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Sample Literature Review (for GED 500 Research Proposal, similar to TBE 540 assi !me!

t" Structure# The literature review first presents the broad area of the use of computers in instruction (both positive and negative). The articles cited are sometimes meta-analyses, which report the overall results of many studies. The next topic is the use of computers to teach reading (more specific). !"#-related research, including some with second language learners, is the final topic (most specific). Research $uestio!$ %oes use of the aterford !arly "eading #rogram (delivered via computer) with &nd grade second language learners result in higher reading test scores than traditional methods' Note: in TBE 540 you will try to show that web-based materials are effective in education in general and specifically the topic age range of your Teaching !nit" %ere&s the actual literature review as it mi ht appear i! 'our assi !me!t( ()i!te rate* format+"# ,ote# -! TBE 540 'our literature review will pro.a.l' .e lo! er( (omputer-assisted instruction in school districts and classrooms is expanding. )lthough some research has failed to find significant increases in student achievement after the use of computer (*ardman, +,,-), it is in the minority. .ost research has found positive effects on student achievement related to ()/ (0oe, 1o2i 3 (hang, &444). "ecent studies have shown that computerassisted instruction in reading can increase standardi5ed test scores (.artindale et al, &446). Technology-based programs concentrating on the aspects of reading and phonemic awareness are gaining popularity in elementary schools (!ducation (ommission of the 0tates, +,,,). "esearchers have found that exposure to hypermedia can actually enhance the learning experience for students. .aterial is presented in a variety of ways, allowing students to better absorb and organi5e new 2nowledge (7evin 3 .atthews, +,,8). The aterford !arly "eading #rogram ( !"#) has proven to be successful in the classroom. 0tudent reading achievement has significantly increased. !"#9s individuali5ed instruction has been especially successful with students with special needs and second language learners (!ducation (ommission of the 0tates, +,,,). Refere!ces (put at e!* of Research Proposal" Note: these sources are too old to be used for your #real$ literature review % try to use sources within the last &0 years !ducation (ommission of the 0tates (+,,,). Waterford Early Reading Program. (!"/( %ocument :o. !%--8-;<) *ardman, ". (+,,-). The effect of CAI on reading achievement. (!"/( %ocument :o. !%;8;;++) 7evin, =. 3 .atthews, (. (+,,8). >sing hypermedia to educate preservice teachers about gendere?uity issues in elementary school classrooms. Research on Computing in Education, 29(;), &&@-&-8. .artindale, T., #earson, (., (urda, 7. 3 #itcher, A. (&446). !ffects of an online application in reading and mathematics on standardi5ed test scores. ournal of Research on Technology in Education, !"(-), ;-,-;@4. 0oe, 1, 1o2i, 0. 3 (hang, A. (&444). Effect of computer#assisted instruction $CAI% on reading achievement& A meta#analysis. *onolulu, */$ #acific "esources for !ducation and 7earning.

/o!ve!ie!t form to use while locati! a!* rea*i! articles (!ot the wa' it will appear i! the Res( Prop("# "esearch Buestion$ Topic )uthors Cear 0ummary