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Kenneth E.


Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations in this volume are from the King James Version of the Bible.

Fourth Printing 1991 SB! "#$9%&'#("%#)

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1 *hat s =oe>...............................................................................9 % *hat -appens *hen ?ou ;eceive =oe>..................................11 ) @et =oe Aominate ?ou.............................................................%& ( ;uling and ;eigning in Union with Bod................................)1 1 ;eigning 2hrough ;ighteousness...........................................11

Do not become discouraged because the truth does not dawn on your spirits all at once. But keep meditating on the facts of the Word. The more you meditate on that which is written, nd the more you meditate on that which is said as one shall speak under the anointing and the inspiration of the !pirit, then little by little it will become real to you. nd as on the inside of you, in your spirit, in your inner man, it takes shape and form, it will reshape your own spirit, until you"ll no longer be a weakling, spiritually, but you shall become strong, and be able to stand, and do the works the #ord has called you unto, and rule and reign and dominate in life, as a king by Jesus $hrist. !o do not turn away e%en because you do not fully understand or see. But let your mind be open and your spirit be recepti%e and say thou, &' blessed (oly !pirit, un%eil the truth unto my spirit, that ) may stand in the fullness of the pro%ision of my *ather, *or (e is my *ather. ) lo%e (im and (e lo%es me.& nd so you will become that which (e has ordained that you should become, and rise up to the le%el of the full pri%ileges, and rights, and authority, and dominion of a son of +od. ,e-oice and be glad, and speak forth the Word of *aith.

!peak unto those circumstances that ha%e you bound. nd command them to lea%e, and so you shall be loosed. !peak unto the storm that appears on the hori.on of your life, and say, &/eace be still,& and there will be calm. #earn what is yours, and act upon it. nd it shall become yours in reality. Thank you, #ord Jesus0 CProphec9 given b9 ,enneth <. -agin /ctober 19, 19$", ;-<.7 Bible 4hurch, 2ulsa, /3lahoma

Chapter 1 What Is Zoe?

*h9 did Desus come> 2o found a church> 2o improve on humanit9 or to give us a code of conduct> !o, -e came for one purpose+ &) am come that they might ha%e life, and that they might ha%e it more abundantly& 5Dohn 1"+1"6. 2he Bree3 word translated ElifeE in this verse is .oe. 1oe is the Bod#3ind of life. 2he Bible sa9s &*or +od so lo%ed the world, that he ga%e his only begotten !on, that whosoe%er belie%eth in him should not perish, but ha%e e%erlasting life& 5Dohn )+1'6. 7nd, &*or the wages of sin is death2 but the gift of +od is eternal life through $hrist Jesus our #ord& 5;om. '+%)6. 2his eternal life -e came to give us is the nature of Bod. Dohn 1+%' sa9s, &*or as the *ather hath life in himself2 so hath he gi%en to the !on to ha%e life in himself.& n Dohn 1+( we get the first intimation of what this life will do for us+ &)n him was life2 and the life was the light of men.& @ight stands for development. n other words, E n him was lifeF and the life was the development of men.E /r, E n him was .oe2 and the .oe was the development of men.E Dohn 1+%' could be translated, EFor as the Father hath .oe in himselfF so hath he given to the Son to have .oe in himself.E 2here are four different Bree3 words translated ElifeE in the !ew 2estament. First, there is .oe. 2hen there is psuche. 2hat means natural or human life. Bios means manner of life. 7nd anastrophee means confused behavior. t seems strange that the church has maGored on Emanner of lifeE or EbehaviorE rather than eternal life, which determines in a ver9 large wa9 the manner of life.


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

!o matter what manner of life or behavior 9ou have, if 9ou donHt have eternal life, it wonHt amount to an9thing an9wa9. ,ecei%ing eternal life is the most miraculous incident in life. /ften we call it conversion or the new birth. Some call it Egetting religion,E but thatHs not what it is, reall9. t is, in realit9, Bod imparting -is ver9 nature, substance, and being to our human spirits. t is described b9 the 7postle Paul in Second 4orinthians.
2 CORINTHIANS 5:17,18 17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new reat!re: o"# thin$s are %asse# away& beho"#, a"" thin$s are be ome new' 18 An# a"" thin$s are of (o#, who hath re on i"e# !s to himse"f by )es!s Christ, an# hath $i*en to !s the ministry of re on i"iation'

2his is the miraculous recreating of man. &Therefore if any man be in $hrist....7 ?ou understand Paul is not tal3ing about the bod9, or the outward man, or the mind. -eHs tal3ing about the spiritCthe inward manCwho is in 4hrist. Bod is actuall9 giving birth to a new man. n the new birth, our spirits are born of Bod. .ore than one of the prophets of the /ld 2estament prophesied that Bod would establish a !ew 4ovenant with the house of srael. 2his covenant is the !ew 2estament, as we 3now it. 4oncerning this new covenant, <Ie3iel said+
+,+-I+. /0:20,27 20 A new heart a"so wi"" I $i*e yo!, an# a new s%irit wi"" I %!t within yo!: an# I wi"" ta1e away the stony heart o!t of yo!r f"esh, an# I wi"" $i*e yo! an heart of f"esh' 27 An# I wi"" %!t my s%irit within yo!, an# a!se yo! to wa"1 in my stat!tes, an# ye sha"" 1ee% my 2!#$ments, an# #o them'

*hat he is prophes9ing about is the new birth. 2he words EheartE and EspiritE are used interchangeabl9. ?our heart is 9our spirit. *hen Bod is spea3ing of the heart of a man in -is *ord, -e is spea3ing of the real 9ou. 7 Scripture that is illuminating on the subGect is First Peter )+(+ &But let it be the hidden man

What )s 1oe8


of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, e%en the ornament of a meek and 9uiet spirit, which is in the sight of +od of great price.& Peter, here, is tal3ing to 4hristian wives, and he mentions the outward adorning of the flesh. -e sa9s, in effect, EAonHt ta3e all 9our time on 9our hair and clothes. But see to it that the inward man, or hidden man of the heart, is adorned first with a quiet and mee3 spirit.E Paul, in First 4orinthians 9+%&, sa9s+ &But ) keep under my body, and bring it into sub-ection5 lest that by any means, when ) ha%e preached to others, ) myself should be a castaway.& !otice something. E E 3eep under m9 bod9 and E E bring it into subGection. *hat is he sa9ing> E E donHt let m9 bod9 rule me. E E is the man on the inside. f 9our bod9 were 9ou, he would have said, E 3eep myself under.E -e calls the bod9 Eit.E *ho is E E> E E is the real 9ou. 2hat is, the inward man or hidden man of the heart. *ith most people, their bod9 rules their inward man. 2hat is what ma3es carnal 4hristians.
1 CORINTHIANS /:/ / 3or ye are yet arna": for whereas there is amon$ yo! en*yin$, an# strife, an# #i*isions, are ye not arna", an# wa"1 as men4

-ere Paul is telling the 4orinthians the9 are carnal or bab9 4hristians. /ne translation sa9s Ebod9 ruledE instead of Ecarnal.E -e tells them the9 are living li3e people who have never been born againCmere men. Paul sa9s something else interesting in writing to the ;omans.
RO5ANS 12:1,2 1 I besee h yo! therefore, brethren, by the mer ies of (o#, that ye %resent yo!r bo#ies a "i*in$ sa rifi e, ho"y, a e%tab"e !nto (o#, whi h is yo!r reasonab"e ser*i e' 2 An# be not onforme# to this wor"#: b!t be ye transforme# by the renewin$ of yo!r min#, that ye may %ro*e what is that $oo#, an# a e%tab"e, an# %erfe t, wi"" of (o#'

Paul wasnHt writing to the world. -e was writing to the saints at ;ome. &To all that be in ,ome, belo%ed of +od, called


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

to be saints& 5;om. 1+&6. -e said you do something with 9our bod9. f 9ou donHt do an9thing with it, nothing will ever be done. n our church teachings we have cluttered up some of this until our minds are fuII9 and it is difficult to get the real truth over to people. -e didnHt sa9, Epresent 9ourselvesE to Bod, because if 9ou are a child of Bod 9ou alread9 belong to -im. ?ou canHt ver9 well present to someone what alread9 belongs to him. 2here is not a word in the !ew 2estament about dedicating 9ourselves or giving 9ourselves in this sense. But 9ou find that if 9ou are born again, 9ou are -is. ;ou are. ;ou is that inward man who has become a new man in 4hrist. Second 4orinthians 5+1& sa9s, &Therefore if any man ....E *hat man is Paul tal3ing about> Aoes he mean the outward man> !o, it couldnHt be the outward man, because he said, &... if any man be in $hrist, he is a new creature.& t is the life and nature of Bod coming into 9our spirit that ma3es 9ou a new creature. t ma3es the inward man a new man. 2he bod9 is not new. 2han3 Bod, at the coming of the @ord, we will have a new bod9. 2his new man, the hidden man of the heart, is to dominate the bod9. 2he bod9 is not to dominate 9ou. Paul not onl9 tal3s about doing something with the bod9, but in ;omans 1%+% he tal3s about renewing the mind. -e is writing to people who are born again and Spirit filled, 9et the9 need to do something with their bodies and minds. /ne of the greatest needs of church members toda9 is to have renewed minds. ?our mind becomes renewed with the *ord of Bod. *e 3now this, then+ .an is a spirit. *e 3now he is in the same class with Bod, because Bod is a Spirit and because man was made to have fellowship with Bod. *eHve never maGored on this fact as we ought. 2herefore, weHve never been able to wal3 in the light of eternal life as we ought. Is the Spirit Perfect?

What )s 1oe8


Some have wondered whether the reborn spirit, the new man in 4hrist, is perfect, or full9 developed after receiving eternal life. 2he spirit couldnHt be perfect, because Peter sa9s, & s newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby& 51 Peter %+%6. 7nd Paul sa9s, &) ha%e not yet reached perfection& 5Phil. )+1%, The =ew >nglish Bible5 =ew Testament translation?. 7ctuall9, the Bree3 word used there for perfection means Ereaching maturit9.E Some people sa9, E Hm perfect and complete in 4hrist.E *ell, 9es, 9ouHre a complete person, but 9ouHre not full grown. 2here are alwa9s people who are promiscuous about permitting sin, and who want to e0cuse themselves b9 sa9ing, E t was Gust m9 body that sinnedF it wasnHt m9 spirit.& But sin is a spiritual thingF it isnHt a ph9sical thing. Paul said in writing to the 4hurch at 4orinth, &*lee fornication. >%ery sin that a man doeth is without the body2 but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body& 51 4or. '+1$6. So if itHs without the bod9, it has to be a spiritual thing. -owever, even fornication originates in 9our spirit. ?our spirit has to give 9our bod9 permission to sin or 9our bod9 canHt do it. ?ouHre the custodian of 9our house. ;emember Paul said, &But ) keep under my body, and bring it into sub-ection& 51 4or. 9+%&6. ?ouHre responsible for what that bod9 does. t all starts in 9our spirit. 2hatHs what Paul meant when he said, .. let us cleanse oursel%es from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit& 5% 4or. &+16. AonHt let things start in 9our spirit. n ;omans '+' it sa9s, &Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not ser%e sin.& Some use that verse to sa9 we are alread9 redeemed, spirit, soul, and bod9. *hat does that verse mean> 2he bod9 of sin Paul is tal3ing about is not the ph9sical bod9F heHs tal3ing about the spirit man. ?ou are a new creature. 2he old sin nature in 9our spirit is gone. 2he sin nature in 9our flesh is still there. 2he problem is that the flesh nature still wants to do


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

things wrong. t wants to 3eep on doing the things it alwa9s did. )f your mind is not renewed with the Word of +od, it will side in with your flesh and dominate your spirit. But if 9ou get 9our mind renewed, 9our spirit, through 9our mind, will dominate 9our body. 2he old man is the old spiritual man. ?ouHve still got the same bod9 9ou had and the same mind 9ou had. 2hat old spiritual man had the nature of the devil in him. 2hat is the nature thatHs gone, or the bod9 of sin thatHs gone. t is up to us to put on the new man on the outside. .an9 as3 what the difference is between renewing 9our mind and training 9our spirit. 7ctuall9, if 9ou follow those principles involved in training the human spirit 5 have a tape series on the subGect6, 9our mind will become renewed. *hat 9ou are doing in renewing 9our mind is training 9our mind to thin3 in line with BodHs *ord. <ven if the *ord doesnHt seem to be registering on 9our mind, it will spea3 to 9our spirit, because itHs spiritual food. B9 meditating upon it, 9our mind becomes renewed. ?ou see, because 9our spirit becomes new when 9ou are born again, it will 3now things 9our head doesnHt 3now. ?our spirit will tr9 to tell 9ou things the *ord alread9 tells 9ou but 9ou Gust canHt see them. 2hatHs because 9our spirit pic3s up 3nowledge from the Spirit of Bod. !otice in Dames 1+%1 it sa9s, .. recei%e with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to sa%e your souls.& 2hat used to bother me before separated spirit and soul 5-eb. (+1%6, because thought 9our soul was saved if 9ou were born again. ?ou see, 9our spirit has become a new man, but it is the *ord of Bod which will save 9our soul, or restore it.

Chapter 2 What Happens When You Receive Zoe?

1oe, then, means eternal life, or BodHs life. 2his new 3ind of life is BodHs nature. t produces certain changes in man. ?ou can see the effects of that life. 7lmost at once, 9ou can see it in a personHs habits. ?ou can see it in his speech. t changes conduct, corrects habits, and forms new ones. remember the first church pastored. would wal3 out in the countr9, because didnHt have a car, sta9 Saturda9 night with a famil9, preach Sunda9 morning and Sunda9 night, and wal3 bac3 into town .onda9 morning. wore out four pairs of shoes the first 9ear wal3ing to preach. /nce in a while would catch a ride, but of the wa9 ever9 time. would wal3 part

sta9ed in the home of one particular famil9 and thought this man was a 4hristian. never did as3 him, but Gust assumed he was a 4hristian. -e never missed church. -e brought his famil9 to ever9 service. -e was a good man. -e had famil9 pra9er at the table. -e even read the Bible and pra9ed in the home, and he had no bad habits. -is two bo9s, both teenagers, said, E*eHve never heard our dadd9 and momma fuss.E thought he was saved. E7nd not onl9 that,E the9 said, EweHve never heard our dadd9 use foul language or curse.E -e wouldnHt even use slang. f he happened to be wor3ing and hit his finger, he wouldnHt even sa9 Eshoot.E So saw his life, his conductF and we Gudge b9 conduct a lot of times. thought he must be saved, but never too3 time to as3 him. /ne Sunda9 night we were having an open#air revival,


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

and when the evangelist gave the altar call, this man came to the altar. couldnHt believe m9 e9es. had thought he was the best man in the church. 2he ne0t da9 the communit9 was buIIing. People were sa9ing, E2hat fellow went to the altar last night and heHs the best man around. -e lives a better life than an9one else. *e thought he alread9 was saved.E But he said to me, E.9 mother was old#time -oliness and she raised me that wa9. alwa9s abided b9 her teaching, but never had been saved. never had been born again.E -e had adGusted his conduct, but there hadnHt been an9thing on the inside of him. People in town wondered if the9 would see an9 change in him. 2he9 decided the9 didJ E n the first place,E the9 said, Ehe loo3s different. 2here is a light on his face that never used to be there.E 5!otice the Bible sa9s this life is the light of men.6 Second, people heard a difference in his speech. -e was 3inder than ever. <ven the sinners could see a difference. 2here was a new element that came into his spirit even though he had alread9 been a good man. People who have this eternal life are called Etwice#born men.E 2he9 are Enew creation men.E 2he life of Bod will have an effect on 9our life, habits, and qualities. !o criminals have this life, because if the9 have it, it will change them. *eHve got hundreds of people on our mailing list who are in prison, but the9Hre not criminals an9more. /ne 9oung man wrote me from /hio and said, E Hm still in prison, but want 9ou to 3now Hm the @ordHs free man. Hm free on the inside and Hm getting out of hereF and when get out, Hm going to preach.E saw him at a Full Bospel Business .enHs convention, and thatHs what he was doingCgetting read9 to preach. *e had a fellow who graduated from our school who had been in the -untsville Penitentiar9 in 2e0as. -e wrote me a letter and said he had gotten saved in prison. 7 .ethodist minister would go in and have classes and give out m9 boo3s there.

What )s 1oe8


2his 9oung man said, E got 9our big blue boo3 on faith, and since Hve become a new creature, Hve been ma3ing m9 confession of faith. told all the guards and m9 fellow prisoners that was getting out 5it was time for m9 parole6. E2he9 said, H?ou donHt get out the first time 9ou come up for parole when 9ou 3illed a policeman.H 5Under the influence of dope he had shot and 3illed a policeman.6 E told them, H2he fellow who 3illed that man is gone. Hm a new man. havenHt 3illed an9bod9, donHt want to 3ill an9bod9, and am not going to 3ill an9bod9.H E -e got out on parole, blessed be BodJ -e came here to school, graduated, and is out in the ministr9 toda9. *e had him preach and 9ou could tell the anointing of Bod was on him. 2hatHs what the life of Bod will do for 9ou. -eHs no longer a criminal. remember a dear sister down in Beaumont, 2e0as. She was an ordained 7ssemblies of Bod minister and was alwa9s interested in those who were down and out. *hen she was Gust a 9oung woman in her )"Hs 5she is now with the @ord6, she would go down in a red light district and win those girls to Desus. SheHd get them saved. She would ta3e them home with her, dress them up, and get them Gobs. She told m9 wife and me about one of them, a lovel9 girl. 2his girl had spent two 9ears in a universit9, but she got off on the wrong foot and ended up down there. 2his sister got her saved and filled with the SpiritF got her a good Gob, and got her going to church. She was a beautiful girl. 7 businessman in the cit9 and in the church fell in love with her and wanted to marr9 her. But she was ashamed of her past, so she left Beaumont and went to another town in 2e0as. She said, EAonHt tell him where went. Hm ashamed to tell him m9 past.E -e came 3noc3ing on this sisterHs door, cr9ing, and said, E*here did she go> Hm in love with her.E E4ome in,E she said. E want to tell 9ouCshe is ashamed of her past. dug her out of the red light district. She was a prostitute.E -e said, E2hat ma3es no difference. She is a beautiful child


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

of Bod and a beautiful woman. love her. 2ell me where she is. Hll go get her. Hll sell m9 business here and weHll move somewhere else.E So he went and got her and married her. 2he9 sold his business and moved to another cit9. 2his sister said, E<ver9 4hristmas get a card from them. 2went9#five 9ears have come and gone, and hereHs what her husband wrote+ E2han3 9ou for digging this Gewel out for me %1 9ears ago. *e have had %1 9ears of blissF a beautiful marriage. 2han3 9ou so much. 2han3 9ou for rescuing her for me. love her so. 7fter %1 9ears, believe love her more now than did then. /ur home is so beautiful. /ur children are so beautiful. *eHre in church and we love the @ord.HE She said, E get several cards li3e that from men, than3ing me.E Bless Bod, the life of Bod changes 9ouJ !o case is incurable. 2his eternal life will destro9 the cause of friction in homes and in ever9 department of life. t eliminates selfishness and thereHs a new 3ind of love as well as a new 3ind of life that comes into man. How The life of Go Chan!e "e can remember when was born again as a Baptist bo9 on the bed of sic3ness, on 7pril %%, 19)), Saturda9 night at %" minutes until $ p.m. in the south bedroom of ("1 !orth 4ollege Street in the cit9 of .c,inne9, 2e0as. Because had grown up sic3 and not able to ta3e care of m9self, even the girls could whip me. f e0erted too much energ9, m9 heart wouldnHt beat right and would pass out and fall on the ground. /ur home was bro3en because m9 dadd9 left. 7s a 9oungster, told ever9bod9 met, E*hen get grown Hm going to 3ill him.E 7nd, assuredl9 would have done Gust that. But something came into me that changed me. Something came into m9 spirit that made me a new man. t was the life and nature of Bod that changed me. 7fter spending 1' months on the bed of sic3ness, was healed 7ugust $, 19)( b9 the power of Bod b9 faith and pra9er. 2hen went bac3 to high school. had completed two 9ears before became bedfast. n September 19)(, went bac3 after missing a 9ear. But got hold of something. realiIe now that

What )s 1oe8


was unconsciousl9 led b9 the Spirit. 2here were two Scriptures that told the @ord about ever9 morning as wal3ed down the street to school, and sometimes would read them before went to school. First would read Dohn 1+(, &)n him was life2 and the life was the light of men.& 7nd Hd sa9, E Hve got the life of Bod in me. 2he nature of Bod is in me. 2he wisdom of Bod is in me.E didnHt 3now an9thing about the confession of faith. never had heard an9thing li3e that, but m9 spirit impelled me to sa9 it, so would sa9 it. Second 4orinthians 1+1& was also a favorite Scripture of mine+ &Therefore if any man be in $hrist, he is a new creature5 old things are passed away2 behold, all things are become new.& ) told ever9bod9 met was a new creature. Some of the bo9s would tal3 and laugh about certain things we used to do. 2he9 would sa9, EAonHt 9ou remember that> ?ou were in on it.E would sa9, E2he fellow who was with 9ou bo9s that night is dead. 2he real man is living on the inside of me nowF Hve been born again and Hm a new creatureJE told ever9bod9 met, E Hm a new creature.E would stop people on the street and tell them was a new creature. 2he9 would sa9, E*hatHs that>E Hd start preaching and before 9ou 3new it Hd have a crowd right on the street. From the boo3 of Aaniel, either quoted or read this to the @ord and made m9 confession on it+
6ANI+. 1:/728 / An# the 1in$ s%a1e !nto Ash%ena9 the master of his e!n! hs, that he sho!"# brin$ ertain of the hi"#ren of Israe", an# of the 1in$:s see#, an# of the %rin es& ; Chi"#ren in whom was no b"emish, b!t we"" fa*o!re#, an# s1i"f!" in a"" wis#om, an# !nnin$ in 1now"e#$e, an# !n#erstan#in$ s ien e, an# s! h as ha# abi"ity in them to stan# in the 1in$:s %a"a e, an# whom they mi$ht tea h the "earnin$ an# the ton$!e of the Cha"#eans' 5 An# the 1in$ a%%ointe# them a #ai"y %ro*ision of the 1in$:s meat, an# of the wine whi h he #ran1: so no!rishin$ them three years, that at the en# thereof they mi$ht stan# before the 1in$' 0 Now amon$ these were of the hi"#ren of )!#ah, 6anie", Hananiah, 5ishae", an# A9ariah: 7 <nto whom the %rin e of the e!n! hs $a*e names: for he


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

$a*e !nto 6anie" the name of =e"tesha99ar& an# to Hananiah, of Sha#ra h& an# to 5ishae", of 5esha h& an# to A9ariah, of Abe#ne$o' 8 =!t 6anie" %!r%ose# in his heart that he wo!"# not #efi"e himse"f with the %ortion of the 1in$:s meat, nor with the wine whi h he #ran1: therefore he re>!este# of the %rin e of the e!n! hs that he mi$ht not #efi"e himse"f' ? Now (o# ha# bro!$ht 6anie" into fa*o!r an# ten#er "o*e with the %rin e of the e!n! hs' 18 An# the %rin e of the e!n! hs sai# !nto 6anie", I fear my "or# the 1in$, who hath a%%ointe# yo!r meat an# yo!r #rin1: for why sho!"# he see yo!r fa es worse "i1in$ than the hi"#ren whi h are of yo!r sort4 then sha"" ye ma1e me en#an$er my hea# to the 1in$' 11 Then sai# 6anie" to 5e"9ar, whom the %rin e of the e!n! hs ha# set o*er 6anie", Hananiah, 5ishae", an# A9ariah, 12 @ro*e thy ser*ants, I besee h thee, ten #ays& an# "et them $i*e !s %!"se to eat, an# water to #rin1' 1/ Then "et o!r o!ntenan es be "oo1e# !%on before thee, an# the o!ntenan e of the hi"#ren that eat of the %ortion of the 1in$:s meat: an# as tho! seest, #ea" with thy ser*ants' 1; So he onsente# to them in this matter, an# %ro*e# them ten #ays' 15 An# at the en# of ten #ays their o!ntenan es a%%eare# fairer an# fatter in f"esh than a"" the hi"#ren whi h #i# eat the %ortion of the 1in$:s meat' 10 Th!s 5e"9ar too1 away the %ortion of their meat, an# the wine that they sho!"# #rin1& an# $a*e them %!"se' 17 As for these fo!r hi"#ren, (o# $a*e them 1now"e#$e an# s1i"" in a"" "earnin$ an# wis#om: an# 6anie" ha# !n#erstan#in$ in a"" *isions an# #reams' 18 Now at the en# of the #ays that the 1in$ ha# sai# he sho!"# brin$ them in, then the %rin e of the e!n! hs bro!$ht them in before Neb! ha#ne99ar' 1? An# the 1in$ omm!ne# with them& an# amon$ them a"" was fo!n# none "i1e 6anie", Hananiah, 5ishae", an# A9ariah: therefore stoo# they before the 1in$' 28 An# in a"" matters of wis#om an# !n#erstan#in$, that the 1in$ in>!ire# of them, he fo!n# them ten times better than a"" the ma$i ians an# astro"o$ers that were in a"" his rea"m'

*ho did that> Bod did. Bod gave them wisdom. reminded Bod of what -e did bac3 there b9 giving that to them. 2hat Bod is in me. <ternal life is -is nature. would sa9 ever9 morning, E have the nature of Bod, the

What )s 1oe8


life of Bod, and the wisdom of Bod in me.E f somebod9 as3ed me would tell them. 2he9 thought was a nut, but would tell them this as we wal3ed down the street to school. Sometimes a bunch of us too3 up a whole streetF there was not a lot of traffic. would tell them about it. would sa9, EAaniel had favor with the prince of the eunuchs 5we would call him the dean of the college6. Bod, give me favor with ever9 teacherF than3 9ou for it. t is mine. !ow impart to me, because Hve got the life of Bod and the nature of Bod in me, more wisdom than all the rest of the class. @et me be ten times better off than the rest of the class.E wasnHt bragging on meF was bragging on what -e gave me. stood at the head of the class. was the onl9 one who made a Estraight#7E report card. n fact, in one of our classes, was the onl9 one who made an E7E. !obod9 else made an9thing higher than a E4E. could read a chapter of a histor9 boo3 5the9 tested me to see6, put the boo3 down, and get up and recite the chapter word for word. didnHt do that because had developed m9 memor9. didnHt 3now a thing in the world about memoriIation. did that because loo3ed to m9 spirit. *e never have developed our human spirits. *e never have wal3ed in the light of what we have. /ne of the greatest miracles have ever seen along these lines happened in a church pastored. /ne of m9 Sunda9 School teachers told me, concerning her oldest child, E sent her to school seven 9ears in the first grade. She couldnHt even learn to write her name. 2he school authorities as3ed me if would ta3e her out of school. She never got out of the first grade.E She was a big 1(#9ear#old girl pla9ing with little & 9ear olds, so the9 had to ta3e her out. 2he9 had no state school 5weHre tal3ing about the 19)"s, the Aepression da9s6. 2he9 had no special classes. 2he onl9 3ind of school the9 had in 2e0as was one for feebleminded children. She didnHt even qualif9 for that. n church she acted li3e a ) or ( 9ear oldF she had about that 3ind of mentalit9. f she happened not to be sitting with


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

her mother, and wanted to get up where her mother was, she would actuall9 get down and scoot along on her stomach under the pews to get up front. *hen she would get there 5usuall9 there was no one on that pew e0cept her mother6, she would stretch out li3e a 3id and go to sleep. /ne night she went up to the altar 5nobod9 as3ed her to go? during a revival and 3nelt along with the others. 2here she received eternal life and the nature of Bod. nstantl9 there was a drastic changeJ Before, she wouldnHt bathe. f she got neglected 5li3e a % or ) 9ear old6, her appearance was pitiful. She would come to church loo3ing li3e she hadnHt combed her hair in a monthF it loo3ed li3e the rats had slept in it. 7nd what clothes she had were hanging on her. But overnight, the ver9 ne0t night, she came in, sat down, and acted as intelligent as an9 1$#9ear#old 9oung lad9. -er hair was fi0ed, she was dressed up, and she loo3ed nice. ?ou could hardl9 believe what 9ou saw. t changed her. t increased the girlHs mentalit9 9" percent overnightJ 2his was during the beginning of *orld *ar . She went awa9 to visit some relatives, and while she was there she acted so nice and loo3ed so nice that a neighboring farm bo9 as3ed her for a date. She had never had a date in her life. But he began to date her and li3e herF and she began to li3e him. 2he9 did hurr9 it up a bit, because he got drafted, but he as3ed her to marr9 him. She too3 him up on it. -e eventuall9 was sent over to the <uropean theater of warfare, still not 3nowing she couldnHt even write him a letter. She sta9ed with his mother. -e wrote and said, E.omma, teach her to write. 2each her to write, H love 9ou.H would rather get a letter from her that said, H love 9ou,H signed b9 her, than for 9ou to write several pages of what she told 9ou to write.E So, her mother#in#law taught her to write. 2hen she came back to live with her mother. remember her mother said to me one night, EBrother -agin, want to show 9ou an eight#page letter she has written her husband b9 herself.E read the letter. She told him how

What )s 1oe8


much she loved him, and then tal3ed about some business. 2o tell the truth, it was better than some letters have read from college graduates. onl9 saw two words misspelled. t was a good letter. She told him, E Hm saving our mone9 5because she was getting an allotment6. Hm pa9ing m9 tithes.E 7nd she was. ?ou could stop to ta3e up an offering on something and she had alread9 paid her tithes to the church. She would alwa9s sa9, EBrother -agin, Hll give.E She would be the first one to give. ?ou get the nature of Bod in 9ou and it changes 9ou. She told her husband, E Hm putting our mone9 in savings, drawing interest, so when 9ou get out ma9be weHll have enough to bu9 a farm.E -e was a farm bo9 and onl9 had about a fifth grade education himself, so she thought ma9be he would want to farm. *here did she get all that wisdom> From the life of Bod inside her. -er 9ounger sister was married to a bo9 in the !av9. She had the highest .K. of an9one in school, and she had gotten saved, too, but she didnHt wal3 in the light of what she had. 2he light is the life of man. ?ouHve got to wal3 in the light of life for it to benefit 9ou. She splurged her mone9. -er husband was coming home on furlough and she said to her older sister, EAonHt 9ou tell him how much mone9 9ouHve got.E She didnHt have a dime. *e left that church before the war was over and went into the evangelistic field. heard that the older sisterHs husband had come bac3 and decided he wanted to go into construction work instead of farming. -e used the mone9 his wife had saved to bu9 some gravel truc3s. 2he9 prospered in their business. 2hen heard he was 3illed in a truc3 accident. n the process of time, got bac3 there and was tal3ing to the church secretar9. as3ed, E*hatever happened to that girl>E She too3 me b9 the arm and led me out on the front porch. She said, E?ou 3new that her husband was 3illed in that truc3 accident>E


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

said, E?es.E She said, E*ell, because of the business, he was heavil9 insured, and she received several hundreds of thousands of dollars of insurance mone9.E She pointed and said, ESee that addition>E could see a number of new houses. 2he secretar9 said, EShe is building that addition to the cit9. She handles all her own mone9F she is her own financierF her own contractor.E 7nd she said, E<ver9 Sunda9 morning she pa9s her tithesF she puts all her offerings into the church. She is alwa9s on the front pew with her three children. 2he9Hre the best dressed, cleanest, most manicured children in the churchF the best# behaved children in the church.E 2hat is one of the greatest miracles have ever seen. ;eceiving eternal life and wal3ing in the light of it was what made the difference. Seeing that, began to notice something bac3 there as a bo9 preacher. saw a truth about eternal life. began to ma3e predictions on how peopleHs children would turn out. hit it 1"" percent. People can have eternal life, but if the9Hre not wal3ing in the light of it, their children wonHt turn out right. .9 children turned out e0actl9 li3e predicted the9 would. !ot onl9 that, but babies born to members of m9 church who had this life turned out Gust li3e said the9 wouldCever9 single one of them. 2han3 Bod learned as a teenager to remind the @ord of Aaniel ever9 da9. Bod gave Aaniel and the three other children 3nowledge and s3ill, because Bod 3nows ever9thing. would also read the first chapter of Dohn nearl9 ever9 da9, &)n him was life2 and the life was the light of men.& didnHt have a Bree3 concordance then, but would sa9, E2hat life is in me.E ?ou see, the Spirit of Bod was leading me right. ?ou tal3 about being ledJ would ma3e that confession ever9 da9 as we went to school. would sa9, E2he life of Bod is in me. 2he life of Bod is in me. 2hat life is the light.E 3new light stood for development. of me. t was developing m9 spirit. mentalit9. would sa9, E Hve got Bod wisdom in me. Hve got BodHs life in me. t was the development t was developing m9 in meJ Hve got BodHs Hve got BodHs power in

What )s 1oe8


me.E There shouldn"t be any failures in us unless we while our time away, not knowing what we"%e got and not confessing it. Begin to confess, E2his life is mine, praise BodJ t is in me and it is wor3ingJE 2han3 Bod, it will wor3. Wal#in! in the $i!ht of $ife *e must learn how to wal3 in the light of eternal life to enGo9 the fullness and the realit9 of it. Sometimes we thin3 if we have something in the spiritual realm, it should wor3 automaticall9. t doesnHt. n the natural thatHs even true. ?ou can have something in the natural and not 3now 9ou have it and it wonHt do 9ou an9 good. ?es, itHs in 9our possession, but if 9ou donHt 3now it, it wonHt do 9ou an9 good. Bac3 in 19(& was saving a little mone9 to bu9 m9 wife a 4hristmas present. started with a L%" bill. had a secret poc3et in m9 billfold, so put the bill bac3 there. 7nd, forgot about it. 2he last church pastored was in the oil fields of <ast 2e0as. got out there doing some business and ran out of gasoline. didnHt have a credit card or an9thing to bu9 gas with. So had to call one of the deacons to come get me and bring some gasoline. -e came and got me. Some time later was going through m9 billfold and found the L%" bill. happened to loo3 into that secret poc3et and there it was. For a moment was astounded. thought, Where did that come from8 Faybe +od put money into my billfold. 2hen it dawned on me had put it in there earlier. ?ou canHt sa9 didnHt have the mone9. ?ou could fill up 9our gas tan3 in those da9s for L( or L1, so could have filled up m9 gas tan3 four or five times. had the mone9, but it didnHt do me an9 good because didnHt 3now had it. 2hatHs so naturall9 and thatHs so spirituall9. *hen it comes to spiritual things, people thin3, E f 9ouHve got it, 9ouHve got it.E !o, thatHs the reason Bod gave us -is *ordCso we would ta3e time to find out what we have and then wal3 in the light


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

of it. ?ou can have eternal life and not 3now what it reall9 is. ?ou can 3now 9ou are saved and sa9, E*ell, Hm a 4hristian. 2han3 Bod Hm saved.E 7nd 9ouHll go to heaven when 9ou die. But 9ou canHt enGo9 the realit9 of it in this life because 9ou donHt 3now what it is, or what it is supposed to do for 9ou. *e have never maGored on this as we should.

Chapter % $et Zoe &o'inate You

lways bearing about in the body the dying of the #ord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. *or we which li%e are alway deli%ered unto death for Jesus" sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh. G: $orinthians @534,33 2he 7postle Paul tal3s here about the life of Bod in our spirits being manifested in our bodies. -e is not tal3ing about the ;esurrection, but about something that happens in this life. )"m con%inced that if one learns how to walk in the light of life, and lets that life dominate him, he will li%e to a great age Hif Jesus tarries?. 3now the outward man is deca9ing, all right, but this life can be made manifest in our mortal flesh. /ne da9 a Dewish law9er came to Desus and said, +ood Faster, what good thing shall ) do, that ) may ha%e eternal life8& 5.att. 19+1'6. 2his rich 9oung man who came to Desus represented the most Iealous branch of the famil9 of 7braham, the children of promise and of the covenant. ?et he 3new he did not have the one thing above all other things that made him right with Bod. /n the great Aa9 of 7tonement, when his sins were forgiven, he went awa9 with the consciousness of the fact that something had not been made right in his life. 2he hunger was still unsatisfied. 2he craving on the inside of him was still unmet. -e wanted, needed, and felt the lac3 of something in his nature that seemed to have been lost somewhere. t was something he 3new would round out and complete his Go9 and his longing.


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

*hat was it> t was something greater than atonement. t was something greater than Gustification under the law. t was something greater than mere forgiveness. 2he thing he craved is maGored on in the Bospel of Dohn. t is a single word, and this word is the 3e9 to the Bospel of Dohn. t is the word that unloc3s the divine side of the plan of redemption. t is the biggest word of the Bospel. t is the word that stands for the whole heart teaching of the Bospel of the grace of Bod. t is the word Elife.E $hristianity is that di%ine act which changes a man from the family of !atan to the family of +od instantly. 4harles B. Finne9 would go into a cit9 and sometimes the whole cit9 would be converted. .an9 people said his conversions would not last because the9 were too quic3Ctoo instantaneous. But a greater percentage of Finne9Hs converts sta9ed saved than an9 group since the da9s of the 7postle Paul. t is a historical fact that &" to $" percent of all the converts of Finne9 were 3ept. n no other revival is that trueF not even in the great Pentecostal revival. Finne9 taught an instant conversion, because thatHs what the *ord of Bod teaches. @etHs loo3 at the nature of eternal life.
)OHN 5:20 20 3or as the 3ather hath "ife in himse"f& so hath he $i*en to the Son to ha*e "ife in himse"f'

;emember, the Bree3 word for life is .oe. EFor as the Father hath .oe in himselfF so hath he given to the Son to have .oe in himself.E 2hen eternal life is the nature of Bod. t is the being or substance of Bod. *e are told in Second Peter 1+(. &Whereby are gi%en unto us eIceeding great and precious promises5 that by these ye might be partakers of the di%ine nature,& 52hatHs BodHs nature, isnHt it>6 &ha%ing escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.& 2he corruption from which we escaped is spiritual deathF the satanic nature. *e are made parta3ers of the divine nature, the nature of BodF the life of Bod.

What )s 1oe8


*e read in <phesians %+1, & nd you hath he 9uickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins.& 7nd in Dohn 1+%( Desus said, &Verily, %erily, ) say unto you, (e that heareth my word, and belie%eth on him that sent me, hath e%erlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation2 but is passed from death unto life.& ?ouHve got life now. ?ouHre not going to get it when 9ou get to heaven. 2han3 Bod 9ou have it now. Dohn also tells us in First Dohn )+1(+ &We know that we ha%e passed from death unto life, because we lo%e the brethren. (e that lo%eth not his brother abideth in death.& From these Scriptures we see that eternal life is the nature of Bod and that to become a child of Bod means that we become parta3ers of the divine natureCeternal life. *hen we receive eternal life, the satanic nature passes out of us. Hm not tal3ing about the flesh now. Hm tal3ing about the spiritCthe real 9ouCthe man on the inside. !piritual death ga%e man physical death or mortality for his body. But the new birth gi%es eternal life to the spirit of man now and the promise of immortality for our physical bodies at the return of the #ord Jesus $hrist. life. t is interesting to note how we can help others receive this
)OHN 28:/8,/1 /8 An# many other si$ns tr!"y #i# )es!s in the %resen e of his #is i%"es, whi h are not written in this boo1: /1 =!t these are written, that ye mi$ht be"ie*e that )es!s is the Christ, the Son of (o#& an# that be"ie*in$ ye mi$ht ha*e "ife thro!$h his name'

Dohn said Desus did a great man9 things that are not recorded in the Bospels. But he recorded these things for this purpose+ &that ye might belie%e that Jesus is the $hrist, the !on of +od2 and that belie%ing ye might ha%e life through his name.& 2he obGect, then, is that we might have eternal life. 2he first step is to read what is written in the Bospels that we ma9 3now that Desus is the Son of Bod. For if -e is the Son of Bod, then -e has made spiritual life available to spirituall9 dead


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

men. n the <pistles, Paul tells us+

1 CORINTHIANS 15:/,; / 3or I #e"i*ere# !nto yo! first of a"" that whi h I a"so re ei*e#, how that Christ #ie# for o!r sins a or#in$ to the s ri%t!res& ; An# that he was b!rie#, an# that he rose a$ain the thir# #ay a or#in$ to the s ri%t!res'

Until we 3now this, see3ing eternal life will be in vain. But having satisfied our intellects that Desus is the Son of Bod, that -e died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that -e rose again according to the ScripturesCthen we can ta3e the ne0t step. Dohn 1+1% sa9s, &But as many as recei%ed him, to them ga%e he power to become the sons of +od, e%en to them that belie%e on his name.& ;eceiving Desus is an act of the will of man, acting on the *ord. ?ou 3now that 9ouHre without a savior, without an approach to Bod, without eternal lifeF and 9ou Gust loo3 up to Bod and sa9, E 3now that.E But it is not enough Gust to ta3e Desus as 9our Savior. ?ou also must ac3nowledge -is lordship over 9our life. 2he reason for this is obvious. *e have been the servants of the devil. *e have belonged to the 3ingdom or the countr9 of the devil. !ow we want to leave that countr9 and come into BodHs countr9 and become naturaliIed citiIens. But before we can do this, we must swear allegiance to the new fatherland, so to spea3, and ma3e our absolute, unconditional brea3 with the old fatherland. So we must confess Desus as @ordF as the new ruler of our heart life as well as our intellectual life. /ne of the difficulties that confronts people is that the9 wish to have Desus as Savior, but not as @ord. .an9 people want -im as their Savior from hell, but the9 donHt want -im as their ruler on earth. Hve heard ministers of the Bospel, even Full Bospel ministers, sa9 the9 were afraid to ma3e Desus @ord of their lives. heard one sa9, E was afraid -e might send me off to be a

What )s 1oe8


missionar9. preached for 9ears and Desus reall9 wasnHt m9 @ord.E 52hatHs a sad commentar9, but it can be so.6 heard a well#3nown evangelist sa9, E*hen made Desus @ord of m9 life 5and preached for 9ears before made -im @ord6, m9 life too3 on a supernatural aspect that it never had before.E .an9 things have happened to 4hristians because the9 didnHt let Desus be @ord. .an9 marriages have been entered into that were all wrong because fol3s didnHt ta3e time to see what Desus had to sa9 about it and let -im be @ord. /ne time heard a preacher telling about Desus on the Sea of Balilee with -is disciples in the storm when Desus said, &/eace, be still& 5.ar3 (+)96. 2he Bible sa9s there was a great calm. 2his preacher remar3ed, E!o matter what is going on in a church service, if 9ou want there to be a great calm, Gust start tal3ing about mone9, peopleHs children, or the home and marriage, and there will be a great calm.E 2oo man9 times thatHs absolutel9 the truth. *e get into trouble in these areas because we donHt listen to what the @ord has to sa9 about them. 2he Bible sa9s, &The spirit of man is the candle of the #ord, searching all the inward parts of the belly.& 5Prov. %"+%&6. remember in one church pastored there was a beautiful 4hristian woman. She was one of the most spiritual persons have ever met. Hve been in the ministr9 and 3nown pastors and pastorsH wives, and evangelists and evangelistsH wives, and this woman was more spiritual than an9 preacher 3new. She 3new Bod. She 3new how to pra9. She 3new how to touch Bod. She had the gifts of the Spirit operating in her life. But donHt care how spiritual 9ou are. donHt care how man9 gifts of the Spirit 9ou have operating in 9our life. donHt care how well 9ou 3now how to get hold of Bod. f 9ou donHt ma3e and 3eep Desus as @ord of 9our life, 9ou can get into trouble. -eHs the living *ord. Bod has given us the written *ord to unveil the living *ord to us. Bive the *ord of Bod, the !ew 2estament, primaril9, first place in 9our life. B9 so doing, 9ou are putting Desus first. @et this *ord govern 9our life. @et this *ord be the @ord


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

of 9our life. @et the *ord have dominion over 9ou. B9 so doing, 9ou are letting Desus dominate 9ou. !ow, this dear woman was the finest 4hristian in the church. 2here was no one who was more dependable or a better pra9er warrior. *e pastored there, moved awa9, and Bod sent us bac3 several 9ears later. *hen we returned we heard this woman had remarried, and we were glad about it. She was about 11 9ears of age and her first husband was dead. /ne of her grown, married daughters was in the church, and she came over to help us unpac3 and straighten up the parsonage. .9 wife as3ed her about her motherHs marriage. 7 loo3 of concern came across the girlHs face. She said, EBrother and Sister -agin, thin3 .omma missed Bod.E nstantl9 we were greatl9 concerned. *e 3new this woman was a precious woman of Bod. She said her mother had ta3en a Gob in another cit9. She had started going with a certain gentleman, and brought him home for the children to meet. E could see she was serious with this fellow,E the girl e0plained. E as3ed, H.omma, 9ouHre not about to marr9 that gu9, are 9ou>H EShe said, H most certainl9 am.H said, H*e children donHt care if 9ou are marriedF thatHs fine. But the Bible sa9s onl9 to be married in the @ordF not to be unequall9 9o3ed together with unbelievers.H EShe said he was a church member. But said, H.omma, 9ouHve been around long enoughF 9ou 3now that ever9 church member is not saved. n fact, donHt want to be the Gudge, but there are some people who are members of our Full Bospel church who are not saved. tHs not church membership that saves 9ouCit is being born againCreceiving eternal life. EHBesides that, donHt want to Gudge him. donHt want 9ou to thin3 Hm opposing this, and Hve never seen him until toda9, but thereHs something about him thatHs not right. -e loo3s to me li3e an old beer guIIler.H E.omma said, H*ell, he does drin3 some. But he said he

What )s 1oe8


would quit if would marr9 him.HE ?ou 3now, these older girls are Gust as easil9 fooled as the 9oung ones are. *hether 9ouHre old, 9oung, or middle aged, if he wonHt quit before 9ou marr9 him, he wonHt quit after 9ou marr9 him. 2his dear woman was such a spiritual woman, a fine 4hristian, but donHt care how wonderful 9ou are, how spiritual 9ou are, how far advanced 9ou areC9ou are not immune to being misled if 9ou get awa9 from the Bible. So this girl said to her mother, E!ow, .omma, 9ou 3now better than that.E -er mother said, E*ell, Hm going to fast and pra9 about itF and Hm going to put out a fleece before the @ord.E -er daughter said, E2hereHs no use putting out a fleece. 2hereHs no need of fasting and pra9ing. 2he Bible has alread9 said not to be unequall9 9o3ed together with unbelievers. 2he Bible has alread9 said to be married onl9 in the @ord. *e donHt care if 9ou are married, but find somebod9 of equal spiritual e0perience to build a life with.E 2his woman fasted, pra9ed, and put out a fleece. -er fleece said, EBo ahead and marr9 the fellow,E so she married him. Somewhere in there Desus ceased to dominate her life. 2he *ord was no longer dominant in her life. 7 da9 or so later m9 wife happened to loo3 down the street and sa9 to me, E2hat loo3s li3e Sister So#and#So.E said, E!o, it couldnHt be, because sheHs living in another cit9 (1 miles from here.E *e watched, though, and as she got closer we recogniIed it was she. 7s she got to the edge of our 9ard, we could see something was wrong. -er e9e was blac3. 7nd her nose was large and swollen. -er face was beaten up. B9 the time she hit the parsonage porch, she was squalling and bawling li3e a bab9. She hugged m9 wife and me. *e got her into the parsonageCinto the living roomCand finall9 got her quieted down enough to find out what happened. She told us what her husband had done. /n the wa9 home from wor3 about 1" da9s before, he had stopped off for


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

something to drin3, and b9 the time he got home he had been prett9 well Elit up.E She said something he didnHt particularl9 li3e, so he hit her right in the middle of her face, 3noc3ed her down, Gumped on top of her, and started beating her in the face. -e almost beat her to death. -e tore her clothes nearl9 off. She had to run out of the house half#clothed and catch a streetcar to go across the cit9 to her daughterHs house. She had been in bed for 1" da9s. E Hll tell 9ou one thing,E she said. E*hen get up to heaven, Hve got something to as3 the @ord. Hm going to as3 -im wh9 -e put this off on me.E said, E!ow Sister, 9ou 3now meC Hve pastored 9ou before, and Hm not tr9ing to be a smart alec3Cbut 9ou wonHt have to wait until 9ou get to heaven. f 9ouHll Gust as3 me, Hll tell 9ou now. EBod didnHt put that off on 9ou. ?ou wanted that old rascal and 9ou got himJ ?ouHve got him on 9our hands now. *hat are 9ou going to do with him>E *ell, that poor woman had a hard time. Hm sureC 3now be9ond a shadow of a doubtCthat it shortened her life. She could have lived longer. 2han3 Bod she did get him saved and he died savedChe barel9 made it in. But Hm sure of this one thingCall the trouble and concern shortened her life. *e can ma3e some choices for ourselves in life, but it is alwa9s better to choose BodHs best. t is alwa9s better to go with Bod. t is alwa9s better to wal3 in the light of life.

Chapter ( Rulin! an Rei!nin! in )nion with Go

*or if by one man"s offence death reigned by one2 much more they which recei%e abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus $hrist. G,omans E53B *hat does this verse mean> t means that ever9 one of us who has been born again and has received the life of Bod has come into a 3ingl9 state. *e are accepted b9 Bod to reign as 3ings in the realm of life. *e are no longer servants in the realm of spiritual death, but we have passed out of death, SatanHs realm, into the realm of the supernatural or the heavenlies. .an was never made to be a slave. -e was made to reign as a 3ing under Bod. 2hat 3ingl9 being was created in the image and li3eness of Bod. -e was created on terms of equalit9 with Bod, and he could stand in BodHs presence without an9 consciousness of inferiorit9. !otice Psalm $+(,1+ EWhat is man, that thou art mindful of him8 and the son of man, that thou %isitest him8 *or thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour.& n some translations there is a number or letter b9 the word EangelsE in this te0t. f 9ou loo3 in the margin 9ouHll find that the -ebrew word here is >lohimGthe same *ord or name for Bod. 2he -ebrew Bible actuall9 sa9s 5tal3ing about man6, &Thou hast made him a little lower than +od.& 2hat means Bod has made us as much li3e -imself as possible. -e made us in -is image. -e made us in -is li3eness. -e made us the same class of being that -e is -imself. -e made 7dam with an intellect of such caliber that he could name ever9 animal,


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

vegetable, and fruit, and give them names that would describe their characteristics. *hen Bod could do that with man, man belonged to the realm of Bod. n the first five chapters of Benesis, >lohim is the name for Bod. .an, then, was made in the li3eness of >lohim. -e was made with the life of Bod in him. Bod made manHs bod9 out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into manHs nostrils the breath of life. 2he -ebrew word translated EbreathE is the same word translated EspiritE all through the /ld 2estament. Bod too3 something of -imself, which was spirit, the life of Bod, and put it into man. ?ou see that life manifested in man. ?ou see it in his spirit and soul. ?ou see it in his bod9, even after he had died spirituall9. Bod made man -is understud9. -e made him 3ing, to rule over ever9thing that had life. .an was master. .an lived in the realm of Bod. -e lived on terms of equalit9 with Bod. Bod is a faith Bod. 7ll -e had to do was simpl9 sa9, &#et there be light& 5Ben. 1+)6, and there was light. Bod created ever9thing e0cept man b9 spea3ing it into e0istence. -eHs a faith Bod. !ow, Bod made man a faith man, because man belongs to BodHs class. 7 faith man lives in the creative realm of Bod. 2his is the end of the wea3ness messageJ .an lost his place b9 high treason against Bod. -e lost his dominion over all the wor3s of BodHs hands. -e lost his dominion in the fall. *ith the fall went his dominion over his spirit and soul. But, m9 friends, if one is a thin3er or a student of histor9, one 3nows universal man has ever 9earned for the return of his lost dominion. -ereHs one of the most tremendous facts we have to face+ 2here never has been a primitive people found upon the face of the earth who have not 9et 9earned for dominion. !ot a single primitive people has been found who did not have a golden past where the9 had dominion, and a golden future where dominion was going to be restored. 2hat is the tradition of universal man. 2he reason for that is, man was created to have dominion.

What )s 1oe8


.an has shrun3 from bondage. .an has rebelled against it. .an has 9earned to gain master9 over ph9sical loss, over mind loss, and over the loss of the spirit. 2his long#ago desire to gain the lost dominion is seen in his offerings, in his drin3ing blood, and in the priesthoods he has appointed. f 9ou stud9 histor9, 9ouHll find that human blood was never actuall9 desirable to an9 people. *h9 did the9 drin3 it> 2he9 dran3 it to be li3e Bod. 2he9 dran3 it that the9 might become eternal or immortal. 2he desire for immortalit9 in the ph9sical realm lies in the heart of universal man. 7nd for that reason, men dran3 it. 2he9 would ta3e an animal or another man, and ma3e a sacrifice upon the altar of their god or gods. 7nd when the9 did, the9 believed that the offering became identified with Bod. 2he9 said, E f we drin3 the blood of the man or the animal, we drin3 the blood of Bod. 7nd if we drin3 enough of it, weHll be Bod.E 7ctuall9, thatHs not too far removed from the 4ommunion table. *h9 do 9ou suppose that 3ind of thin3ing is in the hearts and minds of even primitive people the world around> ?ou see, it all dates bac3 to the beginning. ;emember the first two offspring of 7dam and <ve, 4ain and 7bel> ;emember that the9 both brought an offering to Bod and one was reGected while the other was received> 2he offering that was receivedC 7belHsCwas an offering of blood, while the one that was reGectedC4ainHsCwas an offering of fruits and vegetables. So 9ou see, this 3ind of thin3ing has filtered down even through primitive people, that blood has something to do with regaining master9 and dominion upon the earth. 7nd than3 Bod it doesJ *ithout the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins. *hen Desus instituted the @ordHs Supper -e said+
5ATTH+A 20:20728 20 Ta1e, eat& this is my bo#y' 27 An# he too1 the !%, an# $a*e than1s, an# $a*e it to them, sayin$, 6rin1 ye a"" of it& 28 3or this is my b"oo# of the new testament, whi h is she# for many for the remission of sins'


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

-e signified that when we eat that bread and drin3 that cup, we parta3e of -im. *e are identified with Bod. *e are actuall9 one with -im. .an9 ancients became cannibals, not because the9 loved human blood, but because the9 believed if the9 could eat flesh and drin3 blood the9 would be li3e Bod. 2his faith of universal man, reaching Bod#ward, cried out to Bod to ma3e union with -im a possibilit9. .an believed union with Bod would give him dominion. 7nd it will. .an hates defeat. -e wants to conquer death. -e dreams of immortalit9 and fears death and disease. .an believed that somehow Bod would give him this lost dominion. !ow 9ou can understand it was this universal 3nowledge, the universal cr9 of man for union with Aeit9, that caused the ncarnation. 7nd so the @ord Desus 4hrist came into this world. -e was Bod incarnated in the flesh. Desus was Bod and man in union. -e was first a divine being.
)OHN 1:1 1 In the be$innin$ was the Aor#, an# the Aor# was with (o#, an# the Aor# was (o#'

But -e came and dwelt among us.

)OHN 1:1; 1; An# the Aor# was ma#e f"esh, an# #we"t amon$ !s'

-e was Bod incarnate in the flesh. So Desus was a divine# human being. !ow on the grounds of what the @ord Desus 4hrist did 5that is, -is substitutionar9 sacrifice6, Bod is able to redeem us from our sins. -e is able to redeem us from spiritual death. -e is able to impart to us -is ver9 nature. -e is able to give us eternal lifeF -is ver9 own life. -e is able to ta3e us into -is own famil9, so that we can call -im Father. Paul said, &) bow my knees unto the *ather of our #ord Jesus $hrist, of whom the whole family in hea%en and earth is named& 5<ph. )+1(,116. ?ou can tell the wa9 some people sa9 EBodE that -eHs some far#off creature somewhere. !o, -eHs EFather.E -e ma9 be EBodE

What )s 1oe8


to the world, but -eHs EFatherE to meJ n the new birth, we are brought into vital union with Desus 4hrist. 7ll that most people thin3 the9 have in the new birth is forgiveness of sins. 2he9 donHt 3now about being in union with Bod. <ven man9 in the great bod9 of Full Bospel people do not 3now that the new birth is a real incarnation. 2he9 do not 3now the9 are as much sons and daughters of Bod as Desus. 2he9 onl9 have a haI9 concept of what Bod has done, of what -e is to them, and of what the9 are to Bod. Jesus was first di%ine, and then (e was human. !o (e was in the flesh a di%ine6human being. ) was first human, and so were you, but ) was born of +od, and so ) became a human6 di%ine being0 +od is li%ing in us0 2he incarnation that Bod has given through the new birth has bestowed upon us the lost authorit9 we had in the Barden of <den. 7nd onl9 here or there has a man 3nown it or preached it, or dared to assume it. !o wonder Smith *igglesworth said, E Hm a thousand times bigger on the inside than am on the outside.E -e was realiIing that he was a human#divine being. 7nd that the divine part was a thousand times bigger than the human part. @etHs loo3 at a few Scriptures so 9ouHll 3now Bod is living in 9ou.
)OHN 1;:15,10 15 If ye "o*e me, 1ee% my omman#ments' 10 An# I wi"" %ray the 3ather, an# he sha"" $i*e yo! another Comforter, that he may abi#e with yo! for e*er' 1 CORINTHIANS /:10 10 -now ye not that ye are the tem%"e of (o#, an# that the S%irit of (o# #we""eth in yo!4 1 CORINTHIANS 0:1?,28 1? Ahat4 1now ye not that yo!r bo#y is the tem%"e of the Ho"y (host whi h is in yo!, whi h ye ha*e of (o#, an# ye are not yo!r own4 28 3or ye are bo!$ht with a %ri e: therefore $"orify (o# in yo!r bo#y, an# in yo!r s%irit, whi h are (o#:s'

Paul probabl9 realiIed the9 didnHt understand what he was sa9ing, so he wrote a second letter to them 5Second


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

4orinthians6 and went into a little more detail. n Second 4orinthians '+1( he said, &Be ye not une9ually yoked together with unbelie%ers5 for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness8 and what communion hath light with darkness8& ?ou see, the believer is called ErighteousnessE and the unbeliever is called Eunrighteousness.E & nd what communion hath light with darkness8& -ere the believer is called ElightE and the unbeliever is called Edar3ness.E
2 CORINTHIANS 0:15 15 An# what on or# hath Christ with =e"ia"4

*inally, the belie%er is called &$hrist& and the unbelie%er is called &Belial.& That*s who we are+ we*re Christ, Desus is the -ead and we are the Bod9 of 4hrist. ?our head doesnHt go b9 one name and 9our bod9 b9 another, does it> ?ou donHt call 9our bod9 -enr9 Dones and 9our little finger @ouise Simpson, do 9ou> ?our little finger has the same name as the rest of 9our bod9 because it belongs to that bod9. /aul calls the indi%idual member of the Body of $hrist, &$hrist.& nd he calls the unbelie%er &Belial.&
2 CORINTHIANS 0:10 10 An# what a$reement hath the tem%"e of (o# with i#o"s4

;emember that Paul alread9 said in First 4orinthians )+1', &Know ye not that ye are the temple of +od, and that the !pirit of +od dwelleth in you8& -ere he sa9s it again. -e wants to get that point across. Hve got Bod the Father, Bod the Son, and Bod the -ol9 Spirit living in me. *eHve never even maGored on that subGect before. *e have been too bus9 fighting over minor things. Some of these great Bible truths that will release us, ma3e us masters, and enable us to dominate and reign in life have been left untouched. *hen 9ou begin to preach on them, man9 people in 4hristendom will sit and loo3 at 9ou in amaIement. wouldnHt have dared suggest these things if hadnHt had Scriptures to bac3 me up. (e"s in me. (e"s in you. There is a real incarnation in the new birth0 )"%e come into %ital union with +od0

What )s 1oe8


*e are the temple of the living Bod. !ow, letHs get a picture of the living Bod. @etHs go bac3 to the /ld 2estament and see -im. 2he presence of Bod 5the Dews called it the !hekinah? was onl9 in the -ol9 of -olies. 7t least once a 9ear, ever9 male in srael had to present himself at the 2emple that Bod had Solomon build. Bod wasnHt dwelling in them, so the9 had to go to where Bod was. 2hatHs the reason weHve got a better covenant established on better promises 5-eb. $+'6. !o one dared approach the -ol9 of -olies e0cept the -igh Priest. /thers who tried would fall dead on the spot. /nl9 the -igh Priest, after the blood of innocent animals was shed for the atonement of sin, could enter in. .an9 have thought that when Desus said on the cross, E t is finishedE -e was tal3ing about our salvation. !oJ !oJ !oJ /ur salvation wasnHt finished when Desus died. ;emember -e said to .ar9, &Touch me not2 for ) am not yet ascended to my *ather5 but go to my brethren, and say unto them, ) ascend unto my *ather, and your *ather2 and to my +od, and your +od& 5Dohn %"+1&6. Soon afterwards -e appeared to the disciples, who were afraid, thin3ing the9 had seen a ghost or spirit. -e said, &Why are ye troubled8 and why do thoughts arise in your hearts8 Behold my hands and my feet, that it is ) myself5 handle me, and see2 for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me ha%e& 5@u3e %(+)$,)96. *h9 did Desus tell .ar9 not to touch -im, and the disciples to touch -im> -e told .ar9 wh9+ &) am not yet ascended to my *ather& 5Dohn %"+1&6. So, salvation wasnHt complete until -e ascended into the heavenl9 -ol9 of -olies to obtain eternal redemption for us. *hen Desus said E t is finishedE on the cross, -e was tal3ing about the /ld 4ovenantHs being finished. 7nd when -e said those words, the curtain that sealed off the -ol9 of -olies in the 2emple was rent in twainCor torn in halfCfrom top to bottom. Flavius Dosephus, the Dewish historian, tells us that the curtain was %" feet high, (" feet across and ( inches thic3. Aid 9ou notice the Scripture didnHt sa9 the curtain was rent in twain from bottom to top> t said from top to bottom. Up there %" feet in the air, an angel of Bod, or some heavenl9


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

somebod9, got hold of the thing and ripped it apart. That signified that the way into the (oly of (olies, blessed be +od, is now open to e%erybody through the blood of Jesus0 Bod moved out of an earth#made, man#made -ol9 of -olies and -e dwells in usJ (e li%es in us0 ;ou are the temple where the holy !hekinah presence of +od dwells. *eHve never mastered that 9et. *eHve thought it sounded li3e it could not be true. But, than3 Bod, it is trueJ Second 4orinthians '+1' sa9s, & nd what agreement hath the temple of +od with idols8 for ye are the temple of the li%ing +od2 as +od hath said, ) will dwell in them, and walk in them2 and ) will be their +od, and they shall be my people.& -ere are some further facts.
1 )OHN ;:17; 1 =e"o*e#, be"ie*e not e*ery s%irit, b!t try the s%irits whether they are of (o#: be a!se many fa"se %ro%hets are $one o!t into the wor"#' 2 Hereby 1now ye the S%irit of (o#: +*ery s%irit that onfesseth that )es!s Christ is ome in the f"esh is of (o#: / An# e*ery s%irit that onfesseth not that )es!s Christ is ome in the f"esh is not of (o#: an# this is that s%irit of anti hrist, whereof ye ha*e hear# that it sho!"# ome& an# e*en now a"rea#y is it in the wor"#' ; Be are of (o#, "itt"e hi"#ren' ' ' '

Because we are of Bod, because we are born of Bod, we are sons of Bod.
1 )OHN /:1,2 1 =eho"#, what manner of "o*e the 3ather hath bestowe# !%on !s, that we sho!"# be a""e# the sons of (o#: therefore the wor"# 1noweth !s not, be a!se it 1new him not' 2 =e"o*e#, now are we the sons of (o#, an# it #oth not yet a%%ear what we sha"" be: b!t we 1now that, when he sha"" a%%ear, we sha"" be "i1e him& for we sha"" see him as he is' 1 )OHN 5:1,2 1 Ahosoe*er be"ie*eth that )es!s is the Christ is born of (o#: an# e*ery one that "o*eth him that be$at "o*eth him a"so that is be$otten of him' 2 =y this we 1now that we "o*e the hi"#ren of (o#, when we "o*e (o#, an# 1ee% his omman#ments'

Friends, we are sons of Bod. *e are children of Bod. *e

What )s 1oe8


are born of Bod. *e are in the famil9 of Bod. We are in union with +od.
1 )OHN ;:; ; Be are of (o#, "itt"e hi"#ren, an# ha*e o*er ome them: be a!se $reater is he that is in yo!, than he that is in the wor"#'

t doesnHt sa9 going to overcome them 5the forces of evil6, but ha%e overcome them. f weHve overcome one of them, weHve overcome all of them. *e sa9, E f Hve overcome them, wh9 am having so much trouble with them>E Because you don"t know who you are in $hrist0 Because 9ou donHt 3now that 9ou are supposed to rule over themJ ;emember, weHre tal3ing about reigning as 3ings in life. Satan has been defeated. -eHs not going to beF he has been defeated. *hen Desus wal3ed the earth, -e won ever9 battle with the enem9. 2hen, after -e had satisfied the claims of Gustice on the cross, -e met the devil in his own throne room, stripped him of his authorit9 and dominion, and rose from the dead. n ;evelation 1+1$ Desus said, &) am he that li%eth, and was dead2 and, behold, ) am ali%e for e%ermore, men2 and ha%e the keys of hell and of death.& *here did -e get them> -e got them from SatanF -e too3 the dominion and authorit9 that had been given Satan in the Barden of <den b9 7dam. !ow ever9 man and woman who accepts Desus 4hrist is identified with -im. -e did it for you. -e did it for me. -e did it as our Substitute. Satan can holler as much as he wants to. But 9ou withstand himF donHt be the least bit afraid of him. *ithstand him with the faith of Desus 4hrist. 2he trouble with a lot of us is we live up there in the faith realm, but weHve gone down the bac3 stairs in the reason realm. Some people are holding onto devilish reasoning. But when Desus died as our Substitute, we were identified with -im. 2hat is the reason weHre overcomers.
+@H+SIANS 2:270 2 Aherein in time %ast ye wa"1e# a or#in$ to the o!rse of this wor"#, a or#in$ to the %rin e of the %ower of the air, the s%irit that now wor1eth in the hi"#ren of #isobe#ien e:


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

/ Amon$ whom a"so we a"" ha# o!r on*ersation in times %ast in the "!sts of o!r f"esh, f!"fi""in$ the #esires of the f"esh an# of the min#& an# were by nat!re the hi"#ren of wrath, e*en as others' ; =!t (o#, who is ri h in mer y, for his $reat "o*e wherewith he "o*e# !s, 5 +*en when we were #ea# in sins, hath >!i 1ene# !s to$ether with Christ, Cby $ra e ye are sa*e#&D EF!i 1ene# means Gma#e a"i*e'G Ahen He was ma#e a"i*e ba 1 there, we were ma#e a"i*e'H 0 An# hath raise# !s !% to$ether, an# ma#e !s sit to$ether in hea*en"y %"a es in Christ )es!s'

?ouHre identified with 4hrist in what -e did. So when are we to reign as 3ings> Auring the .illennium> n Ethe sweet b9 and b9E> =o, in life0 2he potential is there, and it belongs to 9ou. Hm going to live up to the full potential of what belongs to me in 4hrist Desus. ?ouHre the one who has authorit9 in 9our life. donHt have authorit9 in 9our life. 2hatHs the problemCweHre running around tr9ing to find someone else to be 3ing. Hm not to be 3ingC9ouHre to be 3ing in 9our own life. *e have failed to realiIe what Desus did. *e have failed to realiIe who we are. *e have failed to ta3e advantage of what belongs to us. 7nd so, when trouble comes, we become fearful. But no, blessed be Bod, hereHs wh9 weHve overcome+ &+reater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world& 51 Dohn (+(6. *ho is it that is in this world> Satan is the god of this world. Second 4orinthians (+( sa9s he is called the god of this worldF heHs here. 7dam was the god of this world, but he sold out to Satan and Satan became god. Desus, however, stripped Satan of that authorit9. -e gave it bac3 to us. *eHve sat around begging for authorit9 and we had it all the timeJ *eHve sat around waiting for Bod to do something, 9et -eHs waiting for us to do something. will never forget when the @ord appeared to me in a vision in 191% in the state of /3lahoma. -e said, E Hm going to tal3 to 9ou about the devil, demons, and demon possession.E 2he whole thing lasted about an hour and a half. Desus

What )s 1oe8


stood before me as 3nelt. Suddenl9 an evil spirit that loo3ed li3e a mon3e9 Gumped up between us and caused a blac3 cloud to appear. couldnHt see Desus, but could hear -im. -e 3ept right on tal3ing. .eanwhile, the spirit threw his arms and legs out and hollered in a shrill voice, E?a3et9#9a3, 9a3et9#9a3, 9a3et9#9a3.E -e 3ept on acting that wa9 and thoughts ran through m9 mind faster than machine gun bullets could fire. thought, Dear #ord0 )"m missing what Jesus is saying 5instruction -e was giving me about dealing with the devil6. heard the sound of -is voice, but couldnHt distinguish the words because of this E9a3et9#9a3E business. couldnHt see Desus because the cloud was there. 2hen thought, Doesn"t Jesus know8 Doesn"t (e know )"m not hearing (im8 Why doesn"t Jesus do something about it8 Why does (e allow it8 7renHt those the 3inds of questions as3ed all the time> E*h9 did Bod allow it> *h9 doesnHt Bod do something about it>E Finall9, in desperation, spo3e to the spirit. command 9ou to shut up in the !ame of Desus.E said, E

*hen said that, he hit the floor li3e a sac3 of salt+ E3erplop.E 2he dar3 cloud disappeared, and could see Desus. 2hen Desus said something that absolutel9 astonished meF something that upended m9 theolog9. 5*e get so concerned about theolog9 that we miss the Bible.6 Desus pointed to that little fellow l9ing there 5and not onl9 l9ing thereChe was sha3ing all overCtrembling from head to foot and whining6. Desus pointed to him and said, E f 9ou hadnHt done something about that, couldnHt have.E #isten and reign0 #et it slip by you, and be in sla%ery0 n m9 astonishment, said, E@ordJ 3now misunderstood ?ou. Hm sure did. ?ou didnHt sa9 ?ou couldn"tGand pointed to that little fellow l9ing there still whimpering and sha3ing all overC?ou said ?ou wouldn"t, didnHt ?ou>E Desus said, E said 5and -e pointed to him6 if 9ou hadnHt done something about that, couldn"t.&


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

!ow understand EthatE doesnHt Gust include the demonF it included the dar3 cloud that shut off the vision of Desus and heaven. t included communication that didnHt get throughC pra9ers, or whatever. said, E@ord, 3now something happened to me. ?ou didnHt sa9 ?ou couldn"t2 ?ou said ?ou wouldn"t, didnHt ?ou>E 7nd ver9 emphaticall9 -e said, E!oJ didnHt sa9 wouldn"t2 said couldn"t.& E/h, dear @ord,E said. E canHt accept that. tHs against ever9thing ever believedJ tHs against ever9thing ever preachedJE said, E wonHt accept an9 vision unless ?ou can prove it to me from the BibleF particularl9 the !ew 2estament. ?ou said in ?our *ord, H)n the mouth of two or three witnesses e%ery word may be established"E 5.att. 1$+1'6. Ao 9ou thin3 -e got angr9 with me> !o, -e smiled so sweetl9 and said, E Hll go 9ou one betterF Hll give 9ou four.E -e said, E2hereHs no place in the !ew 2estament where the 4hurch or 4hristian believers are told to pra9 against the devil. 2o pra9 against the devil is to waste 9our time.E *hen -e said that to me much timeJE said, EAear @ordJ Hve wasted so

-e said, E2he !ew 2estament tells believers themselves to do something about the devil. 7nd if the9 donHt, there wonHt be an9thing done. Hve done all Hm ever going to do about the devil.E 2hat came as a real shoc3 to me. E!ow,E -e said, E Hll give 9ou the four references which proved that. First of all, in .atthew %$, when arose from the dead, said, ll power is gi%en unto me in hea%en and in earth" 5.att. %$+1$6. 2he word HpowerH means authorit9.E f 9ou stopped reading right here 9ouHd sa9, E*h9, dear @ord Desus, ?ou do have authorit9 here on the earth.E But -e said, E immediatel9 delegated .9 authorit9 on earth to the 4hurch.E
5AR- 10:15718 15 (o ye into a"" the wor"#, an# %rea h the $os%e" to e*ery

What )s 1oe8
reat!re' 10 He that be"ie*eth an# is ba%ti9e# sha"" be sa*e#& b!t he that be"ie*eth not sha"" be #amne#' 17 An# these si$ns sha"" fo""ow them that be"ie*e& In my name sha"" they ast o!t #e*i"s& they sha"" s%ea1 with new ton$!es& 18 They sha"" ta1e !% ser%ents& an# if they #rin1 any #ea#"y thin$, it sha"" not h!rt them& they sha"" "ay han#s on the si 1, an# they sha"" re o*er'


?ou see, you"re authoriIed to do that. 2hen Desus said to me, E!ot one single time does an9 !ew 2estament writer tell 9ou to pra9 to Bod or to .e, the @ord Desus 4hrist, to do an9thing about the devil. <ver9 single time the9 tell you to do it. ;ou"re the one who has authorit9. ;ou"re the one whoHs to rule.E 2he ne0t reference -e gave me was Dames (+&+ &!ubmit yoursel%es therefore to +od. ,esist the de%il, and he will flee from you.& !ow, as Desus said, 9ou couldnHt do that if 9ou didnHt have authorit9 over the devil. <phesians (+%& sa9s, &=either gi%e place to the de%il.& Desus quoted that to me, sa9ing, E2hat simpl9 means, HAonHt let the devil have an9 place in 9ou.H E -e said, E2hat means the devil canHt ta3e an9 place in 9ou, unless 9ou let him. 2hat means 9ouHve got the authorit9.E !ow letHs go bac3 to the vision saw. Aar3 clouds sometimes appear on the horiIon of our lives, blotting out the light from heaven that is see3ing to shine in. *e sa9, E*h9 did Bod permit that to happen to me>E 2hat dar3ness, 9ou see, can be an illustration of man9 thingsCsic3ness, problems, an9 circumstance. *e sa9, E*h9 did Bod send this> *h9 doesnHt Bod do something about it>E 4an 9ou understand it> ;ou"re the one who"s supposed to do something about it0 -uthorit. in the $ife of S'ith Wi!!lesworth Smith *igglesworth once received a telegram urging him to visit a 9oung woman %"" miles from his home. -e went there and found her mother and father bro3enhearted because their daughter had lost her mind. 2he9 said the devil had


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

gotten hold of her. Silentl9 the9 led him down a hall and up two flights of stairs. Finall9 the9 reached a closed door. 2he girlHs father opened it, swung it bac3, and pushed *igglesworth inside. -e said, E loo3ed in the room and there was a frail little girl, Gust in her twenties, l9ing on the floor held down b9 five grown men.E *hen the girl saw him, the strength in that frail bod9 was so great 5she was empowered b9 the devil6 that she overcame the five men. 2he9 couldnHt hold her. She tore loose from them, faced *igglesworth with blaIing e9es, and said, E?ou canHt cast me outJ ?ou canHt cast me outJE *igglesworth said, EDesus can, and -eHs in me.E 5-e remembered First Dohn (+(+ &+reater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.&? *igglesworth 3new something about being in union with Bod. -e 3new something about having the living Bod in himF 4hrist in 9ou. EDesus can,E he said, Eand come out in the !ame of DesusJE 2hirt9#four of them came out and gave their names. 2he girlHs mind was restored and she wal3ed down the steps and sat down and ate the evening meal. Praise BodJ 2he !ame of Desus is greater than the forces of evil. 7nd the Breater /ne is living in 9ou. /nce was preaching some of these truths in another state. remember that a Full Bospel Business .enHs chapter president said to me, EBrother -agin, hearing this ma3es me feel li3e could do an9thing.E said, E?ou canF go out and do itJE 7 da9 or two later, a man flew in who was going to spea3 at several chapters, including this manHs. 2he two of them were driving to a brea3fast meeting in another cit9, and the9 were traveling quite fast. 52he speed limit was about &1 miles per hour then.6 t was not e0actl9 dar3 and not e0actl9 lightCthe9 couldnHt see too well. Suddenl9 a woman appeared in front of that big @incoln automobile. 2he chapter president couldnHt possibl9 stopChe

What )s 1oe8


hit herCand her bod9 flew up over the windshield, over the car, and landed bac3 down the highwa9. -e quic3l9 pulled over to the side of the road. t sounded li3e the9 had run into a truc3. 2he9 3new ever9 bone in her bod9 had to be bro3en. 2his chapter president told me, E Gust sat there in shoc3. 7 motorist going the other wa9 said he would notif9 the authorities. 2he man who was with me ran bac3 to the woman. 7 nurse in one of the other cars that stopped said, H canHt find a pulse beatCsheHs dead. 2hereHs no life in her.H 2he ambulance came, and all at once could hear 9ou preaching, "+reater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." Before 3new what was doing, climbed out of the car, ran bac3 to the woman, laid hands on her, and commanded her to live in the !ame of Desus.E 7fter the ambulance left for the hospital, the chapter president went on and drove his guest to the spea3ing engagement. 7fterwards the9 came bac3 through the same little town where the woman had been ta3en to the hospital. -er doctors told the men, E*eHre going to dismiss herF we canHt find a thing wrong with her. She doesnHt have a bro3en bone in her bod9.E Blor9 to BodJ -ow big is Bod>

Chapter / Rei!nin! Throu!h Ri!hteousness

Some have said, E donHt see an9one reigning.E

2he reason is, reigning hasnHt been proclaimed. Bod said in the /ld 2estament, &Fy people are destroyed for lack of knowledge& 5-osea (+'6. -e is inferring that if -is people possess 3nowledge of who the9 are and who Bod isCif the9 3now their rights, their privileges, and their dominionCthe9 wonHt be destro9ed. 2he reason Satan is often able to reign in the lives of 4hristians is because man9 times 4hristians do not realiIe the9 have a part to pla9. 2he Bible doesnHt sa9 Desus 4hrist will reign through 9ouF it sa9s 9ou &shall reign in life by one, Jesus $hrist& 5;om. 1+1&6. .an9 people thin3, E Hve left it up to the @ord. -e is going to do it.E 2he real truth of the matter is, -eHs left it up to us. *hat are we supposed to do> @etHs find out our Gob. @etHs find out our position. ;omans 1+1& also sa9s we have received Eabundance of graceE and the Egift of righteousness.E *e 3now a great deal about grace 5weHve heard that preached6 and weHve sung E7maIing Brace.E 7nd than3 Bod for the grace of Bod. But weHve also received Ethe gift of righteousness.E donHt thin3 the 4hurch as a whole 3nows what Paul is tal3ing about when he sa9s that. *eHve heard ver9 little teaching on the subGect. tHs receiving the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness that enable one to reign. f 9ou donHt 3now what 9ouHve received, 9ouHll be hindered in reigning. *hat does Ethe gift of righteousnessE mean> First, it means 9ouHre made right with Bod. t means right#


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

standing with Bod. *e used to sing a song, E!othing Between .9 Soul and the Savior.E ?ou see, if thereHs nothing between, thatHs what made it nothing between. t wasnHt something didF it was m9 accepting -is provision. f Hm in right#standing with Bod, then canHt ever be in an9 better standing with Bod. 2hatHs something we need to get into our spirits. 2he Bible tal3s about growing in faith, but not about growing in righteousness. Paul wrote to the 4hurch at 2hessalonica, &;our faith groweth eIceedingly 5% 2hess. 1+)6. First Peter %+% sa9s, &Desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.& *e could quote other Scriptures. But nowhere does the Bible tal3 about growing in righteousnessF it alwa9s calls righteousness a gift. ;ou"ll not ha%e any better standing with +od when you get to hea%en than you do now. Aid 9ou 3now that the newborn babe in the 3ingdom of Bod has the same standing as an old saint whoHs been living a separated, hol9, sanctified life for $" 9ears> tHs all done through Desus in the new birth. *eHre held bac3 b9 traditional teaching and church#ianit9. n the denomination was raised in, we were famous for sa9ing, E Hm so wea3 and unworth9.E *e thought we were being humbleCwe didnHt 3now we were being ignorantJ *e thought having a low opinion of oneself was reall9 being humble. *eHd sa9, E Hll never amount to an9thing ... Hm Gust a worm of the dust... poor olH me ... Gust a sinner saved b9 grace.E 2hatHs partl9 wrongJ am saved b9 grace and was a sinner, but Hm no longer a sinnerCnow Hm a saintJ Sometimes 9ou hear 4hristians sa9, E Hm going to be a saint.E f 9ouHre born again, 9ou are one alread9. *e thought we were being humble. 7nd, of course, when we came to pra9, we alwa9s told Bod how wretched and miserable we were. *e didnHt have enough faith to believe Bod for an9thing. 2hen got the baptism of the -ol9 Spirit and spo3e with other tongues, got e0communicated b9 the Baptists, and came over among the Pentecostals. 2he9 did 3now more about the -ol9 Spirit, but the9 didnHt 3now some other things.

What )s 1oe8


Sometimes the9 were bound b9 the same traditions. t was a custom before ever9 revival to have a wee3 of pra9er and fasting. donHt mean we fasted all wee3, but weHd fast some and go to church and pra9 ever9 night. /ne time listened to some of our pra9ingCand started laughing. found out wh9 things didnHt wor3. *e thought weHd tell Bod all wee3 how unworth9 we were. B9 the time we started revival, we had tal3ed ourselves out of ever9thing. f an9bod9 did come to the altar, we didnHt have enough power left to blow the hat off his headJ *eHd sa9, E@ord, Gust get ever9thing out of the wa9, so ?ou can bless me.E *e didnHt have sense enough to 3now that we were in the wa9 all the time. *hen was a bo9 on the bed of sic3ness, read+
)A5+S 5:1;,15 1; Is any si 1 amon$ yo!4 "et him a"" for the e"#ers of the h!r h& an# "et them %ray o*er him, anointin$ him with oi" in the name of the .or#: 15 An# the %rayer of faith sha"" sa*e the si 1, an# the .or# sha"" raise him !%& an# if he ha*e ommitte# sins, they sha"" be for$i*en him'

2he devil said to me, E f 9ou were righteous, 9ou could pra9 that pra9er of faith.E didnHt 3now what a righteous man was an9 more than the man in the moon, so began to stud9 the Scriptures. saw that <liGah was used as an e0ample of a righteous man pra9ing. remembered stud9ing about him in Sunda9 School, and remembered some of his actions. -e reminded me of m9selfJ -e was inconsistent. -e pra9ed fire down on .ount 4armel, 9et when he was told DeIebel was going to cut his head off, he started running. -e ran 1$ miles across the plain of DeIreel with the hand of Bod on him, but then he started running Gust in fear. -e climbed under a Guniper tree and said, E/h, dear Bod, let me die. might as well be dead.E 5@i3e an9one who has ever said, E wish were dead,E he didnHt reall9 want to die.6 f he had wanted to die, he could have sta9ed where he was, and DeIebel would have accommodated him. could see m9self in poor old <liGah. thought, Dear +od, how in the world did


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

>li-ah 9ualify as an eIample of a righteous man8 2hen began to e0amine the /ld 2estament on the subGect. 2he )%nd Psalm sa9s, &Blessed is the man whose sin is co%ered2 blessed is the man to whom the #ord imputeth not ini9uity.& saw that the blood of the animals of the /ld 2estament covered menHs sinF it made an atonement for them. Bod didnHt attribute the sin to menF -e gave them righteousness. got into the !ew 2estament and found that the blood of Desus does not co%er sins. 2he !ew 2estament sa9s, &Jnto him that lo%ed us, and W !(>D us from our sins in his own blood& 5;ev. 1+16. found in Second 4orinthians 1+1&, &Therefore if any man be in $hrist, he is a new creature.& 3new immediatel9 Bod didnHt ma3e an9 unrighteous new creature. 3new Bod didnHt ma3e a new creature who could not stand in -is presence. *e had felt when we came into the presence of Bod we should get down and crawl on our stomachs. /r, we felt we should hang around the front door of heaven, or sit on the curbstone in front of our mansion and cr9 until Bod opened the door and invited us in. /r, we felt we should come up to the bac3 door of heaven li3e a tramp and tr9 to tal3 Bod into giving us a handout. *e would sing, E-ere wander li3e a beggar through the heat and cold... poor olH me.E But read -ebrews (+1'+ &#et us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.& got rid of m9 Espiritual inferiorit9 comple0,E as call it. /f course the devil was right there to tr9 to stop m9 faith from wor3ing. -e said, E?eah, Bod made 9ou a righteous creature all right, but remember when 9ou got mad and 3noc3ed 9our food tra9 off 9our bed> t was after 9ou were born again that 9ou did wrong.E got bac3 in the *ord. got hold of that verse in First Dohn %+1 that sa9s, &Fy little children, these things write ) unto you, that ye sin not. nd if any man sin, we ha%e an ad%ocate with the *ather, Jesus $hrist the righteous.& 7n advocate is a law9er, one who pleads 9our case. Desus 4hrist the ;ighteous is m9 standing, even if Hve erred. Hve got

What )s 1oe8


/ne up there whoHs going to plead. -eHs the sinning 4hristianHs 7dvocate. Somebod9 said, E donHt li3e to hear 9ou sa9 that. believe in living above sin.E *ell, do, too. Hve never seen an9bod9 do it, but still believe in it. !ow loo3 at First Dohn %+%, & nd he MDesus 4hrist the ;ighteousN is the propitiation for our sins5 and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.& !otice Dohn is writing about 4hristians and their sin, but he is not encouraging them to sin. -e alread9 said,E... write ) unto you, that ye sin not.& Hve had people tell me that this 3ind of preaching will give people a license to sin. But tell them, E!o, Hm not going to give them a license to sinF the9Hll do enough sinning without a license.E f 9ouHre reall9 born again, 9ou donHt want to sin an9wa9. f 9ou want to sin, thereHs something wrong with 9ou. A. @. .ood9 gave this illustration in one of his sermons. 7 9oung lad9 in 4hicago said to him, E.r. .ood9, want to be saved, but canHt give up dancing.E .r. .ood9 preached against worldl9 dancing. 57n9 4hristian is against it.6 .r. .ood9, being wise, said, E*ell, little lad9, 9ou Gust come right into the inquir9 room 5weHd call it a pra9er room6 and give 9our heart and life to the @ord Desus 4hrist, and then 9ou can dance all 9ou want to.E She too3 him at his word, went into the room, and got saved. Four or five da9s later she met him on the street. She stopped, smiled, shoo3 hands with him and said, E.r. .ood9, see what 9ouHre tal3ing about now. 2he Hwant#toH is gone.E donHt 3now about 9ou, but Hm El9ingE all want toF Hm EstealingE all want toF Hm EcussingE all want to. Hm EhatingE all want toF Hm EhatingE ever9bod9 want to hate. !o, Hm not hating an9bod9F there is no hate in me. 2he Ewant#toE is gone. f 9ouHre reall9 born again, the man on the inside doesnHt want to do wrong. remember the first time missed it after was born again. t wasnHt something serious, but it was wrong, and m9 conscience smote me. felt so bad. hadnHt wanted to do wrong.


1oe5 The +od6Kind of #ife

hadnHt wanted to miss it or to fail. But, than3 Bod, provision has been made for us. f sin and lose m9 sense of righteousness, blessed be Bod, -eHs up there and -eHs righteous. Desus goes into the throne room of Bod and sa9s, E too3 his placeF shed m9 blood.E /ne time when was 9ounger, read the verse, &The effectual fer%ent prayer of a righteous man a%aileth much& 5Dames 1+1'6. wrote in red in3 beside the verse, E f ever get to be righteous, then when it comes to pra9ing, Hll be a whiI.E *hen found out who was in 4hristCthat was the righteousness of Bod in 4hristC wrote in red in3 beside that verse, E Hm a whiI when it comes to pra9ing.E 7nd Hve been a whiI ever since then. ?ouHre a whiI, too, if 9ou onl9 3new it. ?es, Hm a whiI when it comes to pra9ing. !ow what do mean b9 that> mean Hm effective. mean Hm beyond effective. Hve arri%ed0 .9 pra9ers wor3. 7nd 9ours will, too, when 9ou begin to reign. ?ou have received the gift of righteousness. First of all, righteousness means right standing with Bod. have right standing with -imF have fellowship with -imF have communion with -imF have union with -imF and have oneness with -im. But it also means something else. f have right standing with Bod, then nobod9 else can have an9 better standing. !ot even Desus 4hrist has an9 better standing with Bod than 9ou and do. Some sa9, E/h, 9ouHre ta3ing something awa9 from DesusJE !o, -eHs still got the same thing -eHs alwa9s hadF Hm Gust giving 9ou somethingJ 2hese are things that lift us and 3eep our faith wor3ing. *hen we 3now what Ethe gift of righteousnessE means, we can stand in the presence of the devil and reign. *e can rule over opposition, persecution, tests, trials, circumstances, povert9, sic3ness, demons, or an9thing else that would cause us to be a failure. .ost of the time, people have a little god about an inch and a half high. 7nd the devil, to them, is about two and a half feet high. The de%il is not bigger than +od0 Confession

What )s 1oe8


The de%il is not bigger than +od. $ircumstances are not bigger than +od. Disease is not bigger than +od. Fy *ather is greater than all. (e is my *ather, and (e li%es in me. (e"ll put me o%er. (e"ll make me a success. )"m not afraid of anything. The +reater 'ne is in me. (e"s greater than tests and trials. (e"s greater than any other power ) face. (e"s greater than any force that could come against me. ) eIpect (im, in e%ery crisis of life, to rise up within me. ) eIpect (im to gi%e illumination to my mind. ) eIpect (im to gi%e strength to my body. ) eIpect (im to gi%e direction unto my spirit. (e li%es in me. The +reater 'ne li%es in me0 ) cannot be defeated. ) cannot fail. Fy faith is in (im. Fy confidence is in (im. ) am strong in (is power. 'h, glory0 AonHt forget who 9ou are. AonHt forget who -e is. AonHt forget what -e has done. AonHt forget who and what -e has made 9ouJ