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Epicure Digital `My Plate on Wheels' Dry Erase Boards Help Schools meet K-12 USDA Br eakfast and

Lunch Rules Introducing Epicure Digital `My Plate on Wheels' Dry Erase Boards for indoor and out door use to help schools meet the USDA National School Lunch and School Breakfas t Programs requirement to identify food items in front of School Food serving li nes. Beverly Hills, CA, November 12, 2013 -- Epicure Digital, a leader in digital men u boards, presents its new Epicure Digital `My Plate on Wheels' Dry Erase Boards for indoor and outdoor use, to help K-12 schools meet the USDA National School Lunc h and School Breakfast Program New Meal Pattern Requirements and Nutrition Requir ements and Nutrition Standards, at the California School Nutrition Association (C SNA) Annual Conference, Palm Springs, CA, November 14-17, 2013, Booth #315. The USDA 7 CFR 220.8.a.2 Meal requirements for breakfast states as follows: Schoo ls must identify, near or at the beginning of the serving line(s), the food item s that constitute the unit-priced reimbursable school meal(s). The new Epicure Digital `My Plate on Wheels' Dry Erase Boards, is a an affordable, simple to implement way of fulfilling USDA's signage regulation for indoor and out door use. School can mount a lunch and breakfast menu board back-to-back for use at both meals. Epicure Digital will also exhibit at the conference its new Epicure Digital `My Br eakfast Plate' Dry Erase Boards that allow school food services to present their m enus in a way that is easily understood by students, including a simplified way to display the count of food items per dish served. Now schools can fully meet the USDA requirements to identify food items for lunch and breakfast in any school service line indoors and outdoors, explained Mr. Fri edman. The Epicure Digital MyPlate System is very affordable. Any size school dis trict can easily and quickly provide daily Dry Erase as well as online MyPlate m enus on their websites and existing classroom smart boards. And, the same system can also be used to control LCD menu boards in cafeterias if and when they are required. All dry erase boards come with an aluminum frame with mounting hooks and are ava ilable in the following sizes: Landscape: 9h x 12.0w;12 x 18; 18 x 24; 24 x 36; 45.5 x 32. Portrait: 12h x 9w; 18 x 12; 24 x 18; 36 x 24; 32 x 45.5 More information about the new series of Epicure Digital dry erase menu boards i s available on http://www.myplatemenuboards.com/myplate-dry-erase-boards.html Epicure Digital clients include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, hospita ls, independent and chain restaurants, contract food service companies, business & industry, and cinemas and casinos among others. The companys websites: http://www.EpicureDigital.com and http://www.MyPlateMenu Boards.com display an extensive portfolio of its client's menu board projects. For more information, contact: Tommy Orpaz, 310-652-8246 x 3, torpaz(at)epicured igital(dot)com Contact: Tommy Orpaz Epicure Digital 8665 Wilshire Blvd., suite 309

Beverly Hills, CA 90211 310-652-8246 torpaz@epicuredigital.com http://www.epicuredigital.com