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ELITE. (Francois Gautier)

In three to four years Pakistani army will be completely talibanized and will
attack India . That will be the time to wipe out Pakistan from the world map.
(Dr. Subramanian Swamy)

It is a privilege to be born as a Hindu. (Francois Gautier)

it is incomprehensible to fathom as to why Muslims and Christians who have been
the ruling class in India for more than one thousand years should be given the
"first right on national resources".

Reported by Narain Kataria and Sri Sidhwani from New York

Braving inclement weather, traffic problems and parking difficulties about 1,000
Hindus wholeheartedly and enthusiastically participated in the 15th Annual Hindu
Unity Day celebration Sunday, August 2, 2009 at Hindu Temple Auditorium in New
York. Many of them came from Pennsylvania , Maryland , Massachusetts ,
Connecticut and New Jersey . Many of them travelled 200-300 miles. Dr.
Subramanian Swamy, Francois Gautier and a prominent Veer Raas Kavi Gajender
Solanki, from India thrilled the audience with their superb oratory/poetry.

Dr. Subramanian Swamy, former Law Minister, Govt. of India and President of Janata
Party has been guiding Hindu movement in this country for a very long time.
Criticizing the present Manmohan Singh government on the unfair treatment of
Hindus in India, Dr. Subramanian Swami said, it was incomprehensible to fathom as
to why Muslims and Christians who have been the ruling class in India for more
than one thousand years should be given the "first right on national resources".
For them the government offers subsidies to visit their religious places, but for
Hindus there is no such subsidy. Additionally, Dr. Swamy said the events like
"Hindu Unity Day" are important in our life because there is identity crisis among
the Hindus. We Hindus must dispel this crisis and proudly proclaim Hindutva to be
our true identity. Let us on this principle of Hindutva form a new Brihad Virat
Akhand Hindustan with the ideology of Integral Humanism. Dr. Swamy also quoted
Savarkar on the issue of "our shared and common ancestry" while lauded Swami
Vivekananda for "absolute compassion for fellow Hindus." He expressed his disgust
saying that despite Article 370, 500,000 Hindus have been driven out of Kashmir .
They are still languishing in filthy camps in Delhi and other cities in subhuman
condition. He said that there are about 900 millions of Hindus all over the
world. One out of six people walking on the Earth is a Hindu. Hindus by nature
are peaceful, law abiding and secular people. However, it is a matter of great
regret that Hindus are not being treated with the respect and dignity they
deserve. The reason for this is that we are not united on national and
international level. Hence, he insisted on the audience to take the following

"I shall try my level best to restore dignity to Hinduism. I will work
for the unification and consolidation of Hindu Nation. I will volunteer, support
and work for any organization/association/temple that promotes Hindu cause. I will
devote my time, energy, intellectual capability and financial resources in the
service of Brihad Virat Hindutva. I will try to learn Sanskrit and encourage my
children and grand children to do the same· I will campaign against the dowry
system, untouchability and seek to eradicate them from Hindu society. I will stand
up and be counted if any injustice and humiliation is heaped on Hindus. I will try
to learn about the real History of India. I will support our Hindu temples run by
our community. I will support and back leaders who pledge to be supportive of
these Hindu interests. Hence, I will support with Tan (body) Man (mind) and Dhan
(wealth) anyone promoting Hindu causes.

Francois Gautier, prominent French journalist and author, who was keynote speaker
said that Hindu Civilization has deep and arguably the longest continuous history
of existence. But its children know very little about her past. During Islamic
period the civilizations North, North-west, central, eastern and eventually even
its southern reaches were devastated. During that traumatic period Hindus suffered
incalculable damage and trauma. When Hindus' internal struggles against this
foreign tormentor were about to succeed the country faced another foreign threat
and was colonized by the European colonizers. The European colonizers changed the
medium of our literary language and alienated us from our internal narration, our
own story and in turn with our world view. In the process they usurped from us the
right to narrate our own story and our world view. They became the experts on our
story and we became the receivers of that fable. In the process we looked at them
as the experts of our history. They mutilated and created for us a story that was
entirely alien to us. Their motivation was to serve their ends of colonization and
create internal conflicts among us.

A divided home could never muster enough strength so as to stand on its own. After
independence our native leadership, educated in the western schools of the then
prevalent European thought, took over the reigns of our country. Most of this
leadership had no education and understanding of our past and civilization. They
could only understand it through the language of our colonizers. They continued to
impose the colonial education system, colonial legal system and the colonial world
view on us. They had believed all that colonizer had written, and they ruled us
with those colored glasses. Hindu never got to tell his own story as to what
happened to them; and never got to communicate Hindu world view. Our voices have
been trapped well within us by our own. Current Hindu History is concocted and
manufactured within India by the Left elite who rule the corridors of power. They
have this strange notion that real history will offend those of us who for
historical reasons aligned themselves and adopted the ethos of the invaders. They
think that they can create the new edifice of modern and free India on the
foundations of concoctions and lies. Even though the ruins and remains of that
past, they want to lie about, is for every one to see around the nation and passed
through folk stories. New edifices can not be erected on the foundations of
concoctions and lies. Hence it becomes imperative for those of us, who care about
India's civilization, that they strive to bring forth their story in their own

It is worthwhile to mention here that Francois and FACT-USA Directors were

successful to get a resolution passed in US Congress. Francois continues on with
development of the exhibition on Bangladeshi Hindu genocide, Aurangzeb's
iconoclasm. He is currently developing a Museum of Hindu History particularly
under the Islamic and Colonial period. Even after encountering numerous obstacles
put forth by the Govt. of India and the usual culprits, he is on his way to
establish this Museum. He is currently creating a Hindu Holocaust Museum in India
. Dr. Uma Mysorekar, President of Hindu Temple Society of North American and
renowned Hindu leader in New York said that temples are the foundation of our
culture. Hence it is necessary that we should support temple managements all over
the country. Dr. Mysorekar deprecated the penchant among some Indian Americans
for taking Western names or shortening their names. Earlier welcoming Francoi
Gautier, Narain Kataria, President of Indian American Intellectuals Form (Forum)
said that Hindus should develop discernment and gumption to solve the problems
with which Hindu society is confronted. He admired the efforts of Dr. Subramanian
Swamy who has been organizing and mobilizing Hindus and spearheading and guiding
Hindu movement in this country.

Enclosed herewith also please find the copy of the resolutions which had been
passed and made part of the souvenir which was distributed to all: " India " is
the garbled English rendering of Hindustan . Hence 'Bharat' to be declared '
Hindustan ' to signal the end of a systematic undermining of Hindu Sanatan Dharma
or Hindu. THAT all anti-Hindu provisions of the Constitution such as Article 370
and Article 30 to be abrogated. Uniform Civil Code should b introduced, so that
each citizen is treated equally – one nation – one law – like any other secular
nation. THAT management of Hindu temples presently in the hands of Government of
India, must be returned to the representatives body of Hindus such as the Hindu
Dharma Acharya Sabha. THAT half a million Hindus of Kashmir who were brutally
chased are still scattered in filthy refuge camps have to be resettled back with
full dignity and protection in their own land. The Government of India should arm
one million ex-servicemen to first go and settle in Kashmir Valley to restore the
demographic composition of pre-1953 period. That the abominable act of conversion
by foreign missionaries, a relic of colonialism, which is in fact "buying souls"
at bargain basement price, is practiced not in Muslim countries of Bangladesh and
Pakistan, but in India . This attests to Hindus being under siege. Mr. Arish
Sahani, Vice President of the Forum proposed a vote of thank. The program was
compered by Ms. Rene Lobo, Director of Community News at ITV. Mr. Rabinder Koul
also contributed to this report.