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Al MacPhee, Dr.

Goldbloom, IDLE-FREE friends

National Clean Air Day, June 2013

Nova Scotias Clean Air Revolution. For our kids.

Dear Premier McNeil Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus
November 5, 2013 Dear Mr. Premier, What happens when ve year-olds like Rachel Hood remind car guys to shut their cars off when it makes sense..? Its like an emotional light switch. A phenomenon. Kids like Rachel inspire car guys, bus guys and the rest of us to ip the way we think about going green, about 80% of the time. Its why the Vancouver Olympics said YES to our IDLE-FREE bus, which carried the mens hockey teams during the games. Thanks to the magic of our kids and car guys, IDLE-FREE for our kids continues to build momentum as Canadas Leading IDLE-FREE Campaign. Weve achieved this with passionate moms, dads, school kids... and barely a penny of public funds. Imagine whats possible with support from the public sector. Nothing less than a clean air revolution for our kids. The equivalent of Nova Scotias recycling revolution, which was also inspired by our kids in the 90s.

SEE our Clean Air Day Flash Mob Video

Olympic IDLE-FREE Bus poster girl Rachel


We are poised to inspire enormous savings in fuel and emissions across North America, thanks to the ongoing support of the likes of Al McPhee (our Honourary Chair) and Dr. Richard Goldbloom. Here in tiny Nova Scotia, we can annually pump tens of millions into our economy rather than into our kids air as excess IDLE-time. Yes. The tab is that big. Its also an enormous cost to our health and environment. It promises to be a TRIPLE win. Nova Scotia can lead as never before on excess IDLE-time inspiring the rest of the continent. Its a $33 Billion annual fuel and emissions savings gold rush across North America that most major cities, towns and our kids are gasping for. Mr. Premier, we knocked on the previous governments door for four years, without an answer. Thanks to your leadership during the campaign and glowing references like the one attached, might the door be open with a breath of fresh air for our kids at Province House..? Lets ponder. If were not able to follow the sound advice of car guys to shut off our 650,000 light duty vehicles (the lowest of the low hanging green fruit), what are we prepared to do for our kids? We have a plan that we were prepared to present before the election. We think your caucus will like it. Were positive our kids will love it. We hope to make that presentation as soon as possible.

Respectfuly yours,

-Ron Ron Zima ADpPR Founder / Chair The Childrens Clean Air Network 902-456-2550 Ron@IDLEFREEGuy.com IDLEFREEGuy.com Facebook.IDLE.FREE.for.our.kids

Cc: Al MacPhee, Honourary Chair

ATTACHED Honourable Diana Whalen Resolution #1728

Robin White
IDLE-FREE for our kids volunteer


By: Ms. Diana Whalen (Halifax Clayton Park) I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution: Whereas Ron Zima spearheaded The Childrens Clean Air Network in an effort to teach children the importance of environmentally-friendly practices, especially the need to restrict car idling; and Whereas Mr. Zima created a video with children explaining to adults the effect car emissions have on our environment and encouraging their parents to change their habits and protect the environment; and Whereas The Childrens Clean Air Network began in one HRM school in May and expanded to ve more schools by September 2007, increasing the number of students and parents who are working for change; Therefore be it resolved that members of this House congratulate Ron Zima and The Childrens Clean Air Network for their outstanding efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and wish them every success in the future.