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Curtain Walling.

Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd.

By AM Afrah And MYM Nafly.

Curtain wall is a term applied to a widely used facade technology for cladding large buildings. Curtain Wall is a protective wall on the exterior of a building. Its primary purpose is to keep out the weather. It provides a finished exterior with a semi-finished interior which leaves a lot of scope for creative freedom. The Exterior Curtain Walls provided by us allow for efficient p of sunlight. g absorption Due to such innovative designs, we are a prominent Suppliers of Curtain Walls in Sri Lanka. As Curtain Walls increasingly gain popularity, we at Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd, keep abreast of the technological advances to ensure that our clients get the best service.

Systems of curtain Wall

Challenging but fulfilling sums up our approach to facade system solutions. System options are endless with hybrid adaptation for specific project design requirements. We have designed the rain screen metal and stone facades to multifaceted integrated curtain walls. We have a strong track record of unitized design for repetitive facades on high-rise buildings as well as hybrid point supported, suspended and load bearing g facades. Cable Net Cassette Unitized Hand Set Stone Hybrid Unitized on Stick Panelized Brick Panelized Stone on Truss Punched and Ribbon Windows Skylights Sloped Glazing Stick Curtain Wall Structural Glass Suspended Hybrid Tension Rod & Mast Unitized Curtain Wall

By exploring the use of new and innovative materials to enhance facade design, you create a place or technical p performance for all sense of p aspects of design. Materials can be applied in a wide range of emerging and adaptive technologies applied to facades and gives you a multitude of options to separate your project from the mundane. By embracing the challenge to create solutions by evaluating material properties, applications, life cycle y analysis, y durability, performance and sustainability, you maintain great design concepts without compromising your original vision. Below are a few examples of Materials that are unique for facade applications; molten cast glass, rolled formed metals, glazed brick, high performance glass, photo catalytic cement, cast bronze, water jet cut stainless steel, slump cast glass, embedded laminated glass, LED glass, plate steel, composite fiber, etc.

Our Design Services

Balance Cost With Performance Curtain wall cladding often comprises 20% of projects. j Our construction cost on new p consultants can increase your success in achieving design, budget, and performance targets. Proactively Avoid Failures Curtain wall cladding failures are the second leading cause of building construction problems. Specialist consultants quickly pinpoint problem areas and can resolve tough issues before they become building failures. Expert Design Curtain wall technology changes rapidly. New materials, new finishes, and new systems are constantly l being b i introduced i d d to the h designer's d i palette and can pose difficult value engineering alternatives. You need an expert on board who has been involved with the project evolution and can recommend expedient and prudent choices. Conflict of Interest U i a specialist Using i li t consultant lt t gets t you an honest, h t independent answer, the best solution for your unique project.

Why We Use Curtain Walling

Moisture Protection Water penetration resistance is a function of glazing details, frame construction and drainage pp g and frame g gaskets, details, weather stripping interior sealants, and perimeter flashings and seals. To mitigate water infiltration, all of these forces must be accounted for in the system design. Visual (Day lighting, Aesthetics) Key visual features of curtain walls are glazing appearance and sightlines. Sightlines are defined as the visual profile of the vertical and horizontal mullions. The sightlines are a function of both the width and depth of the curtain wall frame. Sound (Acoustics) The acoustic performance of curtain walls is primarily a function of the glazing and internal seals l to stop air i leakage l k (covered ( d elsewhere). l h ) The sound attenuation capability of curtain walls can be improved by installing sound attenuating infill and by making construction as airtight as possible.

System Images

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