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Hi, Everyone. ..

My name is Mathias Gonzalez , Im Brazilian and Australian citzen, write and psychologist. Im joing myself to the wave of Brazilian protests to ratify my solidarity to the Brazilian people who is waking up from a great sleep. I'm waiting for the date of GREAT MARCH ON BRASILIA, I hardly believe it will take more than 5 million people marching to the federal capital (seat of the greatest corruptions and frauds committed in our country). For sure, on that day I will wear my T-shirt yellow-green, I'll take my flag of Brazil and I'll be proud again of being Brazilian. I count on you to help fill the Ministry ESPLANADA, The Central Freeway called Eixo from North to South and The MONUMENTAL Road across the city. The date will be announced soon through the Media and Internet. On that day the world will know the BIGGEST PEACEFUL MARCH OF ALL TIME on the planet. On that day we will send our message to Governments by addressing THE MANIFESTO OF BRAZILIAN PEOPLE talking about what we want and what needs to be done urgently. See now the main points of that MANIFESTO.

1. Built modern railways high-speed trains with modern nationwide system (as the former president Lula promised to do and did not do) to prevent the millions of deaths and accidents on Brazilian roads and to reduce the costs of the products which are still transported by road. We expected excellent REFORMS IN FEDERAL AND STATE ROADS across the country. With standard FIFA Quality!

2. Renovation of all public schools in the country (ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION), with new chairs for students and teachers (equal to the Stadiums seats), whiteboards (running out the old black board with their chalks), painting rooms with washable paint and anti-graffiti, construction of good play-ground and give to children decent quality meals. All FIFA QUALITY! 3. Immediate adjustment of salaries of teachers in Primary and High School levels with 40 hours per week, to R $ 4,500.00, in the South Region and Southeast and Midwest, and then for $ 3,000.00 in other states of de federation.

4. Opening of new fronts jobs in the poorest regions of the country which are affected by droughts or floods, to prevent the exodus of rural populations affected and reduction to ZERO deaths caused from calamities.

5. Finish in record time the task of transposition of the So Francisco River (according to the criteria of sustainability and proper management of environmental resources). 6. CRUSADE AGAINST DRUGS trigger a nationwide, applying heavy penalties for drug dealers and setting a goal of care in the specialized clinics and hospitals ANY AND ALL drug addicters in the country, under the ZERO COST.

7. Immediately increasing of the salary of the civil and military police throughout the country according to the different regions, as a way to curb corruption and parallel service that many police officers do to supplement their incomes. Tougher punishment for corrupt or who breaking law.

8. Institution PLEBISCITO (popular consultation) on the application of DEATH TO SAVE LIVES, those who commit heinous crimes that result in the death of any person. The convicted will have his organs donated to thousands of innocent people who are waiting for years in line at the hospital and even die without getting a heart, liver, kidney, etc.. The families of the victims will be entitled to get all money, good and properties belonged to the convicted, as a way to mitigate the losses. 9. Institution PLEBISCITO for change in law that allow parliamentarians raise their own salaries. At the same time, the creation of a new law to limit by up to 10 (minimum wages) the salary of a Congressman. That is, if the minimum wage increase little, they will also have increased proportionally. The salaries of Senators, State Representatives and other lawmakers are also proportional to the of Representatives. All extra funds will be fully abolished from their cabinet. The advisers of Congressman should be temporary servers, following the general criteria for special contracts made, and the immediate expulsion of all Union lawmakers convicted of crimes against the nation.

10. A biannual EVALUATION of Congressman (federal, state and municipal), defining criteria for points as: projects submitted (projects consistent, of course); faults, complaints and proven misconduct or bad behavior, etc.. Lawmakers who failed on that evaluation will lose their office, they will have to return the money received and will be ineligible for 10 years.

11. Creating a HEALTH CARD. That will entitle ANY BRAZILIAN CITIZEN AND TAXPAYER WITH INSS be serviced in any public or private hospital, for free.

12. Reduction of 3 hours of the workday to ALL WOMEN who have children between 0 and 6 years old, in public or private companies. 13. Restructuring of the entire public transport network of large cities, with the creation of trains overhead surface, such as already exist in cities around the world.

14. Leveling of the amounts paid to retired people comparing to those on active duty, to ensure them a good standard of living.

Thats all? No, there are many many other points to be added. So, if you are outsite country, we can join us to strengthen ous voice. The voice of million of Brazilians. Thank you, than you very much.