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TUGAS ACUAN DAN PERANCAH Disusun untuk memenuhi salah satu tugas mata kuliah Lab.Konstruksi II

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Acuan dan Perancah di Jerman

Contoh proyek pembangunan yang akan di komentari dalam hal pembangunan kolom Contractor Project Name Location Total Area Scope : Actco : Coral Beach Hotel in Ajman : Ajman : 57300 m2 : The project calls for the construction of a luxury hotel 2 Basements + Ground + Mezzanine + First Floor + Mechanical Floor + 6 Typical Floors + 2 Penthouses located in Al Nakheel area in Ajman.

Germany Formwork Technology GENERAL This Method Statement is aimed at everyone who will beworking with the GFTs Steel Column System. It contains information on how to set up this system, and on correct, compliant utilisation of the system. All persons working with the product described here in must be familiar with the contents of this manual and with all the safety instructions it contains. Persons who are incapable of reading and understanding this booklet, or who can do so only with difficulty, must be instructed and trained by the relevant competent persons.The customer is to ensure that the information materialsprovided by GFT (e.g. Operation manual), are available to all users, and that they have been made aware of them and have easy access to them at the usage location. SYSTEM OPERATION The customer must ensure that this product is erected and dismantled, reset and generally used for its intended purpose under the direction and super-vision of suitably skilled persons with the authority to issue instructions. GFTs products are only to be used in accordance Operation manual booklet or other technical documentation provided by GFT. The stability of all components and units must be ensured during all phases of the construction work! The functional/technical instructions, safety warnings and loading data must all be strictly observed and complied with. Failure to do so can cause accidents and severe (even lifethreatening) damage to health, as well as very great material damage. Fire sources are not permitted anywhere near the formwork. Heating appliances are only allowed if properly and expertly used, and set up a safe distance away from the formwork. The work must take account of the weather conditions (e.g. risk of slippage). In extreme weather, steps must be taken in good time to safeguard the equipment, and the immediate vicinity of the equipment, and to protect employees. All connections must be checked regularly to ensure that they still fit properly and are functioning correctly.It is very important to check all screw-type connections and wedge-clamped joins whenever the construction operations require (particularly after exceptional events such as storms),and to tighten them if necessary.

SAFETY Provide safe workplaces for those using the formwork (e.g. for when it is being erected/dismantled, modifi ed or repositioned etc). It must be possible to get to and from these workplaces via safe access routes! If you are considering any deviation from the details and instructions given in this booklet, or any application which goes beyond those described in the booklet, then revised static calculations must be produced for checking, as well as supplementary assemblyinstructions.

PRELIMINARY REMARKS AND SAFETY ADVICE This manual contains all necessary information for the assembly and use of GFTs Steel Column Formwork System in accordance with the applicable regulations and must therefore be read by the staff responsible and having supervisory authority before beginning to assemble or use the formwork. Only qualifi ed, skilled staff should be allowed to work with GFTs Steel Column Formwork System All responsible persons must be familiar with and have access tothese assembly and operating instructions.We reserve the right to make technical changes in the interest of improving the system. For this reason there may be departures from the illustrations and information shown in this manual. The technical instructions given in this brochure must be adhered to exactly. If any deviations from these are contemplated, confi rmatory statical check calculations must be performed fi rst. Always observe all relevant regulations in the country in which you are operating with regard to the safe use of our products and to the dimensioning of handrail and fl oor boards.

Assembly The equipment/system must be inspected by the customer before use, to ensure that it is in suitable condition. Steps must be taken to rule out the use of any components that are damaged, deformed, or weakened due to wear, corrosion or rot. Combining our formwork systems with those of other systems, please contact GFTs for advice fi rst. The assembly work must be carried out by suitably qualifi ed employees of the clients. Precautions GFTs products and systems must be set up in such a way that all loads acting upon them are safely transferred! Pouring Do not exceed the permitted fresh-concrete pressures. Excessively high pouring rates lead to formwork overload, cause greater defl ection and risk causing breakage. Do not strike the formwork until the concrete has reached sufficient strength and the person in charge has given the order for the formwork to be struck! When striking the formwork, never use the crane to break concrete cohesion. When striking the formwork, do not endanger the stability of any part of the structure, or of any scaffolding, platforms or formwork that is still in place!

Transporting , stacking and storing Observe all regulations applying to the handling of formwork and scaffolding. Remove any loose parts or fi x them in place so that they cannot be dislodged or fall free! All components must be stored safely, following all the special GFTs instructions given in the relevant sections of this User Information booklet! The Column elements can be hoisted either individually or in a stack. A maximum of 8 Column halves may be stacked on top of one another outdoors, on fl at, even ground, without being specially secured. Regulations- Industrial safety Always observe all industrial safety regulations and other safety rules applying to the application and utilisation of our products in the country and/or region in which you are operating. If a person or object falls against, or into, the sideguard system and/or any of its accessories, the side-guard component affected may only continue in use after it has been inspected and passed by an expert. Erecting the formwork A. Use the crane to lift the fi rst half of the formwork into the upright position. B. Attach two Alignment struts to this formwork-half to prevent it from falling. C. The Alignment struts secure the elements against wind loads, and make it easier to plumb and align the formwork. D. Do not detach the crane until the panel struts are attached. E. Anchor the Alignment struts to the concrete slab to apply resistance through tensile and compressive forces. F. Place the connecting head of the alignment strut against one of the fi xing points on the Column element, and secure it in place with 20x40 connecting pin and cotter pin. G. Lift the second half of the formwork into the upright by crane. H. Join the formwork-halves and temporarily fi x in place with 2 blots to assist in alignment. Once the two halves are correctly aligned, complete the bolt connections along both joints. Do not detach the second half-shell from the crane before both halves of the formwork are properly connected. Stripping the formwork A. Attach the lifting chain to the formwork-half that is not secured by the Alignment struts. B. Remove the bolts at panel joints and separate the two formwork-halves. C. Lift the formwork-half that is attached to the crane, and the ground for cleaning. D. Attach the lifting chain to the second formwork-half. E. Remove Alignment strut anchorages from the ground. F. Set down the second half of the formwork ready for cleaning, and secure it so that it cannot fall over.

Pouring platforms Using the GFTs Working bracket makes it possible to mount pouring platforms on the Column element. The working brackets should be fi xed to the column half prior to erecting the column elements. Scaffold tube should be fi xed to working brackets as edge protection using WB U-Bolts. Cleaning and maintenance Before using - The steel form-facing is supplied coated with a rust inhibitor that also acts as a release agent. Wipe off excess rust inhibitor with a cloth, leaving only a very thin fi lm. After pouring- Using water, remove any blobs of concrete from the back-face of the formwork. Do not use any pointed or sharp objects, wire brushes, rotating grinding disks or pan scourers. Apply release agent to the formwork sheet and the end faces extremely thinly, evenly and in a continuous layer (make sure there are no traces of release-agent running down the formwork sheet)! Applying too much release agent will spoil the concrete finish.