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(April 2013)

Theres a Place for You in Marketing!

Why pursue a career in marketing? One good reason is the unusually large variety of job opportunities that are available. Marketing is a broad field offering many different career paths - from advertising, selling, marketing research, and developing websites on the Internet. In addition, continual expansion and ongoing changes in the global marketing environment are opening more opportunities for marketing jobs here and in other countries. And if you enjoy customer contact - with consumers or with businesses - a job in marketing is the place for you!

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There Are Many Marketing JobsAnd You Can Create Your Own

The most exciting aspect of marketing may be the possibility of creating your own job: you can "find a need and fill it." By filling an unmet need, you can prosper as an entrepreneur/marketer - this may be as simple as giving massages in malls to weary shoppers or as complex as creating new software for helping companies to invest or opening a hot dog stand at the flea market. As long as there are individuals or groups with needs, there will be a need for new marketers.
There are many interesting and challenging jobs for those with marketing training. You may not know it, but 60 percent of graduating college students take their initial job in a sales, marketing, or customer service position regardless of their stated major . So, you will have a head start because you have been studying marketing, and companies are always looking for people who already have skills in place. The sky is the limit for those who enter the sales and marketing profession prepared for the future!

Starting salaries in marketing compare favorably with many other fields . They are lower than those in such fields as computer science and electrical engineering where college graduates are currently in demand. However, marketing jobs open to college-level students do pay well. According to the most recent salary surveys from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (2011) marketing graduates were being offered starting salaries around $40,000, with a range from $25,000 to more than $60,000. Students with a masters in marketing averaged about $60,000; those with an MBA averaged about $75,000. Starting salaries can vary considerably, depending on your background, experience, and location. The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries ranks the median income of marketers number 10 in a list of 125 professions. Marketing also supplies about 50 percent of the people who achieve senior management ranks.

Of the many career paths chosen by business graduates, marketing is the single largest employment category in the U.S. labor force, and job growth in the field is expected to accelerate. The U.S. Bureau of Labor reports that employment of advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers is expected to grow at a rate of 12 percent through 2016, spurred by intense domestic and global competition in products and services offered to consumers. Every successful organization - profitseeking or not-for-profit - recognizes the necessity of effective marketing for accomplishing its goals of providing customer satisfaction by hiring highly motivated, professionally educated marketing specialists to design and implement these customer-driven programs.

There is even better opportunity for personal growth, variety, and income in many marketing positions. Besides salary, job applicants frequently focus on additional benefits such as the opportunity for professional growth and family-friendly organizations that offer high quality of life. While compensation is always an issue, employees want to feel recognized for their achievements, be assigned new responsibilities, and work in continuous-learning environments. In addition, many companies recognize the importance of loyalty and now offer employees an equity stake in the company.

How far and fast your career and income rise above the starting level, however, depends on many factors - including your willingness to work, how well you get along with people, and your individual abilities. But

most of all, it depends on getting results - individually and through other people. And this is where many marketing jobs offer the newcomer great opportunities. It is possible to show initiative, ability, creativity, and judgment in marketing jobs. And some young people move up very rapidly in marketing. Some even end up at the top in large companies - or as owners of their own businesses.

Because marketing is so vital to a firms survival, many companies look for people with training and experience in marketing when filling key executive positions. In general, chief executive officers for the