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Q1) If a car is a rear engine and a front wheel drive, Where would you find the differential?

a) on the front axel b) an the rear axel c) on both, font and rear axel d) no differential is required as the tyres attached would be free. Q2) What is the role of treads on a tyre? What ind of treads are there on off road vehicles? Why is that !1 race car tyres do not have any treads? Q") What causes the sound that co#es when you shift the gear$stic while driving? Q%) If clutch is used in a #anual trans#ission car then what is used in &lace of clutch in auto#atic trans#ission car? 'lso na#e the &arts in it Q() If a car is in its highest gear s&eed and suddenly an obstacle co#es in front of the car, why would you a&&ly brea s after engaging the clutch and why would you then gear it down? Q)) Why can*t you start a car fro# rest in the fourth gear? Q+) If the friction &late is worn out, then what additional would you have to do to #ove the car fro# rest? Q,) -he car is a !.$!W/ 0any co##ercial1fa#ily car) 2ase 13 -he front tyres are on the ground and the rear on ice 2ase 23 -he two left tyres are on ice and the two right tyres are on ground. .x&lain what would ha&&en if you accelerate the car in both the cases and why? What is the solution to the &roble#? Q4) What ty&e of car would you need if you were to #a e a /rift li e the ones shown in the #ovie !ast and !urious$ -o yo /rift? a) !.$!W/ b) !.$5W/ c) 5.$!W/ d) 5.$5W/ e) 6oth a and b f) 6oth c and d g) 6oth a and c h) 6oth b and d i) 6oth a and d 7) 6oth b and c Q18) What is the difference between caster, ca#ber 9 :ing$&in Inclination Q11) If the hand$brea doesn*t wor , then why is it advised to leave a &ar ed car in an engaged gear?

Q12) Why can*t one ride a bicycle after rotating the steering handle by 1,8 degrees? .x&lain through rough diagra#s. Q1") ;atch the following a) <teering <yste# b) -rans#ission >ears c) Infinite >earing ratios d) <teering >ear box e) /ifferential f) -rans#ission 1) =ay <haft 2) 5ac and ?inion ") 2@%) /og >ears () -ie rod )) 6evel >ears

Q1%) Which factor tends to ee& wheels straight ahead and #a e the wheels to get return to the straight &osition after co#&letion of a turn? a) ?ositive 2a#ber b) !orward 2aster c) :ing$?in Inclination d) Aegative 2a#ber e) 6ac ward 2aster Q1() -wo cars are racing against each other at high s&eeds. <uddenly a herd of buffaloes co#es in front of the#. Bne driver a&&lies the bra es continuously. -he other driver a&&lies brea s in quic intervals. If they were to collide with the herd, Who would have lesser chances of colliding and why?