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A game for exploring negotiation and game theory

Players. Exactly four players. Equipment. 28 stackable tokens in four different colors or markings (7 x 4 28!" e.g. poker chips" playing cards of four suits" or marked pieces of paper. #omething to hold tokens taken out$ of$play. A flat playing surface. Setup. Each player takes se%en tokens of one color" and o&ns that color. 'ou must keep all tokens in your possession" including captured tokens ((prisoners)!" in plain %ie& at all times. *andomly select the start player. Rules (Game Play). 1. Negotiation. +oalitions" or agreements to cooperate" are permitted" and may take any form. ,o&e%er deals are unenforceable &ithin the game. -here is no penalty for breaching an agreement. 'ou may confer openly at the table during the game. #ecret and prior agreements are prohibited. 2. Trans erring Prisoners. 'ou may transfer one or more prisoners (but not your o&n color token! to another sur%i%ing player at any time. .nce complete" transfers are unconditional and cannot be retracted. /. Killing Prisoners. 'ou may kill one or more prisoners in your possession at any time" from time to time. 'ou may not kill your o&n color tokens except from a captured pile.

,ausner" 0." 1ash" 2. 3." #hapley" 4. #. 5 #hubik" 0." (1674!" 89#o 4ong #ucker": A 3our$;erson <ame8. =t should be noted that the game as played by the in%entors had a saltier name" and often got so heated that it resulted in spouses going home in separate cabs.

4. Kille! To"ens. >illed tokens are taken out$of$play. ?. #o$es. 'ou mo%e by placing any token in your possession onto either (a! the playing surface to create a ne& pile" or (b! any existing pile. (-he start player has only one mo%e.! 7. Una%le to #o$e & Losing. =f you ha%e the next mo%e but ha%e no tokens in your possession" then e%ery player holding prisoners must either declare their refusal to rescue you by transferring prisoner(s! to you" or come your rescue. =f you still cannot mo%e" then you lose the game. After losing" your tokens remain in play as prisoners" but are ignored in determining the order of play. 7. Capture. =f t&o tokens of the same color are played on top of a pile@ =f the o&ner of that color has already lost" then kill the entire pile. .ther&ise" if you o&n that color then you must (a! choose one token from that pile and kill it (you may choose your color!" and (b! capture the rest of the pile and take it into your possession. 8. Ne't #o$e (Or!er o Play). ( ter a player loses@ the next mo%e rebounds to the player &ho ga%e the losing player the mo%e. ( ter a )apture@ the next mo%e goes to the player capturing the pile" or if no player captured the pile" then the next mo%e rebounds to the last player to mo%e. ( ter you ma"e any ot*er mo$e@ you must gi%e the next mo%e to any player (including yourself! &hose color is not included in the pile you Aust played on. =f all sur%i%ing playersB colors are in that pile" then (a! look at the color of the token on the top of the pile C the sur%i%ing player &ho o&ns

that color is ineligible to mo%eD (b! continue do&n that pile in that fashion until only one sur%i%ing player remains eligible to mo%e C that player must make the next mo%e. +inning. -he last sur%i%ing player &ins. A player can &in e%en if they hold no tokens and all of their tokens ha%e been killed.