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COMAF INDSTRIA AERONUTICA LTDA. is a company that has as its primary activity the maintenance of aeronautical components, as well as the coordination of the logistics involved in this practice. In 33 years of non-stop activities, we have followed the growth of the aeronautical industry in Brazil and worldwide, always performing services with quality, competence, and competitive prices for all of our clients. Founded in September 1977, by the associates since then, the engineers Nelson Carvalho de Oliveira with 60% of the capital and Lus Mauro Barbosa with the remaining 40%, having commerce, maintenance, and fabrication in aeronautical components as its main activities. COMAF has also established COMAF AIR SHOPPING, an electronic channel for sales and distribution of aeronautic related consumable products. COMAF is an authorized distributor of Aeroshell, Henkel, 3M, and other companies, providing our clients with all their consumable needs with great prices, service, and TATs. COMAF is associated to AIAB - Association of Brazilian Aerospacial Industries, and CREA - Regional Engineers Council, guaranteeing a good relationship with other industry participants, as well as providing credibility for our services.

Accredited by ANAC, according to the norms of RBHA 145, under the Homologation Certificate # 771001/ANAC, Padro C - Classes 1 and 3, Padro F - Classes 1, 2, and 3 Padro H - Single Class. Padro C - Classes 1 and 3: Helicopter structural repair for Bell models 204/205/212, and Sikorsky S76 family. Padro F - Classes 1,2, and 3: Maintenance and/or overhaul in over 20,000 different aeronautical items applicable to fuel, mechanical, hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, electromechanical, electronic, avionics, and instrumental systems. Padro H - Single Class: - Non Destructive Tests: Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particles, Eddy Currents, and dimensional inspections. - Structural Repairs: Structural repairs of metallic, composite, and mixed materials for airplanes and helicopters of all models and manufacturers. - Special Welds: MIG and TIG welding. - Surface Treatments: Shot Peening, Glass Peening, and special painting.

Our complete capability list is available at our website: www.comaf.ind.br Other Certifications COMAF, as an aeronautical company, is constantly submitted to technical inspections, with the objective of examining its technical capabilities, and renewal of homologations. Due to this, we also have the certifications of the following: Departamento de Aeronavegabilidad - DI.N.A.C.I.A. (Uruguay) - AMC 141E Instituto de Aeronutica Civil de Cuba - CMF - 016BR Diretoria de Material Aeronutico e Blico (DIRMAB) - Brazilian Air Force Diretoria de Aeronutico da Marinha (DAerm) - Brazilian Navy Helicpteros do Brasil (Hlibras) GOL Linhas Areas (with specific Homologation)

Our full capability list, and homologation certificates are accessible through our website: www.comaf.ind.br

Located at Estrada do Capenha 913, in Jacarepagu, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, we are minutes away from the main airports in the city through expressways, allowing great ease and agility in the transportation of components. COMAF is in an area of 70148 square feet, with 34660 square feet of constructed area. Our modern installations include sophisticated tests and equipments, imported and/or designed and manufactured by ourselves. We also own all the tools necessary for our services.

Below is the ground plan of our buildings:

Our buildings are divided in the following manner: Building 1 (First Floor): Client Reception/ Call Center Reception and Expedition of Components Dark Chamber Stock and Storage Technical Supplies Tool Design/Building Section Machinery Section Propeller Section (EMB120 and ATR42) Wheels and Brakes Section Cleaning Section Painting Section

NDT Section Batteries Section Building Maintenance Office Metrology Office Electric and Pneumatic Section Test Section Building 1 (Second Floor): TI Accounting Office Human Resources Office Training Building 2: Commercial Department Directors Office VIP and Meeting Rooms Financial Department Technical Library Electronic Laboratory Instruments Section Hydraulics Section Doctors Office Annex Restaurant Welding Section Flammable Deposit

Hangar for Structural Repairs Capacity for 2 helicopters at once.

Installed Compressed Air Capacity We have an installed compressed air capacity of 4 heads producing 1750 cubic feet per minute each, with nominal pressure of 150 pounds, also a pressure tank for storage and airflow guarantee. The entire system is equipped with filters and purgers to maintain the air as dry as possible. Installed Electric Capacity COMAF has an electric sub-station of 220v triphasic, with available capacity off 300kwa, and plans of expansion to 1000kwa. Apart from that, COMAF also has its own power source, through a 150kwa electric generator, that allows us to continue working full capacity even with a power outage. Handicap Accessibility Our buildings follow the necessary norms, and show all our interest and attention with the proper treatment of handicapped visitors. Our building contain access ramps, wide hallways, and properly sized restroom facilities in order to obey the applicable laws. Fire Prevention and Contention COMAF also follows all norms regarding fire prevention and contention. Our buildings are equipped with all necessary emergency pipes to contain an eventual fire, as we also have H20 and CO2 fire extinguishers strategically positioned throughout our facilities. Our buildings have a 17,171 gallons emergency water storage, that guarantees water provision in case of fires to all sections of our facilities. Telephones and Internet Included in our facilities is a high technology, digital telephone network, allowing proper communication between COMAF and its clients, as well as immediate contact between our employees for the more efficient resolution of problems. Also, COMAF is equipped with high speed internet, and a well established computer network that facilitates our logistics and business. Security Our buildings count with security 24/7. This service includes the presence of a security guard at all times, as well as an advanced camera system, and lights with presence sensors. Through third party services for building maintenance and cleaning, we are sure to maintain our facilities adequate and pleasing for the performing of good services.

COMAF currently employs 120 people. Included in this figure are, apart from the two associates who are Mechanical Engineers, one Electronic Engineer, two other Mechanical Engineers, one Chemical Engineer, one Industrial Engineer, one Chemist as well as several other technicians in other areas of expertise. All engineers and technicians own a Aeronautical Maintenance Mechanic Certification, issued by ANAC, and are permanently recycled through courses offered by the company. Most of our employees have been with us for over twenty years, as we avoid a large employee change, trying in this way to assure a better service quality for our clients. Safety and Health in the Workplace Safety and Health are two of our main priorities. Apart from the constant education on the subject, we provide all our employees with the necessary personal protective equipments for the correct and safe execution of their services. Also, all our facilities include emergency items to minimize the effect of any accidents that might eventually occur. We also administrate our own Health Plan, with a doctor as one of our employees, and medical attention in and out of the company in all necessary levels. Restaurant Trying to maintain a good work atmosphere at all times, COMAF provides its employees with breakfast and lunch every day, served in our own restaurant. Also, employees working overtime or nightshifts also have a snack or any other meal necessary. Having our own restaurant, we can also assure that the majority of our employees will remain in our facilities during the entire work-shift, avoiding in this way any problems that might occur outside of company property. Other Benefits We understand that any education that our employees might want to achieve is a direct benefit to COMAF and consequently to our clients, for this reason we pay for any qualification courses our employees might want to pursue, such as: College Degrees, Technical Courses, etc.

Based on its performance throughout the last 33 years, COMAF has been able to build a respectable list of clients, from which can be divided within:

Civilians: Airlines, Private Owners, Air Charters Military: Brazilian Air-force, Brazilian Navy, Cuban Air-force, Peruvian Air Force, Uruguay Air Force Manufacturers: Embraer, Hlibras.

Environmental Policy
COMAF has as a priority and objective a good relationship with the environment during the execution of its services. This is done through the following of all environmental legislation, manifesting in this way our preoccupation with the preservation of natural resources, pollution prevention, and promotion of environmental wellness. We are well aware of the impact that our industrial activities may have on the environment if not controlled;therefore, we try to minimize this impact as much as possible. We are certified by FEEMA, an environmental certification organ, assuring our environmental awareness.

Quality of Services Policy

We are under constant inspection. It is with this mentality that everyone works at COMAF every day, having as an objective the better quality of our services and consequently the better satisfaction of our clients. Throughout the last 33 years we have been able to identify the differences and necessities of each client, and in this way, work case to case, always looking for an individualized treatment of our clients. Noticing the different difficulties each client had for the shipping and receiving of components, we have built an unique logistics culture to solve this problem. Adding the responsibility to organize transportation of components to our Commercial Department, we can be sure that our clients needs are being attended. Also, in this way we can identify special cases, such as clients and/or cities with extreme potential, where we can place a designated employee to perform the services with a larger effectiveness and speed. Another typical COMAF characteristic is our delivery time (TAT). We have specialized in being fast in component maintenance, basing this in our installed capabilities, supply, available work force, and experience in logistics. We own a balanced stock that allows us to effectively supply all our work orders under normal conditions. We are also registered importers in the SISCOMEX, allowing us to have great ease for the fast import of spare parts not available in stock. We have our own importation department, not depending on any third party companies, which results in better prices and delivery times, that are fully passed on to our clients. Adding all the characteristics cited above, for all our services, we are able to supply a special condition of prices and payment methods.

After 33 years of services we can guarantee that we have reached and excellent quality level, yet we are always trying to improve. Today, we are a completely independent company, without the explicit necessity of third parties to perform our services, and in this way we can guarantee high quality, small delivery times, and good prices, always looking for the greater satisfaction of our clients. We would like to thank you interest in knowing more about COMAF, and inform you that we are always available to answer any questions our doubts. We would also like to say that our facilities are open for your visit, and it would be our pleasure to receive you and show you around.