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Hourgass S1E6 Pete: Man, I don't know how I let you talk me into this.

. Clark: Every Smallville High Student needs to complete 30 hours of community service. Pete: Yeah, but we could have served our community by lifeguarding the girl's swim class at the Y, instead of hanging out with the denture crowd. I mean, what's the attraction? Lana: Hi Clark, Pete. Clark: Lana! I didn't know you were volunteering here. Pete: Yeah, right. Lana: For a couple of weeks now. Are you part of the companion program? Clark: Yeah, I'm reading with Cassandra Lana: She's an interesting woman. Some of the nurses say she can see the future.

Cassandra: It takes two of you to read to me now, does it? Don't just stand there. Come in. Clark: How'd you know there were two of us? Cassandra: Well, I'm blind, not deaf. I heard your little friend's shoes squeaking all the way down the hall. Pete: Can you really tell the future? Clark: Way to go Pete. Real subtle. Cassandra: What's your name? Pete: Pete Ross. Cassandra: Mr. Ross, if you want your fortune told, go to the circus. Oh... Oh.... Its a long walk home, Mr. Ross. Check your pockets.

Pete: Oh man...I locked my keys in the car. Dude, you're on your own. Cassandra: Now...what's your name?

Lana: Mr. Bollston? It's Lana Lang. Mr. Bollston: Lang. The Langs moved to Smallville in 1938. Took over a couple of dust bowl farms--knew a bargain when they saw it. Lana: You're a local history buff. Mr. Bollston: It's kind of my obsession. So...are you my next victim? Lana: You don't look that scary to me. Mr. Bollston: You should have known me in my younger days. Lana: I'm sure you were quite the heartbreaker. Mr. Bollston: How about a spin around the grounds, and you can tell me what the Langs have been doing since 1938?

Lana: It's so beautiful. I don't know why more people don't come out here. Mr. Bollston: They're too busy watching television. Mr. Bollston: Say, would you mind running back to my room and getting me a scarf? I don't want to catch a chill. Lana: Sure. Mr. Bollston: Aww, honey...you're a doll.

Cassandra: Water...please...

Young Bollston: Whoo!

Clark: What's wrong? Cassandra: Someone close to you is going to die.... very soon.

Clark: Guys, when you need this kind of stuff done, just ask me. That's what I'm here for. Martha: Is something bothering you, Clark? Clark: No, I just think we should start putting safety first. If you haven't noticed, this stuff is pretty dangerous. Jonathan: Well, this is a farm. It kind of goes along with the territory. Seriously son, what's going on? Clark: When I was at the retirement center, I met this old blind lady. I know this sounds crazy, but she can see the future. Martha: What did she tell you? Clark: That someone very close to me will die soon. Jonathan: Listen, Clark...you can't let some old...lady... scare you with a half baked prediction. She probably just does it to scare the nurses anyway. Clark: She told Pete he'd be walking home. Seconds later he realized that he'd locked his keys in his car. Martha: No one can tell the future. Clark: What if she can?! What if she told me because there's something I can do about it? Martha: Then she should have given you a little more information, like name, time, and place. Jonathan: Even if she can predict the future, there's nothing she can do to control it. Nobody can.

Harry: Fate's given you a second chance, Harry-Boy. And this time...they're gonna pay.

Harry: God, I haven't been able to eat one of these in years--I mean, not since the bypass. That was a joke. Zoe: You're a riot. What can I get you to drink? Harry: How much is coffee? From, you know...beans? Zoe: $2.75 Harry: Did they carry it here from South America on foot? Zoe: You sound like my grandpa. Harry: Just make sure it's hot. Zoe: Yeah, whatever. Clark: It's not your fault, Lana. Lana: Do you know anyone else who's lost an entire old person in a wheelchair? Chloe: No...Thats pretty impressive, even by Smallville standards. Clark: Maybe he was kidnapped. Lana: Who'd want to kidnap Harry? He's just a harmless old man. Chloe: Maybe a koi turned into a piranha and ate him. You asked for my help. I'm just thinking out of the box. Harry: I like your theory. Chloe: You know, you might want to work on your eavesdropping technique. Harry: Sorry. I'm...uh...I'm new in town. I just heard this is where young people congregate.

Chloe: Yeah, we congregate here often. Hi, I'm Clark. The rude one's Chloe, and this is... Harry: Lana Lang. The nametag was a big clue. So...uh...good luck finding your missing old person. Zoe: Enjoy your coffee. They brought it in by burro this morning. Harry: Thanks honey. You're a doll

Cassandra: You play beautifully. Harry: I was supposed to attend the Metropolis Conservatory. Cassandra: Your voice sounds young. The Conservatory closed its doors in the 70's. Harry: I mean, I've always *dreamed* of attending there. That is, if I lived in a different time. Cassandra: Ah. Any chance you could give an old lady a hand back to her room? Harry: I already know my future.

Clark: You might consider rounding those curves at a speed that won't actually break the sound barrier. Lex: Where's the fun in that? Clark: Seriously. You could get hurt. Lex: Why the sudden interest in my health? Clark: I met this woman at the retirement center, and she can kind of see the future. Lex: Yeah? She tell you your future? Clark: Not exactly. She said someone very close to me would--

Lex: Die? Clark: I know it sounds nuts, but when you talk to her, it's like she really knows. Lex: Come on, Clark. She knows when she has a good audience. Clark: You sound like my parents. Lex: That's gotta be a first.

Clark: Lex, I think this woman is the real deal. Lex: Then the question you've gotta ask yourself is...do you really wanna know the future? Clark: Don't you wish you knew how it was all gonna turn out? Lex: Life's a journey, Clark. I don't wanna go through it following a road map. Clark: It still wouldn't kill you to drive more slowly. Lex: Why? I have you as a friend. You changed my future once, right? Clark: I've got some more deliveries to make. Lex: You never told me this woman's name. Clark: I thought you weren't interested. Lex: Maybe I'll ask her for some stock tips. Clark: Cassandra Carver.

Clark: I don't think that's gonna help bring Harry back. Lana: Clark, what are you doing here so late? Clark: I came to see Cassandra, if she's still up. What happened to Harry's younger picture? Lana: I don't know. Clark: Is everything OK?

Lana: I met with the administrator...you know, to tell them what I knew about Harry. The police were there. Clark: Well, it's a missing person's case. It's not unusual. Lana: That's not the reason. Harry Bollston's real name is Harry Volk. He was a murderer, Clark. Clark: A murderer? Why would they let someone like that stay here? Lana: Because it happened 60 years ago, when he was 17. I guess they figured he was just a harmless old man who moved back to his hometown to die. Back in the 40's, he was studying to be a concert pianist. He was up for a full scholarship to the Metropolis Conservatory. But his teacher recommended somebody else. Clark: So he killed his teacher? Lana: No. He said the teacher killed his dream, so he killed the teacher's dream. The man's son.

Jim: Come on, come on! Throw the ball, throw the ball! Watch the blitz! Yes! Yes! Haha! You got it! Jim: Damn it! Circuit breaker... Can I help you? Harry: Evenin'. Sorry about the trouble sir. We got a faulty line about a mile down the road. I just wanted to make sure your circuit breaker hadn't been fried.

Harry: Anybody else at home? Jim: Nah, I'm divorced. Harry: I saw the name on the account was...uh...Jim Gage. Any relation to a Randolph Gage? Jim: Well, I'd say so. He was my father. He passed back in '93. Harry: I remember reading his obituary. It said he opened the first car dealership in Smallville.

Jim: In 1935! You've got a good memory. Harry: Thanks. I had a lot a lot of time to kill. Jim: We've got three dealerships in three counties now. Harry: Sounds like your father left you a bright future. -----------------Cassandra: Are you going to come in or not, Mr. Kent? Clark: How do you do that? Cassandra: When one sense goes, the others get...heightened. Oh, I must admit, after yesterday...oh, I thought I'd never see you again. Sit. Clark: What you told me, I can't get out of my head. Cassandra: Imagine how I feel. When it first started happening, I, uh...I thought it was a curse. I kept getting snapshots of things I couldn't control. Clark: When did they start? Cassandra: When I first lost my sight. It's funny--I woke up that morning, like any other. Then the meteors came. One hit a field behind my house. The flash burnt my optic nerves. Clark: I'm sorry. Cassandra: It's not your fault. It's amazing how one moment can change your life forever. Clark: My friends and family, they think that you're... Cassandra: A fraud, huh? People are afraid of the unknown, Clark. They only want to know if everything's gonna turn out all right. I can't guarantee that. What I can show you are sign posts on your journey. What you do with them is up to you. Clark: I've got so many questions in my life. I just want some answers. Cassandra: Closer. Now...take my hand.

Clark: "NOOOOO!"

Clark: No! Cassandra: You saw that too? Clark!

Martha: Clark, maybe you were having some kind of hallucination. Clark: It wasn't a hallucination. It was a glimpse of the future--*my* future. Jonathan: And you saw an endless graveyard? Clark: Like I was the last person on earth. Jonathan: Look, son...I don't know what you did or didn't see, but come on--you gotta consider the source. Martha: Your dad's right. We don't know anything about this woman. Clark: I know she lost her vision in the meteor shower. Jonathan: Oh, uh, and that makes it so she can predict the future? Clark: Is it so crazy? I get hit by a car and I'm fine. I walk through fire and I'm OK. What's next? Martha: You can't let this one image--whatever it means--consume your whole life. Clark: What if it is my destiny? To out live everyone that I love? I don't wanna be alone! Jonathan: Clark...I don't know what your future holds... Clark: I think this woman has the answers. Jonathan: The only person who controls your destiny is you. Clark: Well right now, I don't feel like I have control of anything.

Lex: Cassandra Carver?

Cassandra: Do those expensive shoes come with a name? Lex: Lex Luthor. Cassandra: Oh. Of Luthor Everything Incorporated? Lex: More or less. Cassandra: And what does the savior of Smallville want with an old blind woman? Lex: You seem to have made a real impression on my friend Clark. Cassandra: So, you came to see for yourself? Lex: Clark's not stupid. If he says you know things, there must be something that made him think that. Cassandra: What gives me the feeling...you're not here for stock tips, Mr. Luthor? Lex: Please. Call me Lex. I was hoping you could give me some insight into Clark. Cassandra: And you call him a friend, do you? Lex: He saved my life...but he's also a mystery. Cassandra: Most people are. That's what makes them interesting. Lex: I'm willing to treat this as a professional service. Cassandra: Save your money, Lex. I can't tell you about Clark...even if I wanted to. I can only tell the future of the person I touch. Hmmm? Lex: I don't need to know my future. Cassandra: Why? Because your father already has it mapped out for you? Lex: I believe we make our own destiny. Cassandra: And don't you want a glimpse of...what it is you'll make? Maybe I'll see your friend Clark.... or maybe I'll see something else. Lex: Goodbye, Miss Carver. It's been enlightening. Cassandra: Come back again, hmm? When you're ready.

Clark: Chloe, what... Lana: She's not back yet. Clark: Lana, what are you doing here? Lana: Chloe called me too. She said she had some info on Harry. When I got here, I started looking around. I found this. Clark: Chloe calls it the Wall of Weird. She believes everything strange in Smallville started with the meteor shower. Lana: How about you Clark? Do you believe that? Clark: Yeah, I guess I do. Lana: Does that include me? I'm up there with a three headed calf and the monster from Crater Lake. Clark: The stuff on this wall...it has nothing to do with you. Lana: Remember when you said people keep their darkest secrets hidden? Lana: Mine's out there for all the world to see. It's hard when everyone knows your tragedy. They treat you differently--like you're gonna break. Clark: I'm sure they just feel bad and wanna help. Lana: I know. But all they do is remind you of the most painful moment of your life. How would that make you feel, Clark. Clark: Like I wish I could go back and erase that moment from time forever. Lana: I thought high school would be different...that I could finally start putting it behind me. But everywhere I go ...there it is. Maybe I should just accept my destiny. All I'm ever gonna be is a little girl in a fairy princess costume who lost her parents. Clark: I don't see you that way. Lana: I know you don't, Clark. You're the only one who doesn't.

Chloe: Clark, we got your message. Pete: Hey where were you? What happened? I thought we were all supposed to meet at the Torch. Clark: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blow you guys off. Chloe: Will the lovely Miss Lang be joining us? Clark: No, I think she had enough weirdness for one day. What've you got? Pete: A guy was found dead in his house. He was blindfolded and strangled with a piano wire. Chloe: Which is the same signature Harry Volk used in 1945. Clark: Sounds like a copycat. Chloe: A copy-cat of a murder that happened 60 years ago, two days after the original killer happened to disappear? I don't think so. Clark: Harry's in a wheelchair, Chloe. Not exactly in prime condition to go on a crime spree. Chloe: Well, I found this picture of Harry from the 40's. Clark: It looks like the kid we saw in The Beanery. Pete: Maybe he's got a grandson or something. Chloe: Or...maybe it's Harry. Clark: I don't think we should start looking for time machines just yet. Chloe: OK, fine. Where do you think we should start. Clark: If someone is following in Harry's footsteps, maybe they sent him some fan mail.

Zoe: We close at 9:00, Mozart. Harry: Your piano needs tuning. Zoe: That's because nobody's played it in years. Harry: Hmmm...

Zoe: You wanna settle up? Harry: Can I get one more coffee? Zoe: Don't you have somewhere to go? Harry: Ah, come on...you can clean up to the sounds of Chopin. Zoe: I guess.

Chloe: What happens if someone sees us searching Harry's room? Clark: How about we don't get seen? Cassandra: Clark, is that you? Clark: Harry's room is down the hallway. I'll meet you there. Cassandra: The other night you left in a hurry. Sit. I... uh...I hoped you'd come back. Clark: I'm sorry. You saw that...whatever it was. Cassandra: I always see them. The question is, how did you? Clark: I don't know. Wasn't I supposed to? Cassandra: Nobody ever has. Clark: Why me? Cassandra: Because, we both know... you're not like other people. Clark: Sure I am. Cassandra: No Clark. I've seen you...before we ever met. More than once, I've touched people, and I've seen such pain and despair and...but then you were there, and the pain was gone. I think that's your destiny, Clark--to help people. To save them from fear and darkness. Clark: How? Cassandra: Well, that's for you to figure out. You can fear the future, or...you can embrace it.

Cassandra: The choice is yours. Clark: Who are they? Cassandra: People who need your help. Clark: How am I supposed to help them if I don't know who they are? Cassandra: I'm not a radio--I don't pick up continuous transmissions. That's all I have. Clark: I'll figure it out. Cassandra: Clark...your secret is safe with me.

Clark: You guys have any luck? Chloe: No fan mail. Just a bunch of old news clippings from The Smallville Ledger...obituaries, articles. Chloe hands each of these to Clark to look at, Pete: The guy's been obsessed with Smallville for 50 years. Chloe: Clark, is something wrong? Clark: It's her. Chloe: It's who? Clark: I gotta go.

Zoe: Thanks for the serenade. But unless you're sleeping here, which you're not, I'm heading out. What's this? Harry: They don't teach Greek in school anymore? It's Euripides. The sins of the father are visited on the children. Zoe: You play Beethoven and you speak Greek? Real cute. What's it got to do with me? Harry: Actually, Zoe Garfield, quite a bit. Harry: Your grandmother--Eve Garfield. She died last year, right? I was meant for big cities and great concert halls...that was my destiny...

And your grandmother--she helped kill that future. And now... I'm gonna kill yours. Zoe: "No!" Clark: Let her go! Harry: Ah-Ah! Don't move! Don't move! Clark: I said let her go. Harry: Didn't your parents teach you to respect your elders? Driver: Oh no! Clark: Take care of her.

Martha: Zoey's gonna be OK. But that truck driver could have sworn he hit you. Don't worry--he's not asking any questions. Jonathan: Is that kid in jail? Martha: No, he's in the hospital overnight for observation. Clark: Does Zoey know why he wanted to kill her? Martha: She's just grateful you happened to come along. Jonathan: Is that what you told the police? Clark: I figured they wouldn't want to hear I got a vision from an old blind lady. Martha: I'm not sure how I feel about Cassandra. Clark: Mom, she's my friend. She told me my destiny was to help people. Jonathan: You don't think she knows your secret? Clark just looks at Jonathan, then looks down guiltily...a silent "yes". Jonathan: I don't think you should see her anymore. Clark: If I hadn't gone to see her, Zoey would be dead.

Jonathan: Your destiny may be to protect people, but ours is to protect you, and that's gotta come first, OK?

Clark: My mom said you called?

Clark: Is this the Porsche from---I don't understand. Why do you still have it? Lex: I once read about a rich man who survived a hotel fire. He hung onto the ledge for an hour before the fire department rescued him. Afterwards, he bought the hotel...always stayed in that room. When they asked him why, he said he figured fate couldn't find him twice. Clark: I thought you didn't believe in fate? Lex: I don't... But everytime I look at this car, I wonder. I had a team go over this thing inch by inch. They tell me there's no way the impact could have ripped open the roof like this. Clark: They must have made a mistake. Lex: Do you remember anything about the accident? Clark: No, just that I pulled you out. That's it. Lex: I thought that you might be able to tell me more. Clark: I'm sorry. Lex: It's a little strange to be walking around when every shred of evidence says I should be dead. An unsolved mystery, I guess. Clark: Maybe fate has something else in mind for you. Lex: You've been spending too much time with your friend Cassandra. Clark: Well, at least she doesn't dwell on the past. Lex, you're alive. The question you need to ask yourself now is, where do you go from here?

Police Officer: I'm here to pick up the kid from the Beanery assault and take him into custody.

Doctor: Right...the young John Doe. He's all yours. We got him locked up in here. I checked on him this morning. He's sleeping like a baby. Harry: Help me...

Lana: The police questioned Harry all morning. He said he was kidnapped by this kid who was obsessed with his old case. Clark: So somehow in broad daylight, this kid got out of handcuffs, smuggled Harry inside, and chained him to a bed? Lana: That's the official story. Clark: It may be official, but it doesn't make sense. Lana: You could always add it to the Wall of Weird. Clark, are you all right? Clark: Not really. I think I'll go inside...talk to Harry.

Clark: You know, I found a picture of Zoey Garfield in a box under your bed. Harry: n his bed] And who are you? Clark: Clark Kent, but we've already met. Harry: How dare you go through my belongings! Clark: How do you explain the pictures? Harry: Why do I need to explain it? Clark: You know what Harry? I think you and this kid are the same person. Harry: I'd say you have a very active imagination. Clark: I don't know how you did it, but I know it's you. Harry: You said your name was Kent? Grandfather Hiram, father Jonathan? Funny...I don't remember you on the family tree. Clark: I'll be watching you.

Harry: Nurse...nurse. Help me, somebody. Help. Oh nurse, he's harassing me. Haven't I been through enough. Nurse: I think you should leave, young man. Clark: Don't worry, I'm going.

Chloe: This is everything I could find on Harry Volk. The Ledger carried stories on the trial, the murder, the investigation...you name it. Pete: Is anybody watching this guy? Clark: Lana's got an eye on him. Clark: I heard that. Pete: What exactly are we looking for. Clark: I dunno. There's gotta be a connection between the people Harry's going after. Chloe: In Zoey Garfield's statement to the police, she said that Harry accused her grandmother of killing his future. Lana: Harry's gone. They found his wheelchair out by the koi pond half an hour ago. Clark: I saw meteor rocks in that pond. Chloe: At least now we know how he's doing the time warp. Lana: What do you mean? Clark: I'll explain later. We gotta figure out who he's gonna kill next. Chloe: Clark, take a look at this. Clark: What is it? Chloe: It's a list of the jurors that worked on Harry's trial. Clark: Rudolph Gage, Eve Garfield... He's killing the descendants of the jurors that convicted him. Pete: Talk about not letting it go. Lana: Clark, what is it? Clark: Look at juror number eleven. Lana: Hiram Kent. Wasn't that your grandfather? Clark: Harry's gonna kill my dad.

Martha: Can I help you? Harry: Yeah, got a report about a gas leak. You, uh, mind if I come in? Martha: Gas leak? I don't smell gas. Harry: Your husband called about it earlier. Is... is he around? Martha: He'll be back shortly. Umm... where's our regular gasman, Curt? Harry: Vacation. Martha: Oh, that's right. Um...would you excuse me a minute? Harry: Curt isn't your regular gasman, is he Mrs. Kent? Martha: Wha...what do you want? Harry: To kill your husband. Martha: What did Jonathan ever do to you? Harry: Nothing ...but his father did.

Harry: Come on Mrs. Kent! I'm too old for hide and seek! Martha: Jonathan! Harry: You can't save him, Mrs. Kent. Ahhh!

Clark: Dad! Are you OK? Jonathan: What are you doing? What's the matter? Clark: Where's Mom? Jonathan: I don't know. What's the matter with you? Clark: Somebody's trying to kill you.

Jonathan: What? Clark: He's already here.

Clark: No! Jonathan: Martha! Martha! Clark: Mom! Mom! Jonathan: Martha, come on! Martha! Clark: Come on Mom! Breathe! Jonathan: Martha! Are you okay? Martha: You think...I'd ever leave you two alone? Clark: Oh man. Martha: Cassandra was wrong, Clark. Nobody's gonna die.

Cassandra: Well...you're the last person I expected to walk through my door. Lex: I come bearing gifts. Cassandra: So did the Greeks. Lex: I wanted to take you up on your offer. Cassandra: Hmm...I thought you controlled your own destiny. Lex: I do. But certain things have happened in my life. Signs I don't want to ignore. Cassandra: What kind of signs? Lex: I lived when I should have died. There must be a reason for that. You see, I don't want to do good things. I want to do great things. Cassandra: Well you don't need me for that.

Lex: What's the matter, Cassandra? Are you afraid of what you'll see? Cassandra: Sit. Cassandra: You've been warned. Lex: What did you see? I need some help in here! Somebody! Nurse: I'm sorry son. She's gone. Clark: She saw it. Nurse: Saw what? Clark: Her future.

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