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Decide Where to File

-State Court or Federal? Basic Lawsuit Flowchart


Must state all Rights to Sue FILING & SERVING
(causes of action) Typically the Complaint,
and all Facts & Law that Summons & Civil Case Cover
control outcome if Facts & Sheet, Motions, Answers etc.
Law can be Proved must be taken to the civil clerk
for filing. Bring 4 copies of
each. The clerk will keep 1 or
more, one will be for you &
MOTIONS then you will need one for
Motions to Dismiss, each defendant named in your
to Strike, or to Require a complaint. You will be
More Definite Statement of expected to pay court fees for
filing. Call the civil clerk or
the Complaint.
look online to find out how
much it will cost. Check on
accepted payment methods.
The clerk will then enter a case
ANSWER number on your complaint etc.
Answers Complaint If you are having financial
one allegation at-a-time difficulty inquire with the clerk
Separately Admitting or on whether there is a program
Denying each to waive court fees. You will
Allegation also need to serve the
complaint, summons and any
other docs on the defendants.
Use a process server (~$55-65
each) for the complaint &
DISCOVERY summons. Other docs may be
served via mail. Check your
Requests for Admissions, state laws.
Requests for Production,
Depositions, A
Court Orders (includes P
subpoenas) P
TRIAL T A process to request a
Formal Presentation of E formal change to an official
Facts & Law in order to decision. Must file an
determine the winner C appeal document. If in
pursuant to rules of O federal court, file ‘Notice of
evidence. U Appeal’ first.
Carra Page 1 copyright 2009 Disclaimaer: author is not providing legal advice. Always
consult an attorney.