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7th PAMET MINDANAO REGIONAL CONFERENCE July 12-13, 2013 Philippine Gateway, Surigao City Coming with the

decision of holding the 7th PAMET MINDANAO REGIONAL CONFERENCE in Surigao City on July 12-13, 2013 was a humongous task to us PAMET Surigao del Norte chapter. The preparation stage took a lot of careful planning, a lot of coordination and a lot of financial analysis. We also encountered fair share of challenges for there were times when we seriously evaluated the possibility of the program not being able to attract as many medical technologists as we had calculated. But we never gave up on our faith. Deep within us, we knew we were on the right side. We pushed ahead, determined and committed in making this years conference the best if not one of the best conventions PAMET has ever held with a program of activities that churns out medical technologist, in the region, as more eager and competent professionals who in their service, to a large extent, care and make life more worthwhile. Our hard work paid off on July 12, 2013 when we had seen our colleagues arrived from various parts of Mindanao representing their respective laboratories and institutions who have pre-registered themselves. But what overwhelmed us was the fact that there were a number who were able to participate by having their on-site registrations. The morning activity was truly marvelous to witness people greeting each other to old and new friends. And such greeting naturally invoked emotions that brought memories of acquaintances of years past rushing back. We have seen friends on exchanging pleasantries, tapping on that common connection through a smile or handshake. A pre-convention activity to further reinforced every participants knowledge on hemostatis regarding on how to make sure of their results was done in the afternoon by a scientific marketing specialist of Sysmex Philippines. The thorough discussion ended by a very fun cell identification game, with cash as a price. It was followed by an opening of exhibits by our ever supportive friends from the field of medical laboratories supplies, instruments and machines companies. It is humbling for us to have been blessed with the opportunity and challenge to host this event and to express such, a welcome dinner and a formal opening of the two day convention was done in the evening. On top of it, we lined up several presentations in order to celebrate this once a year activity as we medical technologists in Mindanao come together as one community. The night was highlighted by the presence of PAMET National Officers spearheaded by our national president Mr. Romeo Josph J. Ignacio. And to express how welcome everyone was in our city, Hon. Mayor Ernesto T. Matugas himself was there to do so. Indeed in our highly competitive and improving field, conference like this are considered timely and effective flat form in making medical technologists, professionals of greater expertise and updated caliber well able to connect to drastic changes of time. This was the core backbone of the second day, July 12,2013, series of scientific sessions conducted by a pool of speakers who are distinguished in their respective areas of specialization. These are mentors who are best in their fields in the province and are equally competitive as professionals in other parts of the country. The speakers of high integrity and credibility who gave more significance to the event were Ms. Lerma de la Llana for ParasitoryInteractive, Dr. Cynthia Therese M. Jao on the topic Updates on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus, Ms. Amelda C. Libres on the talk of Addressing the Challenge of Changes at the Higher Education, Mr. Ronaldo Puno for the discussion of Culture of Quality: A must in the Laboratory and Ms. Maria Firma K. Liwat regarding the Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Licensure and Regulations of Clinical Laboratories in the Philippines. A joyous celebration of songs and dances was experienced by everyone during the fellowship night. It was not just a mere closing program but a showcase of not only the culture and home grown talents of Surigao City but also of other cities and provinces in the Mindanao Region as the participants showcase performed too. It was also a night of acknowledgment on the part of the two respected government officials of the province of Surigao del Norte, Vice Governor Arthuro Egay Jr. and Board Member Mamerto Galanida, who graced the event, that on the macro level the medical technology profession indirectly or directly helps the course of human development. While the practice is more felt on a personal level, the impact is wider; how we managed the medical technology profession provided a glimpse of the value we place on human life, which ties into the picture the probability of making sound decisions, enhancing productivity and elevating national identity. Furthermore, it was a night of gratitude to all who participated from the medical technologists, exhibitors, speakers, to honored guests who contributed in making the 7th Mindanao Regional Conference a resounding success. This years theme ____________________________________________ may truly emanates in all participants immediate community and beyond it elevating the view of people of the medical technology profession.