What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21st Century about… …Attitudes & Mindsets

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7
Attitude is everything in salesmanship. The attitude of demanding part of your reward already on Earth is like the prodigal son asking for his inheritance to go off & squander it. It’s reigning a little now & foregoing certain privileges later. For centuries & thousands of years people have known that you have to sow, in order to reap. Only in these times, children demand everything in return for nothing. Adults likewise have adopted this attitude of, ‘I deserve this, so I’m going to take it’, only to find out that someone is going to have to pay the fiddler in the end. Give thanks in every situation you find yourself in & you’ll see it’s up to you & your attitude what will become of it. Even the worst situations can turn into good and lead to a better one, if you’ve simply got the right attitude, one of trust & of thankfulness for whatever I bring. You’ve got to get rid of some of your excess weight & baggage, inappropriate habits & attitudes that don’t come in handy when fighting a war. Gratitude’s an attitude you can’t do without as friends! Show your appreciation by returning kind deeds of love. You have really only just begun to learn, and the best attitude to have is to know that you know nothing. That’s the Devil’s religion: ”You don’t have to thank anyone, because everything you’ve got, you’ve only got because you worked for it yourself!” If you’ve got that kind of an attitude, you’re actually spiritually dead. It’s that passive, fatalistic attitude, which makes people go around in circles without ever getting anywhere, ever learning but never coming to knowledge, as one that beateth the air. You just need to take on a ”winner’s” attitude! It hurts Me when My saved children still wander through life with an attitude of ”but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for....” It’s the attitude of the heart that makes the difference. ”I’m going to give & keep going forward, even if I’m the only one; even if no one else does. He’s loved me so much, how can I give Him back any less than all I can?” THAT’S the attitude that makes more than conquerors & turns losers into winners. Reason is the hoarding, stingy, selfish & self-preserving, so-called realistic attitude. Generosity is an open heart that pours forth; it can do no other. Keep an attitude of trust. Peace & happiness speak louder than any words. A calm & silent loving conviction & attitude of faith, a sample of living what you preach, will win the hearts of those who are willing to give Me a chance. Your happiness in this life depends on your obedience, your attitude & gratitude toward Me. As long as you keep thinking, "God, I would have done better than that if I were You", that's not really an attitude of trust & gratefulness that engenders My joy. My joy comes from truly accepting that I love you, care for you and I'm giving you what's best for you, not doubting all of these. Anybody can murmur & go through life with a "Why me?" attitude & expect more out of life than they're willing to invest. But the overcomers - and that's what I have called & chosen you to become - see with the eyes of faith. They see the good even in the bad. They don't feel sorry for themselves, but they look outward at others & their needs & are driven by compassion for them.

Have a loving, merciful attitude. My attitude has always been, "to hell with the proper way!" The ways & attitudes of man, always reject the ways & attitudes of God. It's as if every morning when you wake up, the Devil has woven a new web around you, consisting of habits, selfish attitudes & chains of conformity, and you must decide whether you're going to live with them or not. It's got to be your view, your focus, your attitude that's going to have to change. Changing the world starts with you. A selfish & independent road of pride & self-efficiency, which makes you go through life with an attitude of "I don't need anybody else", the result of which is usually that you'll find out that while others would have needed you badly, they won't need anybody with that attitude, either. A passive attitude of "Why don't they like me or love me?" results in resentment, isolation, or simply indifference... "Well, they don't like me, so why should I care about them?" And as part of your selfdefense mechanism you start looking at their flaws & all the things that are wrong with them, and instead of seeing them like victims you could be helping, as people in the same boat with needs & weaknesses just like your own, you categorize them & exclude them from your life. It's not an attitude of complacency I want My children to have, but one of alertness & desperation. You've got to show by your attitude that you're real, not just another fake & phony with half-hearted or selfish motives. Pray desperately each day for Me to show you what is the right attitude to have. Don't be fooled or influenced by the skeptical, doubtful, incredulous mindset of the blinded masses. Wrong attitudes, aggressions, bitterness & pride affect your freedom more than any person ever can. Take on an "I can" attitude! Believe that you can! Because it's true! Have more of a "Jesus" attitude, the attitude of a shepherd that would give his life for the sheep. You've got to have a winning attitude with everyone: with your kids, with your brethren, and with strangers! You can have heaven in your heart right where you are, right now, if you only have the right attitude. A mature attitude is that of one who has learned that all things come from Me in the first place, & so they give all the glory, honor & credit for it right back to Me, for "what hast thou that thou didst not receive?" Whenever discontentment attacks, you must realize that something is wrong, not with your situation, but with your own attitude & spirit, and you must ask Me to show you where the Enemy found a way in. When somebody is going through serious trials, nothing will help them as much as your taking on a serious & sober attitude, showing solidarity, genuine concern & that you're fighting alongside them in spirit! You don't overcome a bad spirit with a light attitude, but by sobering up, facing him down, confronting him, and showing that the victim is not alone in their fight, but that you're right by their side, fighting with them and for them. Search your heart for hidden motivations, wrong attitudes, which could lead you up the wrong path! If you have the right attitude & the right amount of love for people, the right incentive, then nothing is impossible. Pass on to your children a helpful attitude. But you've got to live it for them to see, first, before they're going to buy it! Loving people in spite of their flaws is an ability I appreciate & will reward much more than any attitude of wanting to know how much smarter you are than everybody else, including Me & My prophets! It's an attitude thing! You can choose yours. In order to really get ready for Me, what you need is a desperate, not a complacent attitude! To maintain a positive attitude & outlook towards people that tend to strike you negatively or give you battles & trials is a very important thing, because so much is determined by the way you see others: your ability to successfully live & work with them, which will affect your fruitfulness for Me, your unity, your general happiness & outlook on life, as well as theirs, & it will affect their decisions & desire to continue

to serve & follow Me or not. So, it's important to maintain a positive attitude, an attitude & spirit of forgiveness & of love that casts a veil over a multitude of sins & shortcomings. Your attitude is so important...whether you're understanding of their battles & trials, whether you're truly compassionate. Find those who don't have an attitude of, "I'm not searching anymore; I've already got it!" Help people not to give up on themselves. When they fall, that's when they specially need you to be there with an attitude of, "I still believe in you!" Treat people like potential winners, not losers. Show appreciation, not a critical or self-righteous attitude. If your faith and life-style, your attitude and everything about you is the real thing, then even the eventual crisis, of which all the others were only shadows, will only be another part of your life of faith, My plan for you, My Big Picture & everything. The problem is with the hearts of the people, what's within, it's their attitudes, & that's something hard to get rid of or to deal with. Something has to happen from the inside. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. If you fail or refuse to accept your title & spiritual rank of one of My ambassadors & instead just wear the title "nobody," then that's what you'll be. But if you're conscious of the fact that I sent you, and wherever you go, you represent Me, you'll be a lot more prayerful about what you'll say. There are so many details & factors & lessons you miss out on if you just rush through life in a "let me have it all," consumer-type of attitude. It's the choice between going through life with a "gimme, gimme" attitude of consumerism, seeking to enjoy all you can, to get all the input you can, and laying down your life for others. It's pretty hard to get the gospel across to the desperate from a stuffed, self-satisfied attitude, especially when much of the desperation in the world is being caused by that very self-satisfied, greedy & gluttonous attitude of the leading nations of the world... The worst you can do is think you've already got it all; that would be the exact opposite of the attitude I want you to have. I want you to know that you've got nothing and that you need it all, and I want you to behave accordingly. What you need is a change of attitude, not a change of circumstances. Once your own heart, attitude & view is changed, you're going to be a lot more effective in helping to change other hearts, attitudes & points of view. Just as you would find it wonderful if your child would come to you & ask, "Is there anything I can do to help you today?" & just as much as you would love it if she would develop a more helpful attitude, so, I would be thrilled if I could get you to develop an attitude that would cause you to look for opportunities, ways & possibilities in which you could be of help in order to further My cause. In the world, but not of the world, that's what I need you to be. It's hard to fight against all those worldly influences. Getting Egypt out of Moses was precisely what took so long: the worldly attitudes toward things, & their viewpoints... Often I choose to bring it about happiness in your life not so much by gaining and accumulating, but by losing that which was unnecessary, the excess weight of false perceptions, wrong attitudes, and"the sin, which doeth so easily beset..." (Heb.12:1). You may be living with the most perfect people in the world, but with the wrong attitude in your own heart, you still won't be happy. Problems are more often than not being caused not by your circumstances, but your own attitudes, your "system settings." Your attitude affects the way you are going to function, just as the settings of your computer will affect its usability & effectiveness. It's a matter of attitude & mindset. You just need to set your mind to do these things, to observe them, & to keep them up. They've got to become rules in your life that you keep, & that are stronger than circumstances, you won't bend them. You need to keep an advancing attitude. You've got to seize those opportunities, seize the day, and not just let it pass you by. Only with a victorious attitude will you also emerge from any given situation, challenge or fight as victor.

Be so filled with My Spirit, so full of Me, that there's no room for any darkness, any lack or absence of light, such as in the form of doubts, skepticism or disbelief, be it your own or that of the people whose opinion you might be concerned about. It takes a mindset of refusing to allow such things to hit you; just determine to ignore them as empty winds and empty lies of the Devil, empty shadows, that appear as darkness and blackness, but disappear when faced with My light. The only power the Devil holds is over the mind, but once you refuse to even recognize that power and go forth in the faith that I am well able to overcome all that, the battle is yours. I can alter not only your way of seeing the circumstances, but also your capability of handling them and dealing with them, which will make any mountain look smaller and more inviting and less gloomy than before you asked Me to change things with My power. More often than not it will be My altering you, your heart, your attitude and perception of things, that will really make the difference. So, that's where you've got to let Me work, for that's where I have chosen to live: right in your own heart! Let your heart be My home, and I'll be the greatest changing-factor of circumstances you'll have ever known. What's your attitude: gratitude or resentment? That's what it all boils down to, your constant choice. Will you resent the trial, the empty half of your cup, or show gratitude for the full half? Life is never all good nor all bad. You might say there are always good things and bad things present in it; it all just depends which are the ones you choose to look at or emphasize on. If you focus on the bad, then that's what will determine the major connotation of your view, your attitude, your day, your life. But if you focus on the good (and if you have Me, you always have something Good to focus on), then that will determine your outlook. Often the truly needed changes are changes in your own mindsets, attitudes and perception of things, inward changes, changes within yourself, rather than the other party. You can change your attitude, your way of seeing things, you can let Me change your heart, and much of your world will already be changed. The greatest victors are those who refuse to believe the circumstances that indicate or announce defeat! They keep fighting anyway, they keep believing anyway, that they're going to win. That's the kind of attitude that refuses to give in even to the most un-promising circumstances. Your attitude shows where you're "at," whether you got the point, and at which level of progress you are, your level of maturity and vintage and quality of character. Is yours a selfish, introverted attitude, or a giving, mature and loving one? The ones whose behavior and attitudes you care about are your own children. Likewise, I care about you. What interests Me is your attitude. Everything depends on you! As far as your life is concerned, whatever you want to make happen in it, depends on you, your initiative, your incentive, your vision, your guts, your faith! - Your determination not to allow yourself to get sidetracked or discouraged! Your "yes-power." Sometimes you've got to let Me make things work together for good by putting forth some trust in Me first. If you approach the situation with a negative attitude, then you might be undermining the grounds for Me to bring about My good purpose. You cannot work against Me while I'm trying to bring about that good in your life. You must give Me your cooperation by putting forth a positive attitude of trust that I'm going to do it somehow, even if right now you can't see it. While less than unconditional love may not be true love, an attitude of unwillingness to change, or of being too lazy to even give it a try, isn’t exactly the epitome of true love, either. A zero change and zero progress attitude is an attitude that leads to stagnation and death. It suffocates a relationship. All depends on your attitude, whether you choose to take on the position of a servant voluntarily, or you prefer to invest your life in a being-served type of position, one in which you’re the one who’s being catered to, in which you pursue your own interests, etc. Some situations don’t have a way out. Look at those who have to endure a permanent handicap that they have to live with for the rest of their lives. What counts is your attitude and what you make out of the circumstances and conditions you’ve been given, and how you handle them. Everybody makes mistakes, and nobody’s perfect; nobody has ever lived a perfect life of which they can say, “I never made any mistakes.” It’s erroneous to have that kind of an attitude. And, well, some folks just have the kind of attitude – which is their besetting sin and handicap to carry around through life – that they simply can’t see their own faults as easily as they see the faults of others.

You know My Cause is worth living and dying for, and so, you’re simply willing to give all, even unto death… that’s the kind of attitude that makes disciples. All that is really needed is a spiritual solution; changes of heart, that will alter the circumstances and conditions right where they count, and change lives from within. There’s no use shifting you to a more favorable position. First we’ve got to cleanse you from rotten and spoiled attitudes, and a little bit of hardship might be just what you need. The attitude “The Lord will always do it for me, no matter what” can sometimes be somewhat snobbish and even wrong, if it causes you to be indifferent to the way you come across at people, and when it causes you to think you can just let it all hang out, and if they don’t like it, tough luck. It’s a proud and somewhat arrogant attitude to have, that there is nothing and no area at all in which you could be making changes and progress… With a half-hearted attitude, it’s going to take longer to get the job done! I can’t let you off the hook before you get the job done. In My school, there is no graduating with bad grades! “Let’s get it over with!” is certainly not an attitude or mindset conducive to good work and a job done well and efficiently. It’s definitely not an attitude that’s going to warrant a “Well done thou good and faithful servant…” There isn’t any mention in My Book of anybody just having done a mediocre job for Me. I need you to change your mindset and prepare and brace yourself for the long haul, because I’m going to have to prolong this class, this lesson, for as long as it takes for you to get it. I can’t let you graduate without really actually having made it and passed the test. If you’re going to hang in there, I need you to do it with a whole-hearted attitude. The wrong attitude to have is, “If things aren’t the way I think they should be, why should I make any effort to change them?” Well, that’s perhaps precisely why they are the way they are, so that you make an effort to evoke some kind of difference. Maybe you’re there to make that difference. Maybe that’s why you’re seeing the way things ought to be, so that you can help and do what you can in order for them to become that way. It’s up to you to get out and help push in order for that bus to make some uphill progress, and not just do your own thing and shake your head about the catastrophe that you see unfold as the bus threatens to slide backwards into the valley!