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Dexter Livingstone
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For my Angels!
About The Author:

The Life and Times of Dexter Livingstone
will probably never be fully known, as much of
his life has been lived in the Realm of the
Imagination, in the Solitude and Wilderness of
the Mind. Books, Case Studies and in depth
Investigations into the Living Lives of his studies
have led him on Trails of Knowledge that have
often led to the Grave, and sometimes far beyond

Call me a Collector! He is often quoted
as saying! In my line of work, I get used to
seeing the Bizarre! Perhaps a Fiddling God
brings these people into Dexters path, just to
show him another shred of the Immenseness of
the Universe, and the Expanding Diversity of His
Creation. Perhaps each person is a living Clue,
an Enigma unto Themselves, that when solved
is a Key Link in Cracking the Cosmic puzzle that
Befuddles us All.

Dexters work began collecting the
Random Objects of Near Death Experiences,
graduated to Remote Viewing, and culminated
in Dissecting the Slippery Reptilian Brain of the
Psychopath! Formal education included a
Diploma in Law Enforcement, a Degree in
Law Enforcement and Police Science and
Masters Work in Criminology.

Self Employment in Fabricating has been
Dexters mainstay in winning bread, and has
facilitated his studies by allowing an
unconventional work regime. As a Da Vinci
Trans-dimensional Dreamer he has Crossed
Over into the Material World with Patterns of the
Imagination transfixed onto wood, metal, plastic,
glass, screw and glue. However, the Ether is his
greatest Canvas and the Quiet of the Night his
Dream Workshop!

Never one to engage in activity harmful to
himself or others, he has spared the ski hill from
his tumbling body, and the parachute from his
dead weight! But Acrobatics of the Mind are his
Gymnasium; and the Thrill of Sport is reserved
for the odd Blighting of the Tennis Court. A
Man of Action of the Mind, sleeping only when
mental exhaustion takes its toll, and the dawn
invades his Cavernous room of Scrolls. Poetry is
sometimes his undoing and therefore Stand-up
Comedy is more his strong suit!

Music and Rhyme, Forensic Investigations
and Mysteries of Time; all Unravel to the Scalpel
of the Mind and fall together as letters dribble
onto pages. Much of his writing is in the Free
Flow of Typing Strings into a Tapestry; little
knowing the Design or the Pattern until the End
magically presents a sweater, woven by Rhyme.
A Word speaks a Volume, and Between the
Lines are many Hidden Pages; Definitions have
more Defining, and Explanations have
Introductions which require more Introductions.
All that can be assured is that all that is Hidden
will one day be Ferreted out, and what has been
Buried will eventually once again see the light of

Dexter Livingstone travels extensively and
Lectures by Invitation. He is not surprisingly an
unconventionally open minded Christian, as well
as a loving husband and a proud father.
Footsteps of Evil Part I Chapter Index

Ch.1 p.1 Crypto-Sociologists Nightmare
Ch.2 p.91 Laughing Crystal Skull
Ch.3 p.154 Kings with Wings like Eagles

Footsteps of Evil Part I
Chapter 1 Crypto-Sociologists Nightmare

p.1 Index
p.3 Journey 0:1 - 0:28
p.11 Between the Lions 1:1 - 1:7
p.13 Consuming Fires 1:8 - 1:14
p.15 Deductions Dear Watson 1:15 - 1:17
p.16 Unconscious 1:18 - 1:22
p.17 Near Conscious 1:23 - 1:29
p.19 Beneath thy Bowler 1:30 - 1:34
p.20 One Hand Clapping 1:35 - 1:47
p.25 The Tormented 1:48 - 1:51
p.26 Read you like a Hook 1:52 - 1:67
p.31 Subtle Sub-conscious 1:68 - 1:73
p.33 Rogue Sub-conscious 1:74 - 1:80
p.35 Fiery Stokes 1:81 - 1:86
p.36 Axes to Grind 1:87 - 1:92
p.38 World of the Unseen 1:93 - 1:97
p.39 Cataclysmic Gush 1:98 - 1:104
p.41 Denial of Love 1:105 - 1:106
p.42 Respect & Maturity 1:107 - 1:113
p.44 Crack of Lightning 1:114 - 1:119
p.45 Scorched Earth 1:120 - 1:131
p.48 Merlins Mother 1:132 - 1:143
p.52 Mass Graves 1:144 - 1:150
p.54 Righteous War 1:151 - 1:157
p.56 Penchant for Predation 1:158 - 1:162
p.58 War 1:163 - 1:173
p.61 Skirmishes 1:174 - 1:178
p.62 Sting of Abuse 1:179 - 1:184
p.64 Pit Viper 1:185 - 1:187
p.65 Shooting in the Dark 1:188 - 1:198
p.68 Soft Self-petting 1:199 - 1:209
p.71 The Enemy is Us 1:210 - 1:219
p.74 Enter the Vampire 1:220 - 1:228
p.75 Behind the Veil 1:229 - 1:238
p.78 Skull & Cross Bones 1:239 - 1:248
p.80 Escape & Evade Manual 1:249 -------
p.84 Rage Against the Machine 1:250 - 1:258
p.86 Epitome of Tranquillity 1:259 - 1:266
p.88 A Sad Note 1:267 - 1:274

The Footsteps of Evil Part I
By Dexter Livingstone
Ch.1 Crypto-Sociologists Nightmare


0:1 Written in the Pain of Knowing by
Dexter Livingstone; a Tinker, Taylor, Soldier
and Spy, who became the Master Builder of
Broken Souls through his own Personal
Experience in the Bowels of a Personal Hell!

0:2 Rescued by a Day Walking Angel, and
pulled smoking from the Burning Sulphur Pots
of Eternal Regrets & Suffering! The Angel that
Rescues Descended and also Ascended with
Burden in Hand! Mission Accomplished!

Alas, I was Rebuilt by Beauty, and Re-Created
by Everlasting Kindness!

0:3 Memories of Suffering gently faded away;
and Her Burden began to Mentally Retrace his
Misguided Steps, Chronicle his Memoirs, and
Dissect his Own Path into the Depths of
Darkness in which he had been so Innocently

0:4 One thing began to become Paramount;
One thing became Clear; We are Not Alone!
There is a Creature Smarter than Us, more
Subtle than we have ever Known, and more
Powerful than we ever could Imagine!

0:5 Whom knows our Souls better than the
one who framed us? Whom has the Ancient
Schematics of our Wiring? Whom knows our
Weaknesses like a Barbed Meat Hook?

0:6 These my friends are the Keepers of
Knowledge; the Priests of Oppression who
Worship at the Feet of the God of Mammon!
These my friends are the Goats that lead the
Sheep Astray, and Blaspheme the Shepherd,
and slyly Conjure up the Lion in the Night!

0:7 Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing, and
the Dangerous very well Know this Knowledge;
but it is their Power, their High Tower, even
their very Instinct of Oppression!
0:8 Our Burden now stands as the Lone
Watchman in the Wilderness, the Lone Glass-
Cleaner in a Wilderness of Mirrors, and the
Lone Behavioural Writer of a Lonely and Very
Disturbing Subject; the Psychopath!

0:9 I must warn All who curiously ply these
pages; that they were Written in Pain! Every
Letter of every Page is a Painful Tribute to those
who are Hopelessly Impaled on the Hooks of
the Psychopath; Hanging Helpless as life
pathetically slips away into the cold wet night!

0:10 None understands the Lonely Pain of the
Victims! None considers Their Terrifying Plight!
None even Imagines that They Themselves
Except for the Grace of God Would & Could
be Endangered in the Same Danger by the Same
Dangerous Predator whose Eyes have Opened?

0:11 To Those who are Considered Sane,
Please, believe me; Your Sanity is but an
Illusion! Sanity is Freedom of Mind, Soul and
Body, and is considered a Very Very Rare
Commodity in the World of Men!
0:12 I have said that In the Reading of this
Book, the Sane will go Crazy, because their
Sanity was actually an Illusion; and the Crazy
may with the Grace of God Become Sane
because now they Suffer no Delusions!

0:13 The Mystic mysteriously Speaks of the
Rising Phoenix, and the Seer dreadfully
divines the foretelling of the certainty of the
Falling Star! The Weak shall be Exalted in the
End; but the Proud shall Plunge to their Death
from their Lofty Heady Imaginations!

0:14 A Logical Companion to this book is the
Bible; as much Inspired Understanding was
gained therein; but Persons of all Faiths will
benefit, as all Faith has come from But one
Source and Faiths True Wisdom is naturally
intended All for One, and One for All!

0:15 One caution however; if the Reader is
being treated for Manic Disorder; kindly pass
over the Entirety of this Book; and Pay for a
Calming & Palming Therapist! All is not
Lost on the Cost; the Benefits will Follow!
Lift up the Spirit and the Mind will Follow; like
a Dog that Trails After the Kindly Master!

0:16 The Mind can sometimes be too
Condemning; and Overly Righteous and end
up only Condemning Oneself as a Judger!
Judging is Boring, anyone can do that; but
Grace is Godly! Who can Walk in the Graceful
Footsteps of Angels? Kindness is Divine; Who
can Walk in the Kind Footsteps of God?

0:17 The Destruction of the Destroyer is its
own Damning; therefore seek Heaven Thyself
and leave the Fires of Hell to the Judgement of
a Righteous and Indignant God who Hates the
Wicked Every Day, but comforts the Weak &
Wounded in the Night of their Sorrows! Seek
Healing and you will find God! Allow yourself
to Hate and you Play God!

0:18 Seemingly Criticisms contained herein in
this and the following books are intended only
for Introspection & the Realization of Safety
through Wisdom; but if the Readers Mental
Discipline foolishly allows a Judging Attitude,
all True Understanding will be Lost!

0:19 Therefore Just apply your new-found
Knowledge & Judgement to Heal Thyself
from the Tangled Snares of a Raped & Battered
Brain! Wisdom is Safety; but False Wisdom is
Servitude! You Cant always tell if something is
actually Right; but you Can always tell when
there is something Indefinable but Tragically

0:20 Others seemingly Mindless Actions of
Madness for the Newly Awakened merely
become Reaffirming Predictive Recognitions;
Forming Repeating Chains of Bondage:
Ownership-provide-care-rule! Each building on
the Assumed Authority of the Other; Vicious
Predictive Circles of Reasoning; The Building
Blocks of Bondage!

0:21 Our Own Actions become the Science of
Positive Self Re-enforcement; Setting ourselves
and others Free from the Slavery of the Abuser!
Reversing the Tide, Calming the Seas, and
Planting in the Desert; are these not the things of
the Mad Scientist of Change!

0:22 Change is Resistant to Readjustment;
and Readjustments must be Continuously and
Incrementally applied! A Change in
Understanding must necessarily have the
Application of New Knowledge followed by
the Experience of Experiencing just how Hard
that Application of this New Knowledge to
Implement can be!

0:23 The Darkness is merely the Fear of
Darkness: Some would Presume to Hide, and
others Assume to Hunt! I on the other Hand
Propose to Observe; and this Observation to
the Hider Feels like Dangerous Exposure, and
to the Hunter it Feels like Judgement!

0:24 My purpose is to Free the Hider from the
Fear of the Dark and the Unknown; and
Counsel the Hunter to seek Gentleness &
Mercy in all their doings! Some Hunt their
Fellow Man not out of Wild Wolf Blood
Coursing & Running through their Veins, but
out of example of Learned Predation! Learned
from the School of Claws & Jaws; and
Hardened by the Mocks & Knocks of the
Forcing & Violence of (Anti-Social) Societal
Accepted Behaviour!

0:25 The Lion could surely Lay down with the
Lamb, and Swords could surely be Beat into
Ploughshares! If only Wisdom and Knowledge
were Free from the Need of Regrettable Bad
Experiences to Pry open the Door to True
Understanding! Pain Alas is Truly Profitable!
Slavery is the precursor to Freedom! Sickness
conjures up Health! And A Death Experience
predicts Newness of Life!

0:26 The Honeymoon of Spring naturally
fades into the Dog Day Afternoons of
Summer, which slips inextricably into the Fall
of Man and the inevitable Deep Freeze of the
Grave of Winter! Only then can the Seeds of
Hope Claw their way back to life from the
frozen wastelands Transformed by the Suns
Gentle Rays of Warming Kindness.

0:27 Our Journey has no definite Beginning,
but it has a definite End; and that End is either
Freedom or Slavery! Either we Set others Free
or we Enslave Them; There is no Middle

0:28 You either Build-up or you Break
Down! Either you Re-create or you Destroy!
Either you Come Out of the Grave or you Drag
Others Into It; Either you are Inflamed with
The Power of the Resurrection or you Burn with
the Eternal Fires of your own Damnation! Your
Motivations & Intentions are either the Care
that Releases, or the Control that only
Conspires to Tighten Its maddening Grip; I
Care therefore to Protect you I Kill your Spirit
and I Imprison your Soul!

Between the Lions

1:1 Dexter Livingstone is an Intellectually
Intrepid Writer Excelling in the Alpha-wave
Transmission of Thoughts Straight into the Sub-
conscious. The Sub-conscious is that: Font of
Life from which all Waters Flow; Whether they
be Springs of Sweetness or Boilings of
Bitterness from the Bowels of the Earth!

1:2 His writings are often Familiar but
Unfamiliar, Strangely Shallow but Surprisingly
In-depth; And Therefore Necessarily Multi-
layered and Subject to many Diverse Meanings
and Interpretations.

1:3 Hang on a Word and you unnecessarily
Hang over the Precipice of a Mountain of
Misunderstanding; for Written Words
Legalized by the Letter often miss the Spirit of
the Understanding!

1:4 The Reader may find themselves Often
Confounded & Perplexed way beyond
Personal Comfortable Tolerances; For the
Meanings and the Interpretations Often Lay Far
Beyond the Written Word, but Somewhere in
the Vastness Between the Lions!

1:5 Timeless Wisdom Broods over the
Darkened Waters; Somewhere In the Shrinking
Nether World that Separates the Destiny Joining
of Heaven and Earth; The Eventual Fore-
shadowed Communion of the Creator and the

1:6 And this Same Wisdom Contemplates
studiously Somewhere in the Expanding
Vastness of the Void that Eternally Separates the
Land of the Living, from the Beckoning and
Enticing Underworld of the Reapers Grimness!

1:7 Stones of Stumbling are the Writers
Speciality; and His Goads are Ear Marks of the
Pricks of Eternal Borrowed Wisdom from a Far
Off Land; where Angels tend Pastures, and the
Greatest of Kings suckle the Hunger of a Child!

Consuming Fires

1:8 What does this Mean for the baleful
Reader? You may Never be the Same my friend!
He that Enters Here may Never Leave; but
Accepts Willingly the Curse of Knowledge and
the Dearth of Understanding that Imprisons him
in a Land without Sleeping:

1:9 Awakened as it were
To a Universal Conscious
Whose Sleepless Dreamings
Form Our Reality,
And Whose Reality to Us is
Just like a Dream!

1:10 We all have to Grow, we all have to
Change; but Change is Inherently Uncomfortable
to All, but Change Leads to Freedom!
Freedom of Mind, Soul and Body! Freedom from
the Self-defence of our Illusions, Delusions and
Coerced Blind Acceptance!

1:11 Freedom from the Forcing and Violence
of Immoral Man, who place Loyality above
Truth, and the Protection of Position in the
Pack of Wolves above the Divineness Power!

1:12 For it was Once Said in a Far Off and
Ancient Time, that All Power Reigns from on
High; Whom in Accordance to Universal Order
Weighs the Abuse of this Gifted Power in the
Exacting Balance Scales of Equity; and when Its
Misuse is Found Wanting, Gives the Power Onto
Another less Self-sufficient and less Warranting
Disdain From the Throne Above All Thrones!

1:13 The Meek Truly Shall Inherit the Earth;
for the Proud shall be Brought Down from their
High places by their Own Excesses, and Will be
Seen No More!

1:14 Why Rage against the Truth
Oh Ye Immoral Man;
Why do you Torment Yourself
Before your Appointed Hour in the
Consuming Fires of Eternal Indignation?

Deductions Dear Watson

1:15 You the Reader may Glimpse as it were an
Oracle Stirring to Life in the Darkest Depths of
the Soul! Something perhaps Completely
Foreign to your Experience thus far in the
Waking Barren Lands of Consciousness that
we all are so fond of calling the Land of the

1:16 What is a Vapour and what is Real?
What Stirs to Life, and what is Laid to Rest?
Your journey is Your Own, but Others have
Gone On Before You, and Laid Up Provisions in
the Dry Places; So Fear Not but Wander On and
Discover The Hidden Worlds only spoken of in

1:17 The Sub-conscious is your Feeling Hands
in the Darkness that Automatically Extrapolates
in the Limitless Sub-Imagination all the Various
Possible Scenarios to the Addition of New
Information; while your Conscious hinges only
on the most obvious Deductions Dear Watson.


1:18 Your Conscious Mind is Made to Function
as a Combination of both the Sub-conscious and
the Conscious, and Perceptions should be
composed of Combinations from Both Sources.

1:19 The Sub-conscious however gets
unconsciously Set-On-Mute and the Obvious
of the Conscious is often Erroneous and can be
classified as merely Illusions and Delusions; as
You the Reader may soon disconcertingly

1:20 Your Mind houses your present Reality of
Existence, and whatever Enters Into It becomes
Part of your Present Working Platform of
Perception that Aids Navigation in the
Turbulent Seas of Life.

1:21 Now consider the Repercussion Effects on
Perception by the Integration of the Sub-
conscious rising into the Waking Conscious;
and the inevitability of the Conscious Seeping
down into the Unconscious.

1:22 Herein is the Conundrum; do we Really
Know What is Real, and what is Imaginary!
Fear Stalks the Fearful Hunter that Walks;
But Be not Afraid of Sudden Fear!

Near Conscious

1:23 The Sub-conscious Adds to the Workings
of Perception by being a Cultivator of Past
Perceptions, and Extends Itself right through the
Present into many Possible Future

1:24 The Sub-conscious is often referred to as
the Sixth Sense; and its Deletion greatly
Debilitates ones Natural Ability to form Clear

1:25 By about the age of Ten to Twelve, almost
everyone has formed a Firmament of
Perceptions that filters all New Experiences
through Habitually Accepted Screening Illusions.

1:26 The Perception of What just Happened
Here! Is Subject to your Perceptions but only
from your Conscious and Near Conscious; and
not from the Sub-conscious!

1:27 Near Conscious means that though it is
in the Conscious, it is just Waiting in the
Wings like a Court Lawyer with a burgeoning
Folder full of Precedence & Evidence Relevant
to the Transcribing Scrolling Living Situation.

1:28 Near Conscious Illusions are Short-
Form-like stenographer notes taken from past
experiences, and hurriedly recited in Real
Time On the Fly while you are experiencing a
new related Experience.

1:29 Near Conscious Illusions are seamlessly
laid out like a perfectly tuned filing system timed
to Retrieving & Replacing files In Real
Time Augmenting your Perception of the World
around you.

Beneath thy Bowler

1:30 Now here is an Insidious Thought Dear
Watson; What would happen if someone were to
Hi-jack your Near Conscious with the Brain-
Washing of Abuse; or the Mind-Control of a
Manchurian Monkey on your Back?

1:31 Now we have Just Peeked into the Dark
World of Control of the Domestic Psychopath;
and the Cryptic & Morbid Underworlds of
State Intelligence, Secret Societies, Shadow
Governments, Black Labs and Special
Underground Research Projects! What the
Nazis flaunted in public; the Democracies have
furthered in private; Exponentially &

1:32 Did I not say my Dear Watson, that the
most Obvious Deductions by the Masses are
the Devils Cake of Intelligence; Intelligence
that is Intrinsically and Deliciously Evil!

1:33 And that the Manchurian Candidate is
that Secret Agent already on Assignment
Beneath thy Bowler!

1:34 Your Creeping me out Sir, replies the
trepid but cheeky Watson: Perhaps a Cup of Tea
and we could Read the Leaves, or a Toasted
Fowl and we could Inquire of the Bones!

One Hand Clapping

1:35 The Mind is an Administration; and
Policies & Procedures are the paperwork that
has ruined many a good Minister!

1:36 Insert a Wrench in the Machine or a
Cappuccino on the Keyboard, and a once Well
Oiled Procedure takes on the form of a Greased
Pig! Impossible to Catch again by the Snout;
or to Wrangle to the Ground with that slippery
wiggly tail flickering and disappearing around
corners, cubicles and down endless corridors!

1:37 A Once Powerful and Respected Chief of
the Egyptian Police once stated to me: I came to
the Realization that We were not Angels; had we
been, we would have Intuitively known the Will
of the Master! But instead I replied,
Instinctively finishing his sentence; We Wallow
in the Mire of Administration!

1:38 Now Tragic lessons are often Learned in
Tragedy; and so it was that on a cool desert
morning a column of civil police trucks wound
their way onto the Banks of the Suez Canal!
When out of the Sky like Raisins against the
Sun fell the Grapes of Wrath, Iron explosive
Hell Raining on Earth!

1:39 The Desert Sand Boiled like Bloody
Porridge as thousands of Screaming Burning
Police Men spilled out of Gasoline Powered
Vehicles; Set on Flames by the Bombs and
Indignant Strafing of Tri-Allied Airmen!

1:40 Chief Sam S. Souryal Cried in Vain as
he Heart-rendingly cursed the Morning Sun for
Gay fully Silhouetting his Boys in Blue against
the white desert background. Police Men
dressed in their prestigious Black Dress uniforms
festooned with gaudy polished brass buttons &
buckles; Signalling the Request for Salvos to
the Clouds of Buzzing Buzzard Tripartite-Mob
warplanes swirling in the morning sun!

1:41 The Desert Flies fed Dreadfully on the
Dead and the Dying; and the Chiefs own dress
uniform was Soaked & Dried Crusty Black
from Young Mens Blood and still Hangs in
Secret in the closet of the retired Chief of
Egypts finest!

1:42 When the Police are used for Political
Purposes; the Psychopath is the only one that
Applauses! And the Sound of One Hand
Clapping is the Repeating Crushing Blows of
Self Righteousness spurred on by the Near
Conscious Abuse of the Supreme Authority of
Might! Might makes Right; and the
Psychopath again Reigns in the Land of the
Dying and the Blighted Land of those soon
Destined to likewise be Bludgeoned, to Bleed
and if they resist, to Die!

1:43 Surely the Egyptian Police were not
perfect, most being two year conscripts filling
out the Rank and File overseen by Career
Officers; but the National Right of Egypt to
Nationalize the Suez Canal by Peaceful Means,
ended Brutally by Brutish means Brutishly
Administered by Brutish Brit-ish Minds!

1:44 Now, my dear Watson, we have compared
the Mind to an Administration; and now we
compared the Administration to a Country and
the Relationships of Countries; Psychopathically
exalting themselves by the Dominance of
Force, and the Crushing of the Will of the
Less-than-perfect militarily endowed. And so in
describing the Interrelations of Countries, we in
fact describe the Mind, and by the Mind we can
describe the Diplomacy of Countries, or Lack

1:45 Now Cram thousands of wounded
Egyptian policemen into that bleeding Bowler
Watson, and you will have the Intellectual
Capability of a Bullied nine year old Child!
Now, Bash the Head In with the Self
Righteousness of the School Bully acting on the
Near Conscious Articles of Oppression and we
have Force makes Right and Right to Force!

1:46 And then drive the Bloodied & Battered
into the Canal to squalidly drown, and you have
the pattern of the Teenage Psychopathic
Murderers of the late Vancouvers Rena Virk.

1:47 Abuse Fills the Mind, like the
Wounded fill Ambulances and Hospitals; and
when the Aggressor is clearly Psychopath; The
Victims are pulled Screaming & Contortedly
Twisting to the Brink of Social Insanity!
Observe the Coolness of the Abuser in contrast
to the Instability of the Abused, and you will
see the Deadliness of Deception!

The Tormented

1:48 Now dear reader, judge between the
Tormented and the Tormentor; does not the
Tormented go to bed hungry and scream and toss
and turn by nightmares; and does not the
Tormentor Feast and Boast and lay awake at
night Scheming & Planning his next Strike!
Who dear Watson is the Sane, and who dear
Watson is the Insane!

1:49 Some of the Sanest people I have known
have been driven to be Certifiably Crazy; and
some of the Insane-est people I have ever known,
are purported to be the Epitome of Societies
Sanity: Heroes, Idols and Demigods!

1:50 Some Leaders have moved into the
Exalted Positions in Society by the Instruments
and Articles of Oppression; and then purport
themselves as the Waving Hero, even while
their Ascent sent the Skulls of the Innocent
tumbling! Profitable & Private killing fields
littered with Heaps of dead mens Bones. Wave
to the Hero kiddies and you Feed him more than
your Arm!

1:51 Never Judge a Tattered Book by its
Cover dear Watson; but Judge by the Pain &
Pages Written by the Victims own Blood; and
by the Tears that Stained & Smudged its War
Torn & Worn pages!

Read you like a Hook

1:52 What Just Happened Here! Based on
Tragic Past Experiences; the Mind carefully
examines any new Situation as Similar or
Familiar with something that has happened
before? If this New Experience is Similar; what
then is the Relevance to the Past Experience?

1:53 He who is Fooled Once is Just Learning;
He who is Fooled Twice is a Fool! He who is
Fooled Three Times is an Accomplice! How
Sad it is that many of us are our own
Accomplices in our own Plotted Assassinations!

1:54 No one wants to be a Fool or an
Accomplice of a Fool; so we carefully consult
our Near-conscious in everything that we See,
Hear, and Do! A Fool hates to be Fooled!

1:55 Now it is Computation Time; what are
the Chances that the New Experience is Chance
or Sabotage! Grin or Guile! Or was it just
pure Coincidence without Sentience; or was it
the Work of Calculating Evil Intelligence!

1:56 Remember, Illusions are not Real, they are
Constructions of our Own Making, used to
classify New experiences with similar Past
experiences. The Near Conscious however, is
like an Inanimate Computer; It cannot discern
the difference between Illusion & Reality!

1:57 If you came home from a Disconcerting
Date with a Total Stranger who made you feel
Uneasy or Too Easy just to find that your
house was broken into; the Truth may be that this
was just a Coincidence, but the Illusion you may
Form is that Strangers work in cooperation with
others to keep you Distracted while their
accomplices are Looting your Home! While
Possible, is this extrapolation actually True?

1:58 Adding to this, when you are Oddly
Distracted in the Future by someone you Dont
Completely Trust, this can now pull up an
Illusion that possibly someone is Right Now
Breaking into Your Home, car, office,
life....credit card! In here You can see the
Operation of the Near Conscious pulling out the
filings of the Imprints of Impressions
Accurately or Erroneously; but Entirely and

1:59 Now add to this your understanding of the
Formation of Trust with any given individual.
In this World you have to Trust People, but you
have to trust the Right People!

1:60 Now ask yourself this question; Why do
you feel that you can Trust them? Remember,
Feelings are just as Unreal as Illusions; they
are both Vapours of Your Own Creation! As
inevitable as Intestinal Gas after a Gorging!

1:61 Now add to the Creation of Vapours, The
things that are Not Real but Look like Real,
Feel like Real, Smell like Real, Taste like Real,
and Imagined like Real! But they are
Intentionally Unreal & Counterfeit!

1:62 What if someone Naturally Evil is
Working to Create an Illusion or a Feeling inside
of you and mislead your Near Conscious! Now
you have finally come to the Secret Knowledge
of the Footsteps of Evil Tread by the
Psychopath Back and Forth and Up and Down
Inside Your Twisted Tortured World!

1:63 You now can see that you cannot trust
your own Feelings or Illusions that someone
has built inside of you to Deceive you and
Control your life! Your Near Conscious might
actually not belong to you; but to a Psychopath
who studies Violence like a Science!

1:64 They know Instinctively how much of a
Measure of Violence or Yelling is necessary to
make you Voluntarily Capitulate your Will, your
Money, your Virtue and even your Future!

1:65 How you React to any given Provocation
is a Product of your Perceptions influenced by
your Near Conscious Illusions! If one were to
have had a hand in personally Forming your
Perceptions; then they would be able to Read
you like a Hook! And with that Hook they
Can & Will Hook you like a Crook!!

1:66 Knowledge of your Hooks is
Tremendous Power to Give into the hand of a
Lover; but Disastrous Intelligence to put into
the Hands of an Enemy!

1:67 What you will Do is the Power to
Make you do it! A Lover can Push your
Buttons; but an Enemy can Bait You to Your
Death! Evil my Friend is also a Fisher of

Subtle Sub-conscious

1:68 The Near Conscious Aids Us in Learning
from Past Experiences, but Near Conscious
Illusions are Known, Predictable, and
Completely within our grasp Consciously. Now
what about the Unknown Archives, something
ancient, buried back in the depths of the
catacombs, that we have less Knowledge,
Memory and Control over?

1:69 Now consider the Subsequent Engaging of
the Sub-conscious beside these Predictable
Thought Processes or Hooks of the Near
Conscious. This Unexpected Surprise Witness
can throw the entire Trial into Chaos and the
City into Riotous Madness!

1:70 That is why both the Defence and
Prosecution lawyers must Disclose all Evidence
and Witnesses prior to them being Presented or
Taking the Stand. No one likes surprises that
upset the predictable order of things, or takes one
by surprise like the proverbial Knife in the

1:71 Key Surprise Witnesses can result in
Disturbing Unpredictable Reactions, not only by
the Nuts in the Peanut Gallery, but for You;
the Chief Actor on the Court Stage-of-Life!
And especially for your Lover or Enemy who is
trying to Write the Script of your demise on the
Fly and is disturbed because they Thought that
they had You all Figured Out!

1:72 The Near Conscious is all about
Predictability, no Surprises, and a
Predetermination of the Outcome! The Sub-
conscious however, brings a subtle element of
Unpredictability; an element of Suspense, and an
ecstatic element of Uncertainty to the Outcome.

1:73 An Enlightened Sub-conscious brings to
the Theatre not only the knowledge of the Evil
Genius Drama unfolding behind the Drama,
but the Knowledge and Understanding of the
Core of the Dramaticist! Instantaneous Insight
into Unseen Creatures lurking in the darkness of
Mens Minds; The Creature behind the Madness
of the Monster!
Rogue Sub-conscious

1:74 The Subtle Un-conscious Lives &
Breathes in the Hidden World unseen by human
eyes, so Dare not meet its Stare with Eyes that
Lie; for it Clearly Sees and Minutely Studies
All Infinite Details in the Unerring Realm of
Timelessness and Omnipresence!

1:75 This is the Strength of Having a Fully
Operational and Integrated Sub-conscious in
Addition to the Predictable Near Conscious
Illusions in forming Accurate Assessments for
Conscious Perceptions.

1:76 The Trick here is having a Constructive
Sub-conscious rather than a Rogue Sub-
conscious! As we shall see later, both Abuse
& Neglect can have a Repression effect that is
Extremely Detrimental to the Health of the Sub-
conscious. Repression & Denial are
Conscience Killers!

1:77 So we have learned that our Perceptions
are Formed by our Conscious with the Aid of our
Near Conscious; and that usually our Sub-
conscious is on Off Mode during waking

1:78 Now what happens if some experience is
so Traumatic, Disturbing, or Unusual that our
Firmament of Screening Thought Processes
suddenly Earth Quakes unexpectedly? This can
happen when our always ready Folder of
Impressions suddenly has nothing to offer in
explanation to a New Cataclysmic Event!

1:79 When the Firmament of Illusions
Suddenly and without warning Quakes and
Trembles, the Raw Unscreened information from
the Sub-conscious can gush right through the
Disturbed Sand Filter of Illusions and Flood
right into the Conscious; at this point these
Disturbed Waters can become a little Muddy!

1:80 Maneuvers that may Destroy or Save
your Life may result from the instantaneous
Illogical or Beneficial Unctions of the Sixth
Sense! If you are Lucky, the Hidden Trap is
Foiled; but if you are Unlucky the Illogical
Mistake could be the Poison that Spells your
Doom as effective as any Witches Stew!

Fiery Stokes

1:81 What you have been Feeding your Sub-
conscious determines if it is built Stone-by-
Stone on Faith or Brick-by-brick on Fear, and
its unexpected Sudden Disturbance in your
Pond of Thought will either be for Your Good
or for Your Disaster!

1:82 Either your Sub-conscious will be an
Impenetrable Wall of Defence or it will be an
ill-defended Defensive Structure that can be
easily Taken Over by Tyrannical Oppressors
and their Insidious pet Creatures of the Night!

1:83 Evil Kingdoms have been built in the
Unguarded Fortress of the Mind; and Legions of
the Enemy have basked in Lazy Slumber on the
High Walls and Towering Parapets of Doom!

1:84 The Over-come capitulated Fortress of
the Mind imprisons the Rightful Owner in a
Dungeon of their own making fitted with snug
leg-irons and hardened chains, self-torture
machines and the flaming fiery stokes of
Helplessness & Hopelessness!

1:85 Fear, Anxiety, Hopelessness and even
Paranoia are Mentally Debilitating poisonous
stews that Feed the erstwhile Inhabitants of an
overcome Sub-conscious Fortress!

1:86 What you allow into the Sub-conscious, is
in fact a type of Energy, even a Vibration, and it
forms in effect a near Perpetual Motion Machine
that can live on the Residual Energy of the Body,
and Multiply, and even take on a Sentient-Life-
Form of its Own: Persons that we Know Not!

Axes to Grind

1:87 Residual Anxieties left by a Traumatic
Event or Extraordinary Experience, can and
should be mitigated by Intercessory Prayer by an
Effectual Pastor and by Professional Counselling
through Identification, Recognition, Acting out
or Purging, Group Therapy and other
behavioural Cues & Cures of Psychoanalysis.

1:88 Everyone should have a Therapist; often
it is our Significant Others that care enough and
are cheap enough to Consult Daily!
Unfortunately they may not only be poorly
equipped to deal with the effects of Abuse &
Neglect, but often they may have their own
Axes to Grind!

1:89 In the Worst Case Scenario, your
Significant Other could be a Child of Hell
intent on Taking you to Hell and Back just
because They Can! There is little Value in
expecting Dr. Jekyll to Psychoanalyse the Night
time Antics of Mr. Hyde! After all, you are the
Victim; and youre Dead anyway before the
Sun Arises! Dont waste their Valuable Time!

1:90 Jack the Ripper would hardly feel
enough compassion to consult about the
emotional damage he inflicted when he Sliced
& Diced the Dolls of the Night! If your in Bed
with the Chef; Get the Hell out of his Kitchen!

1:91 Abusers have been known to tenderly
Stitch up the Wounds and Suture the Infections
of sickening yellow Puss, and then gently
rubbing the back of those they beat; but there is
little Real Consolation because they Blame the
Victim for the Wounds That They Inflict!

1:92 Endless Psychoanalysis, Hospitalization
and Painful Physical Therapy can be avoided by
maintaining a Clear Mental State, being Careful
of what Illusions we Suffer, and Garnering a
Good Relationship with a Communicative,
Rightly Fed and Properly Trained Sub-conscious.

World of the Unseen

1:93 Having Walked a Street where No Man
was; I stepped into an Alley Full of Thugs!
Opps! Your Perception of the Alley was based
on your Experience of the Street! And your
Sixth Sense was Fast Asleep on its Feet!

1:94 Now consider this: I walked the Streets of
the Unseen; but my Inner Eyes could See Eyes
All Around Me! Hmmm....... Now Who is
Hunting Who!

1:95 The Undercover Police Man Hides his
Eyes but Sees into the World of the Unseen!

1:96 To Walk in the Power of the Sub-
conscious; is to be Fully Conscious of your
Surroundings; but also to be Intuitively Aware
of the Immediacy of the Future of Intentions
based on the Past Behaviour of the Adversary
and the Immediate Opportunity of the Now!

1:97 Who are your Real Enemies; how Well
and What do they Know about you! Are you
Hopelessly and Listlessly Lost in your Own
Illusions, Distorted by a Painful Past that clouds
the Present; or is your Radar Securely Locked
onto the Reality of the Now and the Near!

Cataclysmic Gush

1:98 The Sub-conscious is more than just a
little Flaky Idea floating around in a Flaky
Head! It is the Ability to See Reality, Feel the
Future, and Ride as a Prince rather than Walk as
a Slave!

1:99 Those who Learn to Ride the Storm
Oversee the Workers; But Those who Remain
as Walkers will always Bear the heaviest
Burdens! The Ox is Strong but Slow!

1:100 What Advantage can there be to Know
the Future; The Wisdom of Foresight has
Every Advantage! Wisdom however, comes
from Maturity through Experience; for Only
Experience has the Wisdom of Patience!

1:101 Love, one could say, is perhaps the first
Great Cataclysmic Gush we may experience
Straight from the Sub-conscious!

1:102 No Precedence means no Illusions; and
this Open-ended Situation therefore acts as a
Fail-safe automatic Turning on the Tap of the

1:103 How we Handle and Mature with Love,
interestingly has alot to do with how we Handle
Life! That first Love; Raw, Powerful,
Nonsensical! How Irrational, Embarrassing,
and Destabilizing! Then follows that first
Jealousy; that first One Sided Infatuation! That
first White-Hot Anger and the first Thoughts of
God Forbid......Suicide!

1:104 Oh for the Dirge of the Subconscious!
Why have you Tormented Me
in the Bud of My Youth;
And Poisoned My Blooming
With such Polished Spikes and Barbs!
The Sweet Scent of Love drawing me ever closer,
Yet Driving me ever Further and Further
from the Realization of What is just a Dream!

Denial of Love

1:105 All Experience adds to our Firmament of
Illusions; however knowing that we will always
have some good and some bad experiences; we
Must Not Deny ourselves New Subsequent
Experiences! That Unexpected Good Experience
that Dispels all Illusions is the Epiphany of
Reality! Never say Never; It might just Be!
1:105a As the Nut Jumps into the Tree!

1:106 Denial of Love is perhaps the Greatest
Mistake we can Ever make! Learning to Love
is what Healthy Maturity is all about! If you get
Bucked Off Jake-the Snake, next time take a
ride on the Old Bay! Slow rivers run Deep!
You will learn that Tranquillity in Relationships
is Appreciated more than the Trauma
&Trepidation of a Bad Ride! The Allure of
Taming the Wild Horse in the Barn is not
worth the Pain of Broken Bones and Hearts!

Respect & Maturity

1:107 Dating should not be a Bedding Game; but
the practiced Tuning of your Tastes to what is
Good, Classy, Cultured and Romantic.

1:108 Relationships have Never Just been about
Sex; but they have always been, and will
always be All about Mutual Respect! If you
cannot Respect Yourself and your Needs; Dont
Expect some Devil to Respect you!
1:109 Fathers can Show their Daughters what a
Real Fine Date is all about; and Mothers can
encourage their Sons by teaching them how to
really Respect and Appreciate a Woman!

1:110 Far too often, the Bad Examples of Out-of
control Pride-full Parents Imprint their Children
with Degenerative Traits that Taint their
Childrens Future Relationships! Sad but True!

1:111 If you are admittedly Bad-to-the-Bone;
try admitting this to your children so at least you
can be a Shining Bad Example instead of a
Blaring Role Model-T on the Road to Hell!

1:112 Family Outings can be experiences in
Enjoying Shared Interests as well as really
Appreciating the Interests of the Other Person.

1:113 Respect and Maturity
Are Siamese Twins;
Neither Tither could be Separated from Tuther!

Crack of Lightning

1:114 As Life Progresses, Maturity slowly plies
away the layers of Childhood Innocence, and our
Illusions become More Stayed and Less Frayed.
Assuming of course that Regression does not
occur due to a Bad Case of Perpetual Incurable
Immaturity! Ouch! Odd Uncle just took a Hit!

1:115 Then in the Calm of Dutiful Servitude
To our Multiplicity of Cares.........

Like A Bolt of Lightning
Out of a Clear Blue Sky

(The Sub-conscious Strikes Again!)

1:116 Moments of Clarity or Epiphany describe
these momentary rivers of Information Straight
from the free-flow of the Sub-conscious;
however there can also spring the Sticky Drippy
Tar Pits of Impending Disaster, Anxiety and
even Paranoia!

1:117 Remember, All Information flows into the
Sub-conscious; but getting stuff out in a Timely,
Accurate and Helpful manner is the problem!

1:118 Many of the Worlds Greatest Discoveries
have been Made in the Dream-state of Free-Flow
from the Sub-conscious; and yet much of Human
History is Blotched by Atrocities that have been
knee-jerk reactions of Pre-empted Surgical
Strikes to alleviate Unfounded Fears!

1:119 The Social Cretins Creed:
Do onto Others Before they Even Think of
Doing Something Onto you!

Scorched Earth

1:120 One should Obviously Never Trifle with
the Power of the Volcano Within; But the
Adding-Value of Refining Precious Metals
results in the dross floating to the top and being
discarded as the precious Ingot is Puri-fired.

1:121 The Purging of Impurities occurs by
Continuous Pressure and Intense Heat!
Re note: Maturing through Intense
Personal Experiences!

1:122 Unfortunately, some Immature Individuals
do Play with Fire and their Immaturity of
Impulsivity of Immediate Gratification has
often resulted in Scorching much of the Known
Earth from Time to Time.

1:123 Instead of the Purification Process of
Maturing; Immature individuals Fling out the
Flaming Dross and Burn Down the House!

1:124 Mans greatest Hidden Strength and
Resource when Improperly Harnessed and
Misused is also his greatest Nemesis!

1:125 Consider the Vandals of Grandeur who
Habitually Burned Europe to the Ground for the
Umpteenth time!

1:126 Can you Imagine that One Single Person
with an Infectious Personality Problem could
spawn so much Property Damage & Destruction
and Impact so many Innocent lives!

1:127 Can an Adolescent Dysfunction be the
cause of Such Havoc that has Devastated and
Hindered Mankinds Ascension to our present
Height & Blight of Non-awareness, Self-
Centeredness and Carelessness?

1:128 Were the Dark Ages really Dark, Just as
Dark, or Darker than the Darkness in this Present
Darkening Age! Insolence is on the Rise; and
Violence is Rising in Incidence!

1:129 Is the Land Waster merely the
Discipline of an Immature Twelve year old
Child Raging inside a Thirty Year Old Body;
Raping and Pillaging with the Impulsivity and
Irresponsibility of the Phalanx of the Sword!

1:130 White Knights and Knights in Shining
Armour were Needfully Raised Up by Society-
of-Old to shut these Overgrown Pre-teenagers

1:131 If they could not Grow Up properly on
their own; Then they would just have to Grow
Down, with a little help from the Spade
Handlers Six-feet-of-Sod piled high to Weigh
Down the Bone! This Final Measure has been
the Cure for Unpleasantness for Centuries; All
for a little Curdling of the Cream!

Merlins Mother

1:132 The Unusual Gift of a Balanced and Fully
Functioning Combined-Consciousness is Rare
in an Adolescent; and usually takes much
Constructive Life Experience and Maturity to

1:133 The Learned-ability of young adults and
the middle-aged to walk boldly and confidently
right into the Mouth of the Volcano of the
Inner-Mind and harvest the Gems of Wisdom
therein; especially during waking hours, can be
facilitated by Concentrated Feeding Sessions of
the Sub-conscious with Meditative Style
Writings and Speakings.

1:134 Grandmothers, revered in most Ancient
Learned Societies, were often the Repositories
of Spiritual Guidance and Wisdom. The
Humbling of Age, and the Role of Overseeing
the Antics of Children from Outside the
Common Sand box of Illusions and Delusions,
Seems to have Fallen the Mantel of Wisdom
upon the Babysitting Bubbas!

1:135 Matriarchs, spanning two or more
generations, and often outliving the Patriarchs
and sometimes even their Sons; have been the
Fonts of Wisdom, Oasis of Calm, and
Guardians for Spiritual Meditation ever since:

Mother Eves Alvin hairs Turned Gray!

1:136 The Illusion of Merlin is Rightly
Replaced with the Reality of Mothers and
Grandmothers! The Hand that Rocked the
Cradle was most likely Grandma!

1:137 The Millennial Longevity of the Aged
Mummified Mamas, in Legend has sometimes
extended almost a thousand years, and may have
contributed to their Fabled Wrinkled Cuteness
and Diminutive Elfish size; but their Knowledge
and Understanding must have been as Broad as
the Vastness of the Plain!

1:138 In the Modern Dark Ages, Advanced
Societies such as ours, Marginalize the Aged;
and their Wisdom Cries & Dies in Loneliness,
and their Salty tears Run in Vain down the
Cracked Cheeks and Crumbling Halls of the Old
Croaks Home!

1:139 What happens when the Wisdom of the
Woman is Darkened by Abusiveness; and the
Instincts of Self Preservation Haunt the
Haunting corridors of the Disturbed and Battered
Mind? Sorceresses Mean, Diviners Cruel,
Witchcraft Lures and Guiles!

1:140 The Misogynists have Decapitated the
Beautiful; the Little Miss Miss-used Merciful
Mothers, and replaced Her with the Murderous
Merlin! I wonder Whos Bright Idea that was!

1:141 How nice! The Grizzled Conspirer has
replaced the Generous and the Gentle! And
Just how Nice really was this Merlin, If a
Culture of Killers thought that they needed
Merlin for a Side Kick: Spokesman, Promoter,
and Public Relations Manager!

1:142 What a Kick for the Impulsivity of the
Psychopath to Play Up this Illusion that a
Man can Do It Better! Add Delusions of
Grandeur to Grandiose! Even today, this
Insidious Illusion lingers on:

1:143 The Evilness of Shevilness
Chills little Children as they walk Past
The Poor Widows Home;
Gingerbread and Sugarcanes,
Hunch Backs and Eucalyptus Oil!
Darkness and Shame,
Oldness and Ugliness!

What have we done to our Matriarchs!!

Mass Graves

1:144 The Unusual Material in This Book is
presented to you for your Meditative-Inspiring
thoughtful consideration; which incidentally your
Grandmother could have Given you for Free if
You had Given Her Half a Gumming Chance!

1:145 However, Since it is I; being Embroiled
in a Contest to Kick all the Illusionistic Fairy
Dust out of the Community Sand Box in One
Book; I have to warn you the Reader that the
Personal Discomfort you may experience by
Watching all of your Trusted and Comforting
Illusions and Delusions tumble through the
stillness of the evening park air and shatter like
bottled Spirits against a Bronze Bust in your
Likeness, is purely at your own risk. The
Demon Spirits released are of your Own
fermentation; Deal with It!

1:146 The Addiction to Delirium by the Abuse
of the Drug of Self Deception will no longer
be available to you the Reader, as the Knowledge
contained herein is as Potent as the Apple in the
Garden of Eden that transformed the partakers
into Gods; instantly having the knowledge of
Good and Evil; and knowing that their every
thought pulsed with the Bile of Guile of
Bitterness in the Evening of Their Illness!

1:147 What you are reading is not New
Revelation; but All Things are of Old; Musty
with Age, and Hoary with Paleness. The Grim
Reaper was just a Boy; Laughing in the
Morning of His Youth, and Playing happily in
the Beams of the Ever-shining Sun!

1:148 I pull No punches in this One-on-one
Punchy Diatribe; I telegraph no hints to the
Sluggish in Understanding! Far be it for me to
do a Grandmothers Job as Delicately as the
balding old Coot; but alas even a Bull Dozers
Wit digs up the dirt with a Sharpened Edge!

1:149 Illusionist Merlins do not stand a
Snow-Cones Hope in Hell of remaining
Unscathed when the Connection with the Sub-
conscious in the People-at-large is Properly
Activated: Inspiration Trumps Illusions!

1:150 Delusions on the other hand, Aided-and-
Abetted by an Abused, Tortured, Twisted, and
Perpetually Immature Bent Sub-conscious: Are
the Diggers of Mass Graves!

Righteous War

1:151 Was Hitler mentally Healthy? Was
Napoleon? How about Genghis Khan! How
about Stalin! All of these men seemed to have no
problem in Burying Millions for their own
Personal Aggrandisement!

1:152 Consider the Modern Counterpart to the
typology of the Grandiose Empire Building
Psychopath, Your friend and mine; George W.
Bush! Did he Thumbs-down his Own Towers
and make a Perfect Pitch to the Pentagon?
Hitler certainly would have relished at the
chance to Start a Righteous War and Grind
the Planet down with his Blitzkrieging Panzers!

1:153 Genghis Khan; who knows what rattled
around inside that over-heating sun-baked
helmet! After slaughtering China, he threw the
Surviving Remnants of the surrendered Chinese
Army against Fortress Japan. Twice, he sent
ill-fated Invasion Fleets against Fortress Japan,
both strangely in the Cusp of Typhoon Season!

1:154 The Wreckage of Both Fleets by the
stormy seas Kamikaze Divine Wind trumped
the damage by the defenders Samurai Sword! If
Genghis Khan could have summoned up the
Killer Storms, he would have just as well been
suited by the terrifying typhoons as the Japanese
priests who Rent their Cloths Supplicating the
Gods in their Island Temples!

1:155 Were these Dramatic Repeating Naval
losses indicative of a Penchant for Critical
Errors by the undefeated Master Strategist Great
Khan? Is it really believable to consider a
Double Blind Blunder, or is it more credible to
contemplate that the Greatest Strategist that ever
lived, the Perfect Warrior simply calculated
the Gains to Internal Security by purposeful
Self-Sabotaging his own forced Collaborators?
Betrayal before Betrayed; Raze before
Revolt! Good one Khan!

1:156 China, Proud but Toothless, Defeated
but not Beaten, could not Rise & Reassert
Itself against the Great Khan with the Ghosts of
a Twice Drowned Army! You be the Mentalist,
figure it out!

1:157 Can Historians even begin to number all
the Innocent Human Beings that These and Other
Alleged Psychopaths have callously Used,
Abused and Refused! (Recycled!) And
Justified to their Deaths many a Loyal Son in
Manufactured Righteous Wars?

Penchant for Predation

1:158 Can the Mass Deaths even be Numbered
where the Human Collateral Damage of Wars,
Purges, Pogroms and Inter-communal warfare
that have littered the Ground and Seas with the
Caps of Skulls and Bloated Corpses without
number. Hurray for the Carrion; Dinners served!

1:159 Mans Penchant for Predation on his
Fellow Man has never been fully understood
until the recent recognition of the Social
Psychopath! The Disconcerting Comprehension
into the Totality of the Matter has never been
Grasped or Grappled and even seriously
considered by a vast audience until the writing of
this acro-pivotal Acrolectic Book!

1:160 If our Literary Efforts could only Short
Circuit one Land Wasting Oppressive Perpetual
Teenager, who in His/Her Efforts, does not
Accept One Single Ounce of Personal
Responsibility for the all the Pain that they have

1:161 If our World, or at least Our Community,
or even one Solitary Heart could be spared at
least One Square Meter of Scorched Earth by
the Psychopath; then the Tooth & Claw
Struggle and near Total Sacrifice for this Book
will not have been painfully Bled & Etched in

1:162 If we could Hinder or Stop just one
Grandiose Alexander Empire Builder with an
Overly developed Sense of Entitlement, one
Romulus Wolf-Boy Developer who casts his
Covetous Eyes on his Neighbours Possessions,
or one Impulsive Pol Pot-X Lover or Significant
Other who was Born seemingly without even a
Single Sliver of Conscience!


1:163 Alas, We do not Live in a Perfect
World; and with Our Mounting Personal Cost
for our Hard Won Maturity; Also comes the
Grim Reaper of our Joy, the Realization of the
Reality of the Oppressor!

1:164 Oppression is not the Real Problem
however; it is How We Handle the Oppressor
that Counts. Oppression is the Assault on Truth
& Right; and the only Logical & Healthy
response to the Oppressor is War!

1:165 Jesus Calmed this tone Down by saying
Resist not Evil, and then by not saying; And
then Sue their Bloody Herodian pants off! Note
the Wisdom of giving the Oppressor so much
rope that He/She Impulsively hangs themselves
by straying Too far off the Path of Legal

1:166 When the Oppressor Oppresses it is
because he thinks he can do so without
Recrimination or Consequences! Too Little or
too Much Reaction on your part, however can
cause a little Sabre Rattling to break out into a
Full Scale War!

1:167 The purpose of the Sabre Rattling in the
first place was to Feel Out your response. Too
Little Response means that you are Weak and
can be Gobbled! Too Much of a Reaction
means that you are Strong and are a Threat!

1:168 A Moderate Response governed by a Firm
Statement of Truth & Right, and then Steady
Resistance Without giving up a Foot of
Ground shows that you are Peaceful but
Powerful; Sufficiently Able to Defend what is

1:169 The Sabre Rattler will grow weary of
posturing, and with his Juvenile Short Attention
Span, will just spin off and Flail his Whiles
against easier Targets to Overcome.

1:170 Time my Friend Is your Friend;
Time is Never the Friend
of the Psychopath!

1:171 Beware however of the Siege; for the
Oppressor calculates how long he can Lay Siege,
and how long you can Hold Out under Siege!

1:172 The key here is that the King who Lays
Siege, uses expendable Lieutenants to Maintain
Pressure, while He saunters off and relaxes in the
Jacuzzi in his Summer Palace!

1:173 Confusing the Lowly Lieutenants with
the King Controller can Fool the Defenders
and Wear Out their Defences! The Defenders
should be Sending their Salvos right over the
heads of the expendables and right into the
String-Pullers Leather Upholstered Penthouse!

1:174 Why should you be Losing Sleep, when
There is no Rest for the Wicked; but The God
of Equity gives his Darlings Sleep! If you have
done Nothing Wrong, dons sweat it; let the
Wrong doer sweat with the Disconcerting Reality
that their House of Cards is Facing a Typhoon
when the Lord of Lords Raises his Standard
against the Wicked! Wisdom Trumps

1:175 Attacks on your Skirmishes are just
Distractions. Your best Defence has always been
a Strong and Concerted Offence! Plan to Plow!

1:176 A Sharp Commando Raid of the Hunter
Class Pounded Right into the Heart of Hell
Destabilizes the Crux of Control
Of the Devilish Designer!

(A combined paraphrase by a cross between
Winston Churchill & Van Helsing!)

1:177 Vampire Hunters from Time Immemorial
have contemplated this Dictum before
descending into the Creatures Lair with polished
stake and wooden hammer;

1:178 Vampires can be Dangerous
When Awakened!

Sting of Abuse

1:179 The Sting of Abuse of the Oppressor,
however, if it makes it past the Defenders
Shield of Faith of Truth & Right, can have the
effect of Denial on the Victim. Either the
Abuse was so Unexpected or so Traumatizing, or
it was just Way to Uncomfortable to Admit
that they were Abused in the First Place!

1:180 Insult is as Dangerous as Assault to the
Inexperienced Defender! Our own Pride can give
our Enemy a Supreme Advantage coupled with
the Element of Surprise of the unexpected!
This is why Betrayal by one Close To Us can
Capitulate the City more effectively than a
Strong Army.

1:181 Usually Abuse has a Calculated Effect
on the Unsuspecting Victim that the Abuser is
Entirely Aware Of and takes Full Advantage Of;
that being: Mental Stress & Fatigue!
Psychopaths need Stimulation however; lots of
it! They dont burn out with the grinding of
constant aggravations, they thrive on it; the Dark
Energy to them is Stimulating & Infectious!
Turmoil is their Home; and Strife their Native

1:182 Professional Abusers like the more
Cultured in the Mafia, and the more Experienced
of Older Lovers; know that Its the little things
that Count! The Stalker at the Mall, the
Unexplained Open Door that you were sure you
Closed, the Unfamiliar Earring under the Seat,
the Strange person near your Childrens School!

1:183 Hidden Messages, Innuendos! The
Windy Window banging in the Dead of Night!
The Phone that rings and then Hangs Up just as
you answer it, ...........that Spiked Tire!

1:184 They Know that If
They can Rattle You;
They can Rule You!

Pit Viper

1:185 Many Rich Criminal Psychopaths and
their supporting Old Money Crime Families have
made their way up from Blood & Drug Street.
They are overgrown Street Dealers, Money
Launderers and Black Marketers! They are
Creatures of the Night that use the familiarity
of Drug Addicts & Petty Thieves to perform
Dirty Deed Psychological Games on their
Friends & Victims! Often on a whim paying
an Old Con to Rape or Kill and then doing the
Time for the Crime! As much as several
percent of prison populations are professionally
employed Fall Guys! Street Injustice for Hire!

1:186 The more Internationally Connected often
use their influence to Hijack the Capabilities of
their Host countries Intelligence Services.
Watch out, this isnt just a common Snake-in-
the-Grass; its an African Pit Viper clamped
onto your Thigh! They Can & Will Eat you
Alive, because You are what they Eat! The
Violent eat the Peaceful; Carnivores eat
Herbivores! The Crafty snare the Simple!

1:187 If you are being Tormented by a
Psychopath, Relax; Expect the Unexpected,
and Take Care; Take Extreme Care! Ha Ha! But
Remember, Your Enemy makes Enemies
Everyday! Sooner or later, they are going to
take a Big Bite out of the Tail of a Bigger Fish
than themselves; its inevitable! Then we will see
how much they like to be Masticated!

Shooting in the Dark

1:188 The Abuser knows that a Stressed-Out
Mind, makes Self Defeating Mistakes. One of
the most Horrible Mistakes a Victim can Make,
and Usually Makes, is to blame the Sub-
conscious! Why didnt you Warn me!

1:189 Even God takes a Shit Kicking, and gets
Blamed for Bad things happening to Good
People! However, your own Sub-conscious is
often Disowned and Excommunicated from the
Family! Now youre Really Shooting in the

1:190 The Subconscious often Takes the
Blame when we Blame Ourselves; and is
Hurriedly & Unceremoniously Self-
Eviscerated! Thus your Own Greatest Allie
becomes the first Victim to be stuffed into the
Darkened Cluttered Closet of your Fears!

1:191 That Little Voice that used to say Hey!
Wait a Minute! Somehow failed to warn us, and
now suddenly falls Unintelligibly Muffled as it is
excommunicated behind the Closed Closet Door!

1:192 And then Comes the Inevitable, We are
Drawn into an Illusionary Landscape not of our
Choosing! Not a good position to Mount a
Defence when the Strangest of Strangers are
Free to Roam and Grope through the Shadows of
our Darkened Home!

1:193 When the Candle of the Sub-conscious
goes out, the (cavern/shell/skull/temple) of the
Mind is plunged into a palpable deep darkness;
A Darkness that can be Felt! A Hopelessness
that has no Depth, Width nor Breadth!
Everything we once took comfort in Suddenly
becomes Unfamiliar and Confusing.

1:194 Even Fear itself becomes Strangely
Unfamiliar; as our Familiarity is only with the
feelings of the continual Stress of Impending
Calamity, and the hopelessness of not being
able to Protect Oneself or even Run Away!

1:195 It is in this Pitch of Darkness where we
are Numb to Fear, that the:

1:196 Spores of our Fears Mushroom
Into Strange Subterranean Cranium Lives
Of their Own!

1:197 Finally at the point of Physical or Clinical
Death or Dismemberment, the Real Fear
finally raises up its Nightmarish Head! In the
Grip of Near or Total Mental Breakdown, the
Avalanche of Memories flood over you like a
Tidal Wave, and the Dam-busting of the Sub-
conscious Spewing out of Every Orifice, can
make you feel like your Losing Your Mind!

1:198 The funny thing is that your Self-defence
Mechanism of Denial shields you from the most
Traumatic Memories, and only after some Rest
& Convalescence, does the Full Extent of the
Trauma strike out of the dark sky! Yet again;
Like a Proverbial Bolt of Lightning.......!

Soft Self-Petting

1:199 It is alarmingly Accepted in Instinctual
Practice that we humans need the Stabilizing
support of Illusionary Self-Deceptions to Cope
with Inconvenient Realities.

1:200 Human beings it seems would naturally
Crumble under the Weight of the
Oppressiveness of Forced Regimes, without
the Crutch of Denial and a Cushion of a False
Sense of Security.

1:201 Only our Illusions and Delusions,
facilitated by our Willing Ignorance enhanced
through the Fatigue of the Daily Grind, allow
us to become Infinitely more Blissful than living
in the Realization of Objective Clarity!

1:202 Our Self-created Illusionary Reality is
built to replace the Reality of Reality! Our
Own self-conceived Matrix Construct of Sun
& Sand; that is, Only remembering the Good
times, replaces the Desolate Landscape of our
Ruined and Pathetic World; blighted by the

1:203 Why Think if Thinking only makes one
Uneasy! Why Worry if Worrying just makes
one all the more Worried! Why Question if
Questioning just Cracks Open the door to
Uncomfortable Questions and even more
Uncomfortable Answers!

1:204 It is Just Easier to Coo yourself to Sleep
with the Soft Self-Petting of Obliviously
Obvious Lies! Thus you Sink into the
Quicksand of your own Illusions of
Helplessness; giving Oversight of your Life
and Destiny to those who Control you; Your
Abusers and Users who Self-deceptively have
been Re-labelled as Lovers and Leaders!

1:205 The Time will Come when you will Want
to Scream for all the Times that you Didnt or
Couldnt Scream! You will Blame yourself; but
the real Blame is The Tragic Way you were
Made to be Sub-servant to Oppression; They
made you into a Slave with the Abuse of
Oppression because they Needed Slaves!

1:206 Why bother to have a Sub-conscious to
Bother Us if the Hourly News Casts on TV and
the Daily News Papers sufficiently Till our
Fears and excruciatingly Rake our Anxieties
over the Nine O-clock Coals!

1:207 We then scratch our Anxiety-itch
vigorously and in mock-exhaustion Resignably
sink back into our Couch and contemplate the
fuzz in our Navel! Surely our Lovers &
Leaders will take care of us!

1:208 Again we Wallow in the Mire of
Helplessness & Hopelessness; and the Stream
of Endless Sit-coms replace our Relevance with
our Complete Irrelevance!

1:209 It is through Irrelevance of the
Individual that we Abrogate through
Acquiescence our Personal Responsibility for
the Future of Ourselves and Our Society!
Therefore Oligarchy Societies benefit by
facilitating the Psychopathic Abuse of its
Citizens! Hit Everybody But Us!

The Enemy is Us

1:210 Hmm.....Uncomfortable Questions often
Gender Uncomfortable Fatherly Answers:

1:211 Is the Psychopath really Us?
Yea in every Way!
For such is the Kingdom of Mammon!

1:212 Just as Temples are built by Terror;
Societies are built by Psychopath!

1:213 Do not Blame those that Lead you in the
Home, or in the House of Society. It is You
that have Abandoned Them to Their Plight of
Oversight, and Cast your Apathy upon them to
carry the Burdens of Solitude!

1:214 You have Neglected them; and their
Response to you is to Abuse You in Return for
the Favour! What they do, they do in Isolation;
and you call it Secrecy! Their Shepherds Pole
you call a Whip, and their Foresight you call
Conspiracy! You Made them, and you Defined
them! You are them and they are you!

1:215 Sadly,
The Enemy is Us!

1:216 Leaders are not the Criminals many make
them out to be; To be Led is the Lot of the
Criminal, so it is You not Them who are Held
where you do not wish to Stay, and it is You not
Them who are Taken where you do not wish to
Go! If you are Comfortable in your Illusions,
then do not Complain of the Burdens and the
Degradations of Acquiesced Slavery!

1:217 The Slave who Loves the Familiarity of
the Slavers Whip, Stings themselves for the
Pleasure and not for the Pain! It is Useless to
Counsel the Sick, if they Glory in their own
Sickness; Their Chains are of their own Careful

1:218 Albeit the Abuser has placed a Lock
on the Chains!

1:219 Political Leaders my friends, they Come
in on the Crest of the Wave and go Out on the
Edge of the Tide! As their Season-in-the-Sun
has expired; they Drift off into the Sunset and are
seen no more.

Enter the Vampire

1:220 But there is an Animal, a Vicious Animal
that has No Natural Predators; that Holds the
Keys to the Kingdom and Grips the Reigns of
Power like a Tyrant!

1:221 Breeding Oppression in their Minion
Underlings who Assist in the Spreading of Fear
to the Four Winds, and Feeding Gorgingly on
the Life Blood Haemorrhaging from the
Ruptured Veins of a Society as its:

1:222 Privileged & Entitled Upper-class
of Untouchable Bureaucratic Aristocrats!

1:223 Enter the Code of the Vampire:

Loyalty Always Above Truth!

1:224 Citymen, Bold and Strong, Who Twist
Laws against the Wronged with Unscrupulous
Lawyers, And Protect Each Other from the
Telling of the Truth with the Brutality of
Loyalty-to-the-Pack; Trampling on the Rights
of All that Fall Beneath the Crushing Weight
of the Cumulative Mass of the Psychopath!

1:225 The Subject of this book is the
Psychopath; and You the Reader will probably
come to the Disconcerting Realization that:

1:226 Psychopaths Breed Oppression;
And Oppressive Societies
Breed Psychopaths!

1:227 A Self-perpetuating Prognosis;
Rome Rotted!

1:228 The Mental State of the Individual
therefore, cannot be accurately considered
without considering the Psychological State of
the Society.

Behind the Veil

1:229 Dexter Livingstone now presents a
Paradigm Shift to consider, that borders on a
little known Natural Law that rips through the
Veil of Oppression that Governs most
Societies, both Modern and Ancient;

1:230Wisdom Always Leads to Freedom;
But the Illusion of Wisdom
Always leads to Slavery!

1:231 Yes, we have Free Will to make Our Own
Choices; but Others more Sly than us have taken
upon themselves the job to Guide our Free
Choices with their own pet Self-enhancing

1:232 Combine Advertising with the Iron
Curtain and you get Black Propaganda;
Spewing Illusions from Purely Deluded
Establishmentarians, as Psychopathically
Deluded as the Summers Day is Long!

1:233 Now consider If the Herd is being Herded
for our Help or for our Hurt? Disconcertingly,
the Herd is never Herded for our Individual
Enlightenment; but for Mass Manipulation! To
Balance this Perspective, consider on the other
hand that:

1:234 The Greatest Tyranny of All
Is Anarchy;
As Complete Lack Of Control
Is as Bad as too Much Control.

1:235 Herein is the Real Problem; Can the
State, Top-heavy with the Psychopath filling the
ranks of its Administrative Bureaucracy,
Resist the temptation Not to Tread on the
Rights of the Individual whom it is Entrusted
to Oversee? Hardly!

1:236 Consider Dexters Dictum on the validity
and acceptability of mans forcing nature exerted
on his fellow man:

1:237 Oppression is Tolerable
.............Until it Happens to You!

1:238 And now more and more citizens are being
Squeezed and Limited by Psychopathic Civil
Administrations that function Without a
Conscience; Devoid of Common Courtesy &
Common Sense and with Absolute Authority
given to them from God knows Where!

Skull and Crossbones

1:239 Modern Societies, with the Power of new
Information Technology and the Concentration
of more and more Power on fewer and fewer
results in the Gross Misuse of Authority; and
the Habitual use of:

1:240 Utilitarian Administrative
Policies Of Oppression
Used to Shock-and-Awe
Citizens to Silence!

1:241 These are not Laws folks; they are
Administrative Practices Used to Abuse! Just
try and apply for even the Simplest of Permits at
Any City Hall on Gods Green Earth; it is like

1:242 Resident Psychopath
Lives on Distressing Law Abiding Citizens
To Tears!

1:243 On a more Serious Tone;

The State will Use You the Citizen
To Predicate on Your Own Rights
Through the Narcissistic Herding
Of Intelligence!

1:244 For Fear for Your Own Safety you will
lay your Own Head on the Chopping Block; and
for the Fear of Fear you will swing your own
De-Heading Axe!

1:245 The most common Boogieman of
Societies Immemorial, has always been the
Hidden Spectre of State Supported Terrorism!

1:246 The Use & Abuse of Terror to the
Psychopathic Administrator equates with
Respect, and even Cooperation; no matter if
it is Forced or Coerced!

1:247 Notice the Utilitarian use of Terror as a
Tool, without a Conscience, and without
Accepting or even Appreciating the Damage to
the Individual being pacified! Psychopaths
Live to Kill whatever is right in front of them,
they are:

1:248 Instinctual Predators
Visually Stimulated!

Escape & Evade

1:249 Consider Dexters Dictums on Escaping
& Evading the Destruction of the Psychopath:

1. Dont get in Its Face:
a. Never Stare at Ugliness! Violence is
Ugly! Forcing against your Will is
Ugly! Trampling on your Rights is
b. Recognize Ugliness for what it is;
Forcing & Violence and Plot your
Escape! Lob your bag into that taxi!
c. Never excuse Ugliness or Accept
the Justification for Ugliness!
d. Never mention Betrayal to the
Betrayer; He Knows! He is a master
at Misleading you into what is Good
for him and Bad for you!
e. He Lives to Control; Escape and
you will finally Live Again!

2. Dont show any weakness; it will be
Exploited by the Exploiter:
a. Your problems are Personal
Problems, dont make them Public!
Much less to your Enemy!
b. If you need a Therapist; Pay for one.
c. Dont go to He that brings Misery
for Comfort! The Beast only
Comforts what it Shreds! This is
not Mercy, it is Conditioning for
Slavery! You will feel better when
the Whipping, Yelling and Beating
stops! The False Hero Causes the
Calamity in the first place and then
Rides In on the White Horse of
False Helping & Caring!
d. Psychopaths Never Lose! Dont
Fight Them on the Open Ground;
You will Lose! Build up your
position, dont try and tear down
theirs because they are Masters at
Impression Management to
Authority! You are Honest, and
therefore you are not a Master at
Hiding the Monster! You will
always be made to look Unstable;
because they are the Cool Cats!
Raping & Pillaging on the Lie!
e. Get what you can Get and Go! 30%
is more acceptable than certain
Death or a Mob Stoning! What they
cannot crush themselves; they will
Build a Mob and Whip It into Riot
Against you!

3. Explore & Exercise your Rights!
a. I dont want you here! Get out!
b. If youre not backed by the Police or
a Court Order, Get the heck out
Right Now and never look back!
c. Plan your escape, and quietly slip
away. Living with the Enemy is
just surviving; this is Not Living!


4. State the Truth:
a. The Accuser cannot Tell the Truth;
they Dig for Dirt! This is their
Nature; dont be Hurt by Dirt!
Restate the Truth and then just walk
away, dont ever Acknowledge a
lie! They know it is a lie; but they
are trying to Make the Lie Reality!
b. Truth is all you have, stick to it even
if you have to Walk the Plank for
it. It is better to Die for the Truth;
than Live in the Abusers Lie!
c. Accept that Truth can be Spoken but
is Never Listened To; not Even by
Authority! Wait till Heaven and
Angels will be your Audience; they
Love Truth and Hate Lies; and
they Actually Know the Difference!
d. Here on Earth; Force & Violence
Rule! Do not resist Evil; but Slip
away and Make a Life for yourself.
Do not Deceive Yourself, you can
be Self Sufficient! Having to Live
with Death just to Eat is a Deathly
Life, and you will ever Eat the
Bread of Sorrows!
e. Threatening &Violence & Fear;
these are the Triplets of Horror!
Why Prostitute yourself for his So-
called Provision & Protection; Stand
in your Own Integrity, Stand Alone
and Stand Strong!
f. The Truth is Safety; Build up your
Defences with Proof & Paper!
The Danger of Lies is Danger; and
the Danger to You is the Power of
the Liar.

Rage against the Machine

1:250 Think it not strange, that Strange
Creatures of the Night prowl the shadowy
Marbled Halls, and make their Nests high in the
Lofts of Ivy draped Ivory Towers!

1:251 Men till the Earth, but there is a kind of
man that will not Stoop to Plough the Dust, but
reaches his Hands High into the Clouds even
unto the Heavens!

1:252 Is it not Reasonable that a
Different Creature should Reap
While others Sow and Tend the Fields?

1:253 Beware of False Shepherds who having
the Appetites of Voracious Wolves, Feel that
They and only They are Entitled to the choicest
parts of the animal, and are Calmly, Serenely and
Comfortably wearing the Thin Camouflage of
Disarming & Charming Civil Acceptability!

1:254 They Force their Ascension to the Top of
Human Groupings, and are even now
Grandiosely Circling and Herding the Flock of
Society with the Cunning Eye of the Wolf.

1:255 Their Objective is their own Enrichment
and Self-Aggrandizement. They Do Not Work
for you, but for the Continuance of their Own
Protected Position; and Live by the Creed of
Self-Preservation and Loyalty to the Wolf
Pack without any regards or interest to the

1:256 The Makers of the Rules
.................Make the Rules To Rule!

1:257 You will find that in Resisting Them You
will only Lose; for the Paths of Redress are
planned Blind Alleys with waiting Murderous
Thugs (Lawyers) skilled at Undermining those
who Rage against the Callousness of the

1:258 Resistance is Futile;
This is their Mantra, their Promise,
and their Prophecy!

Epitome of Tranquility

1:259 Psychopaths often Forge their Kingdoms
out of the Placid Village Landscape, Churning
through City Hall and Worming their way up to
Provincial and National Administrations of

1:260 Most however Dig into their Surrounding
Community, Wedge their Hooks into
Unsuspecting Businesses and Dribble their
Drippy Sweet Mucus into Local Churches and
Civil Organizations. Some merely:

1:261 Pound their Steel
In the Furnace of the Family,

1:262 And present on Sundays the perfect
Hammered-In-Place Relationship Forged in
the Furnace of Forcing and Violence!

1:263 To All the outside World, All is Well that
Ends Well; and pay no Attention or Mind to the
Limps, Lapses of Memory and Suspicious
Injuries on their Non-responsive Spouses or

1:264 The Outside World is only allowed to see
the Practiced Smiles under Cakes of Make-up
and the Fashionable Clothing that conveniently
conceals the Marks, Scars and Bruises!

1:265 For-all-the-World
It would seem to be
The Epitome of Tranquility!

1:266 The Distressed withdraw their Claims &
Charges, and then claim to have over
exaggerated! They prance in on hundred dollar
shoes and drive away in new leased SUVs! The
Monster in Golf shirt and Slacks Guards the
Treasure; and Rewards his Victims Virgin
Sacrifices with the Bounties of a Raped Will!

A Sad Note

1:267 This book is dedicated to the
Downtrodden, the Angels in Cages, the
Overcome and the Shredded! How can I explain
their plight without Centre Staging the
Blighter of their Darkened World?

1:268 Hope that began so bright, a Future that
Stretched Away to the Horizons; and Love that
was so Pure and Untainted by Pain. Who would
ever have imagined Suffering in the Sun, or
Weeping in the Rain! Or a Princess Opera
ending on Such a Sad Note in the Anguish of a

1:269 Who would ever have conceived that there
was a Human Predator; a Perfect Social
Chameleon, a Worm in this Perfect Apple on
such an Enchanting Tree?

1:270 These my Angels are the Psychopaths; the
Devils appearing as Angels of Light under the:

1:271 Streaming Light
Of their Very Own Personal Suns!

1:272 Having the Primitive and Predatory Evil
Mind of the Intelligence of the Beast! They
Instinctively become Accomplished Experts in
planning the minute details of their Impression
Management Camouflage!

1:273 They then Exalt themselves with the
Power of Money as the False Prophets of the
God of Mammon, and rise like Callous Human
Meteors into the positions of the Untouchable
Made-Man, the Worshiped Idol and the
Indispensible Hero!



Beware my Friends of the Hero;
For Christ came only Once
And was Subsequently
Dealt With;

But the Office of the Anti-Christ
Has Many Contenders!

End of Chapter 1
The Footsteps of Evil Part I
By Dexter Livingstone
Ch.2 Laughing Crystal Skull
p.91 Index
p:92 Herd of Humanity 2:1 - 2:10
p:94 Gather the Hunters 2:11 - 2:31
p:100 Fabled Cure 2:32 - 2:44
p:105 Bitter Pill 2:45 - 2:56
p:108 Shangri-La Paradise 2:57 - 2:61
p:109 Poison Pen 2:62 - 2:66
p:111 Instinct of the Sage 2:67 - 2:72
p:112 Basics of the Book 2:73 - 2:79
p:114 Organism all its Own 2:80 - 2:103
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p:124 Corner the Prey 2:115 - 2:127
p:127 Executioner 2:128 - 2:141
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p:145 Daughters of Mercy 2:191 - 2:202
p:148 Little Bit of Fun 2:203 - 2:217
p:153 Ode to the Tormented 2:218 - 2:219
The Footsteps of Evil Part I
By Dexter Livingstone
Ch.2 Laughing Crystal Skull

Herd of Humanity

2:1 What Usually follows the Introduction is
the Mass of the Book. The Footsteps of Evil
however is a Crusher, and is altogether too
Heavy for those whom it can Help the Most.

2:2 Therefore, we have included further
discussion by Dexter Livingstone followed by a
Special Chapter for Rebuilding Hope and Re-
establishing the Faith of the Psychopathically

2:3 This Elongated Build-up to the Book is
necessary as some of our readers have been so
Fragmented by Abuse that they have begun to
doubt even their Own Sanity.

2:4 The Psychopath is Clearly Insane by
Most Measures of the Word; but their Victims
Minds are the Main Target of the Assault of
Abuse; Forcing the Complete Capitulation of
the Individual!

2:5 Not only does the Psychopath Attack the
Victims Mind with Abuse in Private, but Works
to Enslave the Whole Community and All
Authority to be Complicit in this Aim!

2:6 The Psychopath rarely Stands Alone; as
is portrayed by Sensational Media and Movie
Thrillers; but Uses the Mob for His Purposes.

2:7 This Misinformation Mission may be
the Crux of the Greatest Deception ever to
have been Cast over the Mass Herd of

2:8 The Psychopath Rules! This is His
World and We all are His Chattel & Subjects!
Make No Mistake, what the Rulers Allow, Is
Propaganda; but what the Rulers do not Allow is
Candid Informed Objectivity and much less
Prophets Against their Own Excesses!

2:9 The Latter are hastily coloured as
Revolutionaries and purported to be just bad
Conspiracy Theorists; ever Imagining the
Goings on behind Closed Doors, and ever
Spying into the Bedchambers of Grotesquely
Mismatched and Inconvenient Lovers!

2:10 The Lone Psychopath is Far Less
Dangerous than the Mob Builder, as we shall
Soon discover when we finally Crack open the
Keep of the Book!

Gather the Hunters

2:11 As Wolves Run in Packs, so do the
Psychopaths; for their Predatory Strategy
combines both the Psychological Warfare of
Superior Numbers, and the Physical Warfare
of many Paws & Jaws!

2:12 To Break the Power of the Pack, One
must be Committed with Many to Universally
and consistently Clipping one Claw at the
Neck at a time; Consistently and Effectively
Whittling down their Numbers and sending
Volleys of the Hunting Horns Echoing from
Valley to Valley.

2:13 When the Wolves Chill-up-the-spine
Fearful Cry like the Dying of a Child only
manages to Gather the Hunters Together; the
Pack cowardly slinks back into the Safety of
Solitude in the frozen wastes of Uninhabited

2:14 It is for this purpose that a New Company,
Griffin at Law, and a new Accompanying
Society, Griffin at Large, have been formed to
bolster Resistance to the Psychopath, and meet
the challenge of Marauding Multitudes of
Wolves Encroaching into the Hearts of all
Civilizations in this Present Dark Age.

2:15 The Full Moon of January will be set aside
with Vigils of Candle Light as it was in Ages
past, as a remembrance to the Victims of the
Wolves who descended from the Harz Mountains
in January to Terrorize Peaceful Cities and
Carry Off small children.

2:16 The problem is that the Wolves have
stayed, built their Packs into Power
Constellations and Rule by the Force &
Might of the Establishment and excel at
Terrorizing the Peaceful for Profit and
Devouring the Weak for the Ease of the Kill!

2:17 The Courageous Company is minted as
Griffin at Law, and the Organizational
supporting Society is Griffin at Large! The
Motto of the former is Truth & Civil Right!
And the Motto of the latter is Truth & Human

2:18 What has been wrongly taken must be
recovered by a Contest of Rule of Law; and
Human Rights must be defended against the
Loyality to the Pack being exercised above
Truth! The Psychopath is a Pack Predator with
little regard for Legalities; he must therefore be
resisted instantaneously & with Fire-for-Effect
on all Fronts.

2:19 The Acronym for both the Legal Front and
the Organizational Front is G.A.L., and the
Proponents and Adherents of both are comprised
of the Fabled & Enfeebled Charlies Angels
who Fight the Fight for Truth and Right and
hold with Compassionate Hand the trembling
hands of the Battered & Beaten!

2:20 As horrible as it seems, Secret Societies of
Wolves have targeted the Weak and carry off
their children to Den Foster Homes, where
they slave alone as their bones grow and support
the structures of Den Mothers who only care for
their Bellies & Bank Accounts!

2:21 Heretofore we have seen Foster Care
Parents worshiped as Heroes; now we see a
different picture of Forced Surrogate
Motherhood feeding the Establishment Dogs
the flesh of newborn babies.

2:22 Undoubtedly instances of unmitigated
crisis exist where children are put at risk; but a
significant fraction are the Mass Rape of the
Rights of Motherhood! And how shall they
complain from the grave when their brows are
beaten over their eyes and a Perverse Element in
Society greedily nails their coffins shut!

2:23 We would not have believed it had it not
been for our very own eyes witnessing Battered
Women being Marginalized, Undermined and
Accosted by the very ones hired by society to
assist them; and then having their suckling
children ripped from their breasts and given to
upper class homes slurping up gruel at the
government trough!

2:24 What was their Mothers crime, only in that
they trustingly called for help to escape a well
placed Abusive Husband! The Dark Ages are
Now; the Abuse of Authority in favour of the
Powerful is alive and well! The Medieval Griffin
has now been justly stirred up from its nest of
Equity; Hungry for a Quarrel!

2:25 Why Organize our Food? Complains the
Misogynist Capitalizers of Force & Violence!
What shall we Eat and what shall we Drink! We
do not like to Exert the Energy of the Hunt, Nor
Till the Ground with our Hands, Nor Carry our
own Water from the Well! What better way for
us than to steal little children, and to Scrape the
Marrow from their Tender Bones?

2:26 My Reply is Cryptic; The Ganges She
Rises Sir! And Error you Resist the Flow and
give not back what was Stolen, All you Trusted
In will be Swept Away by the swelling of Many
Voices of Rising Waters,

2:27 For the little Lady Sweeper Knocketh at
the Door and the Grim Reaper as it were stoops
to carry her bundled cleaning bags! The Ghosts
and Spectres of Those who you have wounded
will Rise with the Moon Tide; and who can Bar
the trembling Doors with trembling hands!

2:28 Further I console the Cruel Spirits of India
and Africa: We have given the Cobra many
places to Hide; because it has been more Fun for
the Mongoose! But now Slither on as you have
always done; but know this; the Hunter has
merely become the Sport of the Hunted!

2:29 The Sport of Court to you has merely
been a gay full display of your Contempt for
Laws & Courts; and your Flaunting of the
Perversion of Justice has compounded your
Legal Unpreparedness!

2:30 Due to your Preoccupation for Protecting
your Position in the Authority Pack; you have
Struck the Stone of Justice with your Blade, and
its edge is turned back upon you! As you have
Devoured the Innocent without concern, so shall
like Care & Concern be extended all the way
to you! The War has come Home!

2:31 Holed Wolf skins may adorn our
Cavernous Halls of Law, but really, We are
Quite Nice; Our G.A.L.s will gladly Play You
for all your Worth in the trendy Sport of Court!

Fabled Cure

2:32 It was our Initial Purpose in this book to
help give Hope to the Hopeless, and to Enable
the Victims of the Psychopath to Re-connect
with their Integrity, Healthy Self Concept and
Self Respect; and press on with Determination
to Build a Sure Foundation on Solid
Understanding and the Full Knowledge of the
Faith of Fighting for Truth & Right!

2:33 Rebuilding programs however must wait
for the Demolition Crew to remove old
foundations and demolish old structures that
have developed Critical Errors aided by the
Instability of the Surrounding Environment!
New foundations are then framed for Strength
& Steadiness!

2:34 The Victims of the Psychopath, need to
follow this natural process of Reformation; but
what of the Oppressor? What of the Psychopath
that creates Victims as easy as Breathing? Can
the Psychopath himself be Cured?

2:35 Much of Science and Psychology would
consider that there is No Cure for the
Psychopath: If persons were Cured, then they
were not Psychopath! If we couldnt cure them,
then they are sure to be Psychopath! Fallacy

2:36 The Fields of Psychology are now Over
Run by Psychopaths Hungry for Government
Hire, Professional PHD Court Prostitutes, and
their teeth are for the Defaming &
Undermining of the Innocent and the Civil &
Human Rights Concerned! Unless this
Dangerous Trend is reversed, all Civilized
Societies are in Grave Danger of collapsing into
Oligarchies of Psychopathic State Control!

2:37 When the State seeks to Overpower the
Citizens from which it Derives its Authority;
how Serendipitous for Professionally Trained
Citizens to Aid in the Overture! (Excluding
those trained in Ethics) Knowing or unknowing,
Conspiracy with Immorality & Injustice is
Treasonable behaviour! Sure, the State will not
naturally seek to convict the Collaborators who
Bend their Authority to Undermine Seeming
Dissenters, but the persons Crisis of
Conscience will be their own Undoing!

2:38 Every third or forth generation it seems,
the Worlds Arteries are Choked with the
Psychopath, and a flushing of a World War
naturally occurs to cleanse the Earth from
Immorality against our Fellow Man. It would
seem that the Acceptability of the Psychopath
from the view point of the Societies in which
they have gained a foothold, opens up the door to
Conquest! Imperialism equates with Might
makes Right; which is Challengeable by war!

2:39 Europe has been the Stage for the
Psychopathic Play ever since History took the
notion to record. WWI and WW2 were just the
most memorable Acts, followed by periods of
Peace in our Time! WW3 the Weathermen
forecast would most likely be Thermonuclear in
Nature. However there is some disagreement; as
a Clash of Titans requires that there be Titans
to Clash!

2:40 The Prelude to Destruction is
foreshadowed by Isolated events in Diverse
Places; Imperialist Notions, Cloak and Dagger
Economic Espionage, Crisis Preconditioning of
the Masses; but most importantly the Pre-
eminent Rise of the State above the Civil &
Human Rights of the Individual!

2:41 Individuals however make up the State,
and its privileged Use the State as Personal
Tools of Conquest over their less fortunate
compatriots; Hence the Strong oppress the
Weak! However Building Resistance to the
Rise of Psychopathic Oppression in a Society
should be Every citizens Concern, especially the
Higher Educated and Elected Representatives in

2:42 Barring an Avalanche of Oppression; one
must also consider the Treatment for not only a
Society but the Individual where Immoral
Might has enveloped and overcome others
Individual Civil & Human Rights! Predation
is Psychopathy; there is no Natural Separation in
the Nature. How do you change the Predator
into the Protector, the Hunter into the best that
Humanity has to offer?

2:43 Consider the Conundrum for the Curing
of the Psychopath from the perspective of Dr.
Strangelove of Self-help Himself; Dexter

2:44 The Ability to make Man into an Animal
Has been Ultimately Surpassed
by the Strange Alchemy of
Making an Animal Back into a Man!

Bitter Pill

2:45 Oppressive Societies, as have already been
discussed; Appear to Aid & Enable the Re-
cloning of Man into Psychopathic Oppressors!

2:46 The Curse of the Oppressor however can
be Theoretically Reversed by:

A. 2:47 Emancipating the Power of the
Sub-conscious in the Reformation of the
Psyche. Free the Psyche, Free the Man!

B. 2:48 Reverse the Polarity of the
Heartless Psychopathic Animal and
Reverse-the-curse and Change him
back into a Feeling, Ethical and Moral
Man! The Gone-too-Far Effect occurs
when You-cant-fix-That suddenly
sinks in, and Remorse & Empathy
germinate and begin to grow.

C. 2:49 Natural Consequences are the
Bridge over Troubled Waters which is
a Sure Thing for Accepting Personal
Responsibilities! Following up the
Realization of Wrong-doing should be
therapy by professionally trained

2:50 The Fabled Cure
For the Psychopath!
Presto-Zappo and Dracula is a Prince!

2:51 If it were Possible the Prince of
Darkness Himself would Schedule in for a
Psychological Makeover!

2:52 Clear All Appointments Dr. Strange love!
Incoming Dark Lords of the Universe
For Reptilian Lobotomies!

2:53 It Actually is Possible to find a cure;
However the P-p-path would have to be
willing to Admit that they have a P-P-

2:54 The Same goes for the Victim; The Victim
cannot be Treated if they have been Conditioned
to Think that Everything is All Their Fault,
and that they Deserve to be a Victim! Mind
you, the Primary Attack of the Psychopath is to
undermine the Self-confidence of the Victims!

2:55 This would mean that the Psychopath, just
like the Victim, Needs to Admit that they are
Damaged, and that they as well need
Emergency Emotional Surgery just to Survive
as an Moral Member of the Human Race!

2:56 The Victims have been affected by Abuse
and their Sub-conscious is obviously affected.
The same is true about the Psychopath. The
Psychopath may have travelled the same Path as
the Victim, himself being Abused, and then
becoming the Abuser! Therefore, the Cure for
both is actually the same Bitter Pill!
Wormwood in Convenient bubble packs!

Shangri-La Paradise

2:57 In the beginning, I would like to Set
everyone at Ease, though for many this may
constitute a purposeful promise of a False Sense
of Security; for the Truth by its own Elemental
Nature Necessitates the Stirring Up of the Call
for Justice and ultimately for the Establishment
of Equity:

2:58 And Who would Want That!
Ah, and Disturb the Shangri-La
Paradise of the Psychopath!

2:59 This could certainly be disturbing news
for the Monopolistic Pack Oriented Predator!
Remember.....the Echo of the Hunters Horn
resounding from Vale to Vale!

2:60 The Media is quick to Catch the Trail of
the Dangerous Man preying on the
Foolishness of the Fat Female etc; but Hands
freeze on the Keys when the Dangerous Man
is a Mob Killer Enforcer or the Mayor!

2:61 However Journalists Flee the Building
when the Real Criminal is established; that being
the Social Creature that Perverts the Power of
Society for his own Gain, and for the Enforcing
of his Own Disdain! Understandably, he
probably Owns the Patsy Police Force or
Runs the paper like a Pack of Puppies! He
could even be the Smiling Janitor, or the man
with the Masque at the City Masquerade Party!

Poison Pen

2:62 All Characters and Situations reminiscent
of any Living Creature or Persons in this book
are Purely & Surely Coincidental! Each Event
is a Compilation of Empirical Studies, Excerpts
from Case Studies and the pure Lucid
Imaginations of a gifted Piercer & Prodder!
This Surgeon like all others of his trade are
renown for their Scalpel, not for their Bed Side

2:63 If you, my dear reader, finds yourself
seemingly in the Spotlight of Incising
Introspection, you may Consider your
Uncomfortable Predicament as purely
Coincidental in Nature, Magnified by your
naturally occurring Troubling and Guilty
Conscience that befalls us all!

2:64 For our most Persistent Natural State as
a Race so recently escaped the Jungle of
Primeval Self-preservation; is the Existance to
Excel at Narcissistic Self-Subservience to our
Base Instinctual Needs, Wants and Most of all
our Fears!

2:65 Our Communal Error began for each of
us just Nigh the Womb and terminates just Shy
the Tomb; so read on and Learn, Observe, and
Discover the Wild World of the Psychopath
pulled Shrieking into the Light of Intelligent
Observation and Determined Dissection for the
very first time!

2:66 Warning; a No-Holds-Barred wrestling
match with an Absentee Referee make for a
bloody contest of the Accepted & Assumed
being Pummelled & Disenfranchised by the
Quick and Hardened gloves of the Preacher!

Instinct of the Sage

2:67 Never has the Panorama of Human
History, Social Infrastructure and Interpersonal
Mechanics been so Mercilessly and Hopelessly
Rent and Re-written from Jaundiced Hindsight
rather than from the usual Self-convenience of
Bent-Foresight (Immoral Intelligence) hurriedly
painting Illusions over the Inconvenient Now.

2:68 The Best Defence is Camouflage; and
the Psychopath digs His/Her tentacles deep into
the Softened Humus Earth disappearing beneath
the Masses of Unknowing Humanity!

2:69 We my friends are the Diggers,
The Rippers of the Psychopathic Roots
From the Bedrocks of Society
In which it has Insidiously Entangled Itself.

2:70 Some may Exclaim that the views
expressed herein are Extremist; and I whole
heartedly Agree, as no more Human Rot could
be Physically Squeezed into so Few Pages by my
own admiring Admition!

2:71 However Instinctual Recognition of the
Psychopath is the Key, and necessitates that:

2:72 The Knowledge of the Forbidden
Scheming of the Serpent
And the Banned Instinct of the Sage
Be Ingloriously and Capriciously
Cast upon you All.

Basics of the Book!

2:73 The Purpose of the Book is to allow the
Reader to Instinctively:

Step behind the
Smiling Mask of the Psychopath;
And then Think the Unthinkable
As it is being Thought!
2:74 The Prey who can Read the Mind of the
Predator are Forewarned, and can Quickly Step
Out of the way of the Hidden Net, and Deftly
Sidestep the carefully placed Poisoned Stakes!

2:75 Human Man Traps are as Old as the
Hills themselves; As Old as the first Mastodon
or Sabre Toothed Tiger that first Impaled Itself
on Sharpened gleaming Poles on the bottom of a
Camouflaged Pit; or the first Swift Gazelle being
caught in the crafty Hunters Net!

2:76 Psychopaths are the Modern Cave
Dwellers that:

Lay Traps for the Trophy Girls:
The Swift, the Rich and the Strong!

2:77 Beware dear reader; the Whole World that
you know is actually a Sad Symphony bound up
in Tragic Operas as will be revealed in the next
few Lines, Chapters and Pages of the
Accompanying Works.

2:78 You will see Worlds at War, and
Desperate Whoredoms, Ivy covered Ivory
Towers and Widows Tears, Loves and Lies and
Deceptions; All from the Perspective of the
Unthinkable and the Unknowable!

2:79 Beware that the Basics of these Books are
Earth Renders; for False Foundations are the
Things of Earthquakes, and what Falls in a
Shaking shall never Arise alike again!

Organism All its Own

2:80 Society has Failed to Teach Us that the
Most Dangerous Psychopath of all is the
Privileged; who Enforce the Continuance of
their Privilege without any Concept or Care
for What is Right and what is Wrong!

2:81 When the Privileged Run in Packs like
Wolves in a Society; it becomes the
Hegemony of the Psychopath!

2:82 When this Hegemony is The Thing that
Defines the Society, Controls the Infrastructure
and Commands the Establishment; It is the
Society and not just the Individual that can
become Absolutely and Completely Clinically
Psychopathic! Ah, Heralds of the Nazi Party!

2:83 Nazi Germany behaved as an Organism
all its Own, its Chiefs and its Generals were
just Tentacles of the same Monster; as well as
its self-serving Military Industrial Complex, Its
Banking Administration and its supporting
Multi-national Companies that saw an
opportunity in Militaristic Monopoly!

2:84 Count if you can the Corpses, the
Shattered buildings and lives, the Scars on the
living, the Darkening of History, and the Cost to
the Collective Human Soul that collapsed under
the Weight of the Realization that We all are
capable of mass murder, not in tens but in
Multiple Millions!

2:85 Leave Germany to Her Regrets; for the
Illustrious Allies have blackened their Heros
White Horse with the Merciless & Useless
Bombing of Dresden at the end of the WWII.
This was the Crowning Glory of the Allied
ordered Incidental Mass Murder of Civilians,
Refugees, and Death Camp Survivors.

2:86 The latter refers to the Clobbering of the
Survivors who Incidently & Inconveniently
drowned in Dresden Harbour when their ship
was Collaterally Riddled & Ruptured by
Allied Carpet Bombing!

2:87 Mention of it here is just a Tiny Tribute
to Trauma; just a miniature memorial to those
who survived the death camps just to squalidly
drown at the hands of the Hero Rescuers. As
unintentionally as this may have been, the
undeniable fact remains that a non-military target
is what; Human Pulp!

2:88 Why haul unused miscellaneous bombs
back to the US Return to Sender; when a new
batch is already grinding away in the mills and
slated for the Blowing a Big Hole out of the
Imperial Japanese Infested Pacific!

2:89 Who shall we Deflect the Fault for
Dresden: Why not just drop it down the chimney
of the Greedy Psychopathic War Profiteering
Bastard Bombing Bean Counting Military
Industrial Complex Accountants!

2:90 The American Civil War also saw the
organized Psychopathic Starvation & Disease
of multiple Hundreds of Thousands of
Surrendered Southern Confederate Armies!

2:91 This Repeat of Primitive but Effective
Rationalization also landed Squarely on the
seemingly Unredeemable surrendered Huns
undeniably Hardened in their Hitler Youth! This
was their Last Lesson in the Cruel School of
the Graduate of Psychopath:

Congratulations...........Now you die!

2:92 American Military War Strategy has
Historically gone far beyond the Psychological
Defeat of the Enemy and into the Witches
Brew Accounting Cauldron of Managing the
After Math!

2:93 Why leave a defeated Ideological Enemy
Alive when the South Shall Rise Again when it
gets a little Grits & Gravy in its Caw! Stamp
him Out and then Starve him into the Grave!

The Open Field shall be thy Prison,
And the Grave thy Freedom!

2:94 Mark my words, Not as a Predictor or
Perpetrator, but as a Cold Mentalist Observer;
The South Shall Rise Again; but not under the
Ragged Rebel Flag, but under the Streaming
Banners of United States Constitutional Law!
Succession for All; and Retrace the Mason
Dixon Line along the chilly Canadian Border!

2:95 Begin to Count the Corpses, I dare you!
Innocents on both sides have always Died in
War; and the Kind and the Cruel Fall in
Swaths, and the Destroyer ever Embraces the
Seemingly Saviour in grotesque lurching
Waltzes of Dooms!

2:96 Blood ever Soaked the Earth and
Reddened the Seas; To what Avail & Travail
other than the Profit & Comfort of the
Predatory Psychopath, with his Stinking Teeth
ever hurling lewd rhetoric against the Frail
Shrew that Creeps!

2:97 Consider the Human causes of War,
Famine and Disease, and the Toys of Tyrants;
whose WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction
have Terrorized the Earth with MAD Mutual
Assured Destruction by Retaliatory NBCW
Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare!

2:98 Not to mention the Loose Cannon
National Conspiracies and the Secret Releases
of Pathogens for Political Purposes! Does all
this Purposeful Planned Predation sound Sane
& Normal? Is Predation the Natural State of an
Enlightened Race of Beings?

2:99 Perhaps this is the First Time you have
been Embarrassed & Disgusted to be a
member of this Human Strain! What have we
yet to capitulate on this planet; is it not the
Mind?.....is not This the Final Frontier?

2:100 What hath Us Gods Wrought! What
Deepening Depths are we yet capable of? What
Insidious thoughts are Presently Brewing in
some Diabolical Witches Stew churning
around in a Maniac Mind that will Plunge this
World Quickly & Surely into Cataclysmic &
Total Disaster for Profit! What hath We yet to

2:101 If there really were a Hell,
It was Made Justly for Such as Us!

2:102 The Blatant Expropriation of the Truth
and Right of Others by unscrupulous
Maddened Minds perverting the Good
Intentions of Dictator & Democratic Societies
alike; have shown us the gross World Wonder

2:103 The Nations are Capable of the
Depredations of the Individual,
and the Individual is Capable of the
Depredations of Nations!

Shallow Graves

2:104 Societies, as we can see are Capable of
being Transformed into Psychopathic Monsters;
but this all begins with a Single reptilian
Individual extremely Sensitive to National
Insecurities & Aspirations! Heil Corporal:
Enter the Jack-booted Chameleon!

2:105 Out of the Masses can suddenly Arise a
Leader, a Pure Psychopathic Predator; Lean,
Piercing and Strong! Spewing poison from his
mouth for the purpose of Stunning the Prey
and captivating their Emotions & Spirit! This
however is not enough to Twist the Helm onto
the Rocks of Disaster; the Real Power being the:

Phantomization of an Idea!
And the Weir transformation from Spectre to
A Creature of Flesh, Blood, Hair & Bone!
2:106 Nebuchadnezzar had his imposing Statue
of Gold, Greece had the Delirious &
Unbelievable Dream of Alexander that Diverse
Men can Live Together in Peace, and Rome had
the invigorating Suckling of Wolves!

2:107 In modern times, Germany had its vision
of beautiful Blond hair & Blue eyed Aryans,
and Modern Man has the Image of Man fully
capable of Slaughtering the Lamb and
Ploughing the Vine without the Intervention or
help of a Unpresent & Unconcerned God of
the Dust!

2:108 The Reptilian creature is a Baser &
Better Animal; Towering above their Trembling
Counterparts! A Natural Predator of the Mind,
and a Usurper of the Will of the Situationally
Frustrated; who Require a Force of
Immorality beyond their Grasp to Grasp what is
desirable but Morally Reprehensible!

2:109 A Voice of a Deranged Maniacal Prophet,
Ringing out in the Desolate Wilderness of
Wants and the Dry Place of Desires; Superbly
Rationalizing Irrationality, and Perfectly
Perverting Justification & Rationalization for
the Immoral & Profane, and the Deliciously
Deadly and Devilishly Delectable!

2:110 Is it He that Needs Us, or is it Us
that Needs Him? Does he Feed on us, or do
we Feed on him? Does he Realize his Desires;
or do we Ultimately Realize Ours?

2:111 This is the Questions dear reader; Are we
actually Made Perfect in him? Are we a
Perfect Match, are we Married to a Soul Mate
of our own Hidden Hideous Desires?

2:112 Are we Raped by our own Enticing Idol;
and Willingly Capitulating to our own Gratifying
Primitive Urges to Rape & Pillage! Do we
actually Rape the Rapist; putting ourselves
Willingly & Wantonly in Dangers Way!
Making the Manager into the Tyrant; and the
Governor into the Dictator!

2:113 Dressing as the Bride of Death
And Dancing on the Razors Edge;
And Luring the Lewd to Lead us!

2:114 How convenient it would be if One were
to Lead us, and Fulfil us, and to Take the
Heat if All were to Burst into Flames and
Burn to the Ground with the Fuel of our
Incontinence & Indignation in the:

Shallow Graves of our Fears!

Corner the Prey

2:115 Now what of the Establishment! That
Grandiose Conglomerate of Tycoons and
Tyrants, Demigods and Drug Lords, Vampires
and Frankensteins, False Gods and Dark Lords of
the Universe, Politicians of Poison, and Heroes
from Hell?

2:116 Did I miss anyone noteworthy with the
Stamping Grape-seed spray of my dismal
Steinbeck Bath! Perhaps only the Newsman,
who belittles the Dim-witted & Obese and
turns News Hour into a Gay Bashing Charade!

2:117 Would they not all Benefit with a Golden
Boy of their own Cloth rising to the
Prestigious Orifice of Power!

2:118 Is not the Nature of this World likened to a
Childish Game of Monopoly played by Little
Children with Axes & Hammers and Fists
Full of Phony Money! But alas:

2:119 A Man with a Key,
Can do More than a Thousand Men
With Hammers!

2:120 The Battle Rages on my friends, Shadow
Wars of Placement and Muzzle Flashes in the
Dark: and Shooting Fish & Friends in the
Barrel! Valentines Day Massacres and Kennedy
Assassinations! Plots and Counter-plots!
Schemes and Dreams! Craves and Graves!

2:121 Happily we Politically Laxative
willingly acquiesce our Sphincter Control to the
Controller, and our Hearts Howl for the
2:122 Who is the Victim and who is the
Oppressor! Who Ultimately is Responsible for
our Ultimate Corruption when we are
Ultimately Corrupted? Their Hunger or our

2:123 Our Quest for Power, Love, and
Fulfilment, Driven by our Base Desires of
Safety, Hunger and Greed; has placed us into
the Hands of the Devil, and we Love It:
Until We Ourselves are caught up in the
Machinery and We Ourselves are Mangled and
Ground Up like so much shredded Ground Meat!

2:124 The New Chef in the Kitchen
Is the Terror of the Animal Farm!
Come let us gorge ourselves on our
Stable Mates and Sample the Fine Wine
Made from our own Juices!

2:125 My friends, do not even think that we are
the Victims when our own Hidden Desires relish
to Victimize! Are not our own Hidden Desires
& Intentions themselves Paving the Road to our
own Personal Hells raining down on others less

2:126 Do we not Admire the Strong and the
Powerful! Do they not Ensure our Own Peace.
Safety and Security with the Violence of
Forcing & Might! And do we not ourselves
wish to Enforce our own Might & Power in
our own Spheres of Control & Interests!

2:127 Are we not their Damned children;
Children of the Damned and the Damning! Do
we not Look Up to our Nurtureers of Forcing
& Violence! Do we not Learn on the Knees of
Monsters! Do they not Learn Us to Feed on
Flesh, and to Hunt the Weak & Wounded and
Corner the Prey in a Slaying!


2:128 Now combine a Natural Social Predator
with a Society Bent on Predation! These are
the Things of Empires and the Heart of the
Matter of the paraphrased Biblical Warning:

2:129 Be Aware of Soul Suckers
That Preen their way into Houses
Of Loose Women Laden with Sins!

(I Refer not to the Histrionic Individual,
But to the Natural Looseness of Society!)
A Match Made with a Psychos Mind!

2:130 Does not the Hidden things of the Heart
Program the Predator to Predate? Is not that
First Date, that First Kiss, that First Copulate;
The Romance of the Eaten and the Eater; The
Intestinal Gorging of our Own Hungers &
Desires with the Meat of the Soul of Another?

2:131 Hopefully dear reader, you will Perceive
that I Jest! And that my Only Intention is to
help you Digest the Distasteful Realities of the
Spoiled Nature of Natural Man!

2:132 Untainted by Churchy Chickens
pretending to be Standards of Morality &
Conscience, all the while covering over the
repugnant odour of rotting Fleshy Works with
Religiosity & Self-righteousness!

2:133 For all Do Well by Fully Accepting and
Realizing our own All Too Human Base
Level of Morality, and Fully Conceiving the
Low Level of Consciousness of our own
Debased Conscience!

2:134 Rome was not built on the
Teats of Benevolence,
But by Base Children Raised on the
Milk of Ravenous Wolves!

2:135 The Bones of Babies less fortunate
Littered the Ancient Canine Grotto, and a
civilization was born where old men Preyed on
the Flesh of young men, and slaves Washed
their Bloodied & Battered clothing with their
Ever Flowing Tears!

2:136 Not exactly the Picture of Paradise with
flowing Toga Robes and Candle Lit tea parties!
Think not that the Empire will Protect you from
its Own excesses; but that it Presumes to Own
you, and it truly Serves but a Few!

2:137 All Hail Rome!
All Hail Might & Power!
All Hail the Glory of Man,
And The Forcing & Violence of the State!

2:138 A Delicate one once Asked me; Where
are the Romans now? My answer; They are all
Dead! I lied to a Child; In truth I should have
said; They are Here my Child, They are Here!

2:139 Yes, we must all Start our own journeys
Crushed & Broken at the Bottom of the
Valley of Death, in order to Arise & Climb
to the Cleft in the Rock and to Rest in the
Heights of Peace & Gentleness with the Wisest
of Eagles! Error to be There, would be Terror
& Talons!

2:140 We all have to Experience what Mortal
Man is Capable Of in order to Fear him; and then
we must Experience what an Angry God is
Capable Of in order to not Fear Man! But to
Fear the God of Equity; Who requites Mortal
Man for his Immorality with Mortality! And
Teaches him to Walk As if for the First Time
in the Footsteps of the Immortal Paths of

2:141 Must Cruelty forever define Gods
Kindness? For His Equity has Ordained
You to be your own:Judge, Jury and
Executioner; For you have Gossiped, you have
Passed Judgement, and you have Slandered the
Innocent! If you Reap what you have Sown by
your Own Hand; is not this Poetic Justice, as
well as the Rule of Equity and Godly

Roar the Roar

2:142 No man is an Island unto Himself, but
All Men exist unto Others; to Hurt or to Help,
to Succour or to Slay! To Predate or to Play!

2:143 Our Little sin, our Little white lie, our
Little tiny selfish desire; Can & Will attract
our Real Nemesis baited by our own Baguette
of Baloney! We Wave the Meat in front of the
Monster, and then Weep & Cry when our own
Fingers are Torn from their cozy Sockets!

2:144 Our Arrow surely has returned; our Sins
have Found us Out after all! Throw a rock
into the Air, and a mountain is invited to fall
upon us; As we are Corrupted we are Cleansed!

2:145 And when it Comes, it will Rend us like a
Ferocious Lion, and fill its Belly with our Flesh,
and lick our Blood off its Iron Claws, and Roar
the Roar of the Mighty & Powerful!

2:146 For all the little Animals of the Forest
Live in Fear of this Mighty Roar of the State;
and Bow to the King of this World who has
Momentarily Satisfied his Hunger on the
Bloodied Body of the Not-so-tender and the

2:147 What you Feed,
You are Et!

Food on the Hoof

2:148 Be not Amazed if you fall into their
Carefully Laid Traps; Women Hung From
Trees Long before Man Walked out of the

2:149 Man Eaters; those Female bloodied
Counterparts in the Wild Kingdom however
have Gnawed many a Roasted Rump of their
Trusting Mates; Satisfying their Immediate
Hunger and then flippantly scattering the Manly
Bones across the cave and wiping a greasy hand
across their Grinning Face!

2:150 Neither Male nor Female, nor Aged nor
Young, shall be Free from the raging Hunger of
the Cannibal! Who can say when it Spots its
Next Prey, its Next Meal, its Next Sheep for the
Slaughtering! Its Hunger will surely be Satisfied
and Its Sleep will be Sweet!

2:151 Force makes Right, and the Might of
the Mighty Might just Cast a Covetous Eye
upon you; and Suddenly Turn on you and
Quickly Devour you before your Scream has
even Passed your Lips!

2:152 Nothing can Stand in the Way of the
Night Hunger, but soon its Satisfaction will
be Satisfied, and it will Tire of its Feeding
Frenzy, and Wander off on its Dreadful Way
to Seek the Slumber of the Satisfied in the
Warming rays of the Mornings wandering Sun!

2:153 Like a Snake in the Grass, Filled with
the rodents Still Beating Heart, it Seeks the sun
Baked rock! And like a Panther draped over a
branch beneath the leaves, it flaunts its Claws
& Jaws, ever Clutching & Grasping even in

2:154 But when the Devourers are Awake, they
are Ever Hunting & Never Sleeping when the
Sleeping Sleep, but Lurking & Haunting the
Ways & Byways of a Slumbering &
Stumbling Sleepwalking Humanity; Ever
Conscious of the Position of the Herd, and the
Dozing of the Straggler, Food on the Hoof!

Laughing Crystal Skull

2:155 Though Primeval hunter-gatherers Pits
& Stakes have been Replaced by the Spikes of
Betrayal & Guilt; the Tactics of the Hunter,
and the Weaknesses & Enticing Desires of the
Hunted Remain the Same!

2:156 If it were not for the imbalance in the
Strength of the Hunter and the Weakness of the
Hunted, I would not be Travailing Overly so
much with you to Wise-up & Wiggle out of
the Clutches of the Cruel! I am with you,
really, there is a Victim, and believe it or not, it
is You!

2:157 But Can Blinded Captives
See their Chains?

2:158 Why make Feeding Time into a Time of
Laziness for the Lion! The Prey should be
Jumping up & Running away, (Seemingly as
you are Not Yet mortally Wounded!) So fly
Swift as a bounding Gazelle and as Flighty as
the little birds who have escaped the hunters net;
and Sing the Songs of your Heart joyfully on
the Wandering Wing!

2:159 The Mystery is Why you Cannot Escape;
but Lay in the Den of Lions, until it is your
time to Die! If your Wounding is not in the
Flesh, than it is in the Ethereal parts of the Soul,
where you are Bound & Chained like Stock
for a Feeding!

2:160 Dear Reader, do not be amazed if I am
curiously wiggling into your tummy! What I am
searching for there in the dark humid ribbed
cavernous drippy expanse is the fabled
Laughing Crystal Skull of Nightmares

2:161 Developed around this Laughing Skull
is the Scar Tissue & Tumour, that encases the
Foreign Thorn & Shard of Shrapnel in a Pussy
Sack of Sick Infection!

2:162 Do not be Amazed, Lay Still! I am just
performing Interesting & Adventurous
Exploratory Surgery; Suturing & Slicing open
Bulbous Tumours searching for the Parasitic &
Prickly Junk that you may have Unwittingly

2:163 Searching for that Mythical Worm
Implanted in Edens Golden Apple.
Injected & Infected with Nano-technology of a
Hackers nightmarish Code corrupting
Laughing Crystal Skull;
Interestingly & Insidiously inserted into the
Ever Enticing Corruptibility of Eves
All too Human Nature & Desires!

Die to Self

2:164 It may not be as much as what They
Wanted that got you Hooked on their Ever
Entangling wired-barbs; but what You
Unconsciously or Consciously Had Need Of!
This is a scary thought; it may be You not Them
that ultimately Enslaved you!

2:165 They may have just been the perfect
Mirror of your Image, and you only Saw what
you Wanted to See, and Loved to Imagine them
affectionately in the Perfection of the
Imagination! What you saw was you; and you
Loved it!

2:166 Perhaps you were not the Picnic Cake to
their hungry swarming Wasps as you first
supposed; but that your nano-teched Ants
craved the Nectar of their Sweet Honey, and that
Honey was Actually Smeared & Scented with
your own bodily Fruits & Juices! What you
Followed was actually the Haunting Scent of
Your Own Familiarity!

2:167 What you Thought that they Had that was
Special; was actually you, Stolen from you, and
they Feed on you and Regurgitate only what
Nourishes you just enough to survive! Without
Them you Feel that you would Starve, that you
cannot breathe, but the reality is that they are
Eating you Alive! The Perfect Parasite until
the host dies, and is Discarded & Replaced by
another, as Unwitting & Willing as the tragic
one that they replaced!

2:168 They are your Shadow, and Without you,
they have no Form or Substance; you Refined
& Defined them; You are Them, and They so
perfectly Are the Completion of You!

2:169 Now here is the question; they are the
Perfect Parasite of your Life, your Heart and
your Money & Energy; but you Feel that you
would just Die if they were suddenly Ripped
Off & Out of your life! They so much Feed off
your Energy that unplugging them you fear
would just make your own lights blink out!

2:170 You feel that you would lose your, joy,
your self-esteem, and your success, and your
secret in life; Strange, but true, but They are
You, and what they Have is Taken from you!
The Thief sits in the Prestige Chair at the table,
and Now what will you Do?

2:171 To Free Yourself from Them, you may
first have to Free Yourself from the Greatest
Tyrannical Dictator & Enslaver of all; that
Little Chucky You mechanically Squeaking
& Speaking from the Shadows of your Mind;
Wielding the Dicer and Wearing that little
Magical Crystal Skull that gives the Mole
Control over the Entire body!

2:172 To Shut the Devourers Power Down; first
you may have to Shut Down that little
Collaborating Co-dependent Parasite, that
little Self-defeating Side Show Bob
masquerading in your Miniaturized Likeness!

2:173 As Painful as it may be to Squish &
Detach that little Bug-Like-You, attached
inside your tummy by a controlling Information
& Energy coaxial umbilical cord! It may be as
enjoyable as pulling your Fingernails with
Pliers or getting a Root Canal dug with a Wheat
Shovel! You may have to Actually &
Undeniably Die to Everything that is Self;
Just to let yourself Survive!

An Old Story

2:174 They are your Shadow; but you only
prefer to see their illuminated pleasant
surroundings, illuminated by your unconscious
beaming Shining & Radiating from the source
of the very Centre & Existence of your
Universe; the Almighty You!

2:175 As Shadows to your Sun; they Confess
you! But you only see the Light and Shun the
Darkness; you only prefer to see the Pleasure of
Imagined Sin, and not the Price tag of said
Pleasure! All is Well that Blinds Well!

2:176 What Glitters is not always Gold, but
may in fact be a Cheap Imitation Counterfeit
fashioned into an Impaling Hook for the
Simple, the Corrupted, and the Proud!

2:177 Swirling around in your Guts, I can
already taste the rancid putrid Acids & Gasses
of an Insidious & Invisible Creature; the
hacked-in Ghost in the Machine, of which you
are so Intimately & Secretly Familiar!

2:178 No Fish or Fowl can be baited by a
Lump of Coal; but a Bait is by definition a
Made-to-measure Enticer of a Predicted &
Perceived Desire, an Instinctual Pursuit-Button
Pusher: a Twitch of the Dress, a Scent of a
Perfume! Muscles Bulging under Silk, the
Must & Musk of a Man on the Hunt for Love!

2:179 You The Creator has inadvertently
found your long lost Created Growing &
Thriving inside your Forgotten World! What
you have Conceived & Created shall it not
continue? You have, as if by surprise, found
your Erstwhile Sons & Daughters of your own
Mad Creation in the Bowels of the Imagination!

2:180 And then you Travail at a Spoiled Earth
& Heaven; and wish for a Termination of All
That Be! Come Flood or Fire! It is an Old

A Murdered Life

2:181 At what point did you ask yourself: Is the
Researcher of this Madness Mad himself!
Normally, I would naturally Conclude this
myself, and would Undoubtedly Collude with
you; however:

2:182 The Realizer, Revealer & Ripper
Of Chains of Mental & Emotional bondage
Is not the Master of the Dungeon;
But May in fact be a Sage of Sanity;

2:183 And the Proverbial Saviour of all those
who are being Driven to the Point of Insanity
by Forces they Know Not What!

2:184 The Choice of the Masses has always
Been and will always Be Crucifixion &
Capitulation! But alas I came not for the
Masses of Self-deceptive Psychosis, the
Truely Deluded so called Sane; but for the
Sick and the Suffering, who have the Clarity to
Perceive and Admit that they are Sickened and in
need of a Healing!

2:185 These Tortured Souls have Prayed for a
Deliverer, and have Travailed-to-tears for a Sure
Deliverance! Those who falsely claim to be Well
however, often are just in Denial and Judge by
their Outward man, and not by the dismal
condition of their Inward man!

2:186 None can help these, they are both
completely Unreachable & Un-teachable!
Having Ears but do not Hear, having Eyes but do
not See, and having Understanding but cannot
Perceive! Living in the Illusion of Normality;
and the Delusion of Justification makes Right!

2:187 In response to the Ghastly Indignation &
Pridefulness of the Latter, and the Prayers &
Supplications of the Former, others greater than
me have surely Come; to Reveal the Hidden
Paths to Freedom, and to Break the Bondages
of the Hopelessly Bound.

2:188 I am merely a poor battlefield physician,
straining to see through crimson speckled
glasses, and clumsily wielding the healing
scalpel with trembling hand; but alas my third
degree patients often live to curse me! Blessings
hobbling on Crutches, and Encouragement sitting
on terminal stretchers! Ha Ha! Death; where is
thy Sting! And the Grave: where is thy String?

2:189 My Sickly Discarded so-called Disciples,
whom I am fond of calling the Twelve
Unlikelies, as it were evident in Christs
Legend and Arthurs Court; are those who are
No Stranger to Hurt; and now Hunger after the
Knowledge of What Went Tragically Wrong!

2:190 Demanding Insight into Themselves and
their life-destroying Tormentors; Not to Judge,
but to find Closure to the Unnecessary &
Unexplainable demise of a So Innocent
Murdered Life! But alas; None Considers it
nor Lays it to Heart that the Weak are gently
taken away from the Wounding that is to Come!

Daughters of Mercy

2:191 This last Keelhauling & Railing
Whipping the Wounded into Grief may have
been a Little over the Top, and I dont Really
Believe that Anything I Can say Can & Will
make much of a Difference in their Tortured &
Tormented Lives that will Resurrect them from
the Grave of Death that they find themselves


2:192 Though I can See with my Eyes
And Place my Hands in the Wounds
In their Sides!

2:193 But the Salt is for the Savour, Brine is
for the Bruised, and Balm is for the Bleeding,
and who is to say the Surgeon delights in Hurts;
when it is his Intention to Save, and to Heal and
to make Whole!

2:194 Can even One be saved, Can many? I
have done My All to relieve my Conscience of
Dead Works, and Release Me from the Burdens
of those Fawns Caught in the Thorn Bushes!

2:195 But alas, My All is not near enough to
Undue all the Injustices and Untie all the
Tyrannies of the Brutal & Proud who have
Rained down Violence on the Innocent like a
Hail Storm!

2:196 Wrath and Hell Fire be Damned! Now
is the time for a Rapture; like a Phoenix rising
from the Flames! Let the God of the Gored be
a shaking and release my little ones from the
entangling thorns, to woundedly Fly into the
Skies of Freedom & Liberty and Heal on the
Wings of the Wind!

2:197 Captives Revolt! And Take the War
Home to the War Monger! And over the
shattered Citadels let my Angels fly, higher and
higher into the Heavenly Sky; never to again
Bear the Burdens of Shame & Indignation of
the Oppressor!

2:198 God Let My Angels Go! Release them to
Serve You Again in the highest Heavens;
Maidens of Your own Rib, Creations of Your
own Mercy & Goodness, Daughters of the
Most High! Priestesses of Righteousness &

2:199 Princesses of the Eternal Mountain of
Gods Goodness, and Emissaries of a Kind
Universe that sends its Life Giving Rains on
the Wicked and the Just!

2:200 Let none be Judged nor Judge others, but
Graciously withdraw from Violence; and
withdraw Far from the Forcing of Immoral Man!

2:201 And lend a Merciful Hand to the
Shattered, and Carry their Burdens, and be
Thy Sisters Keeper, until she can Stand Alone
again and Proclaim her own Fight for Truth and

2:202 The Angels of the Host of the Lord
Applaud, and Shout their Approval to the re-
appointment of the Daughters of Mercy to the
Battlefield of Souls, for the Time of Harvest
is Advanced, and the Evening is Approaching,
and the Night where None shall Work is at

Little bit of Fun

2:203 Consider the Words of Grimm Alduce
Fury, legendary Hermit & Monk, The Prophet
Peasant, and Gatherer of Stones & Caster of

2:204 Crush the Oppressor
Succour the Captives
Build a City for them to Inhabit
And then Direct their Power
To Crush the Oppressor!

2:205 So be It Grimm!
Let it be Written in Heaven,
Let it be Done on Earth!

2:206 And Father let your Four Angels on the
Four Corners of the Firmament of the Earth
Heed to my Command, and let Reality Bend to
my Desires, and Align the Universe to my
Design, and the Heavens to my Personal liking!

2:207 If all these things could be Granted, than
I and I Alone could Help the Helpless, and
give Hope to the Hopeless! But Alas, we have
a God whose Seat of Power is Approachable,
and whose Ear can Hear! A Star Player that
need not be replaced or set on the bench while
Mere men Strut the Stage!

2:208 A Prayer of Fools, or a Prayer to Foil
the Fools! Pray ye that all mine Enemies be
Confused & Confounded, and Search for Me
as Blind men Grope in the Day, and as Little
Children Tremble in the Fear of the Night!

2:209 And Let all this as well be Written in the
Book of Remembrance; also that I shall be
able to forestall the Fiercely Loyal Angel of the
Lord from putting the Golden Trumpet to his
waiting Lips!

2:210 For I Desire a Little bit of Fun in the
Evening of the Earth, and a little Laughter
before the Final Thunderclap of the Second
Deluge of this approaching Terminator Storm
of Storms!

2:211 So be it Girls and Angels on High! Hang
on to your Bonnets & Halos! and God help us
all; For We are in for one Hell of a Wild Ride!
From Heaven to Hell and Back; Around the
World in Ninety Days; On a ........Wing and a

2:212 And may the whole Host of the Lord
follow closely on our Heels; He not being One
to be excluded from Our Little Fun, and to
continually deliver us; for with Him there will
always be more With Us than there be
Against Us!

2:213 A Goodly Company of Comrades-in-
arms, and Hand-in-Hand we Boldly Assault the
Obstacles before us, with Valour and Honour
Hand-in-Hand with Goodness & Mercy!

2:214 If God truly be for us, Who can be
against us and Live! Ha Ha! my friends, the
World is against us, but He that is Against the
World is coming, and the Thunder of his Hoof
Beats is drawing near!

2:215 Lord Deliver your Darlings from the
Jaws & Claws of the Lion, for it is too Strong
for Them; and Deliver your Lowly Shepherd, the
little one Crying in the Wilderness of Sorrows
for All thy Sheep but One have gone Astray,
and deliver him from the Swords of Giants, for
he Believes in You and Trusts that You and
You Alone are the |Lord, the one who Sitteth
in the Heavens and Fingers the Earth!

2:216 For this is Your Glory, and Your Honour,
and Your Power for Ever and Ever! These are
the Three Pillars of the God above Gods, the
Lord who Dwelleth on the Highest Highs and
Stireth up the Deep with the Hot Breath of his
Nostrils! And Spitteth out nations like Skoal, and
Drinketh the Spirits of Indignant Wrath!

2:217 So Fear Not dear readers,
And Fearlessly Ponder On
As if Curious Detachment
Would even be Possible!
For Your Entire World
Is in for more than just a
Shaking & Quaking
As the Foundations of the Earth
Are Crumbling as we speak and the
House of Man Lurches toward the
Ever Widening & Deepening Pit!
Ode to the Tormented

2:218 The Boiling Cauldron
of Intense Personal Experience
Separates the Physical and the Spiritual;
Like Meat Separating from the Bones,
And Melting the Fat of Illusions
Into Unseen Clarity.

2:219 Faith & Fear
Grapple to the Death
In this Swirling Vortex of Delusions;
But Hope Triumphs over All,
Spiralling Triumphantly
Toward a New Heaven
and a New Earth!

End of Chapter 2

The Footsteps of Evil Part I
By Dexter Livingstone
Ch.3 Kings with Wings like Eagles

p.154 Index
p.155 Eagles Prayers 3:1 - 3:56
p.168 Person of Arthur 3:57 - 3:75
p.173 Halls of the Holy 3:76 - 3:81
p.175 The Afflicted 3:82 - 3:88
p.176 Siege of Storms 3:89 - 3:105
p.181 For My Angels 3:106 - 3:111
p.182 Psalms of Deliverance 3:112 -
p.182 Can there be a happy song 3:113 - 3:114
p.183 Sea Arising 3:115 - 3:118
p.183 Redeemed 3:119 - 3:125
p.185 Let thy face to shine 3:126 - 3:127
p.185 He is coming 3:128 -
p.185 We are together 3:129 - 3:135
p.187 How are the mighty fallen 3:136 - 3:141
p.188 As he spoke 3:142 - 3:143
p.188 Victory Song 3:144 - 3:147
p.189 Some Trust in Chariots 3:148 - 3:149
p.190 A Re-occurring Nightmare3:150 - 3:162

The Footsteps of Evil Part I
By Dexter Livingstone
Ch.3 Kings with Wings like Eagles

Eagles Prayers

3:1 An Eagles Prayers.are to Reveal!

3:2 That Same Eagle
That Heralded the Re-advent
Of the Ancient & Mysterious
Spiritus Charticus
Brought it Forth
Again into the Land of the Living!

3:3 Which was Hidden from View
for Millenniums of Ages!

3:4 Except for a few
Privileged Secretive Groupings
Who Utilized but a Sliver of Sun
And used its Power to Build Up their
Worldly Conglomerate of Control!

3:5 And to Tear Down the Defences
Of Cities without Walls
And to Take Advantage of
of the Naivet of the Masses!

3:6 For the Soul purposes:
And to Contain!

3:7 But Now we see the Raw
Knowledge of Doom
Transformed again into the
Fountain of Wisdom & Life!

3:8 As it was Intended
In the Beginnings
Of Gardens
In the Story in the Stars
By our Loving & Wise Father
In the Morning Mists of our Contemplations!

3:9 For it was Foretold that
Creation itself Travails
At the Approaching Birth of the
True Sons & Daughters of our Father
Whos Dwelling place is in the Heavens!

3:10 Whos Fatherly Footstool and
Rest from His Labours
Is this Earth!

3:11 In which His Children Play,
And in which He has
Placed a Particular Interest!

3:12 For the Seed Pod
Of his Creation
And the Germination of His Family!

3:13 To Make a Forest
Create a Seed!
To Fulfil a Satisfaction
Till the Soil!

3:14 To Reveal a Fathers Personality
Go with him to Work!
This Planet is Gods Work!
We are his Handiwork
And the Constant Work of his Hands!

3:15 And His True Sons & Daughters
Labour with Him
Displaying His Mannerisms
For His Purposes
With His Knowledge
Wisdom, and Understanding!

3:16 But mostly with His Vision;
Vision from on High
Like an Eagle in the Sky!

3:17 And with the Power
Of His Spirit
Which now Prefers to Dwell
In the Consecrated Temples
of Man!

3:18 Not in buildings made with Stone,
But Temples unto our Lord & God,
Temples made of Flesh and Bone!

3:19 Temples Consecrated for
His Praise,
His Worship,
And His Service!

3:20 But most of all
For his Kingdoms Sake
The Village place of God on Earth
Among his People That are called by His Name
And Hear & Heed the Fathers Voice!

3:21 True Sons & Daughters of God
Fully Empowered!
And Educated With the Full Knowledge of:
Freedom & Liberty!
Justice & Honour!
Truth & Right!
And Charity!

3:22 But most of all
And Hospitality!

3:23 Few Children of God
Walk in His Ways Today;
For the Enticer has Infiltrated the
Kingdoms Halls
And has Perverted the Knowledge of the
Most High To Idol Worship!

3:24 Mere Men on Pedestals
Worshiped for their Image of Man
Exalting themselves as God
And Debasing
The God of All
To a Vapour
As an Unconcerned
And Un-present Entity
That has given over His Oversight
And Power
A Man!

3:25 Who then is the Herald of Our God?
None but his People;
But His people have been blinded
By the Loss of Vision
Brought on by the Approaching Night!

3:26 And the Blinding Spot Light
Illuminating the Centre Stage
Filled with
Acting Men & Actress Angels!

3:27 Up-staging & Replacing
The Father of Spirits
From which all Wisdom Unscrolls!

3:28 These Actors know Fully Well,
That the Well from which they Drink
And the Belly which is Fully Full
Is for the God of Mammon
The Centre of their Whoreship!

3:29 But what of the Kingdom of God
Foolishly built on the Hire of Whoredoms
And the Foundations of Rules & Regulations
And Traditions blindly followed!
And Proselytes who are Polished with the
Grime of Man
Rather than
The Grace of God!

3:30 What of the Intended Dwelling Place of
God with His People?
What of the Village of their New Birth?

3:31 Man seeks to Control,
To Crush
And to Re-create a God into
Mans Own Image!

3:32 Irregardless of the Purity of God,
And Revelling in the Impurity of Man!
Exalting The Power of Man
And the Prophecy of
What Man Can!

3:33 Where shall the True Children then Live,
And where Shall They Then Go?
When the Children of God are
Misused & Abused
In the Temple of a Man!
3:34 Exalted over by
Mere Men
Having the Form of Godliness
But lacking the Power thereof!

3:35 Having the Power of the Mob
And Falsely Claiming the Authority of God!

3:36 Whose Indignation has this Circus Ignited?
Who has Swept the Threshing Floor in
Preparation for a New Threshing!

3:37 Who has Created an Intense fire
For the Burning of the Chaff
And for the Lighting of the Night
So that His Works can be Seen from afar off?

3:38 And Who is His Feathered Friend;
Who cautions Him to wait yet a little longer
Until the Fields are Fully Ripe unto Harvest!

3:39 Before plunging in the Scythe
Born by the Angel of Death
Who will glean the Earth
Of all that is Good
And All that is Worthy
Only for the Flames!

3:40 Few have seen this Mysterious Eagle
Whos spiral descents from the Clefts
In the Eternal Mountain of God
Swirl like fans
As his giant Wings Splay
The Milky Way!

3:41 Down from Olympus
Where Titans play!
And Giants sit together in Counsel
Giving Gifts One to Another
And Embrace each as a Brother!

3:42 Down From the Spinning Vortex descends
This Feathered Spector
This Time warping, Epoch jumping,
Teasing Spirit from the Future
Intruding into Our Time
For Purposes Unknown
And Possibilities

3:43 That Mysterious Eagle of the Future
That Haunts our Dreams
And pulls us Shaking from our Fears
Into the Calm of the Clear Blue
Separating Heaven and Earth!

3:44 That Carrying Eagle
Who carried the Contraband Chart
With the Collusion & Conspiracy of a
Nordic Priestess
Who Spirited-It
From the Storeroom
Filled with the Visions of God
And Hidden from the View of Prying Men!

3:45 Why should Base Men
Have the knowledge to Save Themselves?

3:46 Should not the Swordster
Be Killed by his own bloodied Sword?
And the Pit-digger
Fall to his Death in his own Spiked Pit?

3:47 Why give Heavenly Knowledge to
Earthly man?

3:48 Let him Eat, Drink and be Merry
For tomorrow he Dies
As he was Born
A Creature of a Mad Creation
A Bastard child
Fatherless and Without Estate!

3:49 But the Eagle of the Future,
From where no Time exists
Has thrown the Ace of Heaven
Into the Game of Life!

3:50 And all Heaven Watches
In Unaccustomed Trepidation
As the Gamble of the Ages
Increases its Stakes
To the Pivot point!

3:51 Will it be
Resurrection or Revolution!
Righteousness or Violence!
Equity or Apathy!
Praise or Rage!

3:52 But the True Children of God
Tremble with the Tossing of the Earth
And Sing in Spite
Of Wars and Rumours of Wars
And the Distant Thunders of
Many Approaching Storms!

3:53 What you are about to Read
Has already been Written of Old!
There is Nothing New
Under the Sun
But All Things are Hoary with Age
And Frozen into the Rock of Remembrance!

3:54 These Eagles Prayers are Proven;
Unmistakable in the Advent of
Supernatural Intervention
Into the Temporal Trials & Tribulations
That Befall all Mortals!

3:55 These are the Prayers
That Shaketh the Foundations of the Earth
and Trembleth the Very Pillars of Heaven!

3:56 Beware all ye that Tread Here
For Access to the Heavenly Switchboard
Comes Not without a Cost;
That being Worship
Not only in Spirit
But in Truth!

Person of Arthur

3:57 I am but a lowly Writer of Books;
Ink and Pulp & Slurry of Thought!
Sure I may Peer into the dreamy
Ethereal Books of Angels
But I Jest to Decipher all of the
Heavenly Languages!
But Leave it be, to me it is but a Hobby!
My Reward is to Present Impossibilities
Though I may Define Certain Certainties!

3:58 What I See has already Been!
And what I Say has already been Spoken!
Far be it for me to claim
Revelation & Secret Knowledge
Forbidden from Man,
And Out of the Reach of Children and Babes!

3:59 It is beyond me to Bend a Spoon,
Or Enquire of the Dead;
But what I Read & Conceive I Puzzle;
Inspecting Volumes between the Lines,
And looking more on what is
Not Written Than what is Written!

3:60 And then Assembling the Body
Of Frankenstein Man
from many
Diverse & Disconnected
Pieces & Parts,
and then Breathing Life into it
By my Own Creative Imagination!

3:61 Ah, The Only Thing that I truly
Wish to Own!
And in Which I have Built my Home!
My Castle in the Sky,
As on the Wings as Eagles
My Kingdom
And My Freedom Flies!

3:62 And then by Da Vinci
Rather than by Divine
I channel the
The Schematics of the Matter!
From I know not where;
Could be from Right out of the Air!

3:63 Giving Creativity unto the Creature,
To Reveal its True Nature!

3:64 Rather than Enforcing
The Preconceptions of the Creator
Onto the Created!
I Give Freedoms-Child his Wings
And Follow where he Flies
And then Examine his Hidden Lies!

3:65 This Romance with the Eagle is merely
finding a Single Grand feather
In an Old Indian Shamans cap,
And then Conjuring up Images
Of the Whole Bird;

Call me a Friend of Fowl!

3:66 Perhaps it is Sure
That in Focusing on Evil,
One would surely meet the Devil;
As it would seem that the
Admired and the Admirer
Make good Lunch dates!

3:67 But not being Aware of the
Evil that Walks & Stalks around Us,
Ensures that we Will be Brunch!
A Sorry mixture between Breakfast and Lunch!

3:68 And So we finally realize that
Evil Hides its Mocking Eyes
Behind the Smile;
And after it has been there
For Quite Awhile,
We forget that that Smile
Is only Smiling Because it is Still ahead of Us
by a Gross of Norwegian Mile!

3:69 The Patient Catcher Lays his Traps
Long before the Hare hops through the Hole;
And so that is how Lunch on the Hop
Hangs in the Butchers Shop!

3:70 Whether the reader Believes or does not
Believe in God is Irrelevant
For I Perceive
That God has Very Few True Friends
And fewer still
That Share the Contemplations
Of His Heart!

3:71 What I have sadly Conceived
Is a Still Born Creation
Lacking the Living Breath of the Creator
And Held on by Life Support
Wheezing & Gurgling
As the Machine of Life
Prolongs its Eventual Demise!

3:72 However I am an Optimist
As even a little Match Strike
Burning in a Total Black-out
Can Shine like a Torchlight on a Hill
And Attract both the Lonely Wanderer
And the Creatures of the Night!

3:73 My Renditions of Faith are My own,
And need not be Seriously entertained;
Who Would dare Believe it!
Trouble not yourself to
Rise off your Bed of Slumber;
The Universe is Fast asleep, Join it!

3:74 The casual Observer however
Can gain a Glimpse of Understanding
Into the Source of the Insatiable!

3:75 The Quest for:
Hope for the Hopeless!
Vision for the Perishing!
Answers for the Answerable!
Closure for the Calamity!
And the Person of Arthur in a Legend!

Halls of the Holy

3:76 God make a Clean Spirit within me;
and Shatter Mine Enemy! Ha Ha!

3:77 Blessed is the Person whom God does not
Account Unrighteousness;
but Delivers Graciously
With his Unseen Hand
In the Land of the Living!

3:78 Believe me;
The Proud will be brought Low,
And the Meek
If they are Very Lucky to Survive a
Close Encounter with the God-Kind;
Might Just Live to Inherit the Earth!

3:79 Fear not Evil;
But Fear God who requites the Evil doer
For all his Evil Works
And Justly gives Rest unto His Darlings!

3:80 Tread softly when you Tiptoe
Through the Halls of the Holy;
And tremble when you
Disturb the Master
From His slumber!

3:81 No Temporal State
Nor Temporary State of Man
Can be Inherently Immortal;
But All Things in this World
Come But to Pass;
For Destiny beckons from
Brave New Worlds Beyond!

The Afflicted

(To be recited aloud and with
Conviction, Determination, and Faith)

3:82 Faith it like you have never
Faithed it Before!

3:83 Say it until you can See it, Feel it, and
Bring it Forth Like a Child from the Womb.

3:84 These things have to be Birthed!
Stirring up the Almighty is a Fearful Thing;
Wash your Head, your Heart and your Hands.

3:85 The Following is a Storm Prayer;
The Reciting of which Testifies to the Swiftly
Approaching Second Coming of J.E.M:
Justice, Equity and Mercy!

3:86 Which Conjures up & Spells
The Calling Up of Justice
Out of Deepening Darkness
And Beholding the Balance of Equity
Embraced by the Arms of Mercy!

3:87 By the Prayers of the Meek
And by the Supplications of the Humble
And the Travails of the Down-trodden
The Depths Open and Swallow the World!

3:88 And the Heights of Heaven
Stir Up Just Compensation
At the Cry of a Single Child
And Mercy Floods at a Single Tear!

Siege of Storms

3:89 Who is this Wordsmith;
And What does He Want?
For want of a better word;
The Chain Ripper!

3:90 No Bondage too great
that it shall not Break!
No Tyrant too tall
That He shall not Fall!

3:91 But all Stone Walls Built with Brutality
Shall eventually Crumble to
Reason, Truth & Justice!

3:92 And in Due Time succumb
To the Wordsmiths
Grating Scalpel Scrapings
Of Quill and Feather on
Leathered Skull!

3:93 The Poet who describes Himself in Poetry
Vilifies the Revelationary reasoning
Of a Seer!

3:94 And is perversely received as Anathema
By the Bent Arches of Bloody Societies
Whose Ancient Keystones were Set
With the Cruel Mortar
of Blood and Bone!

3:95 The Dedicatory Sacrifice was chosen for
Innocence & Purity
And taken From among the
Fair Daughters of the People,
Though Her Parents Weep,
And Mourners line the Streets!

3:96 As if to say; We have Done this!
What more shall We do to all Ye
Who enter Here!

3:97 See What We Have Done
To our Own Darlings!
What More shall we Do
To Our Enemies!

3:98 The Time of Just Recompense is at Hand
Oh Ye Cruel Walls;
Fill your Wells with Fear,
And Quench your Thirst
With Trepidation.

3:99 And Line your Loathsome Parapets
With your Rot
For what you Trusted as Strength,
Shall be to you a Stench!

3:100 As you have Lifted up the
Sword of your Word
Against the Innocent
And Slain without a Cause!
So shall the Sword of Storms
Be Called up when this Word
Be Lifted up!

3:101 Thus by the Innocence of your Hands
And by the Help which was
In your Hands to Give
And you Gave not!
So Shall the Measure
of Your Reward be!

3:102 The Fruits of your Labour
Shall be yours to Pile Up
Into the Granaries of Equity
And suddenly Burst & Spill
Like a Flood of Blood
Across the Threshing Floor
And out into the Street
For all to See!

3:103 The Season for Just Harvest
Is upon the Fields of your Doings!
Travail O Ye Spring Wheat
And Tremble Oh Ye Aged Stalks,
For the Edge of the Scythe
Is Sharpened
And Honed for a Swathing!

3:104 For Even Now the Reaper
Prepareth to Cometh
For the Lord of Equity has stirred up
This Strangest Siege of Storms
Which Is coming Swiftly upon You
Like a Whirlwind!

3:105 Whos Vengeance spares not
The Twisted Bough!
Nor the Chief of Liars,
Though he Bows down!

For my Angels

3:106 May you be Forever....... Kind!
The Lord above Is your Deliverer
I am just the Lightning
In His Hands!

3:107 The Flash of Light
And Rumblings in the Heavens
Are the Duel Opening Preludes

3:108 Promising His coming Storm!
For Equity requires both
Deliverance & Destruction!

3:109 Redemption Cometh not
without a Shaking and a Raking!

3:110 Judgement begins first in the
Heart of the Afflicted!

3:111 And Culminates in the Fullness of Time
By Justly Bringing Down the
House of the Mighty
With A Mighty Roar!
Psalms of Deliverance

3:112 The Power of Angels is Song!

Can there be a Happy Song

3:113 Can there be a Happy Song
In this Low Valley
Can there be
Songs of Praise
Instead of Diversity Oh Lord
Instead of Diversity!

3:114 He that Goeth forth Weeping
Bearing Precious Seed
Shall Doubtlessly Come Again
Bringing his Sheaves with him Oh Lord
Bringing his Sheaves with him!

Sea Arising

3:115 Can you see the Sea Arising
Can you Feel the Approaching of the Storm?

3:116 Can you see the Seas a Boiling
Can you hear the Lightning Crash and Roar?

3:117 Can you feel His Peace within You
As your lifeboats tossed and thrown about?

3:118 Can you feel His Love overshadow You
As your lifeboat flips and rolls ashore,
And Rolls ashore!


3:119 In the Lord I put my Trust
How then can you say to Me
Flee like a Bird to your Mountain
For look the Wicked Bend the Bow!

3:120 They set the Arrows against the Strings
And Shoot from the Shadows
at the Upright in Heart

3:121 When the Foundations are being removed
What can the Righteous do Lord
What can the Righteous do?

3:122 In the coming days
When I come out of Bondage
Lord show me your Marvellous Works

3:123 The Powers that be shall be Ashamed
For all their Might they shall Lick the Earth!

3:124 They shall come Trembling
Out of their Fortresses
And lay their Hands upon their Lips

3:125 They shall turn in Dread when they see Me
For the Lord Exalts not Iniquity!
For He has Completely Redeemed me!

Let Thy Face to Shine

3:126 They looked unto Him
And were Alightened
And their Faces were not Ashamed! X3

3:127 Let Thy Face to Shine Upon Thy Servant
and Save me for Thy Mercies sake! X3

He Is Coming

3:128 He that Rideth upon the Clouds
And Commandeth the Storm and
His Voice is like the Thunder of Lightning X3
Is coming!

We are Together

3:129 We are Together Pressing on down
We are Together Down in the valley!

3:130 Feet are Shod
To Trample on Scorpions
Pull up your pants
And stick out your chest!

3:131 Have on the Helmet of Salvation
Shield of Faith we shall put it to the Test!

3:132 Fight the fight for
Truth and Right!
Arch Angel Michael stands
Holding the childrens hands!

3:133 Forcing and Violence shall reign no more
To Rage and Wrath we slam the door!

3:134 The Word of God
is our Heart Felt Plea,
We Battle with the Devil
Fighting on our Knees!

3:135 With Worship and Praise
We push back the Darkness
In Holy Fellowship we gather in Our Strength,
Holding in our Hands the very Stars in the Sky,
They flood the Earth with their Shining Light!
How are the Mighty Fallen

3:136 How are the Mighty fallen,
They were Swifter than Eagles
Stronger than Lions.

3:137 How are the Mighty fallen,
In the Midst of Battle!

3:138 How are the Mighty fallen
And their Weapons of War

3:139 To Obey is better than Sacrifice
And to Hearken than the fat of rams;

3:140 For Rebellion is as the sin of Witchcraft,
And Stubbornness is as
Iniquity and Idolatry;
3:141 Because you have Rejected
The Word of the Lord,
He has also Rejected thee!

As He Spoke

3:142 As he Spoke
It was as if it Were
As the Plough breaks up
The Ground;

3:143 Our Bones are Scattered about
The Mouth of Sheol!

Victory song

3:144 So Lift those Hands up Higher
And Sing unto the Lord;
For he has Trampled on the Necks
Of our Enemies!

3:145 All their Fortresses
are Overthrown
And Every Stone
has been Cast Down;

3:146 The Field of Battle
Has been Won
By the Edge of the Sword;
And the Slain are laying all Around,

3:147 So lift those hands up Higher
And Sing unto the Lord;
This Victory Song!

Eagles Song

3:148 If you only Knew
How much I Loved You,
If you only Knew
How much I Cared;
Youd Love me Too
Because I Loved You,
Even when you did not know
That I was There!

3:149 Call on me
And I will Answer You,
Cry to me
And I shall Hear;
I will Ever Deliver and Preserve You;
Under my Wings
You shall not Fear!
A Re-occurring Nightmare...
With a Twist

A long time ago In a forest far far away!

3:150 The forest grows silent., the chirping
ceases, the little furry footed fearful scurry for
their dens.

3:151 The struggling Captives in rattling chains
look upward and their hearts quicken to staccato
in their beating breasts; the unusually cool breeze
of the Overgrown Ancient Graveyard of
Stones stirs their bloodied wet feathers, chilling
them to the bone.

3:152 A dark shadow strikes across the clearing,
and a bloodcurdling Cry from On High triples
their heart beats! The Dark Eagle circles and
dives; spying that old serpent lying in wait in the
tall grass by the bend in the path. Crimson
Forked Tongue of Deception flickering in the
damp heat.

3:153 There on the unfamiliar trail she carefully
picks her way along, not familiar with her
surroundings; the Dark Eagle, plummeting in
mortal dive. Curdles her Blood Running Cold
with a Deathly Scream!

3:154 She looks in fright over her shoulder, heart
racing in fear, and stumbles along the uncertain
path; Running Forward but looking Backward!
Driven unknowingly into the Deadly Trap!

3:155 The serpent coils taunt, the approaching
heat target burning the Pits below its Reptilian
Eyes like white hot pokers. Instinct triggers the
strike, in mid air steel-strung talons rip into the
back of the neck of the flying serpent; ripping it
from the Earth and into the Heavens!

3:156 She was looking back as she ran, as the
diving Bird of Prey sliced into the path behind
her, when she tripped and tumbled at the bend
into the tall grass by the trails edge; unknowingly
hastily vacated by the reptile!

3:157 All is quiet, she lay there in a heaving
heap, breath rasping and thoughts racing, How
did he miss me!

3:158 A squawking commotion further down the
trail quickens her curiosity, she sits up and stares
into the leafed shadowed wood.

3:159 Like a phoenix rising from the flames, the
great wings bend and beat wind as the Eagle
climbs air-stairs above the tree tops, trailing
squirming chains in its talons ripped from the
wounds as the little birds fly free!

3:160 Wait for me! she calls, quickly jumping
to her feet! The Eagles fading cry echoes from
the surrounding bluffs..and the little furry
and feathered friends poke their heads curiously
out of their burrows and hiding places, and the
teeming forest quickly returns to life.

3:161 For many the Eagles cry was misplaced
terror; for one, a melancholy little blue flower by
the bend in the trials edge; looking up and
wishing she could ride the winds with this Giant
Dark Eagle.

3:162 Whose strong shoulder feathers glisten in
the warming sun. A fresh wound in its chest
streaming little scarlet droplets to the wind, and a
glint of gritty green in its icy blue eyes, alone in
the skies!

By Dexter Livingstone

The End