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Classes Begin at Colegio Timoteo

Beginning in the month of September, classes began at Colegio Timoteo. This year, we have 7 new students who have entered our school. Colegio Timoteo now has a total of 20 students. This year is the most students that the school has had since it opened. It is such a blessing to see how God is growing this school. New Students
Jos Agustn, Jerdlin, Edwin, Josu, Andrew, Natanael, & Carlos

Colegio Timoteo 2013-2014 Students & Staff

New Staff at Colegio Timoteo

This year we have a new professor who is serving with us. His name is Hctor Joel Daz. He comes from the south of the country and has been here now in Jarabacoa for almost five years. He originally came as a missionary working with children in a small village in Jarabacoa. During his time here, Prof. Hector Joel Daz God called him to leave his work in the village and pursue his career in education. Now, Hctor Joel is finishing his studies in education and God has called him to serve in the ministry at Colegio Timoteo working with high-risk children in the town of Jarabacoa. Hctor Joel is a great man of God who is a great example for our students.

ACE Training

A couple of weeks before our school opened its doors; the entire staff was trained to use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum. The ACE curriculum is a Love the Lord your God form of individualized with all you heart and with education that uses all you soul and with all you strength. The Biblical principles commandments that I give and teachings to you today are to be upon teach academics. your hearts Through this system, Deuteronomy 6:5-6 we are able to not only focus on the academic growth of each student, but as well as their Monitors & Volunteers spiritual and character growth. This training Also, God has provided for us this year with a group young was very encouraging and has helped to give adults who have decided to volunteer their time and service the staff tools to make many improvements in to Colegio Timoteo by using their individual God-given order to create a better learning environment at talents. It is so encouraging to see God move in the hearts Colegio Timoteo. of young people and to watch their obedience to serve our Lord and Savior. We are convinced that God has some big plans for Colegio Timoteo this school year. Send your donations to:
Colegio Tinoteo DOM REP Celso Perez C/O Agape Flights STI 25934 Venice, Florida 34285 USA

Contact Us:
colegiotimoteo@gmail.com 809-574-6583 917-668-6253 (Magic Jack) www.proyectotimoteord.org