+ l<+ :<< x| ( <-( x
< l-- ( (-- (< - x+x-l- < l<:-<l--
- x+x l- +l|ls| + +<- (l< - (
- <l - <- < :<(- - << (+
-| +l|lsl x| x| x< -+x l-<+-| (u, <
-< <<+: --| -c:--< ++: x<x - -l- (+ -|
<-x| - |l--< :<-<+: x<xl- +l|lsl| x
<-x| - (<<l- << -| - :l<+ x - :, <-x|
64 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
-| x< ll<-- (< (| +l|lsl< - cx: :x
-- (< +l|ls (<< x (+ - - <|--
+l|lsl- |: x+x -- x- -: l (+ -
+l|ls (| +-| xl- -+x <:l
+l|ls (+ :< -x(l- u (+l|)
:<+- (+- x| < -< <+< x<x-l- <c:+--
+-| l<+: +-|- :-< +l<<l- +l|ls -l|
(+- <:- l- l -< +< < x: (l< :- :-<-,
+l|ls -| + +<- -|-x+ :- < +: < :-
+<l- (+- < <| <: x- x: < <| <
:<<l- (+- <l+ xx: <- -< cx: < x <<l-
u<l- -: l-l- <: l-:<-, +l|ls -|
<+:<l|-x+ --+< < +-|-| :- +< cx: - -
<+:<l| << l< l< : x<xl- <-(| xx <<l-
<+:<l| <<: :--<l- - -<l- < :lu --+< <
:<-- <+ :<| <<: x :- l< : x:<-, x(<
+l| x :<+<l- -|< +l| ll<-< -< (<
-|< +<- lc<<: x-- - x <- +l|| <+
:u<l- -| <+: :<+: x<x -- +l|ls- x l<
+: x| x- (< +-|l -- x| :-< +l|
ll<-< :-| : << (<< x: +< x+x +: x<xl-
x+x l- x| <-x|| l: -||- x| x< xx cl-
(< < <l<| +-|- - -< +-<: :
:<+ < +l| ll<-< x+x <:- +-| ll<<l-
xl<:<-, +-| (<<l- +l|ls (+l| <+ :l-c: (<<|
< <- ++: x| (| <+ :l-c: (<< x|l-
+-|- - l:<x - xl<+- - <-< cx: xc:<-,
+-| (<<l- x(<| <+:<l<: x cx: x<xl-
+-|- <-( u - l-l- <: - l| <+
x- <+:<l< cx: -- <+:<l <-- --
- xl- :|- x<x xx+ l-| +l|ls (+l| +-|
(-<l- +-| (<l- :-< < -, < -<l- +
+<- :- :, + +<- <l- <+ :<l <+ :,
<+ <l- <+ :<l l-c: (<- - <<- :|<
+l|lsl| (< <-x xu x| <-x ~
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 65
+l|lsl x<:-< : -- +-| +a<l- +l|l<x (--
((<) cx-
- <:<<l- :~l<l<x| <<+ xl-
=- l< cx: +l|ls (+ x- :-< < -<,
:-< +l| ll<-<, :- +x x: + (--<,
-- (< +l|ls -< (+ |: x<x - - (+ |l<<
- -< x<<- -, - x- |l<< (+ - < x| +-|
x<<-l+ :-< <+l< +-|- x| (|
x < (+ <:- ll<< -- x <<-| <-x|- x|
(: < <-( - +-|- xl<+- x :l-, :-
x<x l- +-|- x l-l- l| + +<- |
|< x-- <-( --< |< <|- x| - +< <-(
x: +x x<< |<l, x: + +<- x x: <
l:lu x-| + x: x|l :<+| +- (| x||
--| <| |: x| <<- :x :x :u+: l<|-
x<<-| -l- - <<<- x| +-| xl- :l<< l
x< x-< :< <<<< l-
<|:: x<<-| -| +l|lsl- l-c:--
+x-- +-| x|l-| -< :< +- +-| (<<
+l|lsl- +-||-x+ lu, x: :~l<lsl| x- (<
+-|- lu+:, +l|lsl| x| +-|l - x -<
x-- <| llu x| <|l-< -- :<<- < --
:~l<ls (+l -| x lu+: +-| (<
:~l<ls - (<< :~l<ls - - <|(- (+
l-| +l|lsl- l<-| (- x| :<-< < <: x:
|l +: -- x| -| c +<< :<l
x| x< (< - < l<|< c:u x x- l-< -<
- x <|< :+ :- x:l< +l|lsl|
+-|l - < <:< +<- |l +-| -<l- +l|l<x
l:< cx- :<l xx- : - x:l<<: x:ll<< (+l
-| +-|| +< -l- + - - < (< +-|
+--< :|<+: - x+ (+ :x - (+ x: +-|
66 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
--|-x+ <-( <- +l|l<x| x l-
-|-x < < <:<- (+ (<-<<-) - :<<+:
:-+-<| < u+: l| +- <-( x :, <::
- <- (+- +:, -<| -l< x: <+
:l-c: (<<| x< <:<+: x<x -- +l|lsl- +-|
l< <+: +-| l< +< x<<- +: x<<-+|
+-| - +: -- -| x<<:< x<x< < +< - x|
x| x<-: x: -|-x+ <-( +:-< < l- l
xl< x<x- -: (<<: - -<l- -lx< < < + +-
- + -<l-

+l<x +l<x +l<x +l<x
:-l < l| xx- :::s -| :::t +<<
< x +l - l +l< x< <:<l- +-| (<
:<< x: +<| (<< <~x-|l- :<< x: +<|- <
<:l- l--- < x: :||: x<x- <: < <- <~x-|-
<l - :<x-:- xl<+: :<< x: +<|| x:(+-
<l - l <~x-|- x:|l x| +-| :<<
x: +<|l- l :||| <+l< :- l- <
(- (+ :|<- +l|lsl| x< - <+:< +<|
x <l :x :|| x: <~x-| l-l +-| (<< (+
<:- (l
-| x<- +l|ls (+ x x +:< x
<+: -| x<- x| x<: :< :|: <+ :< x| ll
ll <+ :l-c: (<< (<+<) <: +-| (< (+ x(l-
+<: <+ x| < :l< :<(- <|:: +-| (<<
(+ll- <| x : :||- lx+l- << - +
xl+l <- + +<- x< lu lx+l| --
l $<- +l|lsl x++ c<: x- x<x -- <+
:<l< -x-- x| ~l< +-< +<+: <+ l|-x+
x- xl<+< - x +: x| xlx x l-| +|: xl-|
l :-<-l- <+:<l| l< x <:<x: - :|<+| --
+l|lsl| x| <:l-- - <: <+:<l<: - < :-
: --| x< <+:< +<-| (x<) <+: x- -|
:u+ +l< <|l :- ux: x<x l- <+:<l- :|<+:<
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 67
--| +l|lsl< +-< <+ xc- << x- <+:<l<
-x-< - x x: - -| lx +ls +|: -|
:-+-< x(- - l< x< : -| +- -lx< <-|
x-- +ls - l x +-<+ <|:: <+:<l-
+ls - l< -x:<-< xl<+< |< <|< cxa x|
-<l- x- l<- -- x< <+:<l< -lu
+lsl| l<<- - x- x| x-- - x x -
x| l x <:lu -- +lsl- <+:<l< x:l< l<
+l<-| <+:<l <+, <+:<| -l - -x-- :<,
x| lx+ c | l-- :<, -<l :<<+, <-
<- xl<u < x<- -<| <+ :x l- (---
lx+ -- l<-- :-+-<l- :<<<, :-+-<l| x<
xx c+< <:- :-+-<l- x| x < -x| l<
xl-|- +ls -<l +ls - +$l +|< +$l x
~x (+ c+< x <:
<+:<l| -- x<: ::< cx--< -
|$<l: -c:<< <|--< +xl+ x: <lx-<l u c
x x xlx +<<- u +<<- l ~x
-- (+ :|<-< ++-< |< <|< <+:< +<-
:|<+-| +-< <+ +l<x| :-< <+l- +-| (<<
(+l- +l<x| l-:< <+ +-| +-< <|< xx-
: +-| (<l- +l|l<x l:< cx- +-| +a<l-
-<| < <:<+: <+:< x| ll ll <+ :l-c: (<,
lx+ -- x +u+: x(x-l- <+:< ( lx+) l <<-
+l|lsl| x| <-x| xu <-( +<
(x|) <: x<x l- +-| -<l- +l|l<x +:- l:<
cx- +lsl- <+:<l| -- -x- - :<<: --
<+:< x< <:< x<xl- ++:-< cx- x<xl-, x< <:< x<x
-l- +l|l<xl-, +ls +< xl<- <+:<l| x|
+l|l<x< +-<|-xl- -- <+:< |$<l- :<<+-
-<| x<: :<+, <+:< x| ll ll <+ (<<
+l|l<x| l |-+ ++ cx- x<x - -
+l|lsl- +-| l< <+: x : +-| (<<l-
<+:< xx+ -lx< <l- x-l- <l-< : <|:: l<|-
-|< - l< :+x+ +a ; +-|| xl<+< - x(l-
68 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
:<< x: +<|- :- |l-<l- -- - <|< -- (<
l< (< x<x -- -|-x+ |< <| l- +lsl|
xxl- (+ -|-x+ - x| l-:< <+l-
l- x<x <:-- -| c< :|: :::s-:t
| - $< <<- x|| l+- - :<l <<x +l
+lsl- <<- ++:u - <|-< x|< <:-< $ -< :|:
l+< c +<< :l<+ <l<- -- x|<:<< < <::lu,
l- x|< x| <::-, (| (+-||) -x+ -+x- :
<-| : lxc: (< (<, l-l< <l< :|: x+x
xx -:<< - <l +<-- -(xl x: l:-+, |
<-(- : <l
:||- +l<x xl< -x <~x-|-: +l<x
xl l <l- +l<x +|--- -<|<x +|<<l- <|::
+l<x x: -<l<x| x-- +l< :- < (< -<|<--
+l<-<| < +-llu x: -l(:<
:::t | - x<- <~x-|| <+:<l- -|
cxa< < < cx--- :|<+: <|:: <+:<l| -<
<l- +l|lsl| x|- l-- (+ :< -
+l|lsl- lu+- <+:< +<| x< --
+l|lsl| -x (l +l|l<x (l<- (+ x|x|
:<< :<+, -<| < -l<, l< <- - +-
(<, <+ +-< <+:<l| x|l :<-l< <+: l|
x :<< x: +<|l- -| l<<+ <:- l: l-|
|<- (| < x+ :<l <~x-|| +-| (<<-
<+:< |-+ l <-: ++ cx- (+ -c:<< :x
:<+: xl| x l< x|- (<x :::: - -<|
-l< - <~x-|| < -l< x+: :<l
<+:<l- < l-| +-< +l|l<x x:< -<| <|:,
- +l|lsl- +-| x: <+ :<| -- x<-< -<|
<|: <+ :< :-+ -< l-| - l +-l-u+: --
x:l<<- l:|<- -<| xl- -- lls -- - x
x: :::: +<< <~x-|- x| xlx +<< (<xla
<|:: :::: -| +l|lsl- <+ :< lx+ -- l
-lu+: :< $< l< - x:-<l- l:l-c: $ (<
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 69
:< $< --| x- l:|<| -| x< < :|< l< |-|
x: a+| +l|lsl +<<- l:|<| ( |-- x<
: :- <l <~x-|| <+:<l x< +--<|-x :x
+- l:|<| -<| - +-<+: lx+l- x|
-l< +:< l $- x<x -- <~x-|- <+:< ( lx+)
+<| - l- (<x: x- l xl|+ - x-
+xl-s -l- l xl|+ -- +l|l<x ~x
x:- x --- (< lx+l| x< l<+ l<+ :<-<
:<-<l- - +xl-sl|- +l|lsl x:u lx+ <-x|
<x- (<x: l|-x - l-l x-- <--- (<x:
-| + + +< :<< lx| x-- :<+ << x-
+l|lsl- -<| - -lu+l ll x l<--:
+l|ls< + ; x| <<l- -- (< +< l<a<l-
x: lx+l| x-- l:: l<-<l- +l<x< <|< cx- - -
(< +<-: l--< l:|<- x| -| x x-- x| +<
l-| -<| < < :lu x+ x- |$<l| l--<
|$<| <, lx+l- l--< +l|l<x| x-< :<--<l-
l-l< l-: -- <~x- l-x+ <: l| (:|l<
:::s-:t | - x|<<- :<< x: +<l ................. <|-l<
l) x<x- x-- + -c:< -- l:|<- <: l|
l<<- -- <|< :|< :--| <+| x|l- l-|l<
::- <|: << -: x| < |lu (<| -
(l<< ll<| x<x <: l, l-| x: +x l-sl-l- :-
< <|< :|< :::: | x<-| <~x- :- <| x|<
(l--) l-- l:|<| -<| - x: +xl-s| <| xl
:<+ - (<|- <<+ l- $<- :-+ -< <+:<
-c:--< :<+: - <~x-|| x| l-- :-+ -<|- -
<+:< +<- <: ( +< +< <-<- +u+ < x<x
--l- <~x-|| +l|ls +<- (+ -| <| << l:|<|
x l<
l:|<- -| << :+ +< :-< <
<+:< (lx+) l| -- x:< :<-< lx+ -<l<
+< l<< :+<| <|-- +--- +~ :- <- <<
x x-- x-- x:, + x< :<l lx+ -<l +<<
-- -<|l| x<x- l--< l< $<<<l- x -: -xc:
70 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
-<| -l- - - - x| :x - - :l-c: (<-
<< (-< :|< :x << (-<- l-|l: xl<+- <+ :
+<< l-| (<l-+ :-s:-- -l-- -<|l| x|
l::|: :x :|< x( l:: :|-< x(l- +-- <<
<|: x: :<l :x << <|-- l:|<- x| l<<- (<
- x( x:u -<| -- x:- x <:< -<+: +l<x|
:-< <+ lx+ -- x:u +l|l<x l-c:-- -< -
l -l(:<< <|< :|--< <+ l- c
:-< <+ :< -<|l- :-+x l +l<x|
l-:< <+ :<l- +-| x< :<-<| |< <|< +-|
x< :<-< <<<l- - <|< <: -- <~x- <l<< -|-x+
|< <|-< < + :<-<+ x-- - -| < <:,
-(x l:-+, l :|< - -- x| xx+ <:<
:<-<+ :||| +lslx -<|l- -| c<< --
x<<- x: :|-+ x<<- l| x<: x- <~x- l--
<l< :|<, <~x- <l< l l<|| x-- :-| << <<l-
(< << xx| x x <:-< <~x- <l< ~x+l- x<x
l- ll- <~x-| lu< x| l- <~x- <<+| |<<l+ x+
<:< <|-x+ : l-<l- <:< (:- :- <:--
- <|< <~x- +l|lsl|-x+ +-| |lu l- -<|
l| xxl- :x x- - xx+ -| |< <|<, $-<
x: +<< -x- x| xl- -< x+ <:< :x<
-< (x<l<) -:<- +<< l xlx< << -x| l-
:|<+ (+ -+| < :-+-<l| < <:
x- -- l-<l-, -x :<| <| -x x:u
(<+ |< - < -xl- +l<- x <<-l+ <
<:< - -x +-l- <<|l-, - x| <<| x:u -
x| <<| <:< +l<- <:< - x| -< - <:u (+
x<- l+:-<, << x| <<| x:-< x: < -| x|<
<- << (-< x- +l<- <<| < -|- <|- x-|
l- x| -| <<| - l- < <l- -<l- <|::
<~x- -:< xx+l -- l- $-< - x| <<
+x- +<- - l-l<l- -| + x- <<|
+a, <<|| x|< x- x:u x<<-l+ l- <<|
+|l--, -|-x+l- :l<-- -:< xx+ <l +<l-
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 71
<-: <-| x+ +l<- l +-| (<<
(<+ x l x< <- <:<, +-| |<- x x x
x< < -< :x |< :< x- - :|< :-l
- - :x :|l<l-
l-| =- $<l- +l<x l :||, <~x-| x:
<- <+ |<x x- l<l- <| x<: < x-+
xl<-l- <|: :<< <l- x xl- :-+-< <+:<
+< <-<- x |<<- :-+-<l- :+ +- +lsl+ xl
|: x: <+:<l| -- x:< :<(- <+:< +< -
+l< -++ <-< - <:<<l- +l|lsl- :: - <+
:<l< cx: x: -x-- lu x<x -- +l<x| x<x l-l-
:-<- :- +< +< <-< :<+ l-:<--:- <+:<
+<| x-- l< x< < +l<x| <+ l-l- :-<
<+, <+:< +<| -- x:u (+ :|<-| +l|lsl<
+-< x: l-:< <+ - <|< +-| |-< :<-<l-
x<x l- +l<- +l|l<x-| <l- :- |<<l- -l-
+l|l<x x< x <++ +l<-+| x< |<+<l-
+l<xl +l|l<x| l<<l- -, +l|l<x< +<|-x l-
+l<x< =- +l< :l- <+:< +< - :|<l- :<
a< -< x:< x: +-| |-<|-x+ +l|l<x|
<u+ x+ -< +l<x +|< :
+l<x| x(x<< +l<- ; +l<x :|<+| x<x
l-l- <l- l <: < <- ~x+:< |<
(-< :-<, <+ ++, l-l<) l-l- |< <|< cx<
x<x- < <- +l<-| <+ <|<+: +l<--< <+:<
xx+ l ++:-< cx< ; cx- x<xl- +l<-- x x+ l
++:-< cx-<-- +-| l< :|<l- x- -<- +-|
+ xx l :l- :x ++< :<-<-: < <:-| -
l-< x ( :-<-, - x:l<<l- x- ++:-l- :<-
cxa :< $< -| x <- <+ :<l- :|<-
+l<-l+ x< x< <- ++<+l< - ( - :<l- x||
<l :l-c: (<- :<l - +l<(c x(l- +ls -|
x|- -|-xl+--, +-| + < xx+ :- +l-
l -- <- < cx: - x:l< :+ :|<+ l-
$< <l :<x +x: x|| (+ |<< :< - xl-
72 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
u x- l<+: x- -- <- - :+ +<- :|l<+
:|l<| < :< u <- <+:< +<
:|<+<- -| x< x< < :<-<+: l-:<-,
+l<-|l- < <:<<: +:- -c:- -< x: +-|| x|l
-< (--- < < +- x- +-|| x|l- <<|
-- +-lu+:, x<x-- +-|| (+-: +l<-| (<l
<- lu+: --| <+- -<| <, x| xx+ <+
+-<, < <- -<| + :|-< <+: x-
++< :<-< cx-<-| +-|- x: +l<-|l| x(<-:
:|<+: :x :|<+-| (- +l<-| <<+l x<x
l- +l<-| l x<- +:- -- (< cx- x| x-|
-| (x- -lx< <- <|(< x: x l-l- <(<
:<< -x+ - x< x:lu

l<x xl- x<<<- l<x xl- x<<<- l<x xl- x<<<- l<x xl- x<<<-
l<x- +: l<x- +: l<x- +: l<x- +:-
l<| l < +l<: (< cl l<|| <+
- +l|l<x $l<<l xx(c- (< - :-< :|<+
x<x-l- - +l<-, x- +-- x: x<-: -|-x+ +<x
< + :< +l<: x- :- x| xx+ l + <:-
(<~x| x x ( c: <:< x(- + < x ~x u
(lx<~x| -l l< ( xl- |:< +|: | :<l+ <:
:<<- l< <- <l- x| l- l< <-, < ( x:
ll<< : -- xx <-< < ++- xx --
lx( :x x- - l:: l - l +-
x| x<-: <:< <+ <- x<x l- x|<:<| l <
l< +xl-<x| (x:|< (Primitive Communism) +|:
-(c| +xl-<x - +:- (< cxa x|<:<-
-<- -c:-< +-l< :|-+ $+ +, $-
:--| <, |$< <x< -- :-x <-- <-<
$(: (: l< < xl x- +~x :- + x| xx+ x+x
+< -- x(+ -- (-<+ - x x x <+

IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 73

+x< :<<< x: +l|l<x +x< :<<< x: +l|l<x +x< :<<< x: +l|l<x +x< :<<< x: +l|l<x

: xx l-|< : xx l-|< : xx l-|< : xx l-|<

+x< :<<<- +l|l<x :< :l<+ x x
l<x: +< l:- :l<- xl- <-x <:- xx- +-:+<
:+ :<l < c< cx- -< :l<+ l x:+
l:| <- (::s-::s:) +~xl-s u- (--<< x:
xx| l-:< << (::::-::s)| <xl xl+<-
+< x< :+- +-- :< <:l- :l<+ l ::st -
+~xl-s l| <+ xl+< x-- c< lu+ x<x- x|x-
u- -+| ( x <:l :- l-(< :l<+ l|
~+x <:l<< xl+<| l< <+ x: xl| -x (--<- l:
<<| x<x (::s-::) l x x< <:

:l<< l: <<| x<x :l<< l: <<| x<x :l<< l: <<| x<x :l<< l: <<| x<x l :x (--< : : l :x (--< : : l :x (--< : : l :x (--< : :
(:) x<x-| xl+< +l|l<x| <xl<< +l x
- x+< x<lx x<x-- :s s ::s- <:< +x
+<<- :x (c+ <<| <l - x<x--
:~l<lsl| x< +l< l-:< xx| <<- x|l
x|- x < + -l< :x (c+ c+| <:-- xl<
l+-l<x| x x|x (cl c< ::s- +<<- +
lu+ x<x: <:l
(~) :l-| (c+:l- xl+< <- cl|
-l +<l< : -<| +-< + l<+ x<lx
xl+<< < xl -l-- -+ xl- <<- x--
x| :| x x:< u + lu+l x u-<l-
(+ :: l< lu+ x: <~x<x-| xl +cxa<
xl <<+| + $- (l
(:) <|l|<| ::s- - l-<~<:, (c+ l+x x
::s-- <-<<:, x| <|-- lxx (c+ x ::st< ~<:
74 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
(c+ l -l- :~+ <lu- l-|- x++ <:< +l|l<x
|< << < |x <l| x<< -x+ (<l~x
:l-| |< -< |< x(<+ u x| +l<<< <
:<-< x|<: <-: (< < l :l-| x< :-l
xl+<-: <-:-- x<, x<, |x|l| xl- (< xl<+
c<l <xl- -x< l-
(s) xx| <:- +~xl-<x| c< x +-<
x<lx l<< <l| ll x- :l--: +~x l-s l| <+
:l-| c< l-l <~x-: +~xl-s l|l ::| <|l
l +l| :-< :<<<< $- <l -x l< |<
x|<: +-: |x|l| $< |<|-x+ c< + l-l
(c+ x< -x-< <xl< x|<< lx(- + l

|x|l| l+<x +<-<| u<l x:
xl<+ c<| l< -l- :l<+ l- (--<<<:
:-l- :<<< x: +l|l<x |<l +- x+<+l
x:+ <: + +c-- x|x- < c< x< < :<-l
+l|l<x :l<< :l<+ l- x:+ +l|l<x,
+l-l<x (:x -+) x: +l<x :l<< +l
l +l<- :<l <<+ +c-+x: -- :<<<l+
+l|l<x (--< x| <l<

+l|l<x- x <:- +c-l+< +l|l<x- x <:- +c-l+< +l|l<x- x <:- +c-l+< +l|l<x- x <:- +c-l+< +xll- : +xll- : +xll- : +xll- :
(:) +l|l<x :< l |x| l-||l| x xx
-x:< ll<-- - <-< << u-< x|<: <+
x- <l-- (c+ l :: -- ::- x -< l-x
(c+- xl- - lx+< << u-<l| u- :<
:-+-<| x< < x: x+< $- (<+: x<x-
<< u-<l- -l-x+ lx+-- <+ +-
x< <<+ x: - x<+- x < xl- <xl<
|-+ + + +:u+:
(~) +l|l<x x: :x -+ l- l
( +l|lsl- :x -+- |l<< :-| <xl<
+-l- +l<xl- +l|l<x| -x+ <|- x<<< x|<:
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 75
+< lx<<< --l<x x-- <-< -+x +- :
:-l +l|l<x x<l< x(l- (<+ x- :x (c+
x< cxl< <<<: l-<~ :l<< x|x - (+-|(c-:
x<, $<lx< x: : l+ -lx< : x <:<
(:) x<, $<lx< x: : l+ :
x :<l +l|l<x l-x (c+- l x< <
- <:l- xl +l|l<x| +x x-- <<l+ l<+x
(+-|(c-: <:+: < l |x| l-||l- l< x<
: u xl<< c< - <+ cxl- -< <<
u-<l- l<+x| << <|-- xl- l<l (-- |x|
lx|l< + + -++ <:-- x :< :<-<
r l-< l -< cx< u- x+ < <x x<
< <u x| <:

:l-- l< lx< : :l-- l< lx< : :l-- l< lx< : :l-- l< lx< :
:<<<- +l|l<x xl- xl < :x
(c+-< l-l <x-- +l|lsl <<+ x<x-
x+x x<x| x< : <|l| :x (c| <l-< +l<x
: <xl< <:- -l :l-| l-<x< < lu+l<l-
:l<< :l-- -- lx -: +l<x <xl< x<x
:<<<- +< <:- $l<| +x ( l< :~, :: |
<:- <:< -:<| (c+ +ls (cl+ :- (l
:<l-, -:<| (c+ l +l|l<x |< xl- lx<<<
--l<x| l+< x<x- :x (c+ -+l- :<l-
lls (c+ x| x<x-, <l| <l< +-<- x<
- x-, l-< xl+< <:- :l-| +-<- x- l<-<l-
x:+ xl x<x-| +~xl-s l| <+ :l-- (::: +<<-)
<l< +-<- |<l< x<x (<c- <<| :+: +:-<
x<x) :<<<- |<l<l- :<- :x-< <:<: +l|ls
:x x- xl+< (<l- x:+ l-l-
-:<| u l l-< :<<< x<x< -
xx| <:< lx<-: x:+ l <|l| :l-| <u: l-||l
x: -:<l< xl<-- l-<x c<< -x+ <|:
76 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
xl- :~l<lsl| ::l- :- :::: - xx| <:-
xl< | =-s :~l<l<x +< -- :--<|
<+l +-l|< =x<| <+ :l-| x(<l xl- <-<
< x: -:<- :: - < +- x|
:x -l+< +l|ls :l - $< +l<l- xl+<<
+x-|- -~+ :+| |<- -x -l< :<l |< -< lx<-
$:|< -l< <xl<| =< al< x: --x:-| |u
::s: :< :l<+l l-: :l< -:<- x| :s<|- $`
:s =l +<- ll++ l<<-: + |< c +l|ls <
-- (c+ x-- -<| x- <| +x l-l< +x<
l+ :l- --ll| <x =- <l + :< :l<+
l- x+ - :l< -<: x| :l- :- < :<
:l<+ l- -:<| ~| u- x<x <:-- ::~- -
+l<l- :<- (--l<
<<: =- cl cl< :l- l ::s- x<|
<lx ::s- - <|l| :l-| (c+ l - ||, l<<,
-lx, l:l-, <<-l< x-l +<, <| <<
u-< <, <<l< xl- l +l|ls, x<l< xl- <lx
-: -< l-l<l| x< -l xl l l-|l,
|x <l x: <|l| +l| x< +<l- x-
+l|ls l-x : <-< x xl :l<< <-< l
- <-< (+ < + -l-| l<- : xl< <:l
xl <+ +| (l< -: x -::-- xl-
-|-x+ x|<:<| x: + xl< -x:<<- l<<|
<-l<- ~+x <:l xl| <-l< l x| x< <:-- ~
x x x| xl- +<l+ +xl- $<-:-- :<-
:-:-- x :-- x:-< -~+| (l,
~x:-, x: $l<l+ ul- c+| <:-- ~+l
+l|l<x| c -- x l< <c:+l-
x<x- :<, +l| (-) :< l- +l|l<x|
:|<++x x: x(: <:l<<l- +l|l<x l:-<|-x+ x <c:
+- x l< :< l <c- <c-< (<+l|
+l|lsl| x< x< <<, x+< x: l<- x<x
<:-- l< < (+x + <<<:, :l-| <<
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 77
u-<l- =l- l-:< << :<| :~l<l<x <+
l< << -| -< |-- c x+x x( l-:|-<
:<-l x <x -- x- -x+ - < -
- l+:-< - -~+- -|| ll<< x x| |<l
ll<l :x x |< x: -|| (c+ u:l<< -
x- +l-- x< :ll< xl- -- +|< xx (:l
+ -+l cl+<<- :l-| (c+ `- x |
< |l<, x <c- <l<| < |-
x<x-| -+ :l<< x -l- l-x<
<< |:< x: |x| +l- --- -< x-x xl-
x-x - :l-| ~x|< u| x< <:< -- (< x<
<:< x<xl (l x<<:<l -l- : (+) u (<<), + x
(:l, <l-x, <, +:, xx << -, lx-<, |l, c
xl- (: $, x+: +x, +<- l-<, $x|
<+l), xl- (+, () :-| x -<- x <:-
, () x: -+ =l| xl- u- :l<+
-+<| -|| x: u- <l+ x+- x x<,
l-l<l- x- -+ |l--, x-x l<
+l|ls l- ll x- -~+- l<:-- -|< l-x l<
-- :l-| << ++ <+:<|-x+ xx :<
u x: :-ls| l:< x+ ++x, (+ x: -|| x+-
<::-l +x-|- x-x x< -|| |l<-- |l-- (::a<-,
+lx<, xl+<-l<) - << ~< x <:- x-
(llx xl- <<-, ::- < llx |l-) - x -|--
:-- (<~x, xl+<| +< <lu |+), l-l< l x
(: l- +l< +l|ls |<xll-

cl| lx<- +l|l<x: cl| lx<- +l|l<x: cl| lx<- +l|l<x: cl| lx<- +l|l<x:
:<<< x: x:l l x- xl-< +~xl-s l|-
-:<| u -| x l -< :(<l (c+l-
x:+ +<l- :- l-l x<x- -:<| +l|l<x x:
x u< |<<l- :: <:-- +~xl-s l|< x:
|x|l| c<< x< ++ x<-< :<-l l| +<|-x+
x: c< l::<|-x+ :<<< <: <| -:| cl-l
78 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
xl- : x <: <:-<l- :< u- - (l-
x<xl- x| <:<< + -- <l :- : <+ -- +<
x|<r| : <xll-c: <:l x<: --< l- -
x<x-- xx| <ul| -< <- ~+x <:--
<~x- <<- u- l<< l|l xl< x<l -< x:l
l r< ~, ::: - <u -|| x <:- $x- xl
:< < :l- :<<<- $< +l|l<x x:
x:+ |< l-< x< :| c< - cl| xl+<-
l<< a<< :<ll- : l :x (--< : :
(:) ~::< l: | :-< l: :: x ll-
:l-| |< << u-<l- :~l<ls +<<l xl-
<< ~+ (+:-l :-ls<-) l x -+ <<-
l<<+ xl l- (+| x: + x|-x+ -+
=l| << l:-< (<+l- < ll<u+ x-,
:+-- - -+:--, = - xl<- < +l-- x:
:<l+ -l- <+ l xx| <:- :~l<ls l--
u- x- :l- l :~l<lsl +l<-- x+<
+l<-- <x- |l<< |- - = l| l| : -x < | ,
x-x<, <-, -, <<- l-l<l- <|l<< +
l<l -- $< +: x- u- :l<l xl< + + $-
x+ <<-| << +<<| <-| (<+l- -<l+
-+ l-, (< < xl|-- +~l- x:
:l-| <l --, =l- l-<x <l+ -
l< l-+| + :-<l+ :~l<l<x| - -
x: -| x < :<:-- =l+ -||< ~+ u-
:< :-- lxl|l< <- + lx<<x| $xl- <|:-l
x- =l+ =+ l< : x| <|l< :<| l-< (
x+: xx + < (--< x|<l clu+
:<|-x+ <l- l--| < x- -|
<- =l< lx< ~:: - |+
(~) -+ x<x-- x << u-<l-
:l-- :l< :-ls:<- -x:<<- x :l- l <
+l|ls (<+l| (+ < x: <: <:l| (+
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 79
x: < ( -<<- x|(< -+ l<- <|+x -<-
<::-+ :l- :l- :-- < l< l| +- l
x <:- <l+ :< x (+, | , -x, xl-
x|<l, |+x -<+, =l- < ( -< <+<
l- -x <:< x| - u- :~l<lsl| -+-
x: (+ < -<+x x< :<-<- |:< xl- |x|
x|l- +| |l< ~+x + ::-l<< -+ x-- |$
l$<- -l<a - -+ x<x-- :~l<ls
(<+l| +< :< :<-<- l<+ x: |$ l$|
<+l -~+- x-l<<-| xl lcx-- |x| + :<:-l<<
(:) xl+<| l+<x-l- x +l|lsl <xl<<
(+ -< :: + l +-- :<<l- |x <, -:
-<, `|+-<, - < u-<, << <l+<, u-<l
l-l<l- < xl- x l :l-|
+l|lsl- ll<+ x: :+-lx ll|-x+ -<<
l:: x- +- x: <l<< +l||-x+ ---
+l| $<-< :<-- x| + +| u :<<
:l-| +l|lsl- xl+< -x -- ll<l-< x<-
ll<<|-x+ l<+ | ; << ; < ; - x u
:|-< - c-- x<: +l<<<|-x+ l- x-
<l<l- <+l- :l- (cl l- x- x: lxl|l<| x<
<<-- ::| (c+ u:<l-
(s) (cl xl- (+| +l- < ll<-<
:-<+, x|< l-< :-<+, xl- <+ :-|
-< <- +:-< l +l- l-x (c+- l+<x
+l:u+-| +-< cx- + l+-<| xl- <-<l
l ++:-< cx- xx| -+ x<x- +:-<
(c+ (< ++ x: <<l+ l<+x < <|l< -+
x<x-- -|| (l-+ l l- x<x <:-- -x--
| :-<+l x: +l<l< xlul+ l+<x l-
x|<:<l- l:<| l<| +x- l-:<+ x: xx< +
<::-l |x| l-||l- c< cl|-<| - :|l--<|
<x< l+<x -xl- -x+ -- (<l+
80 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
() -< x<x--, (c+ xl- (+| +l-
< ll<u+ :-+| <-+x -, +<l x<-<+
xl- x(<+ x xlu+ :- x|:<| :l +<+- x<x
<:-- -:| + <+ l -:|<l- l-< x<
:| u- -- +l<l| u- -< <
c< <| x< -< <-l< x: +<l+ l<- ~+x
<:< --l<x| x+l x<<- (l<- x| ll<
xcx -< c~ l+<x l- :(<l (c+ < l-
x| ll<+ xl- :+-lx+ < l -- (-<
:-- <x l-+ x+ - <l+ x<x-- x-
x| -~+ :+ < + |< - +l-< -<
:-- -+l l x: +<l+ l: + -- (<l+
-+ x<x-- x- l-- <l<l- <+ ; =<
+-l<ll l-- x, <: ; u, +- xl- + xl-
:-- :: l-- x< +llu l-x< +<|
<l x: :-x -| (c+- l< +~x- :+
|-- +< x l-:-- ~| x<x l- |x| l-||l
l +<l+ +l- +:- +~x- + <:-
xl<-- ~| x -++ << x: l< x< cxa

:|l<l :|l<l :|l<l :|l<l : : : : : : : :
l-< ; <l< x: l<<- :< ll- xx|
lx (l-<<l l) < x<+ xl- ( <<+
:< -|:|- x< <| <-l< lx+ xx l-
(<xa<l- < ; l<<- :< (: lx+: (<~: (c+
| l<< x|<: <+ x- l-< x: l<<-< <l
<<:<<l- x - x<:|< -< xl< <-<
x|<:ll- x| l-x (c+- x <-<-| <l+< l-<
x: l<<-| +xl l x< :-, <<l+ l<+x x:
~x:-l- x<x | +-- <: x|
u- x| lx+ + l:-< cxl<l- : -< x|
:< (c+- << -- x| c+ | <:l<<
IRCC & CPDM Comrade Irabot and Capitalism 81
-||l xl- l:: -: x<x-x l-:<+:-<| x<x (<

xl+< l :l--| +:+a< :+ <+ xl-
:<ll- :l-| +l|lsl- :-| +lx l-<|
+x, +<l- x<x-x l-<| c< xl- x
<+:|c: <:<< <l| x l-< c<l< -(x
l-- -x-<l- :- $+: x| :-| +lx
x<x-- x- x<l<< +-l|-| +-x <:<l
-x:<<- x(<+ :<:-< x: x|l x|- :-- +:--
:-< c<-< :<l- x| x<l- l- <<l-
< x|xl- l x: << x(< x+< l +x-|-
<:-<- ; +x +:- - |-- -+ <-l -||- (<+
c-|l<< ; (+ ( <<+| + :< x: x
< <l :|l<+ x| - - <|l<< l, -||
l-l<l x: x| xl< x<ll- <+ :-<< ;
x| -(x l- x(+ <-- (l<< l x(+ x-
x: < |< <c:+- -<l- xx :<+<- x:
-x+ :<+l- l<- -xl-, :|<| + l
:l-l-<|-x+ +l|lsl- x| -| -x x:
-x:<l<l l -< :x+ <:-|l<
<ul+ |-l- xl<- - x| <| x(+-
xl<<l- x|x - <-- x<x<- <<: <:- <
<+ cx- - < <| ll<+ x:
:+-lx+ xl- x(+ <- x| lx+ +:-<l-
+l<| l-<- +-| l-<- :< +xl l ll<+
x: :+-lx+ xl -- -x+ <x l<l- <|
+< :<l- +-- - <u: :<l- +l<- :<l x+
x+ - x|x- $< c~+x +l- l l-x+ l
<| u- x- ~+x <:< x<+l- -< :(<+
l-l- l-<| x|- x<+ xl ~<: <
u-| <:< x+ < l+x x: x(+l xxl<<x <|:
-:|< (c <x< |<-< x|x|-x+ - :|a :<|
<+c + + -+ l l| x< x<- +l<-
<- +l<-, +< - +l|lsl+ <|- l-<| xx
82 Comrade Irabot and Capitalism IRCC & CPDM
+ x| xl<<- +< - <-x+ x|x| x
l<-- <|-x+ - cl-< x|| xl :-<l+ <|
u- x +- $<-< c <| x(+ x+ - $<
c x: <| x x< <- < - x|x| x<

<:<- <:<- <:<- <:<-
cl| xl+<- (c| l- x +| xl-
: x|<:l- :<<< - + +l< x- :<<< l
+(~x x <:- $:-l<< - :<<<l+ +| xl- xl< (-<
+c + (+ < <+l< - :<<<l+ +l|l<x
x: (< <| u<ll- -: (--l<a - <|
l+x-|: - l:-< l<l- xl<- -- :<<<| xl|-
( +<+l-, <<< :+l- :< :< + < <<
<l++ (:l <l-- x|x- +< <|<~ :< :<
:-ll- x < c<- |- |<| +xl- (<:
|<x l-+x x- + :< -+- <l- <l< :-<-
+:|: l: l- |<x l-l l: xc xc +< +
=- xx :|-< +l--<<| |: :-+-<- << +:
l< (<+ l-< l< $< l< xl ;