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Jamie Boon Target Audience for my Music Video The potential target audience for my music video would

be: 13-20 years old I imagine that older people would not be interested in my music video as Deaf Havana were formed in 2005, and I would imagine that older people would listen to music that was around during their childhood and when they were growing up. I have chosen this age bracket because younger people generally want to keep up with newer music, and Deaf Havana are a relatively new band and are still making new music today Male the storyline in my music video involves killing and guns, which are fairly popular among male audiences. Deaf Havana are a Rock band and a lot of males within the 13-20 age bracket are interested in Rock music. They may listen to this type of music to release anger or stress I think that some females may be interested in the music video as Deaf Havanas fan base includes a lot of females, however Im not sure the music video would appeal to them as much as males. Demographic group I imagine that the target audience for my music video would be likely in demographic group E, who are of a similar age to me and will likely have similar interests. Demographic group E includes students and those in higher education, who are a younger audience than those in demographic groups A, B, C, etc. I think a music video will appeal to a younger audience more than older people found in other demographics because the ideas created in music videos appeal to younger people more. Psychographics people who listen to this type of music may listen to it to escape from reality, to relieve stress or to entertain themselves, however Rock music is generally associated with releasing anger and stress. Some people may also listen to this type of music because they can relate to the lyrics of the song.

To help find out my target audience, I have also conducted a survey to find out peoples tastes in music and what they look for in a music video. Of the people who I asked to answer this survey, I purposely asked more males than females, as I thought that males generally would be more interested in rock music, and the information I got from them would be more relevant and helpful for my music video. 20% of the people I asked were female, and I think that this would be a good balance to also find out what girls prefer in music videos. I have also asked for the age of each person to see if their age affects their preferences. I assumed that the age of my target audience would be around 13-20, and 17-18 is in the middle of this age range, so I decided to ask people who are in this age bracket as I feel people who are of this age may be interested in my music video and the information they can give me would be more relevant than other aged audiences.

Jamie Boon The next question I have asked is what their favourite genre of music was, to guage the interest of rock music. From my results, I have found that Rock music is easily the most popular genre of music among those I asked, which is good because it means that these people are my target audience, and their feedback is going to be helpful because the genre of my song is Rock.

The next question I have asked is what their favourite music videos are to guage interest for a new Rock music video. If there are a lot of answers that are Rock music videos, then this suggests that this particular age group would be interested in a new Rock music video and that these people would potentially be part of my target audience. Of the responses I received, there were some Rock videos, but mainly alternative/indie rock music videos. 6 out of 20 responses favoured rock music videos than any other genre, while 8 out of 20 people chose Rock as their favourite genre of music. This may suggest that people listen to the music just for the music, and that they are really not that interested in the actual video itself.

The next question I asked was about their favourite type of music video. The results showed that there was no real favourite type of music video, with all 3 options getting roughly the same amount of support. However after looking at the individual answers for each person, people who preferred rock music generally chose either narrative or performance, while concept music videos were more popular with those who chose other genres.

Jamie Boon The final question I asked was what would be the ideal setting they would like to see in a music video. Results showed that town or city was the most popular option, while countryside and the beach were other popular options aswell. This is interesting to see as the location I have chosen for my music video is the countryside, which was fairly popular.