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Zhejiang University of Technology, Pingfeng Campus

Hangzhou, China

Zhejiang University of Technology

The project site is situated on the outskirts of Hangzhou and

features some unique characteristics, with mountainous terrain
located to the north, marshlands to the south and a creek
separating the site from the mountains to the north.
An elevated highway is directly adjacent east of the site and therefore a green space
buffer zone is incorporated into the design of the Phase 3 campus. Approach to the
site is via a major arterial road from the south. There will be five faculties located in the
development including: two academic buildings, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Architecture &
Engineering College, and the Faculty of Information Technology.
Central to the design is a strong axis that organizes the location and arrangement of
the faculty buildings. These linear elements provide key vantage points for views into
the campus as well as out towards the hills in the distance. Major design elements are
located on the axes to create visual interest and heighten ones experience in the garden
landscape. This central axis is raised up one storey in order to create a separation of
pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
Surrounding the central grouping of buildings are the landscape gardens that extend
outwards from the courtyards of the faculties and into the surrounding perimeter. These
gardens become specific spaces devoted to each of the individual faculty buildings.
Around the perimeter of the site, outside of the more formal academic precinct, the
garden of knowledge is divided up into smaller themed garden spaces. Each smaller
garden relates specifically to the faculty to which it resides, providing an opportunity for
relaxation, reflection, and meditation for students and faculty members.
Zhejiang National High Education Science and Technology Park
Masterplan and Phase One Architectural Services
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Zhejiang National High Education Science and Technology Park (renderings)

Kasian recently entered a design competition for the conceptual urban design and phase I architectural design for
the Zhejiang National High Education Science and Technology Park located in Hangzhou China. As a result of our
compelling submission we were awarded the master planning component and the design of the conference and
exhibition building.
The final scheme developed for the competition was based on the design principles of the Chinese Garden. Very
different from western approaches, in-depth research into gardens, Chinese culture and eventually Feng-Shui was
conducted to provide a strong design solution.