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Eduardo Penaloza Instructor: Malcolm Campbell English 1102 09/04/13 Deferred Action: Benefits of a United Country Introduction/Overview "No matter who you are. No matter where you can came from. No matter what you look like. No matter whether your ancestors landed here on Ellis Island or came here on slave ships or came across the Rio Grande, we are all connected. Barack Obama. Immigration will always be a debatable topic in the United States. The history of the United States would not have been the same with immigrants; as the United States was made by immigrants. Recently congress just passed a policy which gave permission to young illegal immigrants a path way of working in the United States legally. This policy is known as the Deferred Action. In this project I will be examining the pros and cons of the Deferred Action and its impact in the United States. To begin with the Deferred Action we must understand what is and what it is like a mentioned earlier it is a policy. In this policy undocumented have to first have to fill a application and also need to show different proofs that they have been living in the United States for the required amount of years. Once the application is completed it is then mailed to the Congress and the Congress decides wither you can receive the permit. A recent study done by Audrey Singer; a senior fellow that works for Metropolitan Policy Program found out that in just from the months of August to March more than nine hundred thousand students applied and about eighty-seven of the applicants were

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accepted. In the United States there more than half a million teenagers are waiting if they accepted. In just June of 2013 seventy-two percent of the applicants have been accepted. My first preliminary source was the news. I first heard about the deferred action as I watching and it surprised to me when it said it will give a opportunity to those illegal immigrants that have arrived to the United States since they were small to work legally in the United States. I used the catalog of the schools library system and could not find no information on deferred action however when I typed in immigration the number of results grew and from their I decide to focus more on immigration laws on the United States. When the Deferred Action was passed there was an argument as to oppose the act. The argument argued if we give these illegals amnesty the other countries will see this the country as a nation of amnesty and more people will want to live in the United States. People that oppose the policy fear that with more people living here there will be fewer jobs and will lower the economic view of how the world sees the United States. One of the promises President Obama promised was that before he steps down in his second term was done he would have done an immigration reform he failed to complete it. President Obama has tried to full fill his promise but there something getting in a way of it whether its health insurance or the war against Iraq. Initial Inquiry Question(s) Is their any comparisons and/or with the Dream Act and Deferred Action policy? What motives is their why people did not want the Deferred Action to pass in the first place? If the United States really is a country of immigrants how has that changed in the pass year and how will affect the future? My Interest in this Topic When deciding on a topic I thought of many ideas but the one that struck me was immigration. Immigration is always being debated anywhere and informing my fellow peers

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about how sometimes its not fair that people take school a joke while other would do an ything to attend a university. In my high school graduation class there was a total of 30 hispanics and only 6 of us went to college. The other 24 could not because could not afford it or because of their immigration status. I know a few things about the Deferred Action policy, like theirs a application process and theirs certain requirement you must have. Its very similar to the DREAM act but at the same time their very different. One of the things i hope i get to accomplish with this project is uncover the difference between both the Deferred Action and Dream Act. I also plan to discover what sort of outcome will happen to those applicants that get rejected. Next Steps For the research paper i will be using different newspaper websites such as CNN, Fox News, New York Times, and the Washing Post to get informed about my topic. I will also read books based on immigration in the United States and how it has evolved over time. I plan to interview a Latin American professor I met last year.