Jesus on...


Real Thing

M.T. Vessel

Prologue: We're living in times in which it's hard to know at times what is real and what is fake. We're bombarded with information which we accept as fact, only to find out at a later date that we had been either mistaken or deceived about some of the things we thought were true. Suppose that our world was in the hands of some evil force which had made it its goal to deceive mankind into accepting counterfeit and fake versions of the Real Thing, in order to hide from them the truth and keep them from finding the path to happiness... It would cause us to be unhappy with the things we've originally had and to ever yearn for the grass on the other side, full of tempting devices and thrills that life would have to offer for us if we could only get over there. Well, as unbelievable as it may sound, this is closer to the reality the author of this treatise on the Real Thing has encountered than one would be willing to believe at first glimpse. The Bible, certainly considered by some as an authority on truth, even if some modern concepts and "truths" that frame our mindsets in this day and age threaten to strongly undermine it, tells us that indeed our world is presently under the rulership of a dark force that poses as an angel of light, and thankfully, points us in the direction of the truth, actual reality and the Real Thing. Contrary to what many believers in the Bible claim, though, its divine Author (although always availing Himself of human writers as vessels and scribes) has not stopped speaking 2000 years ago when the last page of the Bible was written. In fact, the Bible admonishes its followers to avail themselves of the gift of prophecy, which is not only a gift that would aid one in foretelling the future, but principally the ability to hear the voice of God. Through this gift - as unbelievable as it may sound to some - anyone can have vivid and frequent conversations with their Maker. The following are excerpts and results of even such unusual conversations, all pointing us in the recovery of The Real Thing, as opposed to the many fakes that surround us from all sides. Come and join the author (although only another mere instrument in the hands of the True Author of all things) in rediscovering the true foundation of things and what Jesus has to say about the Real Thing!

The Real Thing is... ...Jesus I am the REAL THING! The real thing may not always be as attractive, especially when you’ve been spoiled by the attractive looks of the fake, but it’s REAL! It’s going to get you through the winter! REAL fire will! Artificial fire won’t! The time for substitutes is over. It's time for the real thing, which is Me. I am the original Satisfier & the only One Who can truly satisfy every longing of every heart. It's just that so many haven't even given Me a chance yet. They were too busy finding relief & temporary satisfaction in their substitutes, which to them appeared more easily available, as they were right there in the material world, where they could see them & grab them, no reaching out with the hand of faith for spiritual comfort required. But the time is now to really determine whether you will set your affections on things above or things that are seen: the eternal or the temporal; the real thing or the cheap imitation & easy way out, Me or the Devil's substitute. Don't "sell" people your own idea of Me, but the Real Thing, and that you do it in My strength, not your own, because this job is too big, too monumental for anyone to try to do in their own strength.
You only become the real thing by keeping your eyes and focus steadily on the Real Thing, Me. I’m allowing the Enemy to play the role of the big, tough head honcho to see who’s going to fall for it, and who will not be fooled by his act but will refuse to settle for anything less and other than the Real Thing.

Only those who seek the Real Thing and the truth are also going to find it. They ignore the headless chase that’s going on all around them for all those other things that are supposed to bring happiness, and they want just one thing: to find Me again in all this chaos. They know this world, the way it is, is not their home, and that their must be something better. They refuse to be content with the husks the Devil has to offer, they won’t settle for anything less than the Real Thing. They know I’m the Prize, the One really worth getting and going after, and they won’t stop short of that ultimate goal. All they want and yearn for is to find Me, and they won’t be disappointed.

...Communication and Relationship with God A love relationship with Me beats any Hollywood episode! Show them what love is really all about! Those romantic love films are nice, but they’re not the real thing that they could have with Me! Even in the midst of the greatest darkness on earth, we can have the fires of love burning! That’s the fire the world will need then, the fire by which they will warm themselves through the long, cold, lonely winter before I finally come to take you all Home with Me. The Real Thing is not a group of people, but the Real Thing is relationship with Me. It’s loving Me, the meaning of life, and the secret. Whenever you neglect the Real Thing, it becomes “unreal,” and your life and everything going on in it becomes less real, less what it’s supposed to be, less soaked in My love, simply because you’ve been neglecting to make sure that you’ve got enough of it yourself in order to run over with it and spill it on others, including those closest to you, who are still somewhat dependent on your faithfulness in your walk with Me. The most important thing is that you live the real thing, real relationship with Me and each other.
People who aren’t really real on the inside cannot really have a good and clean connection – the real thing – with Me, the Real One, either, because they simply don’t have the faith for it. They subconsciously know that there’s something standing in the way between Me and them – their self-deception, their lie that they’re telling themselves and the pretense they think they need to put on in order to be able to stand to live with themselves.

...Lasting Beauty beyond that which is seen "If it's real things you want, it's the real thing you'll get." If you want the real thing, not the Devil's cheap plastic counterfeit & imitation, if you want beauty that lasts, please, accept the little bit of suffering it's wrapped in, along with it, otherwise you'll just be cheating yourself! You can stop that treadmill of always falling for the apparent, or even the inclinations of your own mind. You can prove and test which and what is really real, what is truly of My Spirit and what isn’t – you can have the real thing, and not just fall for something that may appear right. You’ve got to lose what’s disposable and unnecessary, the fake and the superficial things, in order to gain the Real Thing, that which lasts, and has true and eternal values. I give you the real thing in return for the fake you were chasing before. The real thing is connected to suffering. “Beauty for Ashes.” No real beauty without some pain and suffering!
All their false concepts of truth and love, their illusions and delusions that they may presently torture with, shall be no more, and only My silent, beautiful symphony of real truth will remain. They may reject it and you right now, but then will they see their foolishness, and finally come up with the due respect for your having recognized it as the real thing when they still fell for all the loud, empty and hollow, stupid rah-rah of the Devil. They will then know the error of their ways, and alas, there will be tears, but mostly they’ll be tears of joy. The recognition of the Real Thing will have a larger impact then than any remorse over the times and lives invested in and wasted on the countless fakes… It’s the sheer beauty of the one, silent monumental Real Thing against all that sea of frauds and fakes that will make it so very special and precious… it will be all that matters then, that small, seemingly insignificant, rejected and despised, still small voice of eternal truth. The real thing is the natural thing, the way I made it. In this world of plastic imitations of everything, the Real Thing may look downright odd in comparison. The Real Thing strikes them as weird.

...True Happiness & Satisfaction and the Reward at the End of the Road The time is now to really determine whether you will set your affections on things above or things that are seen: the eternal or the temporal; the real thing or the cheap imitation & easy way out, Me or the Devil's substitute. Keep in mind the long-term goal. The immediate, short-term gratification is often only a cheap fake, and a pretty poor shadow of the real thing you could have if you'd only hold on a little longer, & don't feel like you've got to consume & have it right now. Those who are satisfied by less than the real thing - that joy unspeakable that comes from utter union with Me, found only through the rejection of fleshly substitutes - only have a cheap counterfeit version of heaven-on-earth. They may have everything, but if they don't have the heart of the matter, then they don't really have "it." You need to know what you want & pursue it, instead of settling for the cheaper option. The cheaper option is usually the Devil's substitute for the real thing. In order to obtain the real thing you must pursue it with determination and not allow yourself to be distracted or paid off with the cheaper substitute. The real thing requires its price. It's not the quick & easy "fast food" solution! This, by the way, also applies to your physical diet! It's so quick & easy to just prepare a quick fix snack, compared to the laborious process of preparing a full-fledged meal, but in the long run, your body will be able to tell and show the difference. So, stay away from the quick fixes. Focus on the real thing, the real, long-term goal, the spiritual! Don't starve your soul. Don't deprive your spirit of the greatest kicks it was created to enjoy by feeding it the cheap quick fix substitutes of the Enemy, his alternatives to the real thing! If it's real things you want, you're going to have to fight for them with determination! Don't settle for the cheap imitation! You don't need to seek to fill that empty spot in your heart and soul with the first best substitute for God you come across, you can have the Real Thing!

...Faith - the Currency that Lasts I'm trying to get you to bet on the "real thing." My currency is the real thing, the only thing that's going to endure & see you through any crisis! You better start making full use of it, and getting trained in its usage, because you're going to be more & more dependent on it. If your faith and life-style, your attitude and everything about you is the real thing, then even the eventual crisis, of which all the others were only shadows, will only be another part of your life of faith, My plan for you, My Big Picture & everything. All those horror visions of the book of Revelation are real, but some people are afraid to deal with it. They want to close their eyes & hide behind the fake front of the System. It's a matter of facing your fears bravely. If your faith is the real thing, then you'll also be able to deal with the ugly parts of the Big Picture, you won't have to seek comfort in the Devil's dream world anymore.
It's not how much something will sparkle or shine or how glorious it may appear, that defines its worth, but how much it will endure the tests of time. Only real gold will last. Don’t let them intimidate you with their bills of paper that is here today and gone tomorrow! Live for My eternal currency! If you’re going to be real and a representative of the Real Thing, then you’re going to have to be real in this aspect, too! Don’t let money, or whoever wields it run your life, but let Me run it. You’ll see the results will be infinitely more rewarding!

...Heaven The Real Thing is Here, where I am and rule and reign, in the invisible, eternal realm. This is not your resting place, not your Home, not the place where you belong, but you’re just a pilgrim and stranger in this world. I cannot fulfill all your desires yet. The Real Thing is yet to come; this isn’t it! Some things are worth waiting for!
This is where your heart and soul and spirit and mind belongs, and where you can find true satisfaction and fulfillment. Here is where you’ll find the Real Thing, and not fake after fake after fake. The faulty and flawed leadership of the world will serve to help people appreciate the Real Thing when they will finally see it, and experience truly righteous and just governance in My Kingdom.

...the Spirit The real thing is the spirit. The flesh is a little playground where you're able to play "god" for a little while... until you get tired of it & decide you prefer to let Me take over that part in your life again. When was the last time you have attempted to combine your mundane reality with the real thing of the endless vastness of My Spirit, in order to find your ultimate purpose in it? Why seek fulfillment in the distance, when heaven's right next door? There will come a time when anyone's own steam simply will no longer do, but My steam and power will be required and expedient. Nothing else will do. That's why "The Real Thing" is an Endtime theme: nothing else will work then. Right now, a lot of people are still running on their own fake versions of whatever they consider their real thing, but then, it's only going to be the Real Thing that's going to do the trick, My true Spirit, and nothing else, no more fakes, no more artificial hype, no more one's own excitement or personal ambition or pet doctrine or modus operandi or the way they think it ought to be done, but only My way. You’ve got to let My Spirit take over. That’s what this life's lesson is all about: determining and distinguishing the Real Thing from the fake. Which one is the real thing, the proper picture: this one, or the fake; who simply claims to know better? Who's the one who's really got My authority, the authority and power of My Spirit? The "real thing" isn't something physical. The real thing is the Spirit. It's not a certain number of individuals as a group, it's a spiritual entity. My Bride is a spiritual entity, and what makes her the Real

Thing is My Spirit. Whenever My Spirit is there, a person or a group becomes the Real Thing, or part of the Real Thing, because it's partaking of My Spirit. Go forth and let your light shine! You cannot help but win, even if I use the apparent losers to show the world what is true victory, not wrought of the flesh, but of that which truly brings life: My Spirit. In the flesh you may see death, but the life that is wrought by the spirit is the real thing that lasts.
The question at the beginning of every day of your life is, what are you going to fill your life with today? – The values that last, or the temporary values of the world? Are you betting on flesh or spirit? Time or Eternity? The fake or the Real Thing? The Enemy’s empty promises, or on Me?

...the True Bride and Church of Christ I need and want the real thing, a bride that really wants Me, desperate to bring forth fruit to Me. Only those who truly search for the real thing will also find it. It's a little bit like the motley crew of the "Nebuchadnezzar" in "The Matrix:" They didn't exactly look like the epitome of a "happy family," or like the kind of outfit anybody would be proud to join right off the bat. It was more like, "Oh, my God, you must be kidding! Tell me that this isn't really happening!" My people have always been a peculiar people, simply because they are not of this world. Being part of the Real Thing is the severest and most difficult series of tests one can take in this life! Only the truly elite and chosen ones can pass those tests, and I'm not talking about the "smartest" or the "greatest" and obvious "winner" types. Only those who are truly willing to look like the losers in this life have the stuff it takes to become that kind of a winner, and that's what it takes and what it means to be following in My footsteps. Too many of My followers still insist on wanting to look like the winners... You’re small, despised and persecuted, and far from perfect, and you wonder, “How could we be the real thing?” Well, only because I’ve said so. But if you have the audacity to just believe Me for My Word and believe it just because I said so, you will see that you have the power to make it so.

...The Path of Humility People who trust in their own wisdom and knowledge & strength as their light are following a false light. It's that way - usually their own - that seemeth right to a man, but the end of it is destruction. It's just not the real thing, not the long-range light that you need in order to see further than to the end of your own nose, the kind of light that truly will light your path when the darkness comes. Your own batteries will run out, and your light will be useless, and you'll wish you would have stuck to those good old-fashioned oil lamps and made sure you have lots of oil of the Spirit along in order to keep your path lit. But that light of the Holy Spirit only comes through humility. It doesn't come to those who think they're better than everybody else. The real thing is right here on the scrubbing floors level of the nitty-gritty work of getting a tiny little family unit to function properly, before you can think of gathering masses of followers! There are some people who simply let their egos stand in the way of what I really want to do, but they don't realize it. They think their program is Mine. That's what happens when I have become nothing else but an extension of their own ideas of Me in their minds, but they're not really in touch with the real Me, they don't really have the real thing, and consequently, the work cannot take off, because people just fail to see My Spirit at work, but merely see a bunch of guys running around in their own steam... the same as they see anywhere else: in politics, in the churches...
If you’re really looking for the Real Thing, nothing else, and that’s all you want, then you won’t settle for anything else, no matter how many benefits it may bring you. Part of the test of life is finding out how much you really want the Real Thing, and how easily you might settle for anything less, even if it may appear to be seemingly “more,” or especially then.

...a Life lived for others in true Discipleship "Life to the full," is the motto by which I like you to live. You don't have to be satisfied with only half of the real thing. You've got the Real Thing, Me, and the way to really live it to the full, is to put My way of living into practice & find fun ways to give Me and My message of love to others. The real thing is more than words... ‘A Sample, Not A Sermon.’ In order to become truly one of My leaders who truly lead people in My direction and the way I want for them to pursue, it takes the willingness to let go of all that you think is the right way, and a determination not to settle for any delusion. It takes that kind of honesty with oneself, that kind of desperation, that kind of determination to refuse to settle for anything less than My best, for anything less than the real thing, which is My input, My direction, My love and My heart... My road is not the road to fame and fortune and easy success in this world. The Real Thing doesn't look very inviting at all. It's difficult, in fact, in worldly language, you could describe it, "as tough as hell." It's the path that requires everything. The discipleship life is a sacrificial life-style. Until you can say that you’re truly giving your all & do your best, it’s not really happening… It’s not really the real thing, until you put your all into it. It’s something you simply don’t manage half-heartedly! There is nothing more effective than personal witnessing in order to promote My Cause and really drive the point – Me – home to people to the extent where they actually get saved. It takes that personal interaction. All else is compared to cyber sex vs. the real thing. It may be somewhat satisfactory, but you’ll never get pregnant from it and bring forth the fruit of a new life. In order to have spiritual babies, there’s nothing like really getting down to the nitty-gritty of spiritually making love to them with My Words, personally, wooing and winning them and impregnating them with My seed. There’s just nothing like the real thing! Witnessing is part of what makes true discipleship. If you’re genuinely following My path, you’ll never have a big fan crowd. That’s what’s so deceptive about show-business type of Christianity. They make it look like you can be one of My true disciples and yet a superstar at the same time. A lot of the things they say sound very anointed and right on, and possibly, people’s lives are changed and genuinely touched through some of them. But ultimately, the way they lead others is just another dead end street up Mammon’s road, another case of man worship and indulgence in the flesh, temple worship and the creation of a new idol: yet another, even more cunningly disguised counterfeit of the Real Thing. There aren’t all that many folks who are really being the kind of voices and samples with their lives that really count, and really make a difference. There aren’t too many who’ve really got the Real Thing! It's gotta be the real thing, made real by your actions! Too few people are doing what actually ought to be done. They're finding nice, convenient ways around it & to keep themselves busy with this & that & the other thing related to the real thing, but not the real thing itself. What war has there ever been without a battle? This is no "cold war," nor merely a metaphor, but the real thing. And everything that's worth something costs something. Every victory costs a battle. Some people try to make it seem as if, “Look, the path that Jesus was talking about doesn’t always have to be that narrow road… It can also be that huge highway we have built and we’re riding down all together, and we’re having so much fun…” They think it’s some kind of “progress,” and they’ve converted My path into a comfortable, sociable road that’s easily traveled, just as easily and comfortably as the System’s. And it causes you to wonder… “Lord, could it be?” But you and I know that theirs is not the real thing! If they would really have the real thing, they would recognize My voice when they hear it. And some do, but then they try to get Me to tug along on their conventional way, their usual way, because they simply don’t have the courage and faith to let go of Conventional Road and follow Me up Revolutionary Road. They could have chosen the Real Thing when they got a glimpse of it! They could have recognized Me in it and they could have sought to get more of it. But they didn’t really want it. It was too scary for them, and the other road looked much more inviting and comfortable… And on they travel on their usual, runoff-the-mill Conventional Road, pretty much the same way as everybody else, never really making a difference for Me, no matter how much they may try to tell themselves that they are. The kind of faith that’s theirs is make-belief. They pretend they’ve got the real thing, and go through the motions, but don’t let them kid you: it’s not!

Sometimes I let you walk a piece of the way with them just to let you know that their way is not where it’s at, to let you see the flaws in it, and where the differences are between what they’ve got and the Real Thing. The Real Thing is always unorthodox, apart from the norm, shockingly revolutionary and different
They say it’s their church or their thing that’s the real thing, but as long as there is still a whole lot of System or ego attached to it, it cannot be the Real Thing, because only I am the Real Thing, and the degree to which you become the real thing, too, is determined by how much your life truly revolves around Me, and by how much you allow Me to really run and rule and control your life, by how much time you spend with Me in a real, living relationship and really touch Me. Only those who want the Real Thing are going to get it. Let all the others who settle for the seemingly more impressive fake settle for that. If they’re so easily impressed by any old show and display or power, well, there you go… be My guest. What I’m really interested in is the folks who won’t fall for it, no matter how impressive… We’re back to the Real Thing vs. the big fake. Is the Real Thing always the easier thing, or the more popular? No. But is it still the Real Thing that’s going to outlast the fake? Yes. They’re trying to tell you that yours is the fake and theirs is the real thing, but you’re doing well to give heed to Me instead, and not listen to them, even though they all sound so convinced of themselves and sure make a racket… Who can touch and feel and discern My Real Thing from all the other fakes? Who can taste that this is indeed IT? Who can let go of all that which doesn’t really matter? Who will dare to let it all go for the Real Thing? Who will embrace My treasure and recognize it for what it’s worth, willing to give everything they own in order to obtain it? Who is ready to put it at the top of the list of their priorities in life and make My Cause their cause, My concerns theirs, and My truth, My reality their own? Who will be My people, My chosen ones who will have chosen not to settle for anything less than the Real Thing?

... the real you God wants you to be It's time to become the real thing. When you play a game, you're rehearsing for the real thing. You're nearly done rehearsing, and you're getting ready for the real thing. It's time to leave this actor mentality behind and pierce through this matrix of falseness & pretense by realness, by just being blindingly, stunningly, naked you. No matter what you are, you've got to be real, and that's what it's all about. I'm washing away everything that's fake, false, and all the excess. All that will remain is the real thing, the real you, the real warriors, believers and fighters, do-or-diers, the ones I'm going to be able to count on! Everything else must go! As you cling more and more to Me as your only hope you turn from the fake you, the carnal you, into the real and lasting you that you become when you hang close enough with Me so that My qualities start rubbing off on you, and you become more like Me, the Real Thing. - A real person. One about whom there is nothing false, nothing fake and nothing phony. Because there are so few living samples of people who really have the ability to fully tune in to their fellow humans, everybody assumes that that's the way it's supposed to be, the normal state of affairs. To "know" somebody is merely limited to knowing their exterior, their outer manifestations of what's inside, but hardly ever the real thing that dwells inside that body. So few people really touch each other's souls these days.

... God’s Reality and Truth Nothing is as liberating as the naked truth! Live it, use it, make it your theme & credo. Convey trueness of heart! Ain't nothin’ like the real thing! Whatever doesn’t promote Me & My truth, must be promoting something else... the World, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes & the pride of life... even what they call love doesn’t have anything to do with the real thing.

Part of the real thing is the very reality around you, the one that folks so often try to escape from. Those make-believe realities sound so much more interesting than your own. The Enemy rules the world, but he doesn't rule your world! You are a citizen of My world, the bigger picture, the larger Matrix, that engulfs and surrounds everything, including the puny, artificial matrix of the Enemy. Mine is the Real Thing. And if you experience the real thing and are part of it, the results of the curse and all the disturbances of the Enemy will affect you much less. The real thing is the full round circle of everything involved: not the ugly things filtered out, but the full spectrum of it, with all the pain and gore and ugliness included. Don't cheat yourself out of the lessons and the rewards in dealing with the not-so-nice things in life. The real thing, namely reality, is far more complex than a little 2 hour Hollywood episode could ever manage to tell. Those movies may be inspiring, and they may spur you on to continue in your struggle and fight, but you can’t expect that same kind of success story from your own life after 2 hours. There’s a lot more believing and persistence against the odds required, in order to be able to tell your own story at the end of the game. Consider how much you have been affected by their imagery of perfection that has drilled you to find flaws with reality, the real thing. Sorry if the real thing isn’t all that nice and shiny as the plastic fakes the Enemy creates with his illusions, but it has one advantage over his fakes: it’s real, very much unlike those seemingly perfect imitations the Devil creates. This generation has become so hedonistic, they all practice some sort of escapism into a dream world of pleasure and a totally altered reality, just in order not to have to deal with the real thing and life as it is at hand before them to touch and feel and chew… People well established or deeply anchored in the Matrix don’t like folks telling them it’s all an illusion and a lie. They have chosen the temporal over the eternal; the god of this world over Me; temporal riches over eternal, lasting rewards, materialism over love, the fake over the Real Thing. Everyone follows what they consider to be the truth, and only the end of the road will reveal whose hunger for truth was really the purest, and whose faith, love for Me, desire for Me and My truth, along with their discernment and usage of the other spiritual gifts and weapons, led them to the Real Thing.
All their false concepts of truth and love, their illusions and delusions shall be no more, and only My silent, beautiful symphony of real truth will remain. It’s the sheer beauty of the one silent, monumental Real Thing against all that sea of frauds and fakes that will make it so very special and precious… it will be all that matters then, that small, seemingly insignificant, rejected and despised, still small voice of eternal truth. The time will come when people will find out that they have been cheated and deceived and ripped off, and they will look for alternatives. Sooner or later they will be so fed up with lies, they will develop a hunger for the truth. Fakes may be tastier and more attractive than the truth momentarily, but they fail to satisfy in the long run, and sooner or later people will develop a taste and hunger for the Real Thing. That’s why many people become Christians after having lived a life of atheism. The head stuffing of the Devil creates the illusion in people’s heads that they’re actually smart. - Loads and loads of useless information, creating an illusion of a reality that’s just a fake, and a poor counterfeit of the Real Thing. The problem is that as long as their “knowledge” gets them all they need for living and to be half-way content and entertained, they won’t develop any desire to learn what’s really happening and going on. As long as they’re happy and content with their fake version of reality, they won’t start looking for the Real Thing. The Real Thing is reality according to Me, which is always something you need to distinguish from the false, painted and illusory fake reality and matrix of the Devil. If you want to know where things are really at, stick to Me and My Real Thing, the true picture of reality as derived from My input that I give you. They may think it’s a fairy tale, but, boy, are they going to be surprised! The Real Thing is the alternative to the many fake realities that people build in their minds, their concocted results of their own wishful thinking. The Real Thing is My touchstone, My testing point for each one of you as I’m asking you, when you confront each test in life: “Can you handle this? Can you deal with the Real Thing? Are you man or woman enough to accept and cope with this full scope of reality without having to resort to any lies, as tempting as they may sound?” The Real Thing is My truth, the weapon with which I counter and defy Satan’s lies, and not many people can handle it. It’s pretty strong wine, and a very rare vintage in this world, only known and appreciated by a handful of chosen connoisseurs…

The truth is that pearl, that prize of great value, that hidden treasure that the true seekers set out to find, and only few will find it. Most cling too much to their own imaginations of what the truth should sound like, or what the Real Thing should look like when they find it. Others do find it, virtually stumble over it, or rather, are found by it, and don’t really appreciate it, and consequently don’t really act in a manner worthy of the keepers of the flame, adding to the confusion and mystery, and making it even yet harder for others to find. Can you discern and tell the Real Thing when you see it and have got it right in front of your nose? My Original is sometimes hard to distinguish from the Enemy’s fakes and copies… Only My chosen ones can spot the Real Thing from among the fakes. If you’re looking for the real thing, then part of the criteria you need to bring is a readiness to deal with reality and whatever it just happens to hand you, to eat it and chew it and not hate every minute of it, wishing it would all soon be over and the pleasant part of the movie should finally start. That’s the thing: reality is not a movie, and certainly – howbeit unfortunately – not always a pleasant one. There’s suffering involved, and yes, patience and waiting for the good things to happen at times. They don’t always come within minutes in real life, as you might expect in the movies, just before the audience might start getting bored or uneasy. Real life deviates strongly from the Hollywood versions of it, and failure to cope with that fact is one major cause for problems in today’s society.

...Love I've always been the Hero and the Champion of the one lost and forgotten and neglected sheep. If I knew the 99 were safely in the fold, My sympathies, My concerns and My love would go out to that one lost sheep, strangled out there somewhere in the brambles, the brushes, the shrubs of the confusion of this world, and often I have wondered why those in the fold were always too busy pleasing themselves to ever come out and assist Me. It's part of being the real thing. Your love for the one lost sheep, the lowest of the low, the least of these My brethren, determines just how real you really are! The human spirit is like a wild horse that needs to be tamed through the experiences it suffers. It has to be won over through real and true friendship and love. No falseness or harshness or ulterior motives driven by pride will do. Only the real thing. I’m teaching you to discern between the Devil’s fakes and the Real Thing, including his fake versions of love. Getting to know the Real Thing when it comes to love is really what it’s all about, and it often takes people years and years of their lives before they find out what love really is, as opposed to all the clichés and feelings that they associated with it.