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Singapores market in consumer spending on garments formed the biggest proportion, which leads to a total of 75% of clothing expenditures in 2007 (Euromonitor International, 2007). According to the research done in 2009, the Singapore womenswear market grew by 5.9% and reaches a value of $941 Million. It is forecasted in 2014 that the market will increase about 33.8% to a value of $1,259.4 Million (Datamonitor, 2010).In fact, there is a rising trend of the modern Singapore male who values fashion which contribute to the growing demand of the mens apparel (Euromonitor International, 2009). Therefore, following the growing of garments industry in Singapore as well as the increase in the need of the high quality and aesthetic value at mid-range prices clothes, apparels and accessories among Singaporeans, penetrating Singapore market is the best decision made by Voir Group as their products offerings are serving the needs of those customers. This report will outline the segmentation, targeting and positioning of Voir as well as their product strategy, price strategy, method of market entry, placing strategy as well as their promotion strategy in order to ensure their decision penetrating the garments industry in Singapore is a success.


2.1 Target Market
In developing global strategies, segmentation and targeting is vital for effective organizational planning. Segmentation is by selecting market segments which the organization can target by developing specific marketing mixes that adapt to each particular need (Restrepo, n.d). Selecting a particular segment may provide a competitive advantage, thus reducing costs. According to PEST analysis conducted earlier, Singapore would be a profitable market to penetrate as it is one of the most rapid developed countries with mature consumers economies (Hashim, 2009). VOIR, with country-of-origin being Malaysia, also would have a favorable trade with Singapore due to the AFTA agreement that would reduce trade barrier risk and profit the companys global expenses. Though having high purchasing power parity, with widening gap of labour, the spending patterns are estimated to be moving towards either cheaper goods or highly luxurious products (Datamonitor, 2010). This views market brands to either choose to be affordable or luxurious to be profitable in Singapore consumer market in future. High rising expenditure towards clothing is predicted of about 33.8% and competition is strong amongst independents which lack a differentiating factor (Datamonitor, 2010). Thus, being unique in niche market is vital to survive in Singapores concentrated market for companys sustainability. Referring to table 1 in (See Appendix 1), as there are varieties of consumers in the market, detailed profiling and comparisons of target segments could improve effectiveness and explicit depth in evaluation of marketing mix (Restrepo, n.d). In this case, VOIR is targeted to consumers the age of 15 to 30, especially female, ranging from students to full time workers with medium income-earned. Previous analysis shows

Singaporean, while modernized, still holds on to traditional values (Crown Relocations, 2011). It suggests that Singaporean still embraces aesthetic values in daily routines, including choice of clothing. Thus, it would be more appealing for VOIR to target Fancy Frolickers due to its countrys cultural values that would appreciate a product more if it were to poses additional aesthetic values. Visual aesthetics could also influence customer perceptions and distinguish with other competitors (Bloch, Brunel & Arnold, 2003). Moreover, VOIR could develop comparative advantage in forms of unique selling proposition (USP) that centralize product aesthetics in Singapore market. USP is important in setting brands apart in being more memorable in minds of customers (Lunkwinz, 2011). With USP of clothing aesthetics centralized within their marketing mix, VOIR could gain recognition by being unique, current and strong brand equity in the market.


Positioning Strategy

Diagram above shows VOIR positioning that would be strategized. Other competitors in Singapore market is position according to the range of product prices and current position of brand shares by value in Singapore (refer to Appendix 2). VOIR will be strategized to be position at low prices which makes it affordable to the target market, Fancy Frolickers. Having VOIR at market price would make it accessible to all types of

consumers, especially the medium income earner. Robinson & Fornell (1985) states that due to distribution advantages of lower production cost, companies could have low product prices and higher purchase frequency among consumers. By having penetration pricing of offering low prices, consumers could be more favorable of VOIR in the sense of attractive designs with lesser prices, thus initiating more purchases shifting from MANGO to VOIR products. Moreover, VOIR are targeted to achieve high brand share by values perceived by customers. Being the highest perceived value in existing market is MANGO, thus making it the closest competitor of VOIR in Singapore. Thus by analyzing the competitors, firms could capitalize opportunities in business environment, thus having comparative advantages that differentiate themselves (Brummer & Badenhorst, 2006). MANGO has clothing line with concept of quality, original designs and unified brand image that is adapt and applied to all countries it globalized in (MANGO, 2011). In comparison with VOIR, it could have an edge of product adaptation as MANGO does not cater specifically to Singapore demands but standardization worldwide. By adapting to explicit aesthetic values in clothing viewed by Singaporean could make VOIR be more favorable to target segments in market.


Product Strategy
VOIR Group is the leading brand owner and retailer of womens fashion and casual apparels, shoes and accessories in Malaysia. Besides womens clothing, the mens fashion and casual apparels and childrens wear also key contributors to the business (Voir.com, 2008). VOIR, Applemints and South China Sea serve the ladies market, ranging clothing complemented by shoes, accessories and inner wear. SODA, G&H and NOIR extend its product offerings to cover the men's market with SODA Kids serving the children wear's market (Voir.com, 2008). The wide variety of VOIR Group's product offerings and market coverage provides the Group with a competitive edge over its competitors. Tangible Product Design and Quality It is important for VOIR to design aesthetic value products because the fashion market in Singapore apparel industry is fragmented where there is room for large numbers of smaller players in this industry (Datamonitor, 2010). Among the competitors are Giordano, Gap, Cotton On, Mango, ZARA and etc. In addition, the brand retailers in Singapore also continue to face stiff competition from cheap imports from China. In order for VOIR to differentiate its product from the competitors, its important for VOIR to continuously come out with attractive design that suits the local taste (Dowdy, 2008). Moreover, VOIR also offers quality apparels and accessories with affordable price. Most of Singaporean is more sensitive to product quality over price when they make a purchase (Mohammed & Tan, 2002). Most Singaporean purchased apparel from department stores and specialist outlets due to the variety of choices offered and the quality of the apparel (Euromonitor

International, 2009). Furthermore, the younger generations in Singapore are more brands conscious and can be seen wearing the latest fashion (Wang, 2006). In order to attract the younger generation, VOIR has to introduce new design to its clothing line that follows the current trends. Augmented The after-sale service serves as an important function to the Singapore consumers (Benjamin & Doreen, 1997). Since the Singapore consumers is very particular about product quality, the Singaporean expected VOIR to have after-sale services such as returning policy. This is to ensure that if the item is faulty, they could return it back and exchange it with a new one. It is very important for VOIR to maintain its before-sale services as well as after-sale services if they want customers keep returning to their stores. Research shows that high level of customer satisfaction generates repeat business (Brunner, 2008). Please refer to Appendix 3 for product variables. After the internationalization has been made, a firm has a few alternatives in approaching international market whether to standardize the product or make adaptation to the product. Similar to Malaysia, Singapore is also a tropical climate country. Most Singaporeans dress lightly whenever possible because of the hot sunny weather (Euromonitor International, 2009). This suit well with VOIR as it offers t-shirts and shorts, paired with slippers or sandals. Moreover, the culture is quite similar to Malaysian as both countries are Asian countries. As a result, VOIR can standardize the production of its product range to cater both countries. This gave

an advantage to VOIR as they do not have to design and produced the products twice. However, VOIR need to have a minor adaptation to its products as research shows, Singaporean are more fashion cautious (Euromonitor International, 2009). The choices that recently offered by VOIR are limited in terms of design. Most Singaporean is very fashion cautious and willing to spend money on apparel because of the increase in disposable income has been gradual and consistent over the last decade (Euromonitor International, 2009). Please refer to Appendix 4. This has contributed to the demand for apparel industry. By reducing the time for products to reach the market, VOIR can produce fashionable clothes at lower price and turn them over quickly by selling them in its own chain of clothing stores. It is important for VOIRs designers closely watch the latest trends in the fashion industry and this can help them to create a new collection in a few weeks (Squidoo.com, 2011). By continuously introduce new design, it allows VOIR to compete effectively in Singapore market as customer tastes can evolve quickly.


Price Strategy
As of the primary objective of the penetration in Singapore is to gain large market share in this new market, Voir will adopt the penetration pricing strategy. By pricing strategy, Voir will charge its products at slightly low price compared to the other competitor such as Giordano but still covering the production costs. This strategy is chosen as it allows a company to generate volume sales and achieve high market share; which will reimburse the low perunit return and later, increases the price gradually (Czinkota &Ronkainen, 2010). Furthermore, according to the analysis on Singapore social environment, it can be concluded that Singapore penetration is substantial as the consumption of clothing and apparels in Singapore grew at 4.1% per annum which is relatively high, thus, there will be a high level of demand for VOIR products as the residents in Singapore are concern about fashion and latest trends (Selvanathan & Selvanathan, 2007). Hence, it shows the markets is very huge and even Voir introduces penetration strategy for its products, a volume sales can still be achieved given the huge demand in apparel and fashion industry in Singapore. Plus, it can also deter the entry by new competitors who wishes to enter the market as it will be harder for them to outdo Voir quality at lower price. Furthermore, the apparels and garments industry of Singapore also shows a favourable pattern; such as the growth in womens wears market by 5.9% (Datamonitor, 2010). Plus, the forecast of Singapore market until 2014 indicates there will be an increase of 33.8% (Datamonitor, 2010). It means the market will nourish and sustain for a long time and huge profit can be generated even with penetration pricing strategy. However, it

should be noted that the price should not be very low as it can tarnish the brand image of Voir if the low price is seen as reflecting low quality by the consumers. Hence, this penetration pricing strategy will allows Voir to capture a larger market share in Singapore in short term period; thus securing a price leadership position for the comparable products and assuring a larger and sustainable market share in long term basis (Calantone & Benedetto, 2007).


Place Strategy and Method of Market Entry

Voir will apply the Just-In-Time (JIT) concept for it logistic due to the

advantage of lower inventory cost as a result of lesser stock build up (Pollard, Chuo, & Lee, 2008). For example, whenever the amount of stocks is reduced to a certain level, the approved agents and retailers will inform the manufacturer to add up the production. JIT method will allow Voir to respond to the demand efficiently yet at a lower inventory costs. To ensure that Voir is easily reached by its targeted segment, it will be distributed exclusively to the famous retailers and agents around Singapore. For example, Voir products will only available at high reputation mall like Vivocity and from retailers in famous shopping district like Orchard Road area (Orchard Road, 2011). This move will help Voir to create a strong reputation and being perceived as high quality products; on par with other market players such as Zara and Marks & Spencer that are sell there (Vivocity, 2008). Furthermore, the area stated is also a concentration area and easier for Voir to reach the targeted consumers. For example, according to Hong (2007), Orchard Road is ranked as Singapores most visited place as it attracts more than 7 million visitors annually. Hence, Voir will be distributed exclusively through retailers and agents at the concentrated places such as Orchard Road and Vivocity Mall. As technology plays a very important role in todays world, Voir will make use of e-commerce; where it will bring together buyers, sellers, distributors and transaction payment processors in one single marketplace. As Singapore is a developed nation, internet connection is everywhere. According to Internet World Stats (2010), 77.8% of the total population in 2010 is accessible via internet and this allows Voir to reach its target consumer effectively. Voir products will be sold over the web through its

official website. This permits the targeted segments as well as potential consumers to view the products from Voir that appeal to them. However, many may say that it will discourage consumers to buy as they cannot feel and touch the products compared to the brick and mortar shop (Jessica, 2009). However, web purchase will cut shopping time for those who do not have much time to shop at the outlets and retailers and save time. Customers can make their orders by clicking on the items and products on the web and pay by a secure e-payment method via Visa and MasterCard and the products will be sent from the nearest retailer. Next, to determine the most suitable market entry method to be used, it should depend on the aspects of Singapore market environments such as political and legal environment. Therefore, foreign direct investment (FDI) in the form of full ownership has been chosen as the market entry method due to certain reasons. One of the reasons for FDI in terms of full ownership by Voir into Singapore is based on the government incentives offered by the home country. The fiscal incentives such as the reduction of corporate income tax to only 17% can be an opportunity that should not be missed by Voir. Moreover, it has also been induced by the single-tier tax system where income is only taxed at the corporate level (Guide Me Singapore, 2008). Plus, as Voir falls under industrial goods and or textile, it is not subjected to tariff in Singapore market like some other sectors such as telecommunication (International Enterprise Singapore, 2010). Plus, as Malaysia and Singapore both share quite similar cultural environment, there will be no problem such as unfamiliarity with the Singapore market. The commonness in the cultural and social environment of the market benefits Voir to gain greater insights into

changing market condition and needs of Singapore market without relying on local partner such as in joint venture strategy. However, a full ownership FDI is riskier as it is subjected to host country stability such as political turmoil. The future outlook of political condition shows that Voir should not fear of any unfavourable change or drastic alteration of regulations in foreign investment policy such as hostile takeover by government will happen as far as the current situation concerns and current ruling government is keen to keep in power (Channel News Asia, 2011). Based on the given reasons, it can be said that full ownership FDI is the most suitable market entry method for Voir into Singaporean market.


Promotion Strategy
In order to effectively communicate to the potential customers in Singapore market, Voir Group may adopt several promotional strategies which may include sales promotion and advertising.
2.6.1 Sales Promotion

Event Marketing Event Marketing is a type of promotion where a company or brand is linked to an event for the purpose of creating experiences for consumers and promoting a product or services (Fohnson, 2008). Voirs marketer had come out with the launching ceremony to introduce their products offerings to the customers. (i) The Launching Ceremony The launching ceremony of Voir Group would be held at their largest store in Ion Orchard Shopping Mall which is situated in Orchard Road. Ion Orchard is being selected as the best place for their products launching as it is regarded as the largest shopping mall along Orchard Road in Singapore city that is regarded as Singapores shopping street (Singapore Shopping Guide, 2011). In addition, the first 300 customers that purchase any clothes, apparels or accessories worth more than SGD 50 on the launching day itself would receive a free casual and stylish T-shirt with Voir brand logo being printed on the T-shirt to remind the customers of the existence of the Voir Group at all time. The T-shirt represents a walking advertising tool for

Voir Group as when the customers wear it outside, it may attract the other potential customers to know more about the new brand penetrating the market.


Figure 1: A sample of free casual and stylish T-shirt given to the first 300 customers of Voir clothes, apparels and accessories.

The purpose of carrying out the launching event is to create brand awareness of the Voir Group. Publicity can be gained through these people because there will be reviews about this event through online, medias and positive spread of word-of-mouth. This event can be known as another advertising tool to create brand identity and providing association of Voir Groups products offerings with unique design in the perception of target market.

2.7.2 Advertising

i) Celebrities Endorsement Rachel Kum, a beauty pageant titleholder who won the Miss Singapore Universe 2009 Title, has been chosen as a spokesperson of Voir Group. She is very influential in introducing new trend in the clothes, apparels and accessories (2007) has market stated (Miss that Universe celebrities Organization, 2010). She would appear in most of the Voir Groups advertisements. Bailey endorsement will enhance trustworthiness of the advertisements, recalling of message and present the brand with a positive attitudes.

Figure 2: Rachel Kum



Advertising would also be done through print ads published in the magazines. Magazine is selected as it has the ability to reach a specific target audience, hold high reproduction quality and long life span (Belch et al., 2009). Voir Group has selected Juice magazine to advertise their clothes, apparels and accessories. Juice is the best option as it is Singapores most preferred fashion magazine among men and women, and has over 100,000 estimated readers in Singapore itself (Media Satu Group, 2007).

Figure 3: Print Ads published in magazine


Internet Official Website Internet has also been selected as one of Voir Groups advertising medium as it is interactive and has the ability to target very specific group of individuals with a minimum waste of coverage (Belch et al., 2009). Official website of Voir Group would be set up to provide information such as company profile, contact information, products, warranty and service, promotions and events. Moreover, the website will be creatively designed to enhance the companys image and lead to repeat visits which subsequently results in repeat purchase. Facebook Voir Group will also be placing advertisement in Facebook as it is the most visited website in Singapore (Table 1). Banner ads, specifically side panels, will be used in this website where it is targeted to have on average 200 clicks per day all around Singapore (Figure 4). By doing so, it might encourage brand switching Singapore. and subsequently become the most preferred brand of clothes, apparels and accessories in

Top 10 websites in Singapore: November 2009 Ranking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Internet site Facebook Yahoo! Google.com.my YouTube Google.com Blogger.com Windows live Friendster Wikipedia Description Social networking site Search option, chat rooms, free emails Search engine Video sharing Search engine Blog site Search engine Social networking Online encyclopaedia

Microsoft Network Search option, news, free emails, shopping

Source:AlexaNote: The ranking is based on 1 month traffic (daily visitors, page views) rank.

Table 1: Digital and Social Media: Top 10 Websites in Singapore

Figure 4: Facebook advertisements (Side panels)


VOIR products are being marketed as low cost and quality apparel for the teenagers and the early working people. Although VOIR offers low price products, however, it is important to maintain the quality level as Singapore consumers are very sensitive towards quality rather than price. In order to penetrate to Singapore market, VOIR has to offer a variety range of products and frequently come out with new design since Singapore fashion market is already fragmented. Next, VOIR used the penetration pricing strategy as this allows VOIR to offer low price and thus, help the company to generate greater sales. Moreover, VOIR will apply Just-In-Time (JIT) concept because they do not have to deal with excess supply stock. Furthermore, to easily reach the consumers, VOIR place their store in the centre attraction location such as Orchard Road and popular shopping complex such as Vivo City Mall. In addition, in order to adapt with today environment, it is important for VOIR to use e-commerce as part of their business strategy. This gave an advantage to consumers as they can easily access the products anytime they want. Moreover, VOIR will have a full ownership FDI in Singapore. VOIR use several promotional strategies such as sales promotion (launching ceremony) and advertising. In conclusion all these factors need to be considered as it is highly important for it to succeed in penetrating and capturing the Japanese market.

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Appendix 1: Market Segmentation for Voir Group Bargain Buyer Benefit sought Hunt for bargains and cheap prices in clothing, pay less attention to brands. Simplicity in needs, sceptical and late adoption of new comings (Mattila, Karjaluoto & Pento, 2003). >SGD1000 per month (MYR2500) Fancy Frolicker Seeking casual and stylish designs in clothing garments for affordable prices. Focus to products aesthetic values, within acceptable price range (Yalch & Brunel, 1996) Prominent Purchaser Prefer elegance and exclusivity in high class clothing and pay much attention to brand names. Attention seeker, high self-esteem and seek recognition from others (Huitt, 2007)


Income (*assume MYR 2.5: SGD 1) Loyalty stages

>SGD1400 per month (MYR3500) Moderate brand loyalty. Will choose brands which appeals to them as stylish and trendy.

> SGD 2400 per month (MYR6000)

Low brand loyalty Will switch brands for bargains.

High brand loyalty. Will continue to purchase brand when perceived as high quality by others.

Table 1: Segmentation into Singapore market

Appendix 2: Clothing and Footwear Retailers Brand Shares by Value 2007-2010 % retail value rsp excl sales tax

Company Royal Sporting House (RSH) Ltd Giordano Originals (S) Pte Ltd Royal Sporting House (RSH) Ltd Wing Tai Clothing Pte Ltd Wing Tai Clothing Pte Ltd

2007 2008 2009 2010











Bebe Warehouse Miss Selfridge

1.4 0.4 0.1

1.4 0.4 0.3

1.4 0.5 0.2

1.3 0.5 0.2

Source: Euromonitor International

Appendix 3: Product Variable

Appendix 4: Annual Disposable Income per Household (Current Value) 20062010

Source: National Statistical Offices, Euromonitor International.