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Every day Arrival time It is important that children arrive at school before the first school bell (8:55am). Before learning time begins students have important opportunities to play and catch up with their friends socially. When children enter the classroom it is time to focus on learning and the chance for hellos and play is over until recess. Arriving to class late makes it very hard for children to begin work and can add to anxiety socially or emotionally.

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Inquiry This term Grade 1/2 will be extending their Inquiry skills through a range of short mini-units, covering curriculum areas such as Design and Technology and Science, as well as areas of personal interest. Literacy In reading lessons for Term 2 students will learn the following reading comprehension strategies: Visual texts Fact and opinion Paraphrasing Finding the authors purpose (ongoing) In writing lessons, students will explore and practise the following writers skills Conjunctions Power verbs Descriptions (adjectives, movement, look, feel, senses) Simile / metaphor Rhyme, rhythm, repetition Juxtaposition (illustration, text, text layout) Word study/spelling, vocabulary, editing and handwriting skills will be taught in context as part of reading and writing sessions. Maths In maths students will continue to gain skills and strategies for working with and representing numbers. Big concepts will taught in the following sequence: Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week Week 1 - Chance & data, graphing 2 - Fractions 3 - Division 4 - Multiplication 5 - Space, shape 6 - Money / financial (addition & subtraction) 7 - Pattern / algebra 8 - Mass / capacity 9 - Symmetry, geometry, transformations, etc 10 - revision 11 - revision

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Contact You can contact me via email on cfrost@malmsbury.vic.edu.au or via the schools phone number on 5423 2284. Face to face conversations about your childs progress are important. They cant be had while the teacher is supervising students or beginning the school day. If you would like to chat with me, just say hello and we will arrange a proper time to meet. I will endeavour to approach you with good news about your childs success and well being at school as often as I can! Show and Tell Share something you do at home to relax. Share, show or demonstrate one of your personal talents. Bring in something with moving parts and explain how you think it works. What is your talent? Bring something you cant live without. Book Fair draw your favourite book character and describe why you like them. Explain one of your family traditions to the class. Explain one of your favourite outdoor summer activities? How does your family celebrate Christmas and/or the end of the year? No Show and Tell this week.

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Weekly Homework All students at Malmsbury PS are expected to complete some learning tasks at home each week. This is a good opportunity for parents to become involved in their childs learning. For Grade 1/2 homework will be: help your child to plan and practise for a engaging, 2 min show & tell each week share reading time together every day and talk about the story/article afterwards play backgammon, snakes & ladders, yahtzee, battleship or other games which sharpen up mathematical thinking. Timetable Assembly 8:55am Physical Education


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A. 28 Cameron Street Malmsbury 3446 P. 03) 5423 2284 F. 03) 5423 2044 W.malmsburyps.vic.edu.au