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CoDeSys Automation Platform

Development Platform for the Extension of the CoDeSys Programming System

The CoDeSys Automation Platform is a development platform for the extension of the CoDeSys programming system. At the same time it is a complete application framework for the creation of development environments for industrial controller networks. The CoDeSys Automation Platform is based on the Microsoft .NET technology.

There are two main fields of application for the CoDeSys Automation Platform:

You can add your own plug-ins to the development system CoDeSys V3 and then for example integrate a new programming language, a new field bus or develop a project wizard. Existing plug-ins can be replaced by customized implementations.

You can develop a stand-alone application which makes use of the complete Automation Platform functionality in order to provide customers with an easy to handle tool for their specific tasks.

Due to its open plug-in architecture the functionality of the CoDeSys Automation Platform and, as a consequence, of the programming system CoDeSys V3, can be extended by adding customized plug-ins such as:
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Menu commands or toolbar entries Docking Views Editors for viewing and configuring database objects Entries in the status bar Extend existing dialogues Integrate help modules into the online documentation Replace existing CoDeSys functionality by adding customized implementations Brandlabel the programming system

# # # # #

Read out the project structure and the individual project objects Read out and modify global or project specific settings Create a project structure with existing object types Save your data in a CoDeSys project with customized object types for the project database Have your messages displayed in the message window and query messages already displayed

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Query the symbolic project information Creat customized entries for code generation

Send and evaluate predefined layer 7 services Define customized layer 7 services

customized object types

customized menu commands

customized editors

customized docking views

implementation of customized project wizards for the interactive creation of new projects

display of customized messages in the message window

customized status bar entries

Functional Scope
The CoDeSys Automation Platform comprises a basic system which mainly covers the following functionality:
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Project data base for the programmatic access to CoDeSys projects Compilers with matching code generators for the generation of symbol tables, cross references, parse trees and machine code from structured text Online components for the extendable layer 7 communication with a CoDeSys runtime system Administration of different plug-ins in different versions (install, uninstall) Several easy to use service classes for example for the forward and backward compatible serialization of database objects Access to application global settings

The development of tools or plug-ins based on the CoDeSys Automation Platform requires a .NET 2.0 development system, typically Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Products based on the Automation Platform require at least Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP6 higher or Microsoft Windows XP for execution.

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