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Hacking the Body Mind

The Protocol Manual

By: Michael Angelica

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
- How the Protocol Came to Be 4

Module 1: A Basic Framework 8

- The Nature of Health 10
- The Nature of Psychology, Personal Growth, and Transformation 11

Module 2: The Body 14

- Heavy Metals
- Oral Chelation 15
- Sweating in a Dry Sauna 16
- Lifewave Patch Technology 17
- Parasites, Viruses, and Nanobacteria 19
- Cleansing the Colon 22
- The Coffee Enema 24
- Nutrition Fundamentals 26
- The Ways and the Means 30
- Transitioning 32
- Macronutrients and Micronutrients 33
- Nutritional Counterparts and Intentional Misfiring 34
- A Word on Fasting 37
- Taking on an Integral Perspective towards Fitness 38

Module 3: The Mind 43

- The Holosync Solution by Centerpointe 43

- Cranial Electrical Stimulation 46
- Consciousness, the Ego, and the Power of Intention 46
- Opening Up to Love 50

Module 4: Putting it all Together 52

Resources 57


Hello there. So, you want to be healthy! Awesome. And, I am sure of that because you would not be
reading this book if it weren't true. In obtaining this book, you have made a decision and that is a huge
step in the direction of achieving your goals. Before you can achieve anything, you must first make the
decision to act.

Now, this protocol is like nothing you have ever seen or experienced. I will not proclaim to have
created or conceived of any of the elements that I have chosen to add in. They are simply the best and
easiest things I have found, over my years of research, for achieving lasting results.

I have spent years studying health and healing. I have read thousands of articles, hundreds of books,
and have poured through more websites than I can count. At some point, I realized that there was just
way too much information out there!

It's so confusing! And, I don’t blame anyone for the situation that we face. Getting healthy is hard
enough without all the mental and technical back and forth that we face within the health industry.

So, my decision was to figure out what were the most important points to hit, find the things that
worked in the quickest and most efficient way, and get rid of all of the rest of it. But, not only did I
want to find things that achieve basic levels of health, I wanted to achieve abundance in all areas of

After all, we walk around and interact in all areas of our lives through the vehicle of our bodies and

Doesn’t it make sense to you that if you could feel better, think clearer, learn to focus, and have more
energy, that maybe you could finally start living in ways that you have always wanted to?

It just makes sense to me that if I feel better in the fullest sense, then all areas of my life would get
better. I not only wanted health, I wanted to be a better worker, thinker, athlete, creator, friend, and

This can only happen if I learn to understand the mechanisms of my body and mind and learn ways to
make them function better.

This protocol was specifically designed so that anyone, no matter your current circumstances could
achieve the highest levels of health and vitality possible.

How the Protocol came to be…This is My Story…

For the vast majority of my young life, I was sick just about all of the time. I had to battle repeated
bouts with colds and flu's on a regular basis. I was weak and unathletic. And, I became very self aware
and shy because of that.

Now let’s fast forward to my first year of college. I moved in with my father. He and my mother
divorced when I was 6 years old. For many years he himself experienced health difficulties of a
different nature. He had hepatitis C for many years, and liver complications resulted.

My father also experienced difficulties with pain from the many injuries he experienced as a truck
driver and had spent many years up to this point unable to work living on workers compensation and
social security. Seeing him live like this forced me to look at ways I could avoid this outcome. I had no
interest in a fate such as that. So, I really began to grab on to these things as I started to learn more.

Throughout his years fighting and dealing with these developing ailments, he was inclined to look into
the benefits of certain types of supplements and herbal medicines and he found out some really cool
stuff. When we began living together, he started to teach me about these things and, seeing merit in it, I
followed suit.

This became a regular part of my day very quickly and I grew to really enjoy the effects that these
things would give me.

But, I didn’t change anything else. I continued to eat the junk that I had been accustomed to all of my
life. I didn’t exercise and I actually wasn’t sleeping much either.

Overtime, though, this changed as I started experimenting with different types of exercise regimens and
adding slight changes in my diet here or there. One thing about me is that I am never content with just
slight results.

I really wanted to be healthy! I didn’t want to be sick anymore. Not only that, but I wanted to find a
way to help my father. As a kid, he would often ask me to pray to God asking that he become healed.
And, this really stuck with me. I thought perhaps, that through me, God would eventually provide the
cure. So, I stuck with it and learned more and more.

What I soon realized was that finding true health is a deep process of discovery.

Maybe two years later, I had been taking supplements and vitamins regularly. But, none of the dietary
changes I ever tried really stuck. But, I felt OK.

Eventually, it hit me, I became tired and depressed. I couldn't ignore this feeling. It happened so
quickly that I didn’t really have time to consider anything else.

Up to this point, I had been studying yoga somewhat and exercising regularly. And these things did a
lot to help me. Though, I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on.

There was a book that I was reading at the time. It was a book about ninjitsu no less. It can be very
funny sometimes where you find your answers. But, what the author was discussing was the initial
stages of the training of his master and how, in the very beginning, he was torn by illness. Something
he mentioned that woke me up was that he was found to be ill with a tapeworm.

As disgusting as something like that is to consider, it woke me up to an idea that I would never have
even thought of.

So, my next step was to google the idea and to figure out whether or not this was what was going on.
Later on, I talked to a friend who then mentioned his own battle with Candida and what he did to bring
himself back to health.

Candida is basically a sugar consuming yeast that can over run the body if too much sugar and
processed foods are consumed. It leads to a wide variety of symptoms that we typically experience
daily and forms the basis of most health problems.

It is a parasite that needs to be flushed out. I realized that this was the key.

In the next few months I was led to different books that explained really profound ways, not only to rid
my body of this invader, but also to rebalance and strengthen my body through cleansing and a living

foods lifestyle.

This was the starting point that led me on a journey of discovering new levels of health for myself. I
discovered so many things and I am thankful for listening to the many intuitive nudges that came my
way from so many sources. In my search, I discovered the basic makeup and nature of illness and its
components. I realized that it’s a choice that you make. You either choose health or you choose disease.

But, I also realized that the search can be exhaustive and confusing. Because there are so many people
out there giving us conflicting advice. And, while hitting things like nutrition adequately, they don’t
give you any understanding of how to really go about changing your nutritional habits, which form the
basis of any healthy lifestyle.

My dietary approach is one of mostly raw super foods. But, I know that finding your way to that life
requires work and it is hard! It is not easy because we have cravings and addictions from the past 20,
30, 40 years of eating and living in a way that had no rules.

Our bodies are lined with gunk! And what is that gunk really doing? It is constantly being fed back into
the bloodstream creating more and more cravings. And as soon as we change our diets and our body
starts to free these toxins up, more cravings are created and we often fall back into our old patterns.

So, we have physical cravings and addictions but these things just simply become a part of our lives.
They become ingrained habits and so we have also got to create a whole new mental disposition for
ourselves. And, so this program employs technologies that help you do just that.

These things can be done! You can change yourself completely, rid yourself of your addictions, rewire
your mental framework, completely cleanse your body, and create an entirely new you!

I have searched exhaustively for years to figure these things out so that you don’t have to!

There is no reason why you have to go through this blindly like I and many others have done. It can be
so much easier if you just cut to the chase and learn to deal with the problems that affect us all and keep
us from fully realizing the changes that we all want to experience.

I know that this is what you want. Now, let’s get on with laying out the steps for making these goals a

Module 1-A basic framework

In this process, there are many things that we would like to see. We want to change our diets. We want
to start exercising. We want to lose weight or gain muscle. We want to feel better and think more

Most of all, we want to make this process as close to effortless as possible.

I would not be right in telling you that the process is easy. But, it doesn’t have to be a daily uphill
battle. It is not a requirement that you spend each day fighting you desires and suffering your way
through. You can and should enjoy what you eat and the practices that you undertake. Suffering day in
and day out is no longer a requirement for creating your better self!

You simply can not suffer your way to health! And anyway, do you really want to?

The Hacking the Body Mind protocol is a multi pronged approach to health that works to cleanse your
body of all the residues from the prior years of destructive eating habits, while also strengthening it
with superfood nutrition, exercise, and utilizing meditation and mind technologies that help to give you
strength and add solidity to the changes you implement in your life.

I will also say that even if you don’t hit each and every one of the things I outline, you will absolutely
be able to achieve results. You should rid yourself of the concept that it’s going to be a struggle. It
isn’t. The process takes mindfulness. It takes diligence. It takes understanding where you are and where
you want to go. And, yes, it takes disciplined effort to get there. But, the process, if done correctly, will
bring a new level of joy to your life.

The process starts with a three pronged cleansing protocol that will flush all of your vital systems of all
heavy metals, parasites, and mucoid plaque that have plagued them for so long.

You can do this through the use of focused colon flushing, oral chelation, electronic medicine, as well
as dry saunas.

Along with full systematic cleansing, we will apply nutritional components designed to turn your
nutritional lack into nutritional excess applying an approach that is natural and based on common sense

The system is rounded out by the application of different technologies that are meant to help you
change your mind, literally. You will accomplish the restructuring of your mental capacities through the
use of the brain entrainment technologies created by Bill Harris, founder of Centerpointe Research
Institute and creator of the Holosync self improvement program.

I am a firm believer, that if you are attempting to achieve true self improvement through diet and
lifestyle change, you need to look at all of the things that are keeping you locked to the habits that you
have created in your life. These are ties that run deep and they are not so easily swept under the rug.

If you can rid yourself of the cravings and the toxins and residues that are causing them through the use
of a focused and complete regimen of body cleansing, and strengthen your brain and nervous system
through the use of a technology such as Holosync then the process becomes a whole lot easier.

I cannot lay claim to the conception or creation of any of the components which I discuss here and
include in the Hacking the Body Mind protocol. My intention has always been to find those
technologies that are freely available to anyone, with proven track records, and to combine them in way
that blends synergistically. I want the results you receive from this to be so powerful that it inspires you
to change your life for the long haul.

The intent was to create the perfect health and healing regimen. There is nothing that this regimen
cannot do for you if you only make the choice to commit to it.

That is up to you. I have done the research so that you don’t have to. Now let’s get to it.

May the force be with you.

The Nature of Health

Before we go into the specific components that are involved, I think we need to take a quick look at
what the idea of health really means.

With the vast amount of attention that has been given to this concept, it can tend to be somewhat
confusing. We have assigned beliefs that really have nothing to do with what the truth of the matter is.

To be healthy, to seek health is one of the most noble quests on which a person can embark.

Seeking health in its totality means that you love life, yourself, and all of the people around you. It
means that you not only want to stick around for a while, but it means that you want to suck every
ounce of beauty and vitality out of the moments you have here on this earth.

It means you feel the purpose that exists intrinsically within you.

To seek health, means you have awakened to the truth of life as choice rather than life as chance. It
means that you have decided to take control of your power as a co creator in your own destiny and
create the world as you wish for it to be.

When you choose health, life, vitality, energy, and abundance you choose the same for those around
you. You choose to find healing within the deepest aspects of yourself and in every other aspect of your
life. As a result of this, everything around you begins to change and blossom in an untold myriad of

Your relationships will improve dramatically. This is inevitable because you will begin to heal the
relationship you have with yourself.

Overtime, and without even trying, you will find that the people around you begin to change as well
simply as a result of feeling the capacity of your own light as a catalyst for themselves to change in
similar ways.

This is the power of health. Its nature is not only to heal ourselves but to heal the world by blessing it
with the creation of our own higher awareness.

As a member of this earthen body, you have a say in the direction we take as a species. And, by making
the decision to heal yourself you move us all closer to the creation of a better world, and a better

By healing yourself, you heal the world. This is the nature of health.

The Nature of Psychology, Personal Growth, and Transformation

The nature of detoxification and change is a complex one. And, as you begin stimulating your body to
start removing toxins that reside within it, then you will begin to manifest symptoms, cravings, and
feelings that are related to these residues.

The same thing occurs on an etheric level. In the world of meditation and metaphysics, the experience
of detox is described as personal resistance.

Just as there are toxic residues left over from the food we eat, there are also toxic residues from the
negative ideas that are embedded in our conscious and sub conscious minds. When I mention mind, I
am also referring the energy matrix which both surrounds and resides within the framework of our
physical bodies.

These toxic residues create blocks in our awareness and as we begin cleansing and opening ourselves
up, our etheric body will start releasing these things into the world that we see before us.

Many times, the feeling of having a bad day is really a result of your consciousness being cleansed in
some way.

As toxic energy begins leaving our awareness it may frazzle the energy in our daily experience. A day
may seem to drag on. Depending on your current state, things may just seem to go awry. It can seem
that for a certain length of time, you just have that proverbial black cloud hanging over you.

Physically, during the cleansing process, you may feel tired or weak. You may feel unfocused and
unclear mentally.

Don’t get me wrong, I have helped certain folks who seemed to continually thrive no matter what
change occurred. They felt great the more they did. One gentleman I was blessed to help came back to
me every time I saw him with some miracle story about how amazing he was feeling. And, sometimes
it is up to the karma you bring to this life to determine what you will face during this process.

I am only inclined to lay down these precautions because, for me, things were not always as pleasant as
I may have liked them to have been.

But, no matter what came up for me, I always got through it. And, there eventually came a time where I
knew that what I was doing was working by the nature of how I felt initially upon starting something

The reason I designed this protocol in the way that I have is because, as I developed my own
understanding, I would always take note of the things that I did that eased the symptoms of detox.

This is why I include colon flushes. This is why I include electronic medicine. This is why I would
encourage you to use a dry sauna everyday if you can.

The nutritional changes that you will implement as a part of this process begin the cleansing reaction
from the inside and begin pushing the residues out. The cleansing protocol that I outline then takes over
by pulling them out as well.

It creates a synergistic effect. You get much quicker results and you actually take control over your own
detox period effectively shortening its span and decreasing the effects dramatically.

The cleansing elements also help to reprogram your internal responses and really reinvigorate your
body’s intelligence mechanism.

As you continue down this path you will begin to create an awareness of how your body reacts to just
about all stimuli. It’s as if your mind expands from existing and interacting primarily with and through
your brain to existing in a sphere around your whole body.

And, this is so very important!

This is why I call it the Body Mind. It all exists in one concise package. I cannot remove my head from
my body and only exist in one or the other. They are together for a reason. And, we have to consider
both if we are to properly approach any level of self growth.

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