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727/904 TECH NOTES

Harsh 3-2 Kickdown (Lock-up type trans)

This one wont always fix (Lock-up doesn't release before trans gets out 3rd) 1 Raise lock-up
speed. If needed increase 2nd band clearance. Reduce 2nd feed hole. If acceptable block off LU
valve and disable Lockup altogether.

Harsh 3-2 KD (KD bind bump)
High clutch clearance too tight. If unit has only one spring in servo add early outer spring.

Late shifts, no passing gear, or no part throttle kick down after vb work.
Kick down outer sleeve in backwards.

Delay fwd hot Wrong gear starts hot.
Worn alum output shaft/case support [sleeve], is leak in fwd circuit extra clearance unseats gov rings
causing wrong gear starts and loss of KD at high speed. Undersize output shaft causes same as

Falls out of gear at lift throttle when hot and clunks back in with more throttle. May happen in both
directions, and feels like low line.
Gage shows 20 -25psi. Hot leak at 1-2 accum small ring. VB mismatch-narrow neck VB wide neck

Forward engagement soft may give a 2nd pump after adding throttle.
Leak in Fwd Circuit, too much clearance in fwd clutch [second bump is Belleville plate passing over

Hard to pull out of park
Rooster comb wear #2 point on rooster: grind slightly shorter and re-round point. If still hard, cut 2
coils off ball end of detent spring. This is usually what breaks manual linkage weld.

Kills engine forward only (Lockup type trans)
Governor stuck causes 3rd gear starts and enough governor to up shift the lockup valve.

Kills engine in reverse only
Cooler plugged/restricted or worn pump.

Kills engine in both directions
Switch valve stuck or in backwards. Or extremely worn pump.

No Converter fill overhaul
Non lock-up trans built with lock-up pump stator. With wrong stator or switch valve in backwards
trans will take oil real slow. Once conv fills from leaks a non L/U trans will loose power and feel slug-
gish on road test. A L/U unit will stall engine in gear. On late type VB with switch valve may be due
to Switch Valve installed backwards. Converter bypass valve in channel casting missing

Lockup solenoid model
No lockup or can kill eng coming to a stop Run wire from batt pos to case, if no lockup, then run
wire from case connector to case ground if lockup, current is running backwards, pos current thru
trans no ground from body to batt small ground strap batt to body/engine not working
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727/904 TECH NOTES
2/3 bind up with 5:0 Ratio Servo lever
Bottom fix is .106 orifice installed in front clutch feed hole in case. This will slow down clutch apply
and hopefully furnish time for band to fully release. Can also install 4:2 lever and more direct clutch
clearance. 5:0 lever needs lots of high clutch clearance (.120 or more to prevent bindup)

Early up shifts TV ok
Use two E clips on governor pin.

No up shift (Late type 904 With 6 bolt shaft support)
Early type support had 4 uneven spaced bolt holes, & would bolt in only one way. A casting change
at governor sleeve now has 6 even spaced bolts that WILL bolt to case in several different ways but
will not work. Support is marked with an arrow to point towards pan. Support indexed wrong causes
many complaints depending on which wrong way it is installed. (Kills engine hot, wrong gear starts,
no upshift, no KD, etc)

No up shift - Rear pump models only - (61-65)
Wrong filter installed - had only 1 suction hole - 2nd suction hole is needed to supply oil intake path
to feed rear pump - rear pump supplies governor feed oil

Late shifts line pressure normal
Governor working height .470. Use 5# @ .470 w/2.93 gear Governor working height .470. 5 lbs
at .470 with 2.93 gear.

Second gear starts in M1 (ONLY with TransGo TF - 3 full manual kit installed).
4 hole square plate not installed dumping oil that downshifts 1-2 valve

Part #s
Offset dowel pins for block to trans bell housing.
736347-.007 offset 736348-.014 offset 736349-.020 offset

Diesel gov conversion kit
4058754 Complete
Spring 4058757
Inner weight 4130554
Outer weight 1636461

Kick down arms:
2.5 ratio-03515116
2.9 ratio-02204952
3.2 ratio-2124666
3 .8 ratio-02125067
4.25 ratio-02124579
5.0 ratio-02801217904
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