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Box 339500
Fort Lewis, Washington 98433-9500

1.The bi-monthly meeting of the Fort Lewis Retiree Council was held at the
American Lake Club on 22 January 2004.

2.The meeting was called to order at 1207 by the Chairman who

announced that the proceedings were being recorded.

3.Attendance: a. Members


MG Edward L. Trobaugh, USA Retired, Chairman

COL Jack G. McNall, USA Retired COL
Richard H. Mackey, USA Retired COL
Darvin Barnes, USA Retired
LTC H, "Gus" Schwartz, USA Retired CW4-
William Dunsmore, USA Retired CSM John
E. Lee, USA Retired, Co-Chairman CS4
Herbert Stumpf, USA Retired CSM Herb C.
Schmeling Jr., USA Retired SGM Larry I.
Dingman, USA Retired SGM James A.
"Tony" Woods, USA Retired SSG Nancy
Robbins, USA Retired. SSG J. W. Johnson,
USA Retired

b.Members Absent:
COL Edward A. Starbird, USA Retired COL
James F. Schoonover, USA Retired LTC
John C. Levesque, USA Ret
RADM John McCubbin, USCG Retired
SSG J. W. Johnson, USA Retired

c.Others Present:

COL Hollandsworth, MAMC

LTC Bordon, (Ret), MAMC
CPT Heidi Kelly, MAMC
Mr. Middaugh, Deputy AG/G1
Ms. Clark, Chief, MPD, Waller Hall
Mr. Arthur E. Shoto, RSO
Mr. Alex Silva, Guest
4.Old Business:

MG Trobaugh opened the council meeting to address business

related to the RAD. New business was brought up relating to the RAD
that was not discussed during last council meeting on 20 November
2003 and continued as new business.

5.New Business:

a)MG Trobaugh welcomed Mr. Arthur E. Shoto as the

new Retirement Services Officer (RSO).

b)Mr. Middaugh introduced Mr. Shoto as the new RSO and Mrs.
Clark the Chief, Military Personnel Division. Mr. Middaugh
explained the personnel changes in the G1/AG civil Service arena as
a result of the Commercial Activity Study and the Reduction in
Force (RIF) which caused Mr. Silva the previous RSO to be moved to
another Branch. Mr. Middaugh explained the G1/AG mission
involving mobilization and demobilization of Army/Guard soldiers
in support of Iraqi Freedom.

c)COL Hollandsworth, MAMC introduced MAJ Hill, CPT Kelly

and LTC Bordon (Ret), as the points of contact for the MAMC
Health Fair.

d)MG Trobaugh said that LTG Dubia (Ret), Chairperson, CSA

Retiree Council accepted the invitation to be the guest speaker for
RAD on 14 May 2004. MG Trobaugh opened the discussion about the
RAD Health Fair.

e)COL Hollandsworth said the RAD Health Fair will be similar to

last year. She said the main focus will be on cardiovascular and
diabetes prevention. COL Hollandsworth said MAMC Health Fair
will have an improved automation link into MAMC health system.
MAMC health fair personnel will be able to quickly identify high
risk medical problems for further treatment. Other stations such,
as a Mini Work Shop, will include physical therapy and wellness.
COL Hollandsworth said she will write an article for the next Retiree
News Bulletin on how to prepare for various medical tests available
during the Health Fair. MG Trobaugh concurred with COL

f)MG Trobaugh placed strong emphasis to the Retiree Council

and RSO to keep the American Lake Club first floor clear of
tables/chairs to include equipment set-up during the RAD.

g)MG Trobaugh said make sure all coordination for

breakfast, luncheon and refreshment are coordinated for RAD.
h)MG Trobaugh (Ret) said the RSO insure an article be placed in April
Retiree News Bulletin reference car passes for entry on Fort Lewis.

i)COL Mackey (Ret) discussed last year problems with procedures

involving registration. COL Hollandsworth suggested placing in April
Retiree News Bulletin a pre-registration form and instructions stressing
the importance for retirees to have it completed prior to arriving at
RAD. MG Trobaugh said COL Hollandsworth's recommendation makes
good sense. This will allow faster registration and have blank forms
available at the sign in tables for completion. MG Trobaugh said
registration tables should be set-up inside the door of American Lake Club
to bring people out of the weather.

j)CSM Lee (Ret) volunteered to set-up a station to process Concurrent

Receipt requests. ESM Lee (Ret)_explained he could set up a station with
staff of knowledgeable persoi nel to provide information on a one-on-one
basis to veterans who qualify and have questions about Concurrent
Receipt and Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC). CSM Lee
(Ret) said computer connectivity access would enable him to access the
Federal Benefit Network and determine what benefits the retirees are
eligible for. CSM Lee (Ret) said he would provide the RSO with an article
for the next Retiree News Bulletin to inform retirees that Concurrent
Receipt information station will be available to retirees on RAD.

k)Mr. Silva said RAD walk through will take place in American Lake
Club March 2003 and participants should have a representative present
that can make decisions on their set-up area.

(1) SGM Woods (Ret) said he will have information brochure on CRSC
for information awareness.

m)CSM Lee (Ret) said the Retiree Council should strongly consider
having a VA Benefits Delivery Discharge Site in Waller Hall for Army
Guard Reserve soldier. He said many reservists are demobilizing and
transitioning out of the Army without knowing their VA benefits and

n)CSM Lee (Ret) said he would like to set-up a meeting with Ms.
Clark, Chief, MPD, to discuss having a VA Representative located in
Waller Hall.
6. The Council meeting adjourned at 1300 hours. The next Council
meeting will be held 25 March 2004.


Command Sergeant Major, USA Retired Major General, USA, Retired
Co-Chairman, Fort Lewis Retiree Chairman, Fort Lewis
Council Retiree Council