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International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions


Algiers 11-12 September 2013

Item 4 2013 AICESIS MDGs Awards


Agenda item 4 2013 AICESIS MDGs Awards




2013 AICESIS MDGs Awards

The first ever MDGs Awards were awarded by the President of Brazil, Mr Lula da Silva, in November 2007, in Brasilia (Brazil), to reward the efforts of civil society organisations and public institutions working towards the second Millennium Development Goal (MDG) that of achieving universal education. Awards went to the ESCs of Ivory Coast and Mali and NGOs "Hernandina" (Argentina) and "Good Neighbours International" (South Korea). The second edition of the Awards rewarded universities and/or similar training institutes working to achieve the third MDG, regarding the empowerment of women. The Awards were awarded on 21 July 2011 in Rome (Italy) by the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, to the following organisations: Social Watch Benin, Coordination des ONG Fminines Gabonaises, Centro Universitario Metodista and the Mumbai Educational Trust. For the third edition, the prizes will reward civil society organisations and ESCs that have focused their efforts on working towards Millennium Development Goals 1 and 8 regarding full employment, and decent and productive work to reduce poverty. Criteria The jury were looking for the following criteria when examining the applications:

Presentation: name of body and executive officer, members, address; Objectives and areas of activity; Detailed description of the activity relating to "Full productive employment and decent work for all", including the dates of events, the aims, target groups and places, the number of participants, potential partnerships, the financial resources involved (the number of people involved and the budget allocation); Evaluation of the impact of the activity on the chosen theme, which must lead to a positive change in the living conditions either of a single under-privileged group or a large number of people, value added, the sustainability of the activity; innovation and reproducibility; difficulties encountered; Creation of an environment that is more favourable or conducive to improvement; Promotion of partnerships and activities in connection with other stakeholders, encouragement of leaders and empowerment of communities.

Procedure Following the decision by the Rome general assembly (July 2011), the secretariat-general disseminated the application files to ESC members of the AICESIS in October 2011. Applications have been received by the secretariat-general since October 2011.


To date, seven applications have been received: from Algeria, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Congo and France (list of candidates attached). All the files received have been submitted by email to the jury, which has been asked to carry out its assessment on the basis of the above-mentioned criteria and to write a report accordingly with a view to nominating the winner or winners in summer 2013. The award ceremony will take place during the AICESIS general assembly in Algiers (Algeria) in 2013. Composition of the jury
Africa: UCESA Latin America: Dominican Republic Asia: Russia Europe: Greece AICESIS presidency * * *


APPENDIX 1: Application files

Institution NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FEMME ET DEVELOPPEMENT RURAL (ANFEDR) Algeria JEUNESSE SANS FRONTIERE BENIN Benin Contacts Baya Zitoune President of the association zitounelb@yahoo.fr eanfedr@yahoo.fr Information 37, Bois des Cars III- Dly IbrahimAlgiers Algeria Tel.:+213 7 70 90 82 10 Fax: +213 21 33 62 52 Immeuble galerie darts bourse du travail Maison Awounou Zongo Ehuzu 08 BP 725 Tri postal Cotonou Tel.: 979984874 Av. Val Paraiso, 698 Conjunto Palmeira Fortaleza- CE-CEP 60.870-440 Brazil (85) 3459-4848

Marcellin A. Aigbe National coordinator naigbejsf@yahoo.fr

PALMAS INSTITUTE FOR DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIOECONOMIC SOLIDARITY Palmas Institute Brazil ASSOCIATION AIDONS LAFRIQUE ENSEMBLE (AAAE) = Ensuring Africa's success through cooperation on the environment, education and culture Burkina Faso (1)

Joao Joaquim de Melo Neto Segundo President joaquim@bancopalmas.org.br

Alidou Gueteba Sawadogo President aaae545@yahoo.fr , alsaaae@yahoo.fr

01 BP 296 Ouahigouya 01 Burkina Faso - Rue 13-68, porte 213 Burkina Faso (226) 40 55 09 61 /70 28 18 81/78 17 10 09

ASSOCIATION BASE Yarga Ouhangla Franois FANDIMA (ABF), Micro Executive Secretary Solidarit Taan Yama (MSTY) Burkina Faso (2) CHINA ASSOCIATION FOR EMPLOYMENT PROMOTION (CAEP) China Chen Rui Senior Project Manager Youyun Zhang Executive Vice President chenrui_80724@126.com FONDATION NOSI Congo Alain Francis Mbemba Executive secretary mbembafrancis@yahoo.fr

BP 241 Fada NGourma Rgion de lEst Burkina Faso +226 40 77 13 90 or +226 76 63 28 99

No.12 Hepingli Middle Street, Dongcheng District Beijing China 100716 8610-84202664 / 84201664

Villa 45 B quartier Milice Congo (242) 06 668 74 54


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