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all 119 comments sorted by: best []This_Gif_Can_Relate 259 points 1 hour ago human, why would you waste my time by making me watch that! permalink []nooneisreal 57 points 14 minutes ago Haha. If you watch the dog's eyes, at first it looks like he's watching something else. Then he notices this dude staring at him and in a split second he's like "get the fuck outta my face". permalinkparent []Antrikshy 4 points 5 minutes ago If you think like that, it looks like the dog is on drugs. permalinkparent []Edgy_Redditr -1 points 2 minutes ago They don't think like it is, but it be. permalinkparent [+]Breathing_Balls comment score below threshold (5 children) []nainalerom 4 points 8 minutes ago Is that... Jason Bateman? permalinkparent [+]MaverickSoul9 comment score below threshold (17 children) []Breathing_Balls 1 point 2 minutes ago http://i.imgur.com/QOKji.gif permalinkparent []Kudhos 1 point 51 seconds ago /r/AnimalsBeingJerks permalinkparent [][deleted] 1 hour ago [deleted] permalinkparent []pelvicmomentum 11 points 41 minutes ago GG? permalinkparent []WeGotOpportunity 6 points 33 minutes ago no re permalinkparent []x_x_x_x 0 points 28 minutes ago Saw username. Saw comment karma. Checked account age. Everything checks out. GG permalinkparent []baconteste 1 point 1 minute ago what was the name? permalinkparent [+]69troll69 comment score below threshold (2 children) []ConradSchu 163 points 2 hours ago http://imgur.com/4LkTzGa permalink []HaveYouSeenMyTaco 44 points 2 hours ago I've no idea how this is relevant but fuck it, have an upvote. permalinkparent [+]CJkins comment score below threshold (2 children) [+]Dans564 comment score below threshold (0 children)

[+]Wackest comment score below threshold (2 children) []StickleyMan 87 points 1 hour ago http://i.imgur.com/5BNMshu.gif permalink []iiRockpuppy 25 points 27 minutes ago http://i.imgur.com/Q4ZKd69.gif permalinkparent []This_Gif_Can_Relate 38 points 24 minutes ago http://imgur.com/aTFZuPG permalinkparent []willymo 15 points 9 minutes ago I think that girl on the right can't figure out the complex motions of the Gator Chomp... permalinkparent []foot-long 1 point 5 minutes ago blue hat? permalinkparent []This_Gif_Can_Relate 1 point 3 minutes ago yeah permalinkparent []NSA-SURVEILLANCE 1 point 2 minutes ago "I can't do it, laugh I can't do it" permalinkparent []darkshy 2 points 9 minutes ago Let the gif battle commence! permalinkparent []vxx 1 point 4 minutes ago /r/gifbattle? permalinkparent []Wavyaidan 2 points 7 minutes ago where will you be when the acid hits? permalinkparent []SuminderJi 1 point 46 seconds ago Those are some attractive females. permalinkparent []dragonglassassin 1 point 6 seconds ago The video is better. permalinkparent []falconbox 0 points 11 minutes ago dibs on Orange. permalinkparent []biznock 0 points 3 minutes ago Creepy permalinkparent []DDeweyB 11 points 34 minutes ago Another vine gif. permalink []1point5volts 3 points 7 minutes ago Vine is the new place to get OC permalinkparent []C0ltFury 2 points 2 minutes ago Vine is the new place to get Facebook likes permalinkparent []NSA-SURVEILLANCE 1 point 2 minutes ago

/r/funny the new location of Vines. permalinkparent []foot-long 2 points 2 minutes ago fine with me, i like that i can go to reddit and see the best of vine and whatever else. permalinkparent []angrycalculator 4 points 24 minutes ago "you humans all look alike to me" permalink []JoeSmashrad 4 points 23 minutes ago Why the heck did I turn down the volume? permalink []immorta1 22 points 2 hours ago /r/AnimalsNotGivingAShit permalink []eyerollz 33 points 1 hour ago* You can't just post that and not have there be a sub-reddit. You can't just lead a man on like that. Not cool man, not cool. EDIT: Nevermind, immorta1 is cool. permalinkparent []immorta1 25 points 1 hour ago You're right, check again. ( ? ?? ?) permalinkparent []eyerollz 14 points 1 hour ago Well, I'll be. Nice job. Just need to get some people posting on there now. permalinkparent []gdswim 1 point 6 minutes ago Upvote for using the phrase "I'll be." I haven't heard that and years and am please to be reminded about it. permalinkparent []justanotherthwaw 3 points 23 minutes ago well done, subscribed. permalinkparent []zeethrow 5 points 1 hour ago Could I interest you in some /r/catgifs ? permalinkparent []pa79 2 points 31 minutes ago Almost as good as /r/ballooncats. permalinkparent []drugsarebadmmky 7 points 1 hour ago sigh permalinkparent []username1615 3 points 33 minutes ago Can I be a moderator? permalinkparent []immorta1 2 points 21 minutes ago Sure, I'll add you. permalinkparent []brbegg 1 point 14 minutes ago Me too please :D permalinkparent []immorta1 2 points 7 minutes ago Just sent you an invite.

permalinkparent []F1R3STARYA 2 points 6 minutes ago Me three? permalinkparent []immorta1 1 point 1 minute ago We probably have enough for now, unless it grows a lot, then I will add more. pm me if you have any other experience moderating or can work with CSS. permalinkparent []Connox 1 point 5 minutes ago Me four? permalinkparent []immorta1 1 point 1 minute ago We probably have enough for now, unless it grows a lot, then I will add more. pm me if you have any other experience moderating or can work with CSS. permalinkparent []Connox 1 point 29 seconds ago I got some bad news for ya. http://www.reddit.com/r/animalsbeingjerks permalinkparent []Dude-Im-Pasta 7 points 58 minutes ago He's just like, "...it's a girl on the screen. What the fuck did you piss your pants over?" permalink []TheKingOfAtlantis 3 points 1 hour ago We are not amused permalink []Ayjlm 3 points 1 hour ago Maybe he couldn't see it clearly permalink []ScottStorch 3 points 6 minutes ago I don't mean to be a boner, but dogs' eyes aren't capable of making out images on screens. Cats can watch TV/computers/etc., but dogs cannot. permalink []SnusMoose 2 points 32 minutes ago Glad to see my bulldog isn't the only one with that attitude permalink []SendMEboobPics 2 points 18 minutes ago I'm glad this is a gif. If it were a video I would have probably jumped ten feet up with the sound. permalink []table_lips 2 points 13 minutes ago this dog reminds me of Stanley from the office permalink []El_Rey_de_Reyes 3 points 9 minutes ago If I wanted all of "Best Vines" vines on my front page I would go to Facebook.... permalink []JustPostAVideo 4 points 19 minutes ago permalink []wiggitywat 2 points 39 minutes ago Thats one stone cold puppy permalink []YouFeelShame 1 point 8 minutes ago

Owner: Why the fuck won't the dog look at me on que? Cut, cut,cut...do a closeup of his face and I'll just do a star wipe edit onto his face to end it....and action! permalink []cuppajoe123 1 point 7 minutes ago Are there any instances of dogs that have reacted negatively to that? permalink []Lefemaleharrypotter 1 point 6 minutes ago Fun fact: the dog doesn't even see whats happening on the screen; he can't see 2D. permalink []starstufft 1 point 5 minutes ago Jokes on you,he pissed on the seat permalink []JordiAlba10 1 point 2 minutes ago That's like my grandparents when I show them anything on the internet. permalink []SpookyGhost69 1 point 2 minutes ago I'm dead inside permalink []koky61 1 point 1 minute ago that dog is god damn motherfuckin awesome yo permalink []Rokursoxtv 1 point 28 minutes ago "Gettin' real tired a yer shit, human." permalink []justbecausewhynot 1 point 9 minutes ago It post posted on vine/facebook. Heres the video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151785282903876 permalink [+]xilog comment score below threshold (1 child) [+]lighteningwalrus comment score below threshold (4 children) about blog about team source code advertise help wiki FAQ reddiquette rules contact us tools mobile firefox extension chrome extension buttons widget <3 reddit gold store redditgifts

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