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Protestant Reformation = Movement of those protesting current practices of Catholic Church Martin Luther 1520s = Thesis wanting to change

Church, creates split, German John Calvin = Elect and life that shows it, wiss Henry VIII = !rea"s from #ome Puritans = sought to purif$ their lives % Church of England Separatists = !e separate from &ase mem&ers of 'nglican Church Holland = save refuge for (uritans%(ilgrims, started to lose English )eritage Captain Myles Standish 1*20 = rough mercenar$ hired to protect colonists Oceanus = &orn on &oat

John Holland +Eli,a&eth Tile$- = servant swept over&oard, rescued &$ crew William radford = .0 $ears as governor of (l$mouth Colon$, renaissance man Mayflo!er Compact = elf government &$ the whole Town meeting forum, foundation of /ew England 0emocrac$ "rch#ishop Laud = anti1(uritan% eparatist 'rch&ishop of Canter&ur$ Massachusetts ay = new larger colon$ started &$ M!C, 11 vessels and over 1000 people, stole charter oston = center of M!C John Winthrop = e2ample to the world, pure Christianit$ 3Cit$ on a )ill4

$reat Mi%ration = 50,000 leave England67 20,000%50,000 = /ew England % 8est 9ndies split &e! 'n%land 'conomy = fur, fishing, ship&uilding $overnment = Enforce God:s laws = freemen = Church mem&ership Limits = clerg$ hired, can:t hold office Culture = /ot all in &lac", &oring, thee and thou people (ua)ers = 3inner light4, ;ing should <ua"e &efore, respected onl$ the collective will of the meeting house *rou#le in the ay = )ang and "ill +or &anishpeople who will not su&mit to Church Ro%er Williams = called for clean &rea" with England, fair treatment of 9ndians, separation of

Church and tate, !aptist &eliefs,6 &anished to England6 &ut instead Rhode Island = Complete freedom to worship, propert$ owners all vote, 39ndependent Man4, legali,ed &$ (arliament "nne Hutchinson = thought that the saved need not heed an$ law +or rather that colon$ government overstepped its &ounds-, e2iled and then "illed &$ 9ndians Rev *homas Hoo)er = starts new colon$ in )artford, e2cellent farming, colon$ creates6 =undamental >rders, an earl$ colonial Constitution dealing with election and office re<uirements &e! Haven = Church is Government, Cromwell s$mpathi,ers, get themselves com&ined with )artford to form Connecticut colon$7 Maine = fur and fishing &ig, &ut colonies ?ust don:t ta"e, so added to M!C

&e! Hampshire = trading port at (ortsmouth, legalesed &$ M!C, &ut given &ac" ;ing Chuc" 2 *he 'n%lish p%+,-+. R'"/0 S1uanto2*is1uantum 3 helped pilgrims deal with local 8ampanoag tri&e, whose leader6 Massasoit = signed treat$ with (l$mouth in 1*21 Pe1uot War and 4in% Phillip5s War 3 (e<uot tri&e nearl$ wiped out &$ English%/arragansett alliance6 later 9ndians unite under Metacom%;ing (hillip in 1*55@ &rutal war, 12 colonial villages destro$ed, 52 attac"ed, almost 1000 colonists "illed, over .000 9ndians "illed &e! 'n%land Confederation = 1*A. alliance of /orthern colonies to defend each other incase of attac"7 Each colon$ +as recogni,ed &$ England- received 2 votes7 >nl$ (uritan colonies were the mem&ers6 pro&lems in England made this necessar$, so colonies were

allowed statuar$ neglect for almost 20 $ears67 MC! ignores all ro$al decrees, so Connecticut is given more land and #hode 9sland is legitimi,ed /ominion of &e! 'n%land = included /ew Bor" and /ew Cerse$, created to overrule Confederation, and a vehicle to enforce ro$al edicts &avi%ation "cts = for&id trade outside English holdings Sir 'dmund "ndros = for&id pu&lic assem&l$, <uartered troops, controlled the press, too" over schools and courts, too" land D propert$ as needed #evolution in England, caused revolution at home6 taught them that disli"e a "ing or ruler, "ic" them out7 ClothingE F Charter lost, voting open, ro$al colon$6 8illiam and Mar$ did allow statuar$ neglect of new laws passed &$ (arliament 'n%lish officials in colonies

&etherlands = re&el against Catholic ;ing and then turn on !ritish allies in trade wars Lar%e "n%lo 6 /utch !ars = 100s of ships fighting6 England tr$ to ?ust outspend and &uild the 0utch /utch 'ast India Company = often wor"s as much with as against the English7 )uge trade empire in the Cari&&ean +ran &$ child compan$ 089C-, for the compan$, not the nation '7plorers = )ired &$ the 0E9C to find short cut through /'6 end up claiming )udson #iver for the 0utch6 who then &$ Manhattan &e! "msterdam = /ow /ew Bor", ver$ harsh, all for profit, compan$ ran colon$6 'llowed 0utch /o&les to create estates and live as landowners, as long as the$ could settle a small village on their settlement Pro#lems = conditions to cruel and draconian for colonists, 9ndians grow wear$ of constant

0utch raids and attac" +8all treet-, onl$ M!C:s unwillingness to attac" saves them from revenge raids &$ the English colonies S!eden = tries to start a small colon$ in the 1*A0s, &ut are eventuall$ forced to surrender control to 0utch +at gun point'n%lish = return the favor and ta"e over /ew 'msterdam in 1**A6 changing it to /ew Bor" and giving them full control of the coast /utch = are allowed to continuing living in their former colon$ and on their estates, same favor that the 0utch had e2tended the wedish7 The ha&it of powerful lords ruling over huge tracts of land was continued &$ the English +&tw@ golf is cottish not 0utch-F (ua)ers = refused to go to 'nglican churches, pa$ full ta2es, hire clerg$, ta"e oaths, serve in militias, practiced passive resistance7 9nstead meet in simple meeting house7 Man$ were fined, flogged or even "illed in England7

William Penn = ' ver$ rich and powerful Englishman, whose famil$ had done much to restore the crown to power after >liver Cromwell, had converted to the #eligious ociet$ of =riends and then called in his favors to &ecome the largest private landowner in the world7 /amed after his father, he &ecame the #o$al Governor and (roprietor of (enns$lvania Make sure you read on the Growth and Governance of Pennsylvania on page 61 Just like with the North and South, Read up on what ade Middle !olonies si ilar and take notes on the fa ous places and person entioned on page 6" Chronolo%y is on pa%e 89: )no! it Guestions will come from pictures too6 There will &e ;, matchin% and . / ( on =rida$:s Test *omorro!< !e !ill %o over Chapter ;: H"V' I* R'"/ "&/ &O*'S *"4'&