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ADSS 2014 PROM Meeting Oct 22/2013 7pm

Meeting called to order at 710 pm by meeting chair Drew Schneider

Members present:
Cindy Hunter (Tresurer), Karen Newman, Ben Vissia, Heather Green, Mark Weiler, Terri Weiler, Jackie White ( Co Chair) Shelley Dievert(Advertising),Tasha Sutton, Linda Newton, Mary Dwolinsky(Fundraising), Louise Johnson(Fundraising), Karen Lee(Entertainment), Tricia Marriott, Penny VanZoeren(Entertainment), Jennifer Lehner(Decorating),Greg Wale, Isabel Contant(Secretary)

Approval of Minutes
Motion: To approve the minutes for Oct 8,2013

Reports from 1-TreasurerCIBC account opened, CIBC will waive the fees Cindy and Jackie have the signing authority Deposited $5500.00 in account. ( Monies left over from 2013 Prom)

2- Fundraising
1) Poinsettas- Forms being given to students at lunchtime Wed Oct 23 All orders must be in by Nov 15 2) Sweatshirts and pantsForms will be available for students Oct 23 at lunch time All orders must be in by Nov 14

3) Purdys Chocolates for sale- Chocolates were given out tonight and will be available for students to sell Oct 23 at lunch 1130-1230 4) Tag day- for 2014 committee will decide at next meeting the dates we would like to submit to the city 5) Quality Foods student grocery baggers- Mary Dwolinsky will connect with Gord at QF to set up. Isabel Contant will organize students to help out. QF points would/could be donated to the ADSS prom (Looking for another parent who would like to take that on?)

6) Bull Dogs concession games- Need 13 Volunteers are needed for each game. 4 with serving it right, 4 students the rest are parents Wednesday Feb 5 7pm game Wednesday Feb 12 7pm Sunday Feb 16 300pm Saturday Feb 22 700pm Saturday Mar 1 700pm Notify Isabel Contant if interested by signing on to the ADSS Prom facebook or calling 250-723-0736

Every Tuesday at 1130-1230 a table will be set up for students re fundraising items, ticket sales or volunteer sign up. Louise Johnson and Trisha Marriott are the parent volunteers. Jackie White, Louise Johnson and Trisha Marriott will start this week on Wed Oct 23, as we missed today at lunch. Mary Dwolinsky is getting a list of all the Grads names 4) Designated Drivers for fundraisingNeed a volunteer to take this on. ADSS is already getting phone calls from the community asking if we are doing this over the holiday season.

Report from Penny VanZoeren and Karen Lee -2 Party Planners have been booked for June 7th- Will discuss the options with the student excutive before making a commitment to one of them. Will decide within 2 weeks. -Cartoonist- waiting to hear back -Cotton Candy making is available to us -Shelley Dievert is looking into popcorn maker -Stirling Images is being booked for photos and photo booth. A $100 deposit is required to book Decision still to be made re cost $5.00 /student or $1000.00 paid by the Prom committee - Music -DJ Sheffers will be booked RSM Productions

Report from Shelley Dievert -AV times cost is $88.00 one time add -Valley news still waiting to hear back -Peak Radio- will advertise at no cost. Will also add to their facebook page. They need 3 weeks notice for any ad -Grapevine(ADSS school paper)- will email principal with ad -Shaw Cable still waiting to here back -Facebook Alberni online gararge- Shelley will look into it -Isabel Contant to add to ADSS PROM Facebook Page -Shelley asked if she could get someone to help her- Terri Weiler volunteered

too come later once theme decided

Old Business
-Rollin Art Centre Booked on June 7th from 11-4pm for Grads to have pictures taken

New Business
Volunteers- will create an ad on facebook for parents to sign up if they would like to help out with some items. Parents can let us know when they are available they dont need to be part of the executive or attend every meeting to help out Other fundraising ideas talked about that we would need more volunteers to help are: -bottle drives, somosa sales, raffles, designated drivers.. Food- Dave Timmens is available Cost $6-8/person cold or $10-12 hot food Will discuss again at next meeting Need a volunteer to take on the food chair Car Parade route -Mark Weiler will contect with the city to organize the route and time- Discussed starting at the curling rink instead of the old ADSS highschool Security Chair- Collin and Lisa Banks have taken it on First Aid organizer- Ben Vissia has agreed to help organize Insurance Jackie White will inquire

Grad tickets- Collect ASAP sign up list will be available at the Tuesday Prom Table- Discussed the cost of each ticket but not confirmed yet. Discussed if students volunteer their time with fundraising and other items, a point system will be put into place and their tickets will be free. Again Mary Dwolinsky will get a student Grad list of names to be able to keep track of students. Discussed students being more involved with fundraising and planning. Greg Wale may go to the school committee once organized to help explain to the students Costs and processess. Students are invited to attend our next meeting as well Goal is to raise $30000.00 for Prom

Meeting ajourned at 830pm Next meeting Nov 6th 7pm Multiplex upstairs lounge

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