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Sean Williams (author)

Sean Williams (author)

Sean Williams

Sean Williams at the 2012 Texas Book Festival. Born 23 May 1967 Whyalla, Australia

Occupation Author Nationality Australian Genres Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Crime [1]


Sean Llewellyn Williams (born 23 May 1967) is a New York Times best selling science fiction author who lives in Adelaide, Australia. He was born in Whyalla, Australia. He is the author of over eighty published short stories and thirty-nine novels, including Twinmaker and (with Garth Nix) the Troubletwister series. He has co-written three books in the Star Wars: New Jedi Order series and is a multiple recipient of both the Ditmar and Aurealis Awards. His novelisation of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was the first novelisation of a computer game to debut at #1 on the "New York Times" bestseller list. He studied sciences and music at Pulteney Grammar School and matriculated third in his year (1984), topping the state for Musical composition. That same year, he won the Young Composer's Award for a theme and three variations for string quartet with flute, oboe and trumpet soloists called "Release of Anger". He then went to Adelaide University and studied a Bachelor of Economics and wrote for the student newspaper On Dit. He completed a Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Adelaide University in 2005 and is currently a PhD candidate at the same institution. Sean Williams was Chair of the SA Writers' Centre from 2001-2003, and is one of only three lifetime members of that institution. His publishers include HarperCollins Australia, HarperTeen, Allen & Unwin, Egmont UK, Del Rey, Ace, Pyr, Swift and Ticonderoga Publications. Williams has also tutored for the Clarion South Workshop, was a previous winner of the Writers of the Future contest, and is now a Judge for the same.

Sean Williams (author)

Evergence (with Shane Dix)
The Prodigal Sun (1999) The Dying Light (2000) - Winner, Best Long Fiction, 2001 Ditmar Award The Dark Imbalance (2001) - Winner, Best Science Fiction Novel, 2001 Aurealis Award

The Books of the Change

The Stone Mage & the Sea (2001) The Sky Warden & the Sun (2002) The Storm Weaver & the Sand (2002) - Winner, Best Fantasy Novel, 2002 Aurealis Award

Orphans (with Shane Dix)

Echoes of Earth (2002) - Winner, Best Australian Novel, 2002 Ditmar Award Orphans of Earth (2003) Heirs of Earth (2004)

Star Wars: New Jedi Order (with Shane Dix)

Force Heretic I: Remnant (2003) Force Heretic II: Refugee (2003) Force Heretic III: Reunion (2003)

Star Wars
The Force Unleashed (2008) Star Wars: The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance (2010)[2] The Force Unleashed II (2010)

The Books of the Cataclysm

The Crooked Letter (2004) - Winner, Best Novel, 2004 Ditmar Award & Winner, Best Fantasy Novel, 2004 Aurealis Award The Blood Debt (2005) The Hanging Mountains (2005) The Devoured Earth (2006)

Geodesica (with Shane Dix)

Ascent (2005) - Winner, Best Novel, 2005 Ditmar Award Descent (2006)

The Broken Land

The Changeling (2008) - Shortlisted for Best Young Adult Novel, and Best Children's Novel, in the 2008 Aurealis Award. The Dust Devils (2008) - Shortlisted for the Best Children's Novel, in the 2008 Aurealis Award. The Scarecrow (2009)

Sean Williams (author)

Saturn Returns (2007) - Winner, Best Novel, 2008 Ditmar Award Cenotaxis (2007) - book 1.5, novella Earth Ascendant (2008) The Grand Conjunction (2009)

The Fixers
Castle of the Zombies (2010) Planet of the Cyborgs (2010) Last of the Vampires (2010) Invasion of the Weird (2010)

Troubletwisters series (with Garth Nix)

The Magic (2011) (aka The Troubletwisters in Australia) The Monster (2012) The Mystery (2013) (aka The Mystery of the Golden Card in Australia) The Missing (2014) (aka Missing, Presumed Evil in Australia and the UK)

Twinmaker Series
Twinmaker (2013) (aka Twinmaker: Jump in Australia) Crashland (aka Twinmaker: Crash in Australia) [untitled] (aka Twinmaker: Fall in Australia)

The Unknown Soldier: Book One of the Cogal (1995) - (with Shane Dix) Re-imagined and rewritten as The Prodigal Sun[3] Metal Fatigue (1996) - Winner, Best Science Fiction Novel, 1996 Aurealis Award The Resurrected Man (1998) - Winner, Best Long Fiction, 1999 Ditmar Award

Doorways to Eternity (MirrorDanse Books, 1994) A View Before Dying (Ticonderoga Publications, 1998) New Adventures in Sci-Fi (Ticonderoga Publications, 1999) - Winner, Best Collected Work, 2000 Ditmar Award Light Bodies Falling (Altair Australia, 2007) Magic Dirt: The Best of Sean Williams (Ticonderoga Publications, 2008) - Winner, Best Collection, 2008 Aurealis Award

Sean Williams (author)

Notable short stories

"The Freezing of Sarah" (1997) in Bloodsongs #9 "Entre les Beaux Morts en Vie (Among the Beautiful Living Dead)" (1998) in Dreaming Down-Under (ed. Jack Dann, Janeen Webb) "Hunting Ground" (2003) in Southern Blood: New Australian Tales of the Supernatural (ed. Bill Congreve) "haikaiju" (2005) in Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales (ed. Robert Hood, Robin Pen) "daihaiku" (2005) in Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales (ed. Robert Hood, Robin Pen) Ghosts of the Fall White Christmas The Jackie Onassis Swamp-Buggy Concerto The Soap Bubble The Perfect Gun The Masque of Agamemnon (with Simon Brown) The Girl-Thing Star Wars: Or Die Trying (with Shane Dix) The Seventh Letter Midnight in the Cafe of the Black Madonna (Doctor Who)

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