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00 (Maputo), 30 November 2013


It is with great sorry and regret that LAM Mozambique Airlines confirms the tragic loss of LAM flight TM470. Earlier today we received confirmation from the Namibian Civil Aviation Authority that the search party and its inspectors have located and identified the aircraft wreckage at a site in northern Namibia. At this time, our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the passengers and crew who were onboard the aircraft and it is their well-being and taking care of their immediate needs that is and must take priority. As a primary form of assistance, LAM has established family liaison centres at Maputo and Luanda airports. These are staffed with professional counsellors in addition to leaders of various faiths representing the religions of the people concerned. At the same time, we are also providing advice to the families about the international legal processes that have to be followed following a fatal air accident. We have also set up a dedicated hotline for family members to call if they require information on their loved ones. The number for this hotline is: + 258 21468778 /9 Flight TM470 was a scheduled service from Maputo to Luanda. It was carrying 28 passengers and six crew members. The passengers were citizens of the following countries: Mozambique (10) Angola (9) Portugal (5) France (1) Peoples Republic of China (1) Brazil (1) The crew comprises two pilots, three cabin attendants and a technician. LAM has also briefed the Maputo-based Embassy and Consular officials of those countries. We have mobilised Kenyon International, a global specialist disaster and emergency management organisation to assist in the search and recovery of the victims remains and also their personal possessions. For the families, this is important as it will enable the positive identification of each person who was on the aircraft. The Kenyon team is en-route from the UK to the accident site and by tomorrow we hope to have a clear assessment of the situation there.

LAM has also assembled and dispatched its own response team to Namibia this afternoon to assist and provide support to the authorities which will investigate this accident. In accordance with international aviation law, Namibia, as the country where the accident occurred, will lead the investigation. Civil Aviation Authorities from Mozambique, Angola, Brazil and the US National Transportation Safety Board will also participate in the investigation. We do not have any information on the circumstances of the accident and we cannot speculate on possible causes as the investigators must be given the time and space to do their work without interference or prejudice. Following is information on the aircraft which was involved. It was an Embraer 190, with the Mozambique registration C9-EMC. The 93-seat aircraft was manufactured in Brazil and was powered by two General Electric CF34-10 turbofan engines. It was delivered brand new from the factory and entered service with LAM on 17 November 2012. Until yesterday, the aircraft had logged 2 905 flights hours in 1 877 flights. Further updated information will be provided as soon as we receive it. A dedicated media call centre has been set up and we request that journalists with queries call this number: +258 827846815 and 8255777946. We are also posting updates on our website: www.LAM.co.mz In closing, we would like to thank the Namibian, Angolan, Botswana and South African authorities for their support and the resources they have deployed in the search for our aircraft. Similarly, we are indebted to all of the volunteers and staff who have responded and are helping us take care of the victims families and loved ones.


LAM Mozambique Airlines Media hotline: +258 827846815 and 8255777946 www.LAM.co.mz