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Jacketed Piping Design

Afzal | February 4, 2012 | 0 Comments Introduction Jacketed Piping Design Jacket of the jacketed piping is in fact an envelope or cover of an another pipe to the core pipe, the core pipe which is the main source or passage of flow or transportation may be any process fluid or liquid or any kind of service as required by the client. Whereas the heating or the cooling resources flows from in between the outer and the inside surface of the core and jacket pipe respectively. The design and construction of the jacketed piping is considerably very difficult as compared to process piping and indeed minor errors in the design and fabrication in the field could be more expensive economically. In all there are four types of jacketed piping as followed below. Jacketed Piping Design - Standard Standard jacketed piping tenders a large amount of consistent heat application to the process fluid or service and preserves the unvarying process temperatures. The core pipe is then connected to the front end and the back of the flange (Slip-on) by welding procedures, and the jacket-pipe is welded to the lower surface of the slip-on flange. As shown in the figure below

Flanges are supposed to be the hub of heat accumulation and the jacketed piping is designed such that it permits a heating source to the flanges in addition to piping, consequently avoiding the cold flanges from interrupting the process. Flanges of large sizes are utilized in such a fashion that it suits the jacket Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) in combination with the core NPS which requires more adequate space for fasting the bolts at the course of installation of pipes. Similarly subjected to the installation of Equipments, Valves and Pumps etc, oversized flanges and alternate special flange adapters are employed for the purpose. Jacketed piping design is most commonly used for processes and temperatures at a narrow range, also for lines which require maintenance of uniform temperature and for services which require utmost heat input for the purpose of melting, especially for lines of vicious material from heat exchangers. Jacketed Piping Design Lap Joint Flanged
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Jacketed Piping Design | pipingdesigne

This type jacketed piping has all the characteristic of standard jacketed piping and the most significant part is its thermal remuneration is quite similar as well with an additional facility of bolting flexibility. Now you would like to ask me, why should a buyer choose this option only because of the bolting facility and the rest of the features remains the same?

And I would be quite glad to answer with gratitude; lap joint flanged jacket piping primarily consists of lap joint stub and flange which is just one-third higher in cost as compared to standard jacketed piping, consequently the pressure bearing ability is little in combination with slip-on flanges, whereas the fatigue life is as well one-tenth in comparison with weld neck flanged type. But the chief consumption of lap-joint jacketed piping is in carbon and low alloy circuits of piping and in situations requiring repeated dismantling and frequent inspection and maintenance which is more difficult and time consuming especially the alignment of bolt holes during re-assembly. Jacketed Piping Design High Pressure Lines

In most of the high pressure lines piping designer often desire to exploit hub type adaptors for the pipe connections, these hubs salt off weight and space as compared to ANSI flanges. In standard hub assemblies heat is transferred athwart of the connectors through the external jump-over. Hub connectors are used for designs which permit the heating medium to be transferred directly from a particular pipe to other pipe spools. For more details on jacketed piping design Click here

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Jacketed Piping Design | pipingdesigne

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Jacketed Piping Design | pipingdesigne

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