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100 questions with answers on English1. What is .the sender known as who carries the idea? A. Source. 2.

What controls the communication? A. Number of elements. 3. What refers to the medium which carries information from the sender to the receiver? A. The channel. 4. What is known as s iral communication? A.. !ia"onal communication. #. What methods is said to use the si"ns$ icture$ colors$ desi"ns$ etc to e%tract. The massa"e A .visual methods. &. What the communication throu"h e'e behavior is known as. A. (culesics. ). What does movement and the si"nals of these h'sical arts of arms$ le"s$ hands s'mboli*e? A. +esture osture and movement. .,. When the sender sends man' messa"es at a time the receiver can not understand and receive all at a time. What does this known as? A.-nformation overload. .. The vowel /0 belon" to which words? A. shoed$ cooed$ wood$ luke$ ool 11. The sound 2e-3can be found in which words. A. -nitial a"e$ aim$ ei"ht$ amiable$ a ron$ a e% Ans0 C 11. The -nitial sounds of these followin" 4aero lane$ aerodrome$ belon"s to which sounds. A e5 12. 4 Which sound to these words belon"44rin"$ thin" A..6

13. Which tone is indicated b' the fallin" slant 789? A .The fallin" tone. Ans0 C

14.0 what refers to the ra id readin" of a iece if the te%t when the readers want to "et the main idea or the "ist of a te%t. A.Skimmin". 1#. Which is a art of written communication skill? A. :lear ori"ination and structurin" of ideas. 1&. ;lind is known as 4 A. <isuall' im aired. 1). Not is constructed to net and is ta""ed on to the revious word. This form of sentence comes under which art of "rammar? A.Ne"ation. 1,. =od"er told me he had a heav' da'>s work ahead of him .chose it comes under which s eech0 A. !irect s eech. 1.0 Amon" the ossessive ronoun forms$ these words like mine$ 'ours$ ours$ and theirs. belon" to which ossive ronoun. A.Nominative ossessive. . 21. -n "rammar$ what is an o tional element in hrase structure or clause structure known as4? A. ?odifier. 21.chose the correct ne"ative form there is @@@@@@@@@an' food left for eatin". A.;arel' 22.-n "rammar$@@@@@@@@@@ is a balance of two or more similar words$ hrases$ or clauses. A.parallelism

23. How many types of pronouns are there? A8 2 . name !ifferent pronouns ? A Aersonal !emonstrative -ndefinite =elative =efle%ive -ntensive -nterro"ative =eci rocal

2#.The third person singular in re"ular verbs in Bn"lish is distin"uished b' the which form of affi%? A.suffi% 2&. =e"ardless of s ellin"$ the ronunciation of the third erson sin"ular endin" in most dialects follows which rule A.re"ular rules 2). which verbs are alwa's in sim le resent? A.Stative verbs 2,.which verbs are ca able of conve'in" the idea of action in time A. infiniti"es an! parti#iples. 2$. what do 'ou mean b' ne"ation ? A.-n the Bn"lish certain words shows ne"ative meanin" these words are called as ne"ation . 31. What do 'ou mean b' direct s eech? A.When we re eat the actual words of the s eaker with out makin" an' chan"e$ it is called direct s eech. 31. The famil' of demonstratives 7thisCthatCtheseCthoseCsuch9 can behave either as what? A. ronouns or as determiners.

32."ive some e%am les of the indefinite ronouns? A. 7ever'bod'Can'bod'Csomebod'CallCeachCever'CsomeCnoneCone. 33. $ the interro"ative ronouns introduce@@@@@@@@@@ clauses$ A. noun.

34. =eci rocal ronouns can also take@@@@@@@@ forms0 A. ossessive. 3#. B%ce t for the ossessive forms do not chan"e@@@@@@@@ form in Bn"lish? A. nouns. 3&.fill in the blanks0 Bver'bod' @@@ b' the terrible news 'esterda'. A. was shocked


What is the structure of the passi"e "oi#e?

A. subDect E au%iliar' verb 7be9 E main verb 7 ast artici le9

3$. %ele#t one answer from the #hoi#es pro"i!e! after ea#h senten#e. &he wor! you
#hoose shoul! fit the 'lan( in the senten#e. @@@@@@ m' boss or m' sisters in the union "oin" to win this "rievance? -s Are

0. Some of the votes @@@@@@@@@@ to have been miscounted.

seem seems

1. The tornadoes that tear throu"h this count' ever' s rin" @@@@@ more than Dust a nuisance.
are is 42.The subDect and verb must a"ree in@@@@@@@@@

A. number0 both must be sin"ular$ or both must be lural.

2. Bver'one selected to serve on this Dur' @@@@@ to be willin" to "ive u a lot of time.
have has

3. Fe seems to for"et that there @@@@@@@@@@ thin"s to be done before he can "raduate.
are is 44. which clause needs a finite verb?
A. Main clause. 45.