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A Sami Petroglyph

Clifford C. Richey November 2013

It might be helpful to refer to: http://www.scribd.com/doc/125076415/Uni ers!l"#rehistoric"$epicted"%ign"&!ngu!ge when re!ding this p!per !s it e'pl!ins the use of (orm) Im!ger*) +esture signs) %t!nce) !llusion !nd position !s used in composing gl*phs.

Illustration 1: Color Coded

,he %!mi) -nown in .nglish !s &!pl!nders) li e in the northern !re!s of /orw!*) %weden) (inl!nd !nd the 0ol! peninsul! of 1ussi!. ,his %!mi petrogl*ph w!s found composed o er ! fissure or fissure in ! roc- from which !t cert!in w!rm times of the *e!r there w!s w!ter seep!ge. It w!s this w!ter seep!ge from the cr!c- in the roc- th!t inspired the composition. ,he 2light green3 fissure ser es !s ! sp!ti!l di iding line th!t ser es !s the center of the composition. ,his fissure is not onl* the center of the composition but the !re! !round the composition would !lso h! e been a cosmological center. ,he se!son!l w!rmth 2%pring"time3 would h! e triggered the w!ter seep!ge !nd sign!led the signific!nt e ent of the spirits of the dece!sed le! ing the underworld through this cr!c- in the 4od* of the e!rth"fem!le. ,his !nnu!l e ent w!s predict!ble !nd m!* h! e re5uired some -ind of ritu!l rel!ted to the re"birth of the w!rriors) the stew!rds of the %un.

,he 4od* of the e!rth 2or!nge !nd bl!c-3 w!s cre!ted from two &!rge 6ertic!l 1ect!ngles 2their rel!ti e si7e) me!ning great !nd the vertical places 8pl!ces h! ing height !nd depth3. In gesture sign l!ngu!ge the left h!nd indic!tes the east 2the rising %un) light) red) !nd rebirth3 !nd the right h!nd indic!tes the west 2the setting %un) d!r-ness) !ging) !nd de!th3

Illustration 2: Color Coded

9onsidering th!t the 6ertic!l 1ect!ngles !re indic!ti e of height and depth we c!n underst!nd th!t the (igure:s 2t!n3 ;rms !nd <!nds !re positioned !s above while the 2t!n3 &egs !nd feet !re positioned) below. It is in this m!nner th!t the 4odies of !nim!ls) hum!n forms) pl!nts !nd e en ob=ects pro ide ! reference for positioning !nd often rel!te to or !llude to the !re!s bene!th the signs. In the c!se of this (igure:s %houlders the %tr!ight &ine is ! sign for the surface. ,he >6? sh!ped %t!nce of the ;rms !re the sign for !n opening while the !llusion is to the .lbow !s ! -ind of hinge that opens and closes. ,hus the mess!ge is one of an opening in the surface that opens and closes. @e -now from pre ious p!pers th!t the ;rms !nd <!nds were signs for warriors and stewards of the

Sun. ,he <!nd on the left 2east3 w!s (ormed b* the 2green3 >6? sh!ped opening sign with !nother &ine/(inger within its center me!ning) into the opening. ,he two other (ingers (orm the sign for a doorway or a portal. $irectl* !bo e the .lbow !re some 2blue !nd t!n3 $u!l (orms th!t !re 4irds !nd &egs/(eet !t the s!me time. ,he &ower 2blue3 (orm indic!tes a flight, position!l) on the side !n its %t!nce of %itting me!ns waiting. Awaiting its flight on the side. ,he second p!rt of the $u!l (orm of &egs !nd (eet indic!te) a long walk or journey. ,he higher $u!l (orm h!s ! hori7ont!l %t!nce of %itting me!ning) awaiting flight, !nd the long journey. Ao ing to the (igure:s &egs !nd (eet we h! e !lre!d* determined e!rlier th!t the* were positioned) below. ,hus) the long journeys below on the sides of the earth-female 2the &egs !nd (eet were positioned on the sides of the 2red3 ,ri!ngul!r earth-female signs.

Illustration 3: Her Face, Her Appearance --the Face of the Earth @e will now focus on the <e!d of the (igure 8its (!ce. ,he (!ce is th!t of the earth-female thus the Face of the earth. ,he (!ce Im!ger* holds the me!ning of) her appearance. ,he 2red3 >,? sh!ped (orm me!ns) below. ,he <e!d is in the (orm of the sign for a turning-place !nd is ! compound of the <ori7ont!l 1ect!ngle me!ning a horizontal-place !nd the >U? sh!ped turning sign. ,he (orehe!d !nd /ose 2!lluding to the $u!l /ostrils or the two holes3 w!s composed !s ! >,? sh!ped sign indic!ting)

below. ,here is !n .*e !enus" on the &eft !nd 1ight, in the east and west. ,he .*e in the e!st is $!r-ened me!ning in the darkness. It is .gg sh!ped me!ning, the one who will emerge. ,he .*e in the west is in the 2*ellow3 (orm of ! %pir!l 2!lludes to the position of the .*e3 me!ning the .*e) !enus, taken upward. ,here is ! 2t!n3 %e ered (inger pointing ! direction) here, !t the 2light green3 (issure. ,he (issure runs upw!rds through the ,hro!t of the (igure which is ! $!r- 6ertic!l 1ect!ngle) the dark tunnel, a vertical-place. ;nd then di erges from the 2pin-3 Aouth) a water-source, to the left !nd right 2east and west3 to breaks in the surface. ,he Im!ger* presents the ide! of one .*e) the e!stern one) closed or !sleep) while the .*e in the @est is opening 8!n !w!-ing. /e't to the <e!d/(!ce is the (orm !nd Im!ger* of ! &!rge .*e 2the great eye of the Sun, !enus3 Bust below the western side of the 1ounded 1ect!ngle of the <e!d is the 2t!n3 (orm of ! sm!ll ;rm !nd <!nd. #he steward of the Sun, his flight) 2the upper p!rt of the ;rm !ppe!rs to be the <e!d of ! 4ird !tt!ched to ! h!nd composed of the >U? sh!ped turning sign. $n the west 2position!l3 the great eye of the Sun, !enus, 2position!l3 below the turning-place.

Illustration 4: Her Face, Her Appearance --the Face of the Earth ,he 2green !nd *ellow3 ,wo signs below the ;rm !nd <!nd !re !gue but seem to be the 2green3 signs for location, vertical-place !nd the 2t!n3 (orm of !nd ;rm !nd <!nd 2warrior-steward of the Sun in

the %t!nce of arising. /e't to the (igure !nd integr!ted into the composition is ! sign th!t resembles ! 1ussi!n +olgoth! 9ross.

Illustration 5: Her Face, Her Appearance --the Face of the Earth

>,his l!rge figure from 4eso /os) Cneg! is engr! ed on roc-s close to w!ter !nd emerges from ! n!tur!l cr!c-. It h!s st!ring e*es !nd outstretched !rms !nd fingers) !nd m!* be in the position of childbirth. It h!s been interpreted b* %tol*!r 21DDD3 !s representing AEtt!rEh--!. ,he 9hristi!n cross w!s l!ter superimposed) presum!bl* to neg!te the power of the %!mi .!rth Aother. %ource: %tol*!r 2000: 1451> If this w!s indeed ! 9hristi!n 9ross superimposed o er the origin!l composition the person who ce!ted it would h! e h!d to -now the !ncient sign composition!l s*stem. 4* this compound sign:s position it cre!ted se er!l further signs using the %p!ce in !nd !round the signs. 4ut this is not simpl* ! depiction of ! 9hristi!n 9ross !tt!ched to !n !ncient e!rth"mother s*mbol. ,he >9ross? is full* integr!ted into the rest of the petrogl*ph irreg!rdless if it w!s m!de !t ! different time period th!n the (igure.
1 Aul-) Ing!"A!ri!) http://www.p!sthori7onspr.com/inde'.php/!rchi es/0F/201F/m!tt!r!h--!"mother"e!rth"in"s!mi"roc-"!rt

Illustration : !se of "pace to Create "i#ns 6iewing from the top down) we h! e the +re!t .*e 2!enus3 whose #upil is d!r-ened to indic!te) in the darkne . ,his is followed b* the 2blue3 %p!ce in the (orm of ! &!rge %itting 4ird) the great one, awaiting flight. ,his is followed b* the 2red3 >,? sh!ped sign indic!ting) below 2see the other 2red3 >,? found on the (!ce of the (igure3. /e't to the upper 4!r of the >,? us ! sm!ll %itting 4ird 2awaiting flight3 with its he!d turned to f!ce the s!me direction 2west3 !s found in the l!rger 4ird %p!ce (orm. 4etween the sm!ll 4ird !nd the 2d!r-3 <!nd is ! (orm th!t is perh!ps th!t of some -ind of !nim!l but the t*pe of !nim!l c!nnot be determined. ,he 2$!r-3 1ight <!nd indic!tes) the steward of the Sun, in the darkness, 2position!l3 on the 2green3 surface &ine. ,he (ingers of the <!nd (orm the s!me sings but in opposite se5uence. #he portal, the one within the opening. ;t this point it should be noted th!t the west in m!n* !ncient cultures represents sunset) d!r-ness) !nd de!th. ,he $!r- <!nd re"enforces the ide! th!t this <!nd is in the west. #he steward, on the earth-female%s surface of the earth-female note the, red,#riangular Space below the green" surface &ine 2the %t!nce with its 1ightw!rd ;ngle indic!tes) waiting". #he steward of the Sun, at the portal, the one, waiting, on the surface of the earth, within the opening, in the darkness of the west. ,his describes 6enus !s it prep!res to !rise in the west !fter sundown. ,here is !nd !ddition!l 2light green3 %p!ce (orm in the sh!pe of ! he!rt. ,his sign indic!tes) a captive-one. ,he steward of the Sun%s spirit held captive in the opening on the surface. ,he 2*ellow3 Aiddle &ine) the center, !s well !s the rest of the compounded signs were composed of m!n* $ots some of which (orm the 2red3 ,ri!ngul!r sh!ped female-spirit signs !s well !s the m!n* disorg!ni7ed $ots th!t indic!te moisture. Female-moisture-spirits. ;longside !nd to the left of the 9enter &ine is ! 2green3 6ertic!l 1ect!ngle indic!ting) a vertical-place. (in!ll* we see ! <ori7ont!l &ine th!t crosses the center !t ! &eftw!rd le!ning !ngle which me!ns) stopped) position!ll*) below.

,he o er!ll (orm th!t loo-s li-e ! 1ussi!n 9ross w!s composed of !ncient signs th!t e'isted long before 9hristi!nit* c!me on the scene. $ue to the !bo e it is 5uite unli-el* th!t the 9ross li-e Im!ger* w!s re!ll* intended !s ! 1ussi!n 9ross. It doesn:t e en h! e the pro=ection !bo e the >,? sh!pe to m!-e it ! true 9hristi!n st*le cross. It is more li-el* th!t the e!rl* 9hristi!ns used their !w!reness of the older depicted sign l!ngu!ge !s ! b!sis for their own re"defined signs.

Illustration $: %ussian &ol#otha &ross

Illustration ,: "ami Compound "i#ns

In Illustr!tion G we see se er!l other signs th!t were inherited from !ncient times. ,he 9ross st!nds on the sign for ! low mount!in 2a hill3 !nd within or under it the %-ull !nd 9rossbones combin!tion. ,his indic!tes) the dead) position!ll*) below, transforming 2the 4ones !re in the >H? (orm th!t is the gesture sign for !n e'ch!nge or a transformation3. @e c!n find the %-ull !nd 9rossbones combin!tion 2see Illustr!tion D3 in 9entr!l ;meric! where it e'isted long before the !ppe!r!nce of 9hristi!nit*.

Illustration ': ()it)imitl, A)tec "*ull and Cross+ones

,he %tepped sign used for a hill or low mount!in w!s found) !ncientl*) ne!rl* world wide. ,his represents the <ill of 9!l !r* in 9hristi!n terms but it is interesting th!t +olgoth! is thought to me!n the #l!ce of the %-ull 2possibl* n!med for the limestone form!tions on the hillside some of which !ppe!r to be ! s-ull3. In terms of the !ncient signs this would me!n a place of death%umm!r*: Cne of the more interesting !spects !bout this %!mi petrogl*ph is the f!ct th!t nowhere in its composition does the Iig7!g or %!wtooth sign for w!ter !ppe!r. ,he Aouth indic!tes ! w!ter"source !nd the >1ussi!n 9ross? h!s the signs for moisture !nd fem!le"moisture"spirits. ,his le!ds us to the conclusion th!t the petrogl*ph functioned somewh!t mech!nic!ll* !nd when the snow melted in the springtime the resulting w!ter seep!ge bec!me ! sign th!t w!s considered p!rt of the petrogl*ph:s composition. 1e!l w!ter w!s the sign for w!ter. ,he o er!ll (igure of the petrogl*ph represented the 4od* of the e!rth"fem!le or !s the %!mi describe her) AEtt!rEh--E 2earth-mother3. ,he petrogl*ph:s composition describes ! ph!se of the cosmolog* where the spirits of dece!sed w!rrior"priests of the %un undergo ! =ourne* in the underworld where the* h! e been tr!nsformed into fem!le spirits within the flow of moisture in the underworld. ;s the flow of moisture turns b!c- upw!rds to the e!rth:s surf!ce the fem!le"spirits !re turned b!c- into m!le"spirits. Ultim!tel*) the spirits return to the e!rth:s surf!ce through cr!c-s or fissures in the e!rth where the subterr!ne!n w!ter !ppe!rs on the surf!ce either !s w!ter seep!ge or in the form of springs. ,he <!nds !nd ;rms of the %un =oin the +re!t .*e of the %un 26enus3 !bo e the e!rth sides of the e!rth in the e!st !nd west. %pecific!ll*) in this composition) the %tew!rd of the %un !ppe!rs on the surf!ce of the e!rth in the d!r-ness of the west where he !w!its his flight to the s-*. ,he sh!pe th!t o erl!*s the (igure resembles th!t of the 1ussi!n +olgoth! 9ross. 4ut due to ! difference in its det!ils) !nd the use of the !ncient depicted sign l!ngu!ge signs) it is li-el* th!t the 1ussi!n 9ross w!s deri ed !nd redefined from the more !ncient compounded signs r!ther th!n its being ! l!ter !ddition to the petrogl*ph b* 9hristi!ns.

Illustration 1.: /hoto of /etro#l0ph "ho1in# 2ater in the Fissure-

Illustration 11: /hoto of /icto#raph "ho1in# Fi#ure 3i4ided +0 %ed and 5lac* Colors

,he photogr!ph in Illustr!tion 10 shows how) !t times) w!ter fills the fissure th!t di ided the petrogl*ph into h!l es representing the e!st !nd west. ,he w!ter) prob!bl* !s the result of melted snow) would sign!l the impending dep!rture of the spirits of the decre!sed %!mi. ,he pictogr!ph in Illustr!tion 11 shows ! figure simil!r the the %!mi one th!t is di ided b* red !nd bl!c- colors. ,he red represented the e!st !nd rebirth !nd the bl!c- indic!ted the west !nd de!th. ,he pictogr!ph is loc!ted in 4!=! 9!liforni!) Ae'ico. $espite the different in time !nd sp!ce the simil!rities in composition!l structure tell us th!t both cultures used depicted sign l!ngu!ge to preser e their cosmologies th!t were !lso simil!r.

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