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October 2006 - Online Version Hibben United Methodist Church Vol.14 No.6

Old Hibben Undergoes Renovation

and Conversion
History of Old Hibben worshipped with Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian. Most of
The story begins over 200 years ago when these early Methodists lived on plantations and came
Bishop Francis Asbury took a ferry across the to their “pleasant” vacation spot in the summer.
great Cooper River around February of 1785.
Finally, in November 1899, the materials for the
In his more than 25 trips to South Carolina, the
new church were purchased
roving Bishop of the
and construction began on
newly formed Methodist
what is now Old Hibben. The
Episcopal Church
few Methodists in Mt.
formed numerous
Pleasant worked hard to see
Methodist societies in
their dream of a new church
different places. One of
home realized. The first
those places was the
service was held in the new
resort area of Mt.
church at the corner of
Pleasant where the
Hibben and Bennett Streets in
owners of large
July, 1901.
plantations took periods
of vacation and rest. From carefully crafted
While we do not have a pieces of Cyprus and Heart
specific date, we know Pine, a church began to take
that there was a shape in the Eastlake
Methodist society in Mt. architectural style which is
Pleasant well before the
unique here in the
turn of the century, i.e.
Lowcountry. The small
1800. We at Hibben
church has interesting Gothic
belong to a special group
features from the plans of the
of churches who can lay
great cathedrals of Europe.
claim to a definite
There are two transepts which extend the nave to
kinship in our lineage with Asbury.
form a cross shaped pattern. An apse at the front of
On December 19, 1809, Major James Hibben (Continued on Page 2)
donated the Hibben street lot for a church and
an Academy. The lot was simply deeded to a
“Methodist Society”. He indicated the church Some Topics In This Issue
should be built on the lot nearest Bennett Old Hibben Renovation 1
Street. The Methodists built the first church on Memorials 2
this site around 1830. A Note From The Associate Pastor 3
Crop Walk 3
The “old, old Hibben” was in such Wonderful Wednesday 6
dilapidated condition following the “War Old Hibben Renovation Photos (3 Oct) 7-8
between the States” that it was torn down in Mark Your Calendars 9
1868. During this War, the Church had served Pumpkin Patch 9
as a hospital for wounded Confederate soldiers. Backpack Buddies 9
Gathering Info 10
From 1868 to 1899, the Methodists were once Welcome New Memnbers 10
again without a church building and
October 2006 - Page 2 GOOD NEWS LETTER

Old Hibben Renovation

(Continued from Page 1)
the nave holds the space of the chancel area. Gothic-arched windows allow
light to flood the warm worship space with its tongue and groove millwork.
The eyes flow upward to the vaulted spaces of the ceiling via unsupported
arches. To add to the uniqueness of this holy space, a small front porch
serves as a gathering spot for worshippers as they enter to praise God and
exit to serve his world.
The Church Bell was donated and placed in the steeple in 1902. The
Baptismal Font, where hundreds of Hibben babies, youth, and adults have
been baptized was donated by Alice Swinton’s Sunday School Class. That
same Font continues to be a part of our worship as we gather around to
celebrate the covenant God has established with us.
The newly constructed church would serve as a home for Hibben for sixty
years before the family had grown so much that a new church in the growing
town of Mt. Pleasant would be needed. On the last Sunday in September,
1959, Hibben moved from its home in the village of Mt. Pleasant to our
current property on Coleman and had the first worship service in the newly
constructed church. The new church would include our present Educational By: Joy Circle
Building along with a fellowship hall and Chapel. Our present chapel was By: Jack & Jeanette Zuker
created from the chancel area of the original Chapel. By: Tami & Robert Crewdson
By: Bert & Mandy Etheredge
Road to Renovation By: Shirley & Tom Galloway
The story does not end there for Old Hibben in the village. The church By: Jimmy & Shirley Fiddie
would be sold to the Seventh Day Adventists who would worship in the By: Russell & Leella Bennett
small village church for some 40 years. Then in the summer of 2000 the By: Jack & Barbara Shuman
Seventh Day Adventist would plan to sell the church. A young man by the By: Herbert-Way-Arms Class
name of Todd Frizelle and his wife Melissa would look at buying the little By: Mike & Anne Taylor
church. But, the decision was made to not sell the Church. By: Al & Blondell Davison
By: Jean & Rosemary Onorato
Then in the summer of 2005, a decision was made once again to sell the By: Nancy Blocker
Church as the Adventist Congregation was growing too small to maintain it.
(Continued on Page 4)
By: Kindness Circle
By: Mr. & Mrs. Philip Ammirati


By: Barbara Stewart


By: CRC Ladies Auxiliary


By: Royal & Evelyn Wilkerson

Todd and Kyle discussing church history and renovation process

GOOD NEWS LETTER Page 3 - October 2006

A Note From Our Associate Pastor

Greetings charge to uphold our baptismal
Hibbenites, covenant as we are sent into the world
to serve God’s people in peace!
Wow! October As Nancy and I prepare to welcome
is here. It our first child in the coming weeks,
seems as if Hibben, too, is pregnant with all kinds
school had just of possibilities. We are preparing as a
let out and congregation to give birth in this
summer was autumnal season to the new life God has
before us. for us as we continually seek to be
Now, we stand surrounded by the beauty transformed by God’s grace. Look at Mark your calendar for the annual
of autumn with our lawn covered in all the possibilities where you may bring Crop Walk 2006 in downtown
pumpkins, days are waning, and the new life whether you join the Chancel Charleston on Sunday, November 12th at
temperature is cooling. I believe that Choir in giving praise to God through 2 pm. It is a 1.7 mile church-wide walk
October must be one of my favorite voice, eat with us in fellowship at the to fight poverty here and around the
months of the year. Gathering, participate in the various world. Walks are organized by Church
studies, take part in the children’s World Service in major cities around the
God’s beautiful creation is celebrating ministries, Youth, or Sunday School. country.
with a palate of bright, vivid colors. There is a place for all of us, what gifts
Friday nights and Saturdays are filled can you offer? Did you know?
with football. Families are settling into
I ask that you keep Nancy and me in · If you have food in the
the school routine. Friends gather
your prayers as we eagerly anticipate a refrigerator, clothes on your
around. We begin to experience the
new baby in November. I ask that you back, a roof over your head,
changes that the seasons bring.
also continue to pray for Hibben each and a place to sleep, you are
As we march into October, Wonderful day and the life that we have and all the richer than 75% of the world.
Wednesday’s are retuning for our possibilities as God’s people we have to · If you have money in the bank
children. We continue to journey offer. May this season of autumn be a and spare change in a dish
through our study, Treasures of the time of transformation and growth in all somewhere, you are among the
transformed life, together. Everyone is of our lives. top 8% of the world’s wealthy.
taking part in the pumpkin patch
welcoming the community to our lawn. Peace, Kyle The Crop Walk is a fantastic way to
We eagerly anticipate the arrival of share with others who are less fortunate,
Courtney Harlan, our new Director of show God gratefulness for His gifts,
Christian Education the middle of this
month as she begins to make her home
Hibben witness to others who see the walk
downtown or on TV. It is also a fun
here in Mt. Pleasant and at Hibben. The way to exercise while enjoying
animals are brought for their annual
blessing on October 1. So much more
Blood fellowship with your family or church
fillls our days here at Hibben.
Each week, we continue to gather for
worship to praise God for all he has
Drive Crop Walk 2005 was a huge success!
Hibben sent a record 25 walkers and
raised the second highest amount in the
done for us through Creation. Our Charleston area. We raised a total of
worship this season continues to call us Sunday, October 22nd $1109.55 for a vital cause. Our goal this
be faithful disciples who reach out to year is to double our amount raised and
God’s people in service and mission. 9:00 – 2:00 the number of walkers. Whether you’d
We are encouraged to be seasoned with like to participate in the walk or
salt and to be at peace with one another, contribute to the fundraising effort, this
to pray for one another, and confess our Appointment is an opportunity waiting for you.
sins. The psalmist sings that we are the schedule located Please contact Noelle Irelan at 971-1369
crown of God’s creation. The world,
at side sanctuary or irish2273@comcast.net
and all that lives within it, belongs to
God, who transforms all things through door
Christ. Each week, we are given the
October 2006 - Page 4 GOOD NEWS LETTER

Old Hibben Renovation

(Continued from Page 2)
Todd and his wife who had married in churches would flip-flop each week the stained glass window inserts added
1994 and lived here in Mt. Pleasant where they worshipped. by the Seventh Day Adventists will be
from 1996 through 2003, had decided to replaced with historical Gothic window
Mark Bayne and Todd started Sea structures as were the original.
move back to Mt. Pleasant from Athens, Island Boatworks in 1997 and helped
Georgia, with their two young daughters initiate the construction of the wooden Eventually, the old Education
Grayson and Madaleine. They had boat, the “Spirit of Carolina” which is Building built in the late 40’s to early
previously lived in the village, had being built in the Ansonborough field in 50’s will be transformed into a two story
restored their historic home in Athens, downtown Charleston, but Todd is no structure with bedrooms on the second
but thought it would be wonderful if the longer involved in this project. He is floor and a studio, garage, and work
small church was for sale again. devoting 100% of his time to making space on the 1st floor. A connecting
On an August day in 2005, their idea this house of worship a home for his hallway will be built between the two
became a reality. Because the church family. structures.
was a historic structure that was one of The historic church space will become Todd shared that he and his wife were
several structures in the village that was the common areas for the family. The drawn to this space because of its
a part of the National Register of goal is to change as little as possible history, its openness, its location in the
Historic Places, the town of Mt. about the church. The nave and village, and the element of challenge.
Pleasant had placed restrictions on the transepts will become the living and He said, “It reminds me of rural Georgia
property—it could only be sold for use dining area. The narthex will be opened churches. It is clearly a church
as a church or as a private home. The to create an entrance vestibule and a structure, but has unusual elements such
Frizelles became the newest family to be small library is being formed in the rear as the front porch and steeple.”
a part of the historic Hibben structure. section of the nave with the addition of
a small wall. Four historic columns will As with anything, there have been
Then on a warm, humid afternoon this many mixed responses. Not everyone is
past July, curious at the restoration that define the kitchen area instead of adding
a wall. The apse will become a small happy that this church is becoming a
was going on in the old church, I private home. Yet, many people have
breakfast area. Two storage areas that
stopped my car to inquire. I met Todd stopped by to tell the story of how they
flank the apse will become a powder
and he invited me in to see what was
room and pantry. The pastor’s study
happening. I shared with him that I was (Continued on Page 5)
will become a small den. Eventually,
the associate pastor of Hibben UMC and
was curious to see what the old church
was like. An immediate conversation
began and a couple weeks later, I
returned with Tom Stalvey to document (See related article on page 7)
the work for our continuing story at
Todd shared how he and his wife
were drawn to the old church. The
“idea was to preserve the structure as
much as possible and yet make it a
home.” Growing up in mostly rural
Georgia, he had developed a passion for
woodworking and old things. He
remembers as a youngster working with
his grandfathers on projects that taught
him the tools of woodworking. He
came from a family of working
Southerners. He would often visit with
his grandfather in southern Georgia
where the small town had a Baptist and
a Methodist Church. Because they both
had traveling ministers, the two The ceiling and windows of the transept.
23 August 2006
GOOD NEWS LETTER Page 5 - October 2006

Old Hibben Renovation

(Continued from Page 4)

were baptized here or married here.

With the city limiting the use of the
building to a private residence or
church, not a community center,
restaurant, or wedding chapel, as some
had thought, its integrity as a historic
part of both Hibben and Mt. Pleasant
will remain. Todd says, “We’re doing
all we can to preserve and enhance
things in the village,” which has given
rise to the overly positive response
people have shared with him.
The structure was in good condition,
well-built with heart pine beams.
Externally, the wood is in great shape
because of the enduring quality of pine.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of paint that
will eventually have to be stripped and
then repainted. “Having spent eight
months in Italy and seeing all the View from Bennett Street - 23 August 2006
Romanesque structures and great
cathedrals, it is interesting to discover
all the unique architectural features used
in the church. To see the basic parts of
a cathedral—nave, transepts, apse with
vaulted ceilings is often unique in such
small churches. It’s a connection with
the culture.” He is intrigued with just
how it was built—to understand and see
the roof trusses which support the
massive ceiling, how was it done and
how it has lasted.
“We wanted to preserve the structure,
do nothing to compromise its space,
construction or history.” Finally, he
says, “It’s been a learning experience, a
big push to say we’ve done something
with a unique space and, once all the
workers and dust are gone, it’s still a
sacred space—I like.”
If you have some time and see Todd
A view towards the nave which shows the
out by his home, stop by. He has
kitchen and apse areas under construction. 23 August 2006
extended an invitation to come and see
what he and his family are doing. I we planted our roots and grew through This article was written by Kyle Randle.
think you’ll be amazed at both the God’s transforming grace will continue Photos were taken by Tom Stalvey.
beauty of Old Hibben, as well as the to be a transforming space and home for *Some information for this
transformation, and also pleased with her new family. article came from “The History
the integrity Todd and his family have An additional photo of the old pews can of Hibben Methodist Church,
used in preserving our “old home”. be found in last month's issue of the Mt. Pleasant, S.C.” by Carl D.
What began as our Hibben home where Good News Letter. Clary and Harris A. DuBois.
October 2006 - Page 6 GOOD NEWS LETTER

Wonderful More Old Hibben Photos

Kicks Off
Wednesday, October 11th marks the
beginning of Wonderful Wednesday!
All children 4 years – 5th grade are
invited to join their friends in the CLLC
each Wednesday from 4:30 – 6:00. So
that we might plan adequately,
registration is required. Signup is
currently underway at the children’s
bulletin board outside the church office,
by email office@hibbenumc.org or
online registration via our Web site.

Adult volunteers are needed, as well as

bus drivers. See Rev. Kyle and let him
know we can count on YOU!

Old Hibben viewed from the South on Hibben Street - 23 August 2006

October 5 thru October 31

Hours of operation - 10:00 am until
dark - Monday thru Saturday and Noon
until dark on Sunday.
This is Hibben’s largest fundraiser.
BUT . . . it takes volunteers to make
this a success. Both men and women
are encouraged to volunteer two hours
of their time to man the patch. Of
course, volunteering for additional
shifts is greatly needed and
Take a look at the signup book located Front View from Hibben Street - 23 August 2006
in the vestibule and select a time that
suits your schedule. The schedule will Articles for THE GOOD NEWS LETTER should be submitted by the
also be available in the church office 3rd Friday of each month. The preferred method for submitting
during the week. Come pull up a lawn articles is via email with articles attached as a Microsoft Word or rich
chair and spend a couple of hours text document. The email address is newsletter@hibbenumc.org.
enjoying friends and greeting
neighbors in our community.
GOOD NEWS LETTER Page 7 - October 2006

More Old Hibben Photos After Renovations

3 October 2006

Kitchen area as viewed from south transept Kitchen area viewed from library at front of structure

Kitchen and living areas as viewed from old choir loft Revamped vestibule as viewed from living area

Kitchen counter with north transept in background Library viewed from center of structure
October 2006 - Page 8 GOOD NEWS LETTER

More Old Hibben Photos After Renovations

3 October 2006

South transept as viewed from center of structure Entrance to old Pastor's Study presently being used as
children's bedroom

Second story being added to old Education Building as

viewed from Bennett Street

New front doors

GOOD NEWS LETTER Page 9 - October 2006

Mark Your Backpack Buddies

Calendars By: Sara Dorfner

Many of you know Terry Lupo, chicken, Vienna

Celebration Sunday, October
formerly our Parish Nurse. Now, Sausages, Beanie
Terry’s taken on new Weanies
This day marks the end of our responsibilities with a full-time
Stewardship Sunday with the • Pudding, Jell-o
position at M.C. Hursey • Fruit cups, applesauce
Commitment Service during both Elementary School in North
worship service on this morning. • Instant oatmeal/grits
Charleston. Similar to Stall High • Cheese or peanut butter
Following the 10:30 worship service we School (where we currently assist crackers
will have a Celebration Luncheon in the with their Backpack Buddies • Juice boxes
CLLC to honor your commitment to program), approximately 97% of • Anything nutritious
Hibben. Look for all the details to the 4K – 5th grade students qualify packaged in single-
follow in the coming weeks. Save this for free lunch. Terry is in the servings
date and celebrate with us! beginning stages of organizing a
similar program.
Childrens News Backpack Buddies will need
September’s Super Sunday’s have been Our Backpack Buddies program volunteers to pack backpacks with
great. Thanks to all the volunteers and started with a handful of students food each week, to deliver full
participants. at Stall. During the 2005-2006 backpacks to the schools, and to
school year, we averaged between return the empty backpacks to the
Our next Super Sunday is OCTOBER 75 and 100 backpacks each church to be refilled. Of course, we
29th from 3:00 4:30 in the CLLC, come weekend. Each backpack contains always need backpacks, food, and
and join the fun!!! breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack monetary donations. Please
After a brief break, Wonderful items – all single serving, easy to prayerfully consider your spiritual
Wednesday is back and better than prepare items. gifts and how you can put those to
ever!!!! use in serving this ministry, and be
We are always in need of food, on the lookout for grocery bags to
Beginning, Wednesday, October 11 at backpacks, and monetary fill for an upcoming donation
4:30 PM. donations – it takes approximately weekend. Remember that
$135 per child (to provide weekend although we only ask for donations
We’ll have games and crafts, fun and
backpacks for the school year). on occasion, we provide food for
fellowship, programs and singing too!
Used backpacks are fine, and any these children each weekend
The Hibben Bells for Children will be of the following food items through the entire school year.
ringing again at 4:00 PM. (preferably in pop-top cans – many Ongoing support is a necessity for
students do not have can openers, the success of this ministry.
Please sign up at the children’s board by and the school does not allow us to Please consider making regular
the church office or email Rev. Kyle at send them home): food purchases for Backpack
Buddies a part of your routine
We need volunteers to help out with the • Individual containers of grocery shopping.
activities and driving the bus. Let us soup
know how you can give of your time to • Pasta/protein single-serve Point of contact at Hibben is Rev.
our children’s ministry by calling the meals such as Spaghetti- Kyle.
Os, canned tuna or
office or emailing Rev. Kyle.

Youth News
Hibben’s Youth is in full swing now program, and end with worship. On October 22nd at 6:00 PM, there will
that school is back. be a WELCOME dinner for parents and
We have something for everyone, — youth welcoming Coutney Harlan, our
UMYF meets every Sunday from 6:00 - Junior High and Senior Highs.
new Director of Christian Education.
8:00 p.m.
Come join the fun and invite a friend to
We begin with our fellowship meal, join us!
followed by games and our weekly
October 2006 - Page 10

Mmm, Mmm, Good!!! THE HIBBEN TEAM

H. Sam Johnson...............Senior Pastor
That’s the sounds coming from the CLLC on Wednesday evenings Kyle Randle................Associate Pastor
during the Gathering. This year’s Gathering has taken on some Kathi Cotterill.............Business Admin.
delicious new smells and tastes thanks to our new chef, Amy Cousino. Cheryl Cummings......Church Secretary
Amy and her husband, Pete, moved to Mt. Pleasant back in the July Courtney Harlan..Dir. Christian Educ.
from Florida. Amy is a veternarian. She graduated from Michigan State H. Scott Brunson..... Director of Music
University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. She has four grown Pam Brunson...........................Organist
children, Chris, Isaac, Kim, and Mike. Norma Taylor.............................Pianist
Steve Bare..................Dir. Joyful Noise
If you haven’t signed up for the Gathering, you’re missing not only Jill Nyers.............Director of Handbells
our fellowship, but some delicious food from Chef Amy! Come say Nancie Willett..........Co-Dir. PreSchool
hello to Amy, she might let you stir a pot or two, and join us for some Robin Robertson......Co-Dir. PreSchool
good cooking and great fellowship! Vacant...............................Parish Nurse
Joyce Baldwin......Nursery Coordinator
Welcome New Members Frankie Lewis.............................Sexton

Phone Number: (843) 884-9761

Fax Number: (843) 884-2091
Email: office@hibbenumc.org
Web Site URL

Hibben's Good News Letter is a

monthly publication of
Hibben Communications

Editor...............................Tom Stalvey


A portion of Hibben's stained glass
Hibben welcomes Dr. John Schaefer and Dr. Carol Simmons, along with their window located in the chapel.
two children, Lyndsey and Christian. The family makes their home at 1525
Rivertowne Country Club Drive, phone 388-6169. John, Carol and Lyndsey BACK PAGE GRAPHIC
join us by certificate of transfer from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church of Hibben's Baptismal Font and
Allison Park, Pennsylvania. Christian has been placed on the baptized/ Communion Table.
preparatory roll awaiting full membership.

Hibben United Methodist Church ADDRESS NonProfit Org.

690 Coleman Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Permit No. 12
Mt. Pleasant, SC