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Republic of the Philippines Province of Palawan Municipality of Brookes Point OFFICE OF THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN EXERPT FROM THE

MINUTES OF THE REGULAR SESSION OF THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN HELD ON AUGUST 26, 2013 AT THE SB SESSION HALL, LEGISLATIVE BUILDING BROOKES POINT, PALAWAN PRESENT: Hon. Cesario R Benedito, Jr. Hon. Eliseo G. Crespo Hon. Bernardo D. Abengoza, Jr. Hon. prince Basilio M. Benedito Hon. Hayati B. Dugasan Hon. Rogelio A. Badua Hon. Edgar P. Lacandazo Hon. Artiso A. Mandawa Hon. Sisinando S. Balberan Hon. Goerjalyn Joy O. Quiachon Hon. Aiza B. Dugasan ABSENT: (NONE) DRAFT RESOLUTION NO. 2013-___ Authored by: Hon. Bernardo D. Abengoza, Jr. Chairman: Committee on Tourism, Women and Family Municipal Vice Mayor/Presiding Officer SB Member -do-do-do-do-do-do-doLnB Pres./SB Member SK Fed. President/SB Member

A RESOLUTION AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 2011-18 ENTITLED A RESOLUTION FIXING THE RATE OF CASUAL AND CONTRACTUAL EMPLOYEES IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF BROOKES POINT, PROVINCE OF PALAWAN WHEREAS, the Local Government Code of 1991 under Section 447, Powers, Duties, Functions and Compensations, Sub Paragraph VIII states that, the Sangguniang Bayan determines the positions and the Salaries, Wages, Allowances and other emoluments and benefits of officials and employees paid wholly or mainly from municipal funds and provide for expenditures necessary for the conduct of programs, projects, services and activities of the municipal government; WHEREAS, considering the efforts of casuals hired, security guards, teachers and contractual rendering technical services who have contributed to the efficient and improved governmental operations and which have enabled this local unit to meet objectives and targets in the most economical way without sacrificing public interest; WHEREAS, the Committee on Tourism, Women and Family, relative to the fire in August 3, 2013, identifies the need for support of the existing fire trucks of the Municipality. WHEREAS, after thorough study and deliberation on the matter and finding enough basis to warrant the proposed rate increase as enumerated hereunder: I. II. Unskilled workers (Utility Workers, Laborers, Messengers, Clerks, etc.) Semi-Skilled Workers (Labor, Foremen, Carpenters, Painters, Security/Aides. etc.) Technical: 2-years course with License Licensed Midwives, Garbage Collectors/Garbage truck Drivers TESDA Certificate Holders Professionals without license (under board)/Non-supervisory work Engineering Assistant, etc. Midwives, employees exposed to Health Hazard activities (Garbage Collection and Disposal) Legislative Assistant Staff Skilled Occupations Professional without license (Under Board) but with supervisory work (Engineering/Construction Foremen, etc.) Licensed Professionals without specialization & supervisory work (Teacher, Nurses, Pharmacists, Medical Technologists, etc.) Technical Workers with broad scope of activities (Liaison Officers, Project Coordinators, I. T. Coordinators, etc.) Technical Licensed Professionals Engineers (with Supervisory work/Consultant) Architects (with Supervisory work/Consultant) Veterinarians, Lawyers, etc. Dentist Licensed Professionals with specialization and supervisory work Doctors of Medicine (Pediatrician, Psychiatrist, Cardiologist, General Practioner, etc.)

Php250.00/day Php7,000.00/month





V. VI.

Php20,000.00/month Php25,000.00/month

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Surgeons, Obstetrician-Gynecologist Other technical positions not named but rate should not be higher than those which are prescribed above. The rate is to be agreed in accordance with Qualification Standard and be sent to Sangguniang Panlalawigan for their review and approval.

NOW THEREFORE, on unanimous motion of the Body, be it; RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved to AMEND RESOLUTION NO. 2011-18 ENTITLED A RESOLUTION FIXING THE RATE OF CASUAL AND CONTRACTUAL EMPLOYEES IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF BROOKES POINT, PROVINCE OF PALAWAN; RRESOLVED FURTHER, that this resolution will take effect on 1 of January, 2014; RESOLVED FINALLY, that copies of this resolution will be furnished to all concerned agencies/offices for their information and ready reference; UNANIMOUSLY CARRIED. . I HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the foregoing resolution.

RAZUL T. BOLLOSO Secretary of the Sanggunian

Attested: CESAREO R. BENEDITO, JR. Municipal Vice Mayor/Presiding Officer Approved: ATTY. MARY JEAN D. FELICIANO Municipal Mayor

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