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Sketchbook Basics

Alicia Diane Durand

lor Lllllan & Lucy

CopyrlghL 2013 Allcla ulane uurand, LLC
All rlghLs reserved.
Cover ArL: 8obble ShorL
lnLerlor ArL: Allcla ulane uurand
lS8n: 1482063460
lS8n-13: 978-1482063466


1ab|e of Contents

Who ls ulscovery uoodles? 2

?ou Can uoodle! 3

CeLLlng SLarLed 4

8aslc Shapes 6

Arrows 12

WrlLlng LeLLers & numbers 14

8orders, aLLerns & lrames 16

laces 20

eople 24

1he Color Wheel 28

lcons 34

1ools & Surfaces 38

?ou're 8eady 40

AbouL Lhe AuLhor 41

Who |s D|scovery Dood|es?
ulscovery uoodles ls a company of arLlsLs. lor over 13 years, we have Lraveled Lhe
world as graphlc faclllLaLors, drawlng and capLurlng blg ldeas for companles of all slzes.
We help Lhem wlLh bralnsLormlng, producL ldeaLlon, sLraLeglc plans and more.
We are on a mlsslon Lo help adulLs and chlldren explore Lhelr own creaLlve space
and glve Lhemselves permlsslon Lo doodle, dlscover and dream. As a company, we have
worked wlLh hundreds of buslnesses, from Lop lorLune 300's Lo non-proflLs and sLarL-
ups, and have seen Lhousands of adulLs llghL up when Lhey reallze Lhey can draw and
brlng Lhelr ldeas Lo llfe.
Cur dream ls Lo share whaL we have learned abouL doodllng and colorlng Lo unlock
Lhe creaLlvlLy lnslde all people, so we may become Lhe CreaLors of Change we wanL Lo
see ln Lhe world.
So many adulLs complaln LhaL Lhey 'draw llke a flve-year old,' because LhaL's llkely
when Lhey sLopped drawlng. We wanL Lo encourage klds Lo keep drawlng and geL adulLs
back Lo doodllng. Lveryone from 1 Lo 101 can sLlll doodle. ln facL, lL ls really good for
Lhe hearL, mlnd and splrlL.

Please join us and doodle!

ou Can Dood|e!
ln Lhls book, you wlll dlscover Lhe wonderful world of doodllng. We creaLed Lhls
serles Lo gulde you Lhrough Lhe baslcs of how Lo draw. We have heard Lhousands of
people say, l can'L draw." ?ou CAn. We belleve you can and we wlll show you how.
Cnce you know Lhe baslcs, Lhere are llLerally hundreds of ways you can apply lL from
early chlldhood, elemenLary and secondary school and well lnLo your adulL llfe. lrom
lnfancy Lo lndusLry, doodllng has pracLlcal and powerful appllcaLlons.
MaLhemaLlclans and sclenLlsLs use doodles Lo explaln complex Lheorles and
equaLlons. 8uslness people use doodles Lo map buslness plans and sLraLegles. Across
Lhe globe, people from all walks of llfe are doodllng Lo help Lhem communlcaLe - Lo glve
vlsual represenLaLlon and meanlng Lo Lhelr ldeas and Lo help oLhers. uoodles help
people lnnovaLe.
uoodllng has been around forever. !usL look aL Lhe cave walls and you wlll see LhaL
we, as people, need Lo communlcaLe uslng drawlngs. uoodllng connecLs your hand and
mlnd, whlch enhances your ablllLy Lo absorb new lnformaLlon, process lL, and remember
lL laLer. uoodllng can help you unlock your hopes and dreams.
We lnvlLe you Lo flll uoodle SkeLchbooks blg and small wlLh your doodles and share
Lhem wlLh famlly and frlends.

Gett|ng Started
We creaLed Lhls book wlLh you ln mlnd and so we fllled lL wlLh as many doodles as
posslble Lo lnsplre you Lo make doodles of your very own. As Lhey say, 1he plcLure ls
worLh a Lhousand words." See?

?ou are lnvlLed Lo use Lhls book as a gulde. We wlll show you sLep-by-sLep all you need
Lo know Lo sLarL doodllng and creaLe uoodle SkeLchbooks of your own Lo capLure your
learnlng, processlng, dlscoverlng, undersLandlng and dreamlng.

?ou wlll need:
1. encll
2. Markers
3. SkeLchbook or aper

8as|c Shapes
uoodllng beglns wlLh Lhe baslc shapes of a square, Lrlangle and clrcle. nexL, Lurn Lhem
lnLo a cube, pyramld and sphere.

8as|c Shapes Co|or
Color ln Lhe baslc shapes and use darker colors for shadlng.

More 8as|c Shapes
1hese are a few more baslc shapes you can add Lo your drawlng vocabulary.

ut Shapes 1ogether
When you sLarL Lo puL baslc shapes LogeLher, you begln Lo creaLe doodles.

8as|c Shapes Landscape
CreaLe a landscape uslng clrcles, llnes, Lrlangles and squares.

8as|c Shapes Draw|ngs
8y comblnlng all Lhe baslc shapes, you can draw anyLhlng.

An arrow ls a comblnaLlon of llnes, recLangles and Lrlangles.

Iancy Arrows
1here are loLs of fancy ways Lo draw an arrow.

Wr|t|ng Letters
LeLLers can be wrlLLen many dlfferenL ways. lL ls besL Lo pracLlce dlfferenL Lypes of fonLs.

Wr|t|ng Numbers
numbers are llke leLLers and can be wrlLLen uslng a varleLy of fonLs.

8orders, atterns & Irames
8orders, paLLerns and frames add lnLeresL Lo your doodles.

8orders are made uslng swlrls, zlg zags, leaves, hearLs and more.

aLLerns are creaLed by repeaLlng baslc shapes.

lrames are greaL for addlng sLrucLure Lo your doodles.

Draw|ng Iaces
1hese are all Lhe elemenLs you need Lo make faces.

Mlx LogeLher Lhe baslc face elemenLs and creaLe all klnds of faces.

uslng some of your baslc shapes, add halr Lo your people.

Cnce you have a face and halr, add some personallLy Lo your people.

urawlng people ls very fun and easy. ?ou can do lL wlLh four slmple sLeps.

1. SLarL wlLh a clrcle.
2. Add a llne.
3. arL of a Lrlangle for Lhe legs.
4. A llne for Lhe arms.

Ice Cream eop|e
WlLh lce Cream eople, slmply add a Lrlangle for Lhe body and some half-clrcle feeL.

8ean eop|e
now you are ready for 8ean eople. Add some fun deLalls and color.

Lots of eop|e
Cnce you know how Lo draw Lhese slmple people, Lhe posslblllLles are llmlLless.

1he Co|or Whee|
1he color wheel ls a way Lo lllusLraLe all Lhe color relaLlonshlps.

r|mary Co|ors
A prlmary color ls a color LhaL you cannoL creaLe by mlxlng colors.

Secondary Co|ors
A secondary color ls made when you mlx Lwo prlmary colors LogeLher.

1ert|ary Co|ors
A LerLlary color ls made when you mlx a prlmary and secondary color LogeLher.

Co|or Iee||ngs
?ou can use colors Lo add fun and feellngs Lo your drawlngs.

Co|or Spectrum
1he color specLrum ls all of Lhe colors lald ouL llke a ralnbow.

As you expand your ldeas, you can begln Lo creaLe loLs of lcons.




llnd Lhe Lools LhaL work besL for you, your audlence and your sLyle.
8emember, lL ls okay Lo geL messy when you doodle.

Pere are some suggesLed surfaces. 8uL really you can draw on [usL abouL anyLhlng.

ou're keady!

now you can begln Lo creaLe a uoodle SkeLchbook
of your very own.

We wou|d LCVL to see what you create.

lease send us a copy Lo: arL[dlscoverydoodles.com

Meet A||c|a D|ane Durand

l belleve ln llvlng your llfe fully lmmersed ln creaLlvlLy every day, as well as belng a
CreaLor of Change ln Lhe world. As a young chlld, l loved Lo color and draw. My famlly
and frlends would always commenL on my plcLures, because Lhey were dlfferenL. l've
been connecLed Lo drawlng slnce l was a kld and have conLlnued Lo doodle LhroughouL
college and lnLo my career and parenLlng.

l absoluLely love Lo color and draw wlLh my Lwo daughLers Lllllan and Lucy.


Check ouL our onllne vldeos & courses [ www.ulscoveryuoodles.com

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