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The ECOSOC President

ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEW ECOSOC OFFICERS FOR SECOND SEMESTER ----------------------------------------------------------------To: Economics Community 27 November 2013

Good Day Fellow Members of the Economics Society! Due to some vacancy on ECOSOC positions, the society has opened its application for all interested individuals last 06-14 November 2013. Upon compliance of the order and personal approval of the respective Directors and Heads, I hereby announce the following individuals as officers on the following positions: Ms Rikha Sabio (1 AB Econ) - Deputy Director of Secretariat and Membership Ms Tanya Alyssa Gapuz (2 AB Econ) - Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Ms Titea Laureatte Sinogaya (3AB Econ) - Deputy Director of Research and Community Outreach We are also happy to welcome back Ms Sarah Jane Behiga (4 AB Econ), who resigned as Director of Research and Community Outreach, as the newly appointed Fourth Year Representative. We thank Rikha, Tanya, Titea and Sarah for their generosity and willingness to serve the Economics Society. We request for your prayers and incessant support as we journey together in bringing a participative constituency, stronger linkages and research born sustainable projects. The aforementioned people are yet to be confirmed by the Student Legislative Council headed by the ECOSOC Vice President. For your information and guidance.