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Introduction The use of English Language is very important among school children. Therefore it must not be used in the classroom or when pupils are in school. It has to be practiced in their daily conversation regardless place and time. A consistent use of English Language will ensure pupils at their tender age inculcate the essential skills needed. Reading, speaking, listening, writing and grammar in English Language are five important skills pupils should master. Therefore, an English Week was planned to be implemented in SK. Seri Perlis. Aims There are two aims of the English Week. First, to make use of English in this school visible. Use of English can be forms of reading, speaking, listening and writing. Second, to encourage all pupils to use English Language as a medium of interaction with their friends and teachers. This can encourage them start using English Language as early as seven years old. Objectives There are a number of objectives of the programmes. The objectives are based on the activities planned throughout the English Week. The table below shows the objectives set for all the activities. No 1 Activities Action Song Objective(s) To promote use of English in forms of songs. 2 Story Telling Competition To improve pronunciation and fluency. To improve confidence of pupils when presenting the story to audience. 3 Spelling Bee To improve spelling skill. To enrich vocabulary. 4 Poem Recitation To enable pupils to appreciate literature. Year 6 Year 4-5 Target Group Year 1 and Year 2 Year 3 6

Duration of Programme The English Week was carried out from 18 April until 22 April 2011. All activities were carried out from 7.30 am until school session ended. The table shows (refer Appendix 1) the details of the implementations of the programmes.

Strengths and weaknesses of the programme The implementation English Week was a success. All the activities were carried out smoothly. However, there were some strength and weaknesses found when carrying out this programme. The table below shows the strengths and weaknesses of the programme. Strengths All teachers gave full cooperation All teachers had played their roles according to the organizing Weaknesses Not many new faces joined the activities.

committee set.

Supports from PTA -





Full support given by many parents microphone and P.A system. in form of monetary and moral supports.

Local companies operating nearby the school winners. sponsored the prizes for the

Suggestions and recommendations In order to make English Week more successful in the future, the English Language Panel would like to give some suggestions and recommendations. First, it is suggested that duration of English Week to be extended to two weeks next year. That will enable more activities to be implemented during the English Week. Second, the choice of activities must be variety to promote more participation of pupils. The English Language would also like to recommend the school administration to allow activities to be carried out outside the formal school time table so that more pupils can watch all the activities at different time and place. The school administration must also take immediate action to repair and improve the quality of the school P.A system for a better quality of pup ils presentation. Conclusion It is hoped that the English Week 2011 implemented by the English Language Panel of Sk.USJ 20 be benefitted by all students. The English Language Panel also hope that to further improve the English Week 2012 in order to make use of English Language more visible in this school.

PREPARED BY: Azham Bin Ahmad. Secretary of English Carnival, SK Seri Perlis.


Time management contributed an important role in order to finish up this task within the given time. Doing searching for the material, I went to the public library. When I am doing this assignment, I found out that it is not easy to write a report about the past event. I had to recall those memories back in 2011. Luckily, during this year, I managed to capture some pictures during English Carnival. English Carnival Day is one of the annual events for primary school in Perlis. Like previously, my school will take part in every competition. The responsible teachers train the pupils until the final day. Our school managed to get prizes in the four activities. From my finding, I gain new knowledge especially in managing the sequences in the report of an event. I refer to a SPM Reference Book to get a brief view on the format of report writing. Throughout my teaching experience, I had never written a formal report for my school. Experience is the best teacher is true indeed. Though I am still learning, besides my years of teaching experience, I still have to balance between my career and study. I have to be a good example for my pupils. Therefore, they will study hard in the future. I hope my pupils will excel in their study and the same thing goes to me. Last but not least, I will ensure myself to keep on track in everything I do. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail , Benjamin Franklin.


This assignment is all about the events that had was held in my school. It requires me to find out more information regarding report writing. However, to be able fully understand and the knowledge to be applied in my career are not an easy task to do. Thus, this assignment requires me to think out of the box and must try harder to find all those materials. Firstly, my special gratitude goes to Mdm. Ernie Binti Adnan who teaches me English Language Proficiency II in this semester. Her guidance help me a lots especially to finish up this task. Though it is a tough assignment, she gives some inputs for us so that we will be able to figure out the content of this assignment. Therefore, successfully, I managed to finish up this task within the time allocation. Secondly, I would like to thanks my friends who also help me to find materials and give me some thought about this task. Last but not least, to the infinity of thanks to those who help me to excel in my study. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to further my study in Bachelor of Education and support me in whatever good deeds I had done.

Thank you.


I hereby declare that my assignment is an original piece of work prepared by myself in my own words and I did not copy or plagiaries any part of the paper that I have submitted. I hereby acknowledge, that I: AZHAM BIN AHMAD i. have acknowledged all work and ideas in my research paper was taken from printed and electronically published resources; ii. Did not copy from any other resources or another student; iii. Did not allow another student to copy my assignment; and iv. Have faithfully represented the views of authors cited in my paper. Therefore, I AZHAM BIN AHMAD (students name) understand that if any of the above is found to be untrue, IPG KAMPUS PERLIS has the full right to take any disciplinary action that the University deems fit as denoted under the latest Student Handbook or 'Buku Panduan Pelajar terkini'.

.. (signature) Name : AZHAM BIN AHMAD Date : 13th APRIL 2013