The Holy Spirit

My Spirit is pure and clean & gives away freely of Her pure & genuine love, without any interest in gain for Herself, but only so that others may find life. Even so, I want you to take on My Spirit, and not think about any gain, any advantage for yourselves, but seek only to give unselfishly, that your love may be found pure in My sight, and I can truly reward you! What’s important, is that you each make the connection with My Holy Spirit & let Her empower you to do what you can’t, let her take you over. That’s the Comforter for you: She comforts you over the fact that you can’t do it & helps you do it instead! Like a Mother will say to a frustrated child, ‘Come here, let Me help you!’ And She does the work for you. Like a mother taking her child’s hand when he’s trying to write or draw something beyond his ability, She guides your hand & does it for you. You hold the pencil, but She guides your hand. You've got to believe in My love, you've simply got to know that I love you! The original sin of man was to doubt that, and the greatest sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit, is to reject that love by not believing that God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, once they've been given the chance to receive Him. (Gem, female spirit helper:) When (Jesus) was talking about the Comforter, He wasn't only talking about the Queen Mother, although she is very much involved in all this communication. Communication is specially a woman's thing... He wasn't just exclusively referring to Her as the Comforter, but actually to the process, the power itself that would set all this in motion; the event of Pentecost & all that goes with it and has been going on ever since... You become a vessel, a pure, virgin bride of Mine, by letting My Holy Ghost take you over and possess you: "The Holy Ghost will come over you and overshadow you," as Gabriel announced to Mary, and then you shall receive Me, the perfect Son of God, into your flesh, and your flesh will be no longer imperfect flesh, but that which is mundane and earthly will be made divine! It was Me, My flesh in Mary, in her flesh, that made her divine, and that's why millions of Catholics practically worship her today. But the trick is to just let My Holy Ghost overshadow you, control you and possess you, and then I'll be able to come in unto you & bring forth the fruit in you that I - and you - desire! Let Me do with you, as I will, as Mary gave My Father leave to do. The fire which went before the Israelites in the desert by night was no ordinary fire, as you can imagine... the same fire that didn't consume the bush Moses saw, My fire - the same of which consisted the tongues of fire that descended on the day of Pentecost. The "holy fire," which burns away your desires & anything that is Not of Me, but of you. It burns away the spiritual dross, the sin, it purifies & makes white... That's why the early Christians & apostles who had been filled with the Spirit were so holy, so unearthly, almost supernatural in their purity & conviction. It was almost as if the fire of My Holy Spirit had "burned" their old selves away. The Comforter is there to comfort you through this time of suffering through this world, and She'll enable you to call & beckon yet others of My lost brides to come unto Me. And through My Holy Spirit, I am with you, right within you, reminding you of the fact that this world is never going to be your home, never the place where you belong, filling you with joyous anticipation of the glorious Kingdom to come, where all things will be perfect, where we will be truly united, and all My brides shall be as one. No more disunity, nor more separation, but perfect one-ness, total unity, total love. Just open the faucet! All you've got to do is turn it, open it & let it pour, according to your desire, according to your thirst. That's how abundant My flow is, how ever-present My power, My comfort, My Holy Spirit with Her (nine) gifts of prophecy, miracles, healing, wisdom, knowledge, tongues, discernment, interpretation and faith! Plus the tenth, the most excellent of all, which sums them all up, just as I sum up all the good qualities of the different types of human personality: love. (See 1Cor.12, 13). You have to make a constant positive decision of saying "yes, I want You" to My Holy Spirit. My Holy Spirit can be easily shooed away, when She feels like she has been replaced by some spirit of feverishly trying to accomplish something, instead of fully leaning on Me. You know how it is when you don't feel needed. You don't want to just barge in on people who give you the impression they're doing perfectly fine without you, doing things in a way or a spirit quite distinct from yours, and act as if the last thing in the world they would need right now is someone coming in and telling them they ought to be doing it differently. Well, the Holy Spirit is relatively shy and reluctant to "barge in," too, in such situations, and when you're already fully in your "groove," and your usual modus operandi, then there's nothing much anybody can do, not even My Spirit, to try to interfere. The Holy Spirit is like a dove than gently descends where She is beckoned and invited and asked to come. She won't land where She's not welcome, nor will she share a crowded heart that's filled with any other idol and false god and fallacy this world has to offer. Before Abraham was, I am. In fact, before everything and everybody was, except for My Father and My heavenly Mother, I am. So, I'm a little bit older than everybody else except the Father and His Spirit Queen... They've simply been around forever, and will continue to be. In fact, everything that is made is part of them, a manifestation or expression of them. It's something you can't really grasp or fathom with your mind, but simply something you're going to have to accept.