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(c) PROGEA Srl 1992-2002 Welcome to the software SCADA Movicon(TM) !

We thank you for your preference, and here we give you some general information. ************************************************** SUMMARY: 1) General Notes 2) temporary unlock 3) Manuals and documentation 4) Help on Line **************************************************

************************************************** GENERAL NOTES A) This system requires Windows 98/Me, Windows 2000/XP or Windows NT 4.0. B) By running the QUICK TOUR presentation, the system require an HTML browser such as IExplorer 4.0 or higher. If you don't have a browser, you can find it into this CD at the location IE5. C) After having installed the system, Movicon can be managed like a normal development or runtime system. You will be able to create or modify projects which can be run with communication drivers. The limit is established by the number of variables enabled (max. 100 bytes). A window will be sometime displayed to remind the users that they are using a DEMO system ! D) This CD ROM includes some example projects, very useful for applications examples or functionalities examples. See the Movicon examples projects at: D:/MOV9.1/EXAMPLES/ More examples are available on the Support Web Site Http://www.progea.com. The access is reserved to the registered users.

************************************************** EVALUATION USING THE TEMPORARY UNLOCK Movicon 9.1 can be fully unlocked for a time of 14 days, allowing you a complete evaluation. Using Windows 98, Movicon will request automatically if you want to install the unlock code. If answered YES, the system will be automatically unlocked by a Softkey for 14 days. After this free evaluation period, you can still use the product in "Evaluation Mode", with the related limits. ************************************************** MANUALS AND DOCUMENTATION CD-ROM includes the documentation and the Developing

and User manuals. All the documentations has been written for . PDF Adobe Acrobat 4.0 format. If you do not possess Acrobat, you can install the Acrobat Reader included into the CD-ROM to the directory "Reader" Printouts of the manuals can be executed if desired by respecting the imposed Copyright conditions. The documentation can be found into directory: D:\MOV9.1\ENGLISH\MANUALS\ ************************************************** HELP ON LINE USING WIN NT 4.0 The Movicon Help on Line is based on the latest technology HTML. The Help on Line require IExplorer 3.0 or later installed into the PC. If you have a previous version (Windows NT 4.0 install the IE2.0...) you can install the IE5.0 located into IE5 folder of this CD. D:/IE5/IE5SETUP.EXE

****************************************************** For any further information or technical support, please call: Progea Italy Srl Via S. Anna, 88/E 41100 MODENA - ITALY tel. +39 +59 451060 fax. +39 +59 451061 http://www.progea.com Marketing: sales@progea.com Support : support@progea.com

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