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How to Reverse Memory Effect in NiCad Batteries

By Deb Katula, eHow Contributor

Erasing Memory NiCad batteries are most often used in appliances, games and tools requiring the use of rechargeable batteries !s NiCad batteries are regularly charged, used and discharged, "memory" becomes built up #his "memory" consists of dendrite crystals that build up within the NiCad battery !s these dendrite crystals build up, the NiCad battery will hold less and less of a full charge $nce the battery "memory% is full, the NiCad battery will no longer hold a charge Erasing memory in NiCad batteries will enable a dead rechargeable battery to hold a longer charge, &ust li'e new Does this (par' an idea)

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Things o!"ll Need

,ong slee-e shirt .rotecti-e glo-es (afety goggles

(how /01 More

#nstr!ctions $% Reverse Memory Effect


2 ,ocate the positi-e and negati-e ends of the dead NiCad battery #he positi-e end will be raised, and the negati-e end should be flat

3 #est the battery using the battery tester to ensure that it fully discharged

0 .rotect yourself during this procedure by wear safety goggles, glo-es, and a long slee-ed shirt

& Begin recharging process 'y holding the 'lac( clamp of the $) volt * amp AC +C on the negative end of the 'attery%

* Tap the positive end of the 'attery with the red clamp, ) or - times% .par(s may shoot from the end of the 'attery%

/ Hold the red and 'lac( clamps on the 'attery for no longer than ) seconds%

4 *elease the clamps and test the charge on the battery

5 *epeat process if necessary until the battery is fully charged

Tips 0 1arnings

!lways protect your s'in, eyes and hair during this potentially ha6ardous process #his is -ery ha6ardous process that is best performed by someone familiar with wor'ing in electricity Do not o-ercharge as battery can catch on fire, e7plode, or spray acid if mishandled +ndi-iduals attempting this process need to understand the danger and understand that they perform the process at their own ris' to in&ury and damage to self, property and others

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*ead this !rticle in =K English Contractor #al'; Nicad Battery 9i7 .rimecell; Nicad Batteries 9i7 My Battery; Memory Effect .hoto Credit batteries image by !le'sandr ,obano- from 9otolia com

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