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DRUG STUDY: metronidazole

Drug Data Generic Name Metronidazole Trade Name Nitroimidazole Flagyl, Metric !, Noritade Patients Dose Metronidazole "##mg ! tab $ID %& Minimum Dose %& ' "#mg $ID I( ' !##mg )m* Maximum Dose %& ' +"# mg $ID ,!#days I( ' !##mg)m* Contents Metronidazole Availability Capsules' .+" mg In/ection' "mg)m* &ral suspension' ##mg)"ml $ablets' ##mg, "#mg,0##mg ,"##mg $opical gel' #1+" 2,! 2 Routes of administration %&, I(, $opical 9ource' ND6 ##@ p1@ + 9ource' ND6 ##@ p1@ + 9ource' ND6 ##@ p1@ + 9ource' ND6 ##@ p1@ + 9ource' ND6 ##@ p1@ + 9ource' ND6 ##@ p1@ + 9ource' ND6 ##@ p1@ + Thera eutic Class: Classification Pharmacologic Class: Mechanism of Action Pharmaco!inetics "nset: %&' u4no5n I(' immediate $opical' un4no5n Pea! ' %&' !- hrs I(' immediate $opical' ,-!#hrs Duration: %&, I(, $opical' un4no5n Thera eutic #ffects: 6inders gro5th of selected organisms, including most anaerobic bacteria and protozoa Drug $alf %ife Indication General &ndications 7amebic hepatic abscess 7intestinal amebiasis 7trichomoniasis 7retractory trichomoniasis 7bacterial infection caused by anaerobic microorganisms 7to prevent postoperative infection in contaminated colorectal surgery 7pelvic inflammatory disease Contraindications Adverse Reactions CN9' seizures, dizziness, headache ::N$' $earing;topical only< =I' abdominal pain, anore>ia, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, glossitis Derm' rashes, urticarial, mild dryness, s4in irritation 6emat' leu4openia *ocal' %hlebitis at Iv site Neuro' peripheral neuropathy Misc' superinfection Nursing Responsibilities 'efore 7assess pts1 Infection 75atch carefully for edema because it may cause sodium retention 7assess s4in for severity areas of local adverse reactions 7record number and character of stools 7assess pt?s and family?s 4no5ledge of drug therapy During 7give drug 5ith meals to minimize =I distress 7to treat trichomoniasis, give drug for +days instead of -g single dose 7use only after $1vaginalis has been confirmed by 5et smear 7tablets may be crushed for pt?s1 5ith difficult s5allo5ing 7do not use aluminium needles or hubs, color 5ill turn orange)rust After 7tell pt1 that metallic taste and dar4 or red bro5n urine may occur 7instruct pt1 to ta4e oral form 5ith meals to minimize reactions 7instruct to complete full course of therapy 7tell pt1 not to use alcohol or drugs that contain alcohol1 7may cause dizziness) light headedness

7hypersensitivity 7hypersensitivity to parabens 7first trimester of pregnancy

Antibacterial Antiprotozoal

Precautions 7history of blood dyscrasias8 seizures or neurologic problems 7severe hepatic impairment 7pregnancy, lactation and children

Pregnancy Ris! Category: 3

Drug interactions 7cimetidine 7phenobarbital 75arfarin 7disulfiram 7fluorouracil 1